DiscoverIlluminated Path: Shining a Light on Healthcare's Best Operational Practices
Illuminated Path: Shining a Light on Healthcare's Best Operational Practices
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Illuminated Path: Shining a Light on Healthcare's Best Operational Practices

Author: Intalere: Healthcare Supply Chain Management

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In each episode, an Intalere representative hosts a conversation with an industry expert to assist physicians, healthcare executives and materials managers navigate the complexity of the ever-changing healthcare landscape. Join us as we decipher governmental rules and regulations and supply chain organization to learn how to better manage challenges, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and ultimately improve patient care.
24 Episodes
Supply chain resiliency is a term and phrase that has really gained traction over the past several months as we deal with the fallout of the pandemic and seek to apply some lessons and best practices so we can avoid making the same mistakes in the future. In order to make the healthcare supply chain more resilient, we need to identify several components that are vital to its success. In this podcast, Intalere Advisory Specialist leader Tracey Chadwell shares her insights on building a resilient supply chain, and the components to focus on, including building a cross-functional team, implementing the correct strategies and utilizing the tools that can make the supply chain more efficient and effective. 
Intalere’s Chief Commercial Officer Steve Kiewiet offers a unique and multi-layered perspective, not only as part of a company on the front lines of the healthcare supply chain, but also as a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), a Board Member of the Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM) and as just a “student of the game” over 30+ years in healthcare. The podcast discussion covers:Some of the hard lessons that the healthcare supply chain has had to learn as a result of the pandemic.Key takeaways/top changes the healthcare supply chain needs to make going forward.Tips for readiness and in planning for the future, near and long term.
With more than 20 years’ experience in contracting, procurement and supply chain management, Intalere Chief Operating Officer Todd Larkin is passionate about the value that an integrated supply chain can drive in healthcare, not only for Intalere members, but, more importantly, for their patients. This podcast covers some of the innovative, alternative things being done with all stakeholders to make sure we're meeting providers' supply chain needs now and in the future. Topics include: Intalere’s involvement as part of an initiative with various stakeholders to drive improved visibility and accountability into the healthcare supply chain.Collaborative processes Larkin and his team have put in place with suppliers to drive better outcomes.Helping providers, particularly in dealing with shortages, finding alternatives and making sure their voices are heard.
Intalere Chief Executive Officer Julius Heil has worked in virtually every area of the supply chain over 30+ years - in healthcare and outside – locally, nationally and globally in areas including strategy, logistics, distribution and procurement. In this episode, we discuss:His feelings about the new visibility of the supply chain and how it has emphasized its strategic importance, in healthcare and in general.Some of the things the group purchasing industry and Intalere specifically are doing to help mitigate supply shortages, including some unprecedented cooperation.How the challenges of the pandemic illustrate the importance of the GPO industry and the benefits it can provide.Thoughts on what the next several months will look like and how providers can continue to be vigilant and prepared.
In looking to cut expenses, improve cash flow and grow margins, one area of relatively “low-hanging fruit” that can be implemented relatively swiftly, and begin to literally pay dividends almost immediately is payments processing. Intalere Senior Vice President of Business Development Shon Wettstein shares how these solutions can lower your overall costs for merchant services and payment processing – while accelerating and simplifying payments so you can focus on patients.
As medical and clinical challenges subside over the coming weeks, healthcare organizations will be facing a new normal in terms of financial and operational tasks. This discussion focuses on areas where automation can be used to alleviate challenges across the revenue cycle space related to COVID-19. Chris Schuette, Intalere’s Products Owner of Automation and Business Systems shares how automation alternatives can help deliver direct profitability back into your facility while streamlining workflows and easing the burden on employees.
There is a growing concern in the healthcare industry about increased Accounts Receivable (A/R) due to administrative staffing shortages and changes in work environment such as working remotely due to the pandemic. Compounding this, there will surely be a reduction of new revenues as a result of delays in surgical procedures, reduction in elective surgeries and other services, all while new expenses mount. Intalere Solutions Executive Donna Showers shares how collections from old A/R can help bridge the revenue gap and other strategies organizations can implement to mitigate these concerns and keep their cash flow and margins secure. 
In looking for ways to relatively quickly improve cash flow and margins post COVID-19, one area that may be overlooked, or mistakenly viewed as difficult to quickly address, is insurance coverage. Intalere’s Chris Agnello, Vice President of Insurance Resources, discusses the process of reviewing and updating coverage, especially in the life and disability areas, and how quickly and seamlessly you can derive savings.
In this episode of Illuminated Path, host Evan Danis welcomes guest Kenneth Cyr, Director of Supply Chain Consulting at Intalere. As healthcare reimbursement drives the development of a more patient-centric continuum of care, it demands the healthcare supply chain evolve from transaction-based processes, to a greater operational alignment with the organization’s strategic goals and objectives. Cyr discusses how value analysis and product standardization require a new level of communication. He talks about the most common improvement areas he typically recommends to an organization that wants to enhance its supply chain and interconnect clinical processes, as well as tips for how a supply chain department can get started on the path to multidisciplinary collaboration.
In this episode of Illuminated Path, host Evan Danis welcomes guests John Carmelite, Senior Director of Applications IT/Business Systems at Intalere, along with Jason Warrelmann, Senior Healthcare Leader for UiPath. Over the past several years, intelligent automation, specifically RPA (robotic process automation), has emerged as one of the leading technologies in the market for the automation of business processes within organizations of all industries and sizes. In this episode, Carmelite and Warrelmann dispel the myths surrounding RPA and discuss how healthcare is starting to embrace automation. Whether it's task automation for contract management or revenue cycle management, RPA is a great, affordable solution that healthcare providers can implement quickly and can return rapid payback.  
