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On this episode of the Overland radio show, hosts Lee and Ashley discuss trail closures, adventures, and vehicle reviews. Lee shares his preference for hosting solo episodes and highlights the challenges of coordinating guest appearances. The hosts touch on the topic of trail closures and mention another show on their platform that covered the issue. Lee also talks about a video featuring Michael and Sarah's adventures at Denali. Additionally, Ashley shares her experience test driving the 23 Platinum Pathfinder and compares it to the Rock Creek off-road edition. --- Send in a voice message:
On this episode of the Overland radio show, hosts Lee and Ashley give a special shoutout to their sponsors, Overland Attic, Midland USA, and Rugged Bound, as well as promote the upcoming MOORE Expo event. Lee teases Ashley about turning 50 and shares a funny anecdote about her going back to school. Tune in for some lighthearted banter and updates on the overlanding and outdoor community. Then Paul and Bethany join the stream from Radio Chatter --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode of the Overland radio show, Lee and Ashley discuss various topics while dealing with some tiredness. Lee shares about his early morning and struggles with algebra equations, using GTP for help. Despite a guest cancellation, they still bring engaging content to their listeners. Tune in for a mix of humor, tiredness, and interesting discussions. --- Send in a voice message:
Overland Radio Show with Lee - Episode Summary Hey everyone, it's Lee here, and I just wrapped up another fantastic episode of the Overland Radio Show. We had a blast tonight, and I'm excited to share a quick recap with all of you who might have missed the live broadcast. We kicked things off with a bit of a laugh about our intro music and my dream of having a band like Jimmy Fallon's. Then, we dove right into the show, giving a shout-out to our sponsors Overland Attic, Midland USA, and Rugged Bound for their continued support. Our guest for the evening was the elusive and adventurous Kelly, who, despite being a bit of a slacker getting to the show on time, shared some incredible stories and insights. We chatted about everything from the challenges of overlanding with a family to the beauty of Montana, where Kelly recently moved. We also touched on the impact of weather on aviation in Arizona, with a fun fact about how extreme heat affects aircraft lift. Kelly shared his transition from Arizona to Montana and the reasons behind the move, including the desire for cooler climates and a more outdoor-centric lifestyle. Kelly and I discussed the ins and outs of overlanding gear, from rooftop tents to the latest gadgets that make our adventures more enjoyable. He highlighted some standout products and companies he's encountered at expos, like the innovative rooftop tents from 23Zero and the impressive craftsmanship of school bus conversions at Skooliepalooza. We even got into the nitty-gritty of adventure biking versus overlanding in a truck, with Kelly explaining why he prefers the latter these days. And of course, we couldn't let the night end without a mandatory whiskey shot and some good-natured banter. All in all, it was an episode filled with laughter, storytelling, and a shared passion for the great outdoors. If you missed the live show, be sure to catch the replay for all the details and some great tips from our guest, Kelly. Until next time, keep exploring and stay rugged! Visit Our Website For Episode Quotes, Times Stamps, and More.. --- Send in a voice message:
Overland Radio Show: Special Guest Mark Bruce from Red Arc Hey everyone, Lee here from the Overland Radio Show. We just wrapped up an incredible episode with our special guest, Mark Bruce from Red Arc. As always, it was a Tuesday night delight filled with insightful discussions about the latest in 12-volt technology and overlanding gear. We kicked things off by giving a shout out to our sponsors, including Overland Attic, Rugged Bound, and Midland USA. We also encouraged our listeners to share the episode and leave us a positive review on platforms like iTunes. Mark, joining us all the way from Australia, brought the heat with discussions about Red Arc's innovative products. Despite the temperature differences between Oklahoma and Australia, we dove into the cool features of Red Arc's offerings. One of the highlights was learning about Red Arc's 150 ampere lithium battery with an inbuilt heater, perfect for handling extreme temperatures. Mark explained how this dense power battery can handle a 2000 watt inverter on its own, a game-changer for overlanders. We also talked about the new smart battery monitor, which is like a fuel gauge for your auxiliary battery system. It uses an algorithm to convert volts and amps into time, giving you a clear idea of how much power you have left. Mark introduced us to the Red Vision Rogue, a compact and versatile system that can control up to 10 circuits and monitor two water tanks. It's a solid-state system with digital fuses and can be daisy-chained for more complex setups. For those looking to manage their power on the go, the Go Block was a topic of interest. It's a portable power solution with a 50 amp DC-DC charging circuit, allowing you to take your fridge and other essentials anywhere. We wrapped up the show with a sneak peek at the upcoming Manager 100, a battery management system that can charge large lithium batteries and adjust power draw from your vehicle's alternator. It was an episode packed with information that left us excited about the future of overlanding tech. We can't wait to see what Red Arc has in store for us next, and we're already looking forward to having Mark back on the show. Remember to check out our sponsors, and if you're at the Moore Expo, come find Ashley and me right outside the main entrance. Until next time, keep exploring and stay charged up with the latest gear from Red Arc! --- Send in a voice message:
