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Navigating to Net Zero

Author: Macquarie Asset Management

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In December 2020, Macquarie Asset Management (MAM) announced a commitment to manage its portfolio in line with global net zero emissions by 2040, 10 years ahead of the Paris Agreement goal. Since then, we’ve challenged ourselves, more than 160 portfolio companies, and 500 real estate properties to transform this commitment into action. We invite you to listen to our new podcast series, Navigating to Net Zero. Rebecca Darst, host and narrator, interviews leaders at companies and real estate properties who share unique insights into their businesses' decarbonization challenges and the practical climate solutions they are implementing. Providing fresh perspectives and innovative insights intended for global institutional investors and investment professionals. Brought to you by MAM. This material is for information purposes only and should not be construed as, an advertisement, an invitation, an offer, a solicitation of an offer or a recommendation to participate in any investment strategy or take any other action, including to buy or sell any product or security or offer any banking or financial service or facility in any jurisdiction where it would be unlawful to do so. The views expressed are as of the date of publication and are subject to change. All third-party marks cited are the property of their respective owners. All audio, artwork, episode descriptions and notes are the property of MAM, for Navigating to Net Zero, and published with permission by Buzzsprout. ©2023 Macquarie Group Limited [2834371]

8 Episodes
In the final episode of Navigating to Net Zero, host Rebecca Darst talks with leaders from Macquarie Asset Management about what they’ve learned so far and why partnerships are critical to managing their portfolios in line with global net zero emissions by 2040.In this episode, you’ll hear about:Macquarie’s unique position in infrastructure management and how that has shaped its long-term thinking and approach to decarbonisationWhat political leaders around the world are saying about net zero goals, and how their views have influenced Macquarie’s effortsMacquarie’s priorities for the next phase of its net zero strategyTechnological innovations on the horizon that will help speed efforts to Navigate to Net ZeroExplore the series. © 2023 Macquarie Group Limited [2791693]Relevant disclaimers and other information can be found here.
In the seventh episode of Navigating to Net Zero, host Rebecca Darst talks with three leaders with extensive expertise in green property management: Coen van Oostrom, Founder and CEO of Edge, whose team is transforming cityscapes across Europe one green building at a time, and Simon Hanna and Carlos Viesca of FIBRA Macquarie, who are working with tenants to make more than 250 office and retail buildings in Mexico more energy efficient and less carbon intensive.In this episode, you’ll hear about: Specific amenities – such as air conditioning, lighting, and roofing materials – that can affect a building’s carbon footprint and what developers can do to make these more efficient Challenges FIBRA Macquarie faces in accessing renewable energy in Mexico and how Mexico’s long-standing support for fossil fuels contrasts with the regulatory climate in Europe Why cement presents one of the biggest challenges in making buildings greenerThe use of blockchain for “materials passports” – digital records that track and store data about the origin of all materials used in the building process Explore the series. © 2023 Macquarie Group Limited [2791688]Relevant disclaimers and other information can be found here.
The sixth episode of Navigating to Net Zero examines the transformation of transportation, from shipping to parking lots. Host Rebecca Darst talks with Long Beach Container Terminal’s (LBCT’s) Bonnie Nixon and Telpark’s Peter Hughes about how their companies are working to cut emissions – especially those beyond their direct control – and how electrification is transforming their businesses.In this episode, you’ll hear about:  Telpark’s vision for the future of the parking lot – from providing charging for electric vehicles and electric storage for surrounding communities to apps that guide drivers to the nearest available space to reduce idling The carbon footprint of container terminals and how it compares with that of airports, highways, and other parts of the transportation infrastructure Ship-to-shore power and battery exchanges, and how these types of initiatives can reduce emissionsExplore the series. © 2023 Macquarie Group Limited [2791675]Relevant disclaimers and other information can be found here.
In the fifth episode of Navigating to Net Zero, host Rebecca Darst talks with Paul McDougall, Paraway Pastoral Company Limited’s [Paraway] Natural Capital Manager, about how Paraway and other Australian farmland managers are leveraging the livestock and natural assets they manage to decarbonise their operations in a sustainable way and in line with the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) Paris Agreement goal of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.In this episode, you’ll hear about: Paraway Pastoral Company’s holistic, “whole-of-farming” approach and how it’s designed to reduce methane emissions by 30% and use processes that are natural to ruminating animals and farmland The effect genetics have on growth rates and fertility and how that, in turn, influences emission reduction efforts Better grazing practices and how they can aid in sustainability efforts and enhance the carbon cycle Explore the series. © 2023 Macquarie Group Limited [2791671]Relevant disclaimers and other information can be found here.