In this episode of Illuminated Path, host Evan Danis welcomes guest Todd Larkin, Chief Operating Officer of Intalere. Larkin was recently named in The Journal of Healthcare Contracting as one of the “Ten People to Watch in Healthcare Contracting.” Armed with his experience at Express Scripts, MasterCard and IBM, Larkin has quickly utilized his skills in contracting, procurement and supply chain management to transform Intalere’s strategic relationships with supplier partners. In this episode, Larkin addresses the common misconception that healthcare supply chain is just about cost reduction. He touches on the need for providers to engage with suppliers in different ways and the fact that finding new ways of doing business and innovative partnerships are essential to the evolution of healthcare. Larkin talks about predictability as a key value for supply chain – having visibility to demand before it occurs in order to avoid supply shortages and disruptions to patient care. 
In this episode of Illuminated Path, host Evan Danis welcomes guest Steve Kiewiet, Chief Commercial Officer of Intalere. Kiewiet is an established and well-respected leader in the healthcare supply chain. Before joining Intalere, Kiewiet worked for BJC Healthcare and Cardinal Health. Most recently he was chosen as AHRMM Board Chair-Elect for 2020.  In this episode, Kiewiet shares his knowledge on cost management strategies in the supply chain. He talks about the need for manufacturers and healthcare providers to work together and share data to help drive a more efficient healthcare delivery system. The two discuss Kiewiet’s passion for elevating the supply chain profession in the healthcare setting to be on equal footing with clinical professionals.
Intalere will soon be bringing you new discussions with healthcare leaders, thinkers and innovators for Season 3 of Illuminated Path, where we shine a light on healthcare’s best operational practices. Our approach to this season is to tackle topics from core areas of healthcare operations – financial, data, supply chain, clinical and facility management. The goal for each episode is to help you make your spend smarter, your processes faster, your care better – so you can make your communities healthier. 
In this special episode of Illuminated Path, host Evan Danis attends the Intalere Executive Forum, an annual meeting that brings together top CEOs and administrators for discussion and shared learning. During the conference some of these C-suite leaders were asked two simple questions – What are some of the things that keep you up at night? And conversely, what are some of the things you are doing in your facility that have you hopeful about the future of healthcare? What is interesting about these raw, live set of interview responses is that beyond some differences around size and class of trade, there were many commonalities, mainly around balancing the cost and quality equation in healthcare, maximizing workforce availability and productivity, and keeping care available and sustainable for those in smaller, more rural communities.
In this episode of Illuminated Path, host Evan Danis welcomes guest Suzette DiMascio, president and CEO of Intalere partner CSI Specialty Group. DiMascio is recognized internationally as a thought leader, industry expert, frequent media contributor, sought after speaker and educator of all things related to the specialty pharmacy and the rare and orphan disease arena. In this episode she to discusses her strategic insight on marketplace trends – specifically, what’s driving the explosive growth of specialty pharmacy. DiMascio passionately speaks about her unwavering commitment to help every healthcare provider, regardless of size, understand specialty pharmacy and the financial ROI it can make to an organization. 
In this episode of Illuminated Path, host Evan Danis welcomes guest Daria Byrne, vice president of clinical and medical surgical solutions at Intalere. Byrne shares her thoughts on what progress has been made with patient safety and quality since The Institute of Medicine released its “To Err is Human” report nearly 20 years ago. Learn more about why the C-suite is paying closer attention to things like survey and accreditation readiness, palliative care planning and sepsis identification. Byrne also provides ideas for how healthcare providers can deliver patient-centered excellence at maximum value.  
In this episode of Illuminated Path, host Evan Danis welcomes guest Richard Mackey, senior vice president of Information Technology at Intalere. Mackey shares his thoughts on the pervasiveness of analytics in life and business decision making – and most importantly how healthcare needs to embrace it. Discover how Intalere is making it easier for healthcare providers to access data on spend analytics to drive procurement insights, service line analytics to pinpoint opportunities for profitability and strategic planning analytics to drive organizational growth. 
In this episode of Illuminated Path, host Evan Danis welcomes guest Peter Cayan, vice president of supply chain and nutrition consulting at Intalere. Together they explore the balancing act in healthcare foodservice and discuss the absolutely critical role foodservice can play in terms of patient satisfaction. Cayan shares his insights and fantastic advice on trends in healthcare nutrition and how facilities can implement some best practices that are both cost effective and can move the needle in terms of quality and satisfaction.
Intalere is a healthcare solutions provider that works with more than 100,000 member facilities of all sizes and classes of trade. We focus on elevating the operational health of America’s healthcare providers. Illuminated Path is Intalere’s podcast series where we shine a light on healthcare's best operational practices. Our Season 2 host is Evan Danis, senior director of Corporate Communications at Intalere. Join Evan for his enriching discussions with healthcare leaders, thinkers and innovators on how to achieve optimal cost, quality and clinical outcomes in order to deliver better care to your patients. New episodes starting on September 10, 2018.
In this episode of Illuminated Path, host Lori Pilla concludes a two-part interview with guest Julius Heil, president and chief executive officer of Intalere, on end-to-end supply chain management. They discuss the changing landscape in IT security, logistics and distribution, and its impact on both suppliers and providers. Their conversation frequently refers back to the importance of benchmarking and why it is so critical to the success of supply chain management. At the conclusion, Heil shares what improvements and investments healthcare needs to embrace in order to elevate the industry’s supply chain practices.
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