DiscoverStrategic Tech Coaching - self-leadership in times of rapid change
Strategic Tech Coaching - self-leadership in times of rapid change
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Strategic Tech Coaching - self-leadership in times of rapid change

Author: Oskar Andermo

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The Strategic Tech Coaching podcast is about strategies for success. It offers a toolbox for self-leadership in a world that is changing faster than ever. Oskar Andermo interviews elite athletes, business profiles, tech nerds and world-class coaches. Examples of topics are mental training, happiness, self-leadership, productivity and new technology trends. Oskar is a mental trainer and a business coach. He recently moved home to Sweden after 12 years in Dubai. Famous guests include Lars-Eric Uneståhl (founder of mental training), Kjell Enhager (Swedens top coach), Geoff Thompson etc.
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Prepare to be captivated as we plunge headfirst into the groundbreaking AI revolution led by technologies like ChatGPT, in conversation with Swedish robotics and AI mastermind Fredrik Löfgren. From his early childhood fascination with robots to his academic background and achievements in the field, Fredrik shares his unique insights and experiences. We discuss the potential impact of AI technologies like ChatGPT on society. Tune in to hear Fredrik's thoughts on the future of human-AI collaboration, the challenges and opportunities ahead, and how we can prepare for a world where AI and robots play an increasingly prominent role in our lives and workplaces. Don't miss this thrilling conversation that will leave you pondering the possibilities and implications of AI and robotics in our rapidly changing world. More about Fredrik More about Oskar´s keynotes More about Strategic Tech Coaching Follow on Instagram Buy the book here
In this episode of Strategic Tech Coaching, I had the pleasure of interviewing Professor Eddie Obeng, an expert in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship. With his vast knowledge and experience, Eddie shared valuable insights and advice on how companies can innovate and stay competitive in today's fast-paced business world. Eddie's energy and enthusiasm made this interview both thought-provoking and fun, as he shared valuable insights and advice on how companies can innovate and stay competitive in today's fast-paced business world. I really enjoyed this conversation and I will listen to it many times. I recommend you do the same!  Here is more about Professor Eddie: - Twitter.  - His Ted talk.  - His website and more information about Cube.  More on Strategic Tech Coaching: - Website.  - Instagram.  - Keynotes from Oskar Andermo.
In this interview, Oskar speaks to Laura who shares her story of starting an impact-driven business in Lebanon. She talks about the challenges and rewards of working in a socially conscious way and offers advice for entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in their community. Here you can learn more about Laura's business.   Here you can learn more about She entrepreneur program.  More about STC.  Hire Oskar as a keynote speaker for your next event - 
Oskar talks to Ronny Leber. Ronny is an Austrian keynote speaker, TV host and event emcee for corporate and sports events. He has worked live with more than 5 million people worldwide over the course of his career. Ronny has been personally trained by and worked with the number 1 life and business coach Tony Robbins. Ronny’s vocation is to inspire people to keep reaching for their dreams, and to ignite a lasting and motivating spark in them. It is his passion to entertain people and create magic moments – with them and for them. All guests should experience extraordinary and unforgettable emotions they take back into their lives and daily routines. Oskar and Ronny discuss talking dreams into reality.  The purpose of the Strategic Tech Coaching system is to help you future-proof yourself so you can live a happy, successful and productive life today and also in the future. One way of doing this is by sharing inspiring stories from cool people around the world.  Here you can find out more about Ronny Leber - Instagram LinkedIN Twitter. Website.  Here you can learn more about Strategic Tech Coaching - Instagram. Website.  Would you like to hire Oskar as a keynote speaker on how you can future-proof yourself or your organization? Learn more here. 
Wow. 100 episodes! What a milestone! In this episode, Oskar looks back in the rearview mirror and takes out some top lists. We get to listen to some clips from previous guests. What are the most listened-to episodes? What episodes was the most fun to record? Which episodes are the most underrated? What guest has written most books?  The podcast core is about how you can future-proof yourself. How you can better prepare for an unpredictable future. So at the end of the episode, Oskar is announcing a name change for the podcast.  Thanks to all the listeners and amazing guests from around the world!  Follow on Instagram.  Follow on Linkedin. More on STC.  Hire Oskar as a speaker. 
When the world is changing fast, the learners will be the winners. We need to upgrade our skills constantly. With technology, it is easier than ever. In this episode, Oskar Andermo shares some thoughts on learning.  Want to book Oskar for a keynote? Click here.  More about STC - Click here. Follow the journey on Instagram - click here.  Unique opportunity! If you live in Stockholm and are an entrepreneur, you can get free coaching from Oskar (sponsored by Stockholm city). More information here. 
Pa Neumüller Åkerman has lived a colourful life. From working on TV and as an actor in Hollywood to working with some of the biggest TV shows and Radio in Sweden. She is now leadership and communications coach. Her life is a series of events and circumstances that were not planned but put her on the path where she needed to go. She calls it happenstance.  Pa and Oskar will both be speaking at Kompetensveckan in November in Stockholm. Learn more here. Learn more about STC here. Follow on Instagram. Hire Oskar as a speaker for your next event click here.  To improve engagement and cross-culture communication click here.
In this episode, we learn about the inner development goals. Inner Development Goals (IDGs)  is a non-profit organization for inner development. The purpose is to research, collect and communicate science-based skills and qualities that help us to live purposeful, sustainable, and productive lives. Oskar speaks with Kristian Stålne, who is the research lead for IDG. Kristian and Oskar also discuss Ken Wilber models and the theory of integral life. Both IDG and integral philosophy aligns very well with Strategic Tech Coaching ambition.  Here you can learn more: About Kristian: (in Swedish) About IDG: Inner development goals  About STC Coaching  Instagram Want to hire Oskar as a keynote speaker? Here you can learn more.
