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Welcome to Studio A!
A variety of podcasts brought to you by Adomni. Studio A features interviews from leading out-of-home experts, conversations with brand and agency leaders, and the latest tech news.
Adomni is at the forefront of programmatic digital out-of-home, driven by advertising innovation and backed by a passionate team, clients, and partners.
11 Episodes
Lindsey Scheftic, founder of The CMO Sidekick and former CMO of Amazon's Ring, enters the Billboard, Bets, and Booze podcast to share her insights on the buy side. In this episode, host Jonathan Gudai explores Sheftic's strategic bets to stay ahead in the ever-evolving marketplace while navigating the intersection of creativity and strategy.
Top Vegas Launch CMO Nehme Abouzeid, has built a career on daring bets, from pioneering Vegas’s first homegrown NHL team to ambitious projects like the Sphere. In part two, host Jonathan Gudai delves into Abouzeid’s CMO perspective, showcasing his approach to reaching audiences through diverse advertising channels while pushing creative boundaries.
Discover the expansive career of Top Vegas Launch CMO Nehme Abouzeid, a titan in Las Vegas marketing. In part one, host Jonathan Gudai explores Abouzeid's impactful journey—from leading marketing strategy and creative direction for the Vegas Golden Knights to his pivotal role as SVP of Sales and Marketing in launching the Sphere.
Ever wondered what guides shoppers' choices in grocery stores? Host Jonathan Gudai and Karim Kanji, Director of Sales of the Americas for Broadsign, are on a mission to answer that very question. They explore the impressive rise of retail media, where Broadsign takes center stage. Using automated software, powerful campaign tools, and a robust network, Broadsign connects with shoppers, influencing their in-store purchases.
Our new Head of Growth and Strategy, Eileen Crossin, and host Jonathan Gudai are taking a deep dive into TikTok's latest venture and how other brands are hopping on the DOOH bandwagon #DOOH #GrowthStrategy #TikTok #OutofPhone
Context and personalization in OOH ads play a pivotal role in captivating audiences' attention! Tune in as host Jonathan Gudai and Esther Raphael, CMO of Intersection, explore the importance of the creator economy and hyper-localization within the OOH community. And who knows, maybe these elements might just elevate your advertising strategy to new heights!
As the President and CEO of DPAA, Barry Frey is known for his willingness to take risks. Join Jonathan Gudai for a conversation with Barry as they delve into his exciting bets in digital out-of-home and how advertisers can leverage media for its distinctiveness and influence.
Paul Roberts, the driving force behind Kubient, shares how he's fearlessly pushing the boundaries of ad fraud using cutting-edge AI technology. Plus, Gudai and Roberts place the biggest bet in Billboards, Bets, and (a bit of) Booze history – the definitive merger announcement between Kubient and Adomni!
Jonathan Gudai sits down with none other than Chip Harding, Sr. Vice President of the global real estate powerhouse Simon Property Group, sharing his 20+ years of marketing strategy and advertising experience, post-pandemic retail and real estate trends, and exciting capabilities in the programmatic DOOH space.
Misconceptions and obstacles in the world of digital out-of-home are no match for this dynamic duo. On this episode, host Jonathan Gudai speaks with Anna Bager, CEO of OAAA, on breaking down those barriers through education, simplification, and bravery.
Being open-minded means knowing what's possible. In this episode, Jonathan Gudai is joined by the host of Digital and Dirt, Ian Dallimore, as he explains why betting BIG on the future has quickly evolved Lamar from a small Louisiana billboard company to one of the largest out-of-home advertising companies in the world!