In the fourth episode of Navigating to Net Zero, host Rebecca Darst talks with Robert “Robbie” R. LaBorde, Jr. and Sybil Montegut of Cleco and Scott Ryan and Gina Pavlovic of Endeavour Energy about how the two Macquarie-backed companies are keeping the lights on in their respective regions while making electric grids more sustainable and reducing reliance on coal – all while ensuring electricity remains affordable and reliable.   In this episode, you’ll hear about:Why Louisiana is the US state with the most to gain – or lose – from the transition to low-carbon energy and what the transition could mean for lower-income households The effect of electricity costs on customer choices and what can be done to make everything from solar power to electric vehicles more affordableThe decarbonisation opportunities for companies such as Cleco and how the Inflation Reduction Act has given those opportunities a boostSome of the biggest challenges of switching to renewable power generation in Australia and how customers are adapting to the change How the Black Summer brush fires affected Endeavour’s service area and how they factored into the company’s net zero goals Explore the series. © 2023 Macquarie Group Limited [2791659]Relevant disclaimers and other information can be found here.
In the third episode of Navigating to Net Zero, host Rebecca Darst talks with Caroline Morris, KCOM’s Head of Wellbeing, Health, Safety, and Sustainability, and Louisa Harris-Baxter, Vocus’s Head of ESG, about how the companies are balancing increased demand for their services with their decarbonisation goals.  In this episode, you’ll hear about: Why data centres have earned a reputation as the “bad boy of emissions” for technology and telecom companies and what can be done about it The strategies KCOM is using to cut emissions in the short term, such as its One Network Project, and what level of reduction the company hopes to achieve  The use of innovative network infrastructure at Vocus to provide services to Australia’s remote areas and what renewable technology the company is testing to reduce emissions in those areas   Vocus’s net zero strategy and the incorporation of managing emissions not just on land, but from under the sea as well   Explore the series. © 2023 Macquarie Group Limited [2791656]Relevant disclaimers and other information can be found here.
In our second episode, host Rebecca Darst talks with David Tobin, Beauparc's Circular Economy and Sustainability Director, about the various commercial opportunities they see in waste, and the value of going from refuse to reuse.David Tobin explains how:The founder took one waste collection vehicle and turned it into a leader in industrial repurposing and recycling that today manages four million metric tons of material. The company is taking discarded wood from demolished houses and discarded furniture and making new products out of it. Beauparc is focused on resource recovery, repurposing materials to create resalable materials rather than paying to dispose of them.Despite the company’s circular economy focus and innovative efforts to reuse and recycle, the process generates significant emissions, which makes this industry’s journey to net zero so challenging.BANANA (build absolutely nothing anywhere near anyone) is the new NIMBY. Everyone knows we need waste processing, but nobody wants it near them. Explore the series. © 2023 Macquarie Group Limited [2772774]Relevant disclaimers and other information can be found here.
In our first episode, Ben Way, Group Head of Macquarie Asset Management, and Mark Dooley, Head of Macquarie Asset Management’s Green Investment Group (GIG), join host Rebecca Darst to discuss the climate imperative, how Macquarie is driving practical climate solutions across its global business, and the role of GIG accelerating the energy transition.Hear them explain how:geopolitical and macroeconomic events during the past year have affected net zero projections and planning; the effects of climate change seem to be happening faster than predicted; and what it takes to make short-term adjustments the firm is working with portfolio companies to measure and verify their baseline emissions, identify abatement measures, and mobilise capital and resourcesby investing responsibly and following the firm’s purpose statement, Macquarie Asset Management is driving practical climate solutions and GIG is playing a role in accelerating the energy transition the work is not easy and it is important to share the scale and complexity of the journey, as the series shares insights from the people on the ground who are leading the charge despite varied challenges posed by the industries and regions in which they operate.Explore the series. © 2023 Macquarie Group Limited[277768]Relevant disclaimers and other information can be found here.
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