Hey everyone, it's Lee here from the Overland Radio Show, and I just wrapped up an incredible episode with Jamin from Kingdom Camping. We had a blast discussing his journey from working in the traditional RV industry to starting his own company focused on creating off-grid, overland-ready trailers. Jamin shared his personal story, which began with a cross-country trip and a desire for a camper that could handle his own off-road adventures. This led to the birth of Kingdom Camping, where he now designs and builds trailers tailored to the overlanding community's needs. We talked about the various models Kingdom Camping offers, from the compact and versatile Adventure Pro Mini 2.0 to the gear-hauling Base-X, and the midsize ATS which is currently being redesigned. Jamin emphasized the importance of quality and customization, explaining how they use materials like Asdale and Bicom plastics to ensure durability and longevity. Jamin also gave us a sneak peek into what's coming down the pipeline, including a redesign of the ATS to match the popular Caravan XL profile and an exciting venture into expedition trucks. He's focused on creating an affordable yet fully-featured option for those looking to tackle long-distance overland trips. Throughout the episode, we discussed the importance of community feedback in shaping their products and how Kingdom Camping is open to customizing trailers to fit individual needs. Jamin also mentioned their plans to hit all the Overland Expos next year, so keep an eye out for them. For those interested in Kingdom Camping's offerings, Jamin mentioned a lead time of about 10-12 weeks for a build, though they're currently booked through May due to high demand. He also shared that they're expanding their production plant to keep up with orders. It was a pleasure having Jamin on the show, and I'm excited to see Kingdom Camping at the upcoming More Expo. If you're in the market for a high-quality, overland trailer, or just want to follow their journey, check them out on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Thanks to all our listeners for tuning in, and a big shoutout to our sponsors for their support. Remember, if you've got a suggestion for a show or want to leave us a review, we'd really appreciate it. Until next time, keep exploring and stay adventurous! --- Send in a voice message:
Hey there, welcome back to Overland Radio! Hope you all had good holidays; we're still shaking off the festive season but super excited about today's chill episode. Ashley's here too, despite some last-minute hiccups, and we can't wait to chat about all the latest and what's coming up in 2024. So, we kicked things off with a cool new countdown and tunes, though we gotta tweak that volume next time. Ashley and I dished on our holidays—hers was a bit tough, missing her mom, and mine was relaxed but not without its gift-wrapping blunders. Looking forward, we've got some awesome guests on the horizon. Mark from Red Arc's gonna talk about what's new down under, and Jamin from Kingdom Camping will share his leap from RVs to his own rugged campers. I also introduced the Overland Podcast Network, a new spot for overlanding podcasters to connect and share. Then, there's my pet project,, an AI assistant I'm building for overlanders and creators. It's still early days, but head over and sign up! Ashley and I also gabbed about our upcoming camping trips, including the Polar Bear Campouts. I even shared a little mix-up from a recent Oklahoma trip—just goes to show, clear communication is crucial! As we sign off, just remember, it's all about community in the overlanding world. Keep your crew tight but don't shut others out. We're pumped for this year's events, especially the campouts, and hope to see a big, friendly crowd. Thanks for listening, big shoutout to our sponsors, and thanks to you for tuning in. Stay adventurous, stay connected, and we'll catch you on the next one! --- Send in a voice message:
So, here's the scoop on our latest podcast episode. We kicked things off with some good-natured banter and a shout-out to our sponsors, like Chad from Overland Addict and the folks at Midland USA and Rugged Bound. It's just us having a laugh, teasing each other, and sharing weird stories. It's like chilling with your pals, but with a mic! Plus, we talk about our sponsors because, let's face it, they're awesome and help keep our show going. Then, we got into the juicy stuff about our new tie-up with Overland Explorer. Chad from Overland Attic spilled the beans about becoming an OEV install and service center. We're super excited about this, even though we're still getting to know OEV's campers. It's a big deal for Overland Attic, and honestly, we can't wait to see where this partnership heads. We also chatted about some high-end campers and other cool gear in our Christmas catalog. And yes, we couldn't resist throwing in a few jokes about Canadian accents and stuff like that. It's all in good fun and makes our podcast what it is – a mix of info and laughs! --- Send in a voice message:
The Overland Radio Show is a podcast that focuses on topics related to overlanding, which is a form of off-road travel and camping that involves self-reliance and exploration of remote areas. In this particular episode, the hosts, Lee and Ashley, discuss gear, deals, and family traditions in relation to the holiday season. The episode begins with Lee welcoming the listeners and introducing the topic of the episode. He mentions that they don't have any guests for this episode and it will just be the two of them discussing various topics. Lee highlights the importance of discussing gear and deals during the holiday season, as well as family traditions. Before diving into the main discussion, Lee takes a moment to thank the sponsors of the show, including Overland Attic, Rugged Bound, and Midland USA. He expresses his gratitude towards them for their support. --- Send in a voice message:
In this engaging episode of the Overland Radio Show, Ashley and Lee are accompanied by special guests JR from Bourbon and Backwoods, and Ryan from Seasucker. These guests introduce and discuss products popular at expos and events, adding a unique flavor to the show. We also include a warm expression of thanks to the sponsors, along with an invitation for the audience to engage with their social media and subscribe to the Base Camp Bulletin newsletter. Amidst this, Ashley and Lee share some light, amusing conversations about their roles and personal updates. A highlight of the episode is the fascinating insight into Seasucker's origins and its initial concept product, enriching the show's content. The episode maintains an upbeat and positive atmosphere, focused on presenting exciting products and fostering audience engagement. For more information about Seasucker, you can visit their website, Don't forget, bourbon and backwoods has a 15% discount for listeners through the end of November. --- Send in a voice message:
Join Ashley and Lee on a caffeinated escapade in our latest episode as we welcome the vibrant team from Logic Overland, a coffee company known for its adventure-inspired blends. In this episode, we delve into the aromatic world of coffee, exploring its various facets. Despite Lee's confessed ambivalence towards coffee, the excitement brews as we engage with our guests from Logic Overland, sharing stories and insights that will intrigue both coffee aficionados and novices alike. We're also spicing up the conversation with a heartfelt thank you to our sponsors, whose support keeps our podcast thriving. Our social media journeys take a humorous turn as we share our own struggles and successes in navigating the digital world. Don't miss our lively chat about the latest FaceTime update – its innovative background effects have us all fascinated! Whether you're sipping your morning espresso or just curious about the world of coffee, this episode promises a blend of laughter, learning, and of course, a deep appreciation for coffee. It's an episode tailor-made for those who love their coffee with a side of adventure. So, grab your favorite mug and join us for this fun-filled and informative episode! 🎙☕🌟 --- Send in a voice message:
However, the culture surrounding YouTube and content creation is not without its flaws. As mentioned in the podcast transcript, some content creators have been criticized for their self-centeredness and prioritization of material gain over the quality of their content. This "prick" mentality, as described in the podcast, can create a negative perception of content creators as a whole. --- Send in a voice message:
Join Ashley and Lee on this exciting episode of Overland Radio as they dive deep into their adventures at the Rendezvous in the Ozarks and the thrilling Rebelle Rally. Our dynamic duo recaps the highs, the lows, and the unforgettable moments from these two iconic events, giving listeners an inside look into the world of overlanding. The online chat is buzzing with messages from our avid listeners, sharing their own stories and experiences. And if that wasn't enough, brace yourself for a laugh-out-loud contest as Ashley and Lee go head-to-head for the coveted title of "Best Dad Joke Teller." Who will emerge victorious with the corniest, most groan-worthy dad joke? You won't want to miss this! Connect with Ashley on social media at @okiegirl_overland and Lee at @overlandradio to keep up with their latest adventures and shenanigans. Tune in and get ready for a ride! --- Send in a voice message:
