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Author: GeoVane

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Every week, the GeoVane gang gets together to chat geopolitics in The Long Telegram. Like its namesake article, the podcast looks to the past, present, and future, discussing reoccurring themes, new developments, and emerging trends. They are often joined in the London studio or remotely by intriguing figures in the space of world politics.
2 Episodes
Since Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 tensions between Ukraine and Russia have been at record highs. And while these strained ties died down somewhat in the interim, they spiked again in January, leading to casualties and military build-up on the Russo-Ukrainian border. In this episode we discuss the origins of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, the recent heightened tensions between the two nations, and where we think the conflict will end up this year.Originally recorded on April 17, 2021 as episode 9 of the Global Guessing Weekly Podcast.
How the rise of cyberspace will change the future of statehood, and the implications of China's push for an Arctic Silk Road. Plus what the Russia-China joint moon base means for their future relations and how hybrid warfare will change the nature of conflict.Originally recorded on March 13, 2021 as episode 4 of the Global Guessing Weekly Podcast.
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