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Author: Lyndsay Phillips

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This show is for podcast hosts and guests, bringing insider secrets from podcast industry experts and entrepreneurs who have created a successful lifestyle business through podcasting. We share tips on how to leverage podcasts further to boost visibility, position authority, create content, monetize and simply grow their business.
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Want to make $1000 a month from your podcast right now (without finding sponsors or having thousands of downloads)? Well, it’s totally doable, and monetization expert Chris Hines is going to share with us how! He wants to change the industry and he believes by helping 1,000 podcasters start making $1,000, more podcasters will change their perspective and approach to podcasting. He’ll give us 5 income streams you can choose from and tips on how to get started with podcast monetization.  
Have you ever been on a guest on a podcast and the interview felt like it went nowhere and you it didn’t really showcase your expertise? You know - a lot of general questions, or stories about your journey and it got off on tangents, or maybe there were a lot of random questions?  And it left you wondering - how are people truly going to know how I can help them and what I do best?  It’s so deflating.  Discover the steps and strategies that will help you take control back over the interview to set you up for success and attract more leads and clients.
Yamilca Rodriguez, a brand therapist, helps her clients discover their true identity and create an irresistible brand ecosystem to attract the right people, but when they find out who they really are, the central conflict begs the question: will the truth set them free or tie them down? You will learn how to use quizzes to capture leads and create a fun and engaging customer experience!  
Are you paying for Facebook Ads or investing time, money and effort into guesting on podcast shows to grow your e-list? Have you been hoping for more sales from your list or cringing at the open rates you are getting from your emails. Part of the problem is likely your email deliverability. What a lot of marketers are not equipped with is the strategies and knowledge to increase their domain health and deliverability, clean their list, segment by engagement and format emails in a way that increases their chance of being opened and read. This episode shares 6 steps to increase your email deliverability - let’s get started.
Hosting a podcast is time consuming and can feel overwhelming between the scheduling, recording, planning, producing and publishing. So when I heard that serial podcaster Theadora Vosse batch recorded a whole series and a season - I had to have her on the show to share her batch recording secrets so you can meet your goals, become more productive, lean into creativity all while managing your energy and motivation. Let’s take a listen.
Your brand (podcast and business) is more than just a logo, fonts and colors. It should help you attract and convert.  Today I chat with Be Bold Branding Podcast hosts and Brandface owners Tonya Eberhart and Michae Carr who are international selling authors, hosts of the Be Bold Branding Podcast and the creators of the most comprehensive personal brand-building system in the world: BrandFace®. They deep dive into what branding truly is, how to create a successful brand that will help you stand out so you can charge more while spending less on marketing.  Let’s take a listen.  
Part of the beauty of having a podcast or guesting on shows is that it boosts your authority and credibility. And by doing so -the ultimate goal is to get more sales, increase revenue and create the lifestyle that we want. BUT so many entrepreneurs miss the boat or shy away from becoming a highly paid authority by raising their rates. So I had Founder of Empire Life Allison Ramsey on my show sharing how she scaled her business and how we can raise our rates to achieve our goals.
Want to get on more podcasts this year, what about media presence or speaking at events or conferences but aren’t sure how to pitch yourself?    Maybe you feel you don’t have the time to pitch or don’t know the best way to do it and get results fast.  This is where Ron Story Jr (of PitchDB) comes in…   Ron Story Jr. has been a full-time entrepreneur for over 20 years with a key role in the creation and development of over 30 companies. His latest, PitchDB, helps people compile lists and effectively pitch themselves to appear on podcasts, in the media and at conferences. Ron shares the story of PitchDB and his best hacks for creating lists, pitching (and hearing YES!), and getting more visibility and opportunities.  
There is more to rocking the mic than great interview questions and solid equipment. And your podcast is part of your brand and you want to shine in your industry as the brand authority!  So I brought on media expert with over 30 years of broadcast experience Rich Bontrager to the show.  He shares 5 keys to rock the stage, how to make the most of your digital real estate, coaching tips to have a better camera presence, and how to be the best host - Yup I took a TON of notes and learned so much on this one - And I even sing in it lol.
Online business strategist Marie Mack joins the show to talk about how to unlock the power of joint ventures as a podcast host or podcast guest! Listen to learn about what makes a joint venture partnership a great one, the three wins joint ventures should have, and how to suggest – and actually start – a joint venture collaboration and grow your business with it.
This entrepreneurial and podcast journey can be a crazy one, with ups and downs, roadblocks, and head trash… but at the heart of it all, I believe we are all driven by passion. I’m so honored to chat with Women’s Meditation Network and podcast success story Katie Krimitsos who shares her podcast journey, her passion and lessons along the way that any woman and podcaster can relate to. One you’ll definitely want to listen to.
Nathan Hirsch is a serial entrepreneur – who sold FreeUp back in 2019 – and who’s currently the CEO of EcomBalance, AccountsBalance, and Outsource School.  He stops by the show to talk about effective outsourcing for entrepreneurs, from why it’s key and when to know it’s a good time to start hiring to his interview approach and the three types of outside helpers you may need.
Hey if you aren’t having fun guesting or hosting your podcast, then you are doing it wrong lol. You think ‘oh but fun is a nice to have’ - it’s about authority and visibility and connections. But honestly if you aren’t having fun in the game, it’ll show - you won’t be putting your best into it and it’ll affect your results. In this episode I share why it’s key and how to bring fun into every element of podcasting.
Want to stop the ‘death scroll’ and get folks to pay attention to your podcast on social media? I chat with the host of one of the top rated podcast Growth Now Movement, and founder of Justin Schenck. He shares what catapulted his success, how to leverage your podcast and what type of video reels to create to attract more attention towards your podcast. 
It feels like Instagram is 12 apps in one and with no links in posts, as a podcaster you may wonder - is it even worth being on instagram? YAS it so is! I brought on Savvy Social Podcast Host and social media strategist Andrea Jones to the show, who gives us the full scoop on Instagram marketing best practices, tips to grow your podcast and how to get more engagement.
Brandon Leibowitz is a Search Engine Optimization expert and the founder of SEO Optimizers. Listen in to learn about what SEO is all about (and why you can’t ignore it), common mistakes to avoid and what to consider and do to embrace content optimization, make SEO work for you and tap into sources of free traffic for more listens, views, website visits, and overall visibility for your podcast and business.
Mark Herschberg is the author of The Career Toolkit: Essential Skills for Success That No One Taught You and the creator of a game-changing app for creators: Brian Bump. Listen in to learn more about Brian Bump and how to tap into the app as a podcaster, what to consider and do as a content creator, and how the app can help you get more eyeballs, views and listens.
We’re in a new economy… not the Gig nor the Sharing Economy but in the Values Economy. What is it all about? Speaker, human values expert and The Death of Demographics author David Allison stops by the show to talk about what human values are all about and why they’re key for both podcasters and small business owners.
Have you been thinking about leveraging podcast interviews to grow your business?If so, you’re in for a treat! What better way to hear how to get results from Podcast Guesting than chatting with a real client (and success story) from a podcast guest booking agency? I chatted with Julie Fry of Your Expert Guest and Danielle Hayden of Kickstart Accounting about why she started podcast guesting, her goals, how and why she pivoted her interviews, what metrics they tracked and the results it brought.  Why didn’t I think of doing this interview sooner?
Do you cringe when you hear the words cold or pitch emails? Do you naturally think of stagnant, dry salesy emails?   I chat with cold email and pitch expert Laura Lopuch who will change your mind.  Whether you are pitching to gain guests for your podcast, pitching to be a guest or even collaborating or connecting, you’ll want the skills and tactics that Laura shares on this episode.
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