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Author: Dr. BCW - Dr. Curry-Winchell, M.D.

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Beyond Clinical Walls Podcast is a podcast started by Dr. Bayo Curry-Winchell, M.D., who also goes by Dr. BCW.  The Beyond Clinical Walls Podcast is a platform to discuss health-related topics in an open forum to help improve health literacy, call out healthcare inequities and shine a light on race-based medicine and algorithms. 

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BCW obtained her medical degree from Ross University in 2012 and completed her residency at the University of Nevada Reno Family Medicine in 2015.  Dr. BCW is a board-certified family medicine physician, practicing & licensed in Nevada and California.  She is the Medical Director for Saint Mary's Urgent Cares in Reno, Nevada, and is the Medical Director for the Washoe County Sexual Assault Response Team as well.  She also volunteers as an Assistant Medical Examiner for Washoe County Child Protective Services and many other community engagements. 

3 Episodes
In this Beyond Clinical Walls Podcast episode, Dr. BCW hosts a discussion on Parkinson's disease, featuring guests Dr. Shah and Mr. & Mrs. Coley. The guests share their experiences and work raising awareness about Parkinson's disease, emphasizing its impact on various communities, specifically communities of color with which Parkinson's is not commonly associated. Dr. Shah, a neurologist and movement disorder specialist, focuses on addressing healthcare disparities, increasing access to care, and ensuring high-quality treatment for Parkinson's patients.Mrs. Coley, a Parkinson's advocate and patient herself, highlights her efforts to provide education, resources, and research on Parkinson's to underrepresented communities. Mr. Coley, her care partner, emphasizes the ripple effect of the disease on the entire family and discusses the importance of addressing health disparities, particularly in communities of color.Dr. BCW acknowledges the progressive nature of Parkinson's and the challenge of detecting its symptoms, especially in underrepresented groups. The conversation aims to shed light on the intersectionality of Parkinson's and its impact on individuals and communities. The guests discuss invisible symptoms, known as non-motor symptoms, which can affect various organ systems in the body. They stress the significance of early diagnosis and treatment to prevent individuals from suffering without appropriate care.The episode concludes with Dr. Shah discussing the group's work on their book PD Movers, a free book aimed and providing increased health literacy regarding the impact of Parkinson's on the Black community. Check out this great episode in its entirety for more information. Thank you for Listening to Beyond Clinical Walls Podcast.To find more from Dr. BCW YouTube: Instagram: TikTok: Twitter:
Bayo Curry-Winchell, MD (Dr. BCW) sits down with her dear friend Jessica to talk about Ozempic.  Jessica, who has suffered from PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, for years, was recently prescribed Ozempic in an effort to get symptoms under control.  Tune in to hear Jessica's journey to her diagnosis, the Ozempic prescription and the positive and negative impacts it has had on her over the first few months.  Thank you for Listening to Beyond Clinical Walls Podcast.To find more from Dr. BCW YouTube: Instagram: TikTok: Twitter:
Recently I received a comment on social media that I would consider hate speech. In my first #BeyondClinicalWalls Podcast, I discuss with @Dr.Tina the historical tactic of dehumanizing black people and how we have been conditioned to measure our responses to avoid further perpetuating stereotypes. For more insight check it out!Thank you for Listening to Beyond Clinical Walls Podcast.To find more from Dr. BCW YouTube: Instagram: TikTok: Twitter:
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