Welcome to a thrilling episode of the "Overlanding Unleashed" podcast, where hosts Ashley and Lee take you on a journey into the heart of the Big Iron Overland Rally! In this exciting episode, Ashley and Lee dive deep into their unforgettable experience at the Big Iron Overland Rally, an event that's become an annual pilgrimage for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Set against the backdrop of rugged terrain and breathtaking landscapes of Big Brutis in West Mineral, Kansas, this event promises a thrilling blend of live music, , classes, vendor, fun, and a tight-knit community of fellow travelers. Tune in to hear Ashley and Lee recount their epic adventure as they share stories of, attending informative classes on overlanding essentials, and basking in the great weather that blessed the rally. The rally isn't just about conquering the wild; it's also a celebration of friendship and camaraderie, as they both will touch upon the incredible connections they made with like-minded travelers. What truly sets the Big Iron Overland Rally apart is its vibrant entertainment lineup, and Ashley and Lee won't leave you hanging. They'll regale you with tales of the energetic performances by bands like "The Juice" and "Members Only," adding a dynamic musical dimension to this unforgettable experience. And, of course, no overlanding adventure is complete without camping under the starry sky. Our hosts will paint a vivid picture of their cozy campfires, delicious campsite cookouts, and the joys of sleeping beneath the shadow of Big Brutis. So, buckle up and get ready for a riveting episode that will make you want to pack your bags and hit the open road. Whether you're an overlanding enthusiast or simply someone looking for an exciting travel story, this episode of "Overlanding Unleashed" is bound to leave you inspired and eager to explore the world of overlanding at the Big Iron Overland Rally. Don't miss out on this adrenaline-fueled, music-infused, and friend-filled adventure! --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode of Overland Radio, host Lee Odom sits down with Chris Holloway, the visionary behind the Big Iron Overland Rally and the Moore Expo. They discuss the origins of the Big Iron Overland Rally and the exciting new developments for the upcoming More Expo in 2024. Chris shares stories and thoughts about his busy schedule, including traveling, family, and managing his mother's trailblazing adventures. Tune in to hear all about the incredible overland rallies that Chris spearheads and the passion behind these events. [00:02:17] Traveling with Chris' mother. [00:05:09] Creating the Big Iron event. [00:12:41] Building a sandbox with heavy equipment. [00:17:10] Oldest living miner. [00:19:26] Preserving historical stories. [00:24:00] Food options at the event. [00:30:27] Cooking competition and drone delivery. [00:31:09] Last minute auction idea. [00:35:27] Midland Radio as a sponsor. [00:40:15] Old Western band and show. [00:45:14] Members Only 80s cover tribute band. [00:49:04] Birthday celebration plans. 00:01:10 - "I couldn't be happier to be on, man." 00:03:52 - "I don't even know like it it took this to resurrect all those lessons that I learned but we're nice we've just been completely going through it and we didn't got it but we came pretty darn close." 00:08:03 - "I'm like, this is incredible." 00:11:20 - "That's one of those days you don't forget." 00:14:49 - "You're not going to believe this." 00:19:05 - "I've always said that we should have done a better job of sitting down with these people and putting a camera down and just have them talk." 00:23:06 - "You know, the wow, that thing throws a lot of shade." 00:24:02 - "I mean, obviously, you know, us, us overlanders and our adventure camper guys, you know, all of us, we tend to carry a lot of food with us and we do a lot of cooking ourselves, uh, or drinking of whiskey." 00:27:30 - "You just go around and whoever's got extra food, you get a bite here and get a bite there. It's almost like going to Sam's on Sunday when they're doing samples, you know, you get a little bit here and then you don't need to cook." 00:30:27 - "They did it last year and it was a hit." 00:35:20 - "It's like that unconditional love that I feel from those guys, like." 00:39:18 - "Yeah, Jared, please send me a new shirt." 00:43:29 - "It's a whole lot of money to spend on musicians just to have some background music." 00:45:14 - "They got all the moves. They got all the lights. They got all the big sound and, uh, guns and roses, death, leopard, all of it, man." 00:47:13 - "He knows everybody and he's got the pool, man." 00:49:56 - "Pleasure is mine." --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode of the All Over Overland Show, Michael and Lee welcome a special guest (Alaska Overlander) who shares their experiences in Alaska. As they discuss the extreme heat in Oklahoma and the contrasting cool temperatures in Alaska. Michael also mentions a term he recently learned, "free frost," which refers to the movement of the ground due to thawing and frosting. Tune in to learn more about the challenges and wonders of overlanding in Alaska, how to get your vehicle outfitted in Alaska and How to rent a vehicle for exploring. --- Send in a voice message:
Yuccapac Campers

Yuccapac Campers


In this episode, Michael and I have David from Yuccapac Campers in Canada.. Davids story and how he started this company is so interesting. Join us and be sure to subscribe to our Facebook, Youtube channels along with Davids. --- Send in a voice message:
On this episode, I have a great guy filling for Michael as my Co-Host. Technology, and Kindness is key, and much more... Join us as Will from Venture2Roam is my Co-Host --- Send in a voice message:
A lot has changed with the new ownerships of the Overland Expos... Spoiler, it wasn't bad at all, just a little less personal and more money was needed.. --- Send in a voice message:
Yep! I bailed on Michael and yes he has shipped his truck to Alaska and the long awaited Toyota Tacoma... --- Send in a voice message:
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