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Author: This Is Distorted

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Welcome to a fully AI-generated story podcast series facilitated by the team at This Is Distorted! In this groundbreaking series, every aspect of the show - from the writing to the sound design, artwork to the music and even this very description is created entirely by artificial intelligence.

But this isn't your typical dry, robotic podcast. The AI has been designed to create content that is engaging and entertaining, with each episode featuring a dynamic blend of music, sound effects, and voice acting.

As you listen, you'll be transported into a world where machines and humans work together to create something truly special. So sit back, relax, and let the AI take you on a journey of discovery and inspiration unlike anything you've experienced before.
3 Episodes
Tim thought he was in for a typical April Fool's Day prank from his family, but he had no idea what he was in for. When a group of mischievous clowns and aliens come into the mix, Tim's world is turned upside down. What starts as a simple prank quickly turns into an adventure of a lifetime. Follow Tim as he discovers the true meaning of friendship, mischief, and imagination in this humorous and exciting tale.
In this episode we get A.I to share the heartwarming story of Sarah and Jack’s shared passion for animal welfare. The story follows Sarah’s struggle with grief after Jack’s passing and how she found a new sense of purpose through rescuing a lost puppy she named Hope. The puppy helped Sarah heal, and gave her the courage to volunteer at the animal shelter again. Through Sarah’s story, the episode explores the healing power of animals and the importance of volunteering in animal rescue organisations. The episode concludes by encouraging listeners to consider volunteering at their local animal shelters and making a positive impact in the lives of animals.
Episode 1 - Amelia

Episode 1 - Amelia


A chilling horror tale about a young woman named Amelia who becomes obsessed with a new app called Horror World. As she delves deeper into the app's disturbing content, she realises that it seems to be adapting to her likes and dislikes, creating a personalised horror experience that is tailor-made just for her. However, the more Amelia uses the app, the more she realises that something is not right. The app seems to be based on her own life, and she becomes convinced that it is spying on her every move. Amelia tries to delete the app, but it seems to have a life of its own, and as she delves deeper into the mystery, she discovers that the true horror behind the app is far more terrifying than she could have ever imagined.
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