In this episode, Oskar Andermo gets interviewed by Peter Larsson from The Flawd podcast. We discuss self-leadership, mental training, Strategic Tech Coaching and many other things.  Here you can listen to The Flawd podcast. Follow Strategic Tech Coaching: Instagram   Website Book Oskar as a speaker for your next event? More information here.
Hyperloop is a new transport technology currently being developed around the world. It has the potential to change how we travel. A network of hyperloops in Europe could mean breakfast in Stockholm, lunch in Paris and tapas and sunset in Barcelona. That is super cool! In this episode I speak with Thomas who is the Chairman of the Swedish Hyperloop association. He gives us an update on the current state of hyperloops. Here you can learn more: More about Strategic Tech Coaching:
In this episode, I share the background of STC and how you can use strategies, technology and coaching to improve your life. In the end, you even get to hear me do some rap...  More information: Strategic Tech Coaching For keynotes: Oskar Andermo Follow on Instagram.  For corporate training: Chikara Consulting
Dave Crane has already reached legendary status in Dubai and is growing his influence globally. Dave has been professionally engaging audiences of all ages since he was 3 and has hosted events for over 15 million individuals from over 117 countries on 5 different continents. His TV footprint is closer to 2 billion viewers.  In this episode, he shares advice on how to re-invent yourself during tough times, how to grow your personal brand and how to use LinkedIn to grow your business.  To find out more about the Industry Icon Program - become an industry icon. To book Dave Crane for your event - book Dave  To follow Dave Crane on LinkedIn - LinkedIn  To learn to become a great public speaker and pitch your business on stage - better speaker  For more information about Strategic Tech Coaching go here. Follow on Instagram To book Oskar Andermo for your event - book Oskar
The end of the year is a great time to reflect. Think back to the previous year and take out the key lessons. Contemplate the future. What do you want to create in the next year? In this episode, I share some of my own processes that I use at the end of the year. Go to a place where you can be alone, bring a piece of paper and a pen. Listen to this episode on the way there. Then spend some time thinking. Good luck.  Follow the journey on Instagram Learn more about STC here.  For speaking click here. For corporate training click here. 
Igor Adoris joins the podcast for his 4th, this time to talk about his almost latest book Samurai Mindset. We discuss the warrior archetype and how we can use our inner Samurai to push through during tough times. Igor and I share a passion for martial arts and warrior culture. We talk about courage, dealing with death and Bushido.  Click here to buy Igor's books. Click here to follow the journey on Instagram.  More about Strategic Tech Coaching.  Click here to learn more about Oskar as a speaker. 
Being good at communication is a skill that can help you in so many ways. In this episode, Oskar Andermo speaks to communication expert Marie-Louise Zeisig. They discuss skills like rhetoric, body language and voice. Listen and become a better communicator.  Resources from the episode: - Marie-Louise book (in Swedish): Talks recommended in the episode: - - - - More on Strategic Tech Coaching: - - -  
The conscious capitalism movement believes that business is ultimately good as it is based on a voluntary exchange of value. However, the focus needs to shift from maximizing profits to adding value to all stakeholders. When we do, we can use business to make the world better. In this episode, I talk with Ravi Rai who is the founder of the consultancy Fourpoints. Ravi is also the first certified Conscious Capitalism consultant in Europe. We discuss the basics of conscious capitalism and what you can do to shift the focus from profit to purpose with the result of greater profit… Links: Learn more about Conscious Capitalism here. Ravis consultancy STC on Instagram My training company: Chikara Strategic Tech Coaching - a toolbox for success in a rapid changing world.  For speaking: Oskar Andermo
Casper Moller is the Executive Director of Claus Moller consulting. 1975 Claus Moller invented the Time Manager® results tool. He has since been a pioneer in the field of service management. He coined the concepts: ”Putting People First”; “The Human Side of Quality”; “A Complaint is a Gift” and “Employeeship”. Claus Møller’s Employeeship concept has become synonymous with the idea of participative management in Scandinavia. His concepts were used to turn SAS, Scandinavian Airlines, from making a loss to profit in one year. Claus passed away two years ago, but his son Casper Moller has taken over the concepts. He continues to share his timeless principles in organizations around the world.  More about Clause Moller Consulting The documentary where I found him (in Swedish) More about STC:
Everything is changing fast. How the world will look like in the future is impossible to say. We can however focus on some core competencies that we know will be important also in the future. Oskar goes through some of them and give some tips on how to develop them.  Follow on Instagram: YouTube video on learning: More on STC:
"Bitcoin changes absolutely everything" Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter. This is a technology that you need to learn about! So in this episode, I talk with Knut Svanholm about Bitcoin. This episode is not about Bitcoin as an investment, it is about how Bitcoin can change the world for the better. This is another important technology that we should all learn more about. Follow Knut on Twitter - Here you can buy Knuts books - If you want to sponsor Knuts work: Knuts videos: If you are in Sweden and want to buy Bitcoin using this link: About the gold standard: Learn more about bitcoin: Two books that I recommend to get you started: Bitcoin Billionaires: The Bitcoin Standard: Follow STC:
Will you be replaced by AI? Will the robots take over? In this episode, I am joined by Jeff Wald, who is the author of the #1 Amazon Best Seller, The End of Jobs: The Rise of On-Demand Workers and Agile Corporations. We discuss the history of jobs, look at what is coming and how you can best prepare. Here you can buy Jeffs book:  Learn more about Jeff - UPDATED WEBSITE - Follow here -
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