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The Daily Bolster is a quick-hitting podcast for startup leaders scaling their businesses. 

Every day, Matt Blumberg, Co-founder and CEO of Bolster, is joined by experienced operators and industry experts who share their real-world experiences and practical advice. Together, we discuss professional development, venture capital, startup strategy, and tips and tricks for executive growth. It’s the actionable insight you need to scale—in under 10 minutes.

The Daily Bolster is produced by Bolster, the new way to find the right executives. We supercharge startup growth by matching CEOs with transformational executives, mentors, and board members—without the hassle of traditional talent sourcing. Built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, Bolster’s on-demand marketplace is packed with diverse, highly qualified leaders ready for full-time, interim, fractional, project-based, advisory, or board roles. 

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188 Episodes
Tune in as Matt welcomes Julie Bernard back to The Daily Bolster! Julie is an independent board member, advisor, and career CMO. Today, she’s sharing three of the most impactful pieces of advice she’s received.
Today we’re welcoming Danny Shader to the podcast. Danny is a multi-time tech founder and is currently the CEO of PayNearMe. Tune in as he shares advice on how CEOs can keep their leadership teams focused and unified.
In this episode, Matt interviews Laura Mather about her career as a multi-time founder, independent board director, and startup advisor. Tune in as they talk about Laura’s first job at the NSA, her time at Encyclopedia Britannica, founding a cyber-security company with her husband, hiring diverse teams, and more.
You’ve heard about the benefits of executive coaching, but do you know how to find the right coach for your needs?Today on The Daily Bolster, Jessica Wolf shares three questions to ask when interviewing prospective coaches. Jessica is the co-founder and CEO of Skye, a platform that helps leaders achieve their goals with 1-to-1 coaching. Tune in to hear her advice!
In today’s episode of The Daily Bolster, Matt Blumberg interviews Raj Vinnakota, CEO of the Institute for Citizens & Scholars, a nonprofit driving civic engagement in 14 to 24-year-olds. At Bolster, we often encourage clients to consider independent board directors with non-traditional experience. Tune in as Raj and Matt discuss whether serving on a non-profit board can be good preparation for a for-profit board role.
How do you determine which CMO is the best for your leadership team? Today on The Daily Bolster, Mark Friedman, an experienced, data-driven Chief Marketing Officer, shares the top three questions you should ask before hiring a CMO.
Today’s guest, Eric Boggs, joins the podcast to talk about growing a business with minimal capital raised. It’s not necessarily easier or more difficult than building a VC-backed company, he says, but there are different strategies and lessons to learn. Eric is the Founder & CEO at RevBoss, and has spent his career building companies and advising CEOs. Don’t miss the valuable perspective in this episode!
Today on The Daily Bolster, Matt welcomes Jess Hunt, who is an Operating Partner at Long Ridge Equity Partners, an independent board member, and a CEO advisor. They dive deep into her career journey, which started in human paleontology, but quickly transferred to the startup world. Tune in as Jess shares about working with founders, the importance of strong branding, and the ins and outs of talent marketplaces.
The interview process can be an arduous one, and when things finally come down to the top candidates, many leaders are tempted to rush through to the end. John Tincoff of REMUS Capital calls this stage “the last mile,” and in today’s episode, he’s sharing why finishing strong can make or break the success of the hiring process. 
We’re welcoming Jon and Jax Bari back to the podcast! If you missed their last episode, you should know Jax is the youngest founder to appear on The Daily Bolster. The fifth-grader and his dad Jon founded the nonprofit Celiac Journey, raising awareness and advocating for kids with Celiac Disease. Today, they’re sharing three things they look for when interviewing potential leaders. Tune in to find out what they are!
What’s on your to-be-read list? Executive coach George Janson is sharing the top three books he believes CEOs should read. Tune in to find out what they are and why they’re so valuable for leaders.
Today on The Daily Bolster, Henry Ward, CEO of Carta, joins Matt to talk about managing conflict among your leadership team. When decision-makers disagree, he recommends a perspective shift. Don’t ask who’s right—everyone might be right at different times and for different reasons. Instead, reframe the discussion and determine which perspective the business needs at the moment. It’s all about timing.
Tune in to this deep dive episode as Matt interviews Kevin Ryan, Founder and CEO of AlleyCorp. Kevin is an influential leader in the New York tech scene, with success stories including companies like DoubleClick, Gilt, and Business Insider. He and Matt discuss betting on the internet in the ‘90s, surviving the dot-com burst, the importance of data, and what makes a successful founder. Don’t miss this value-packed episode!
Here at Bolster, we’re big fans of development tools like CEO peer groups or executive forums—but what do leaders actually get out of them?In this episode, Matt welcomes Jim Porcarelli, who is a Vistage Chair, an experienced founder and CEO, and a CEO and executive coach. Tune in as they chat about the benefits of CEO peer groups, from unbiased feedback to encouragement and ideas.
Self-awareness and a growth mindset are the two biggest things Claire Hughes Johnson looks for when hiring leaders—but how does she determine those characteristics within the limitations of an interview process? In this episode of The Daily Bolster, she’s sharing her interview strategy, including a sample of the questions she asks.
We’re welcoming legendary marketing expert Seth Godin to the podcast! Tune in as Seth and Matt talk about presenting ideas to the right people, the importance of hearing the word “no,” and The Wizard of Oz. This is an episode you don’t want to miss.
What lessons do Fortune 10 companies have for growth-stage businesses? Today, Matt interviews Carla Vernón to find out. Tune in as Carla shares the insights she picked up at large companies, such as Amazon and General Mills, that inform her current work as CEO of The Honest Company.
Today on The Daily Bolster, Matt welcomes Julie Bernard, who is a career e-commerce and marketing leader, board member, and now, a fractional executive. Throughout Julie’s career, her focus has been on merging data-driven decisions with human connection. Tune in as she shares about her career journey and the leaders who empowered her to grow.
Today, Matt welcomes Sanj Sanampudi, Founder and CEO of Bardo, to The Daily Bolster. Tune in to learn about the strategies he used to successfully—and quickly—build a reputation as a thought leader in his space. 
Today’s guest, Josh Baer, is the Founder & CEO of Capital Factory, which invests in early-stage companies and supports entrepreneurs in Texas. Tune in as Josh shares why he views Texas—and specifically Austin—as an up-and-coming force in the startup ecosystem. 
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