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Author: Jenny Beth Martin

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Jenny Beth Martin is an original organizer of the Tea Party movement and the co-founder of Tea Party Patriots. She is an author, a filmmaker, and one of TIME Magazine's 100 most influential people in the world. The title she is most proud of is "Mom" to her boy/girl twins. She has been at the forefront, fighting for America's core principles for more than a decade.
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In this episode, Jenny Beth Martin is joined by Trevor Loudon, an author, filmmaker, and expert on communist infiltration and influence around the world. They delve into the pressing threats facing America, particularly the covert strategies employed by the Chinese Communist Party to undermine the nation. Trevor discusses the various tactics used by China, from fentanyl distribution and political manipulation to the support of domestic unrest and technological espionage. They also explore the broader implications of Marxist ideologies infiltrating American institutions and the vital need for courage and vigilance in preserving the country's core principles. This eye-opening conversation sheds light on the silent war being waged against America and the essential role of patriots in defending freedom and democracy.Twitter/X: @TrevorLoudon1 | @jennybethmWebsite:
In this episode of "The Jenny Beth Show," Jenny Beth Martin is joined by Ron Hanks, a candidate for Colorado's third congressional district. Hanks shares his motivation for running, rooted in his extensive military background and commitment to conservative values. He discusses key issues such as border security, American energy independence, and the importance of restoring election integrity. Hanks also addresses the challenges facing Colorado, including federal land grabs and water rights. Throughout the conversation, he emphasizes the need for a conservative Congress to support a pro-America agenda and ensure the nation's security and prosperity.Twitter/X: @RonHanksCD3 | @jennybethmWebsite: hanksforcolorado.comg
In this episode of The Jenny Beth Show, Colorado Republican Party Chairman and congressional candidate Dave Williams joins host Jenny Beth Martin for an in-depth discussion on pressing political issues. Williams shares his motivations for running for Congress, emphasizing the need to combat political corruption, enforce immigration laws, and reduce government spending. He highlights the concept of the "uni party" and the challenges of fighting against entrenched political interests in both major parties. Williams also discusses his background in manufacturing, the impact of government shutdowns on small businesses, and the importance of grassroots activism in reclaiming American values. Tune in to hear Williams' passionate call for Patriots to rise up and take action to preserve the republic.Twitter/X: @repdavewilliams | @jennybethmWebsite:
Jenny Beth sits down with Salleigh Grubbs (Cobb County GOP Chair) to talk about a recent rules change that Salleigh was able to get through the county elections board to help safeguard elections.Twitter: @cobbgop @jennybethm
Jenny Beth sits down with an old friend Georgia State Representative Charlice Byrd who also Chairs the State Freedom Caucus in Georgia. Charlice is a staunch conservative who often stands alone for what she believes to be right in the Georgia State Legislature. Tune in to hear some of her experiences, how she has defended President Trump on the state level, and her tips for what it takes to run for office.Twitter/X: @charlice_byrd | @jennybethmWebsite:
Jenny Beth sits down with former White House and Department of Justice Attorney Ken Klukowski to discuss some of the bogus lawsuits that have been brought against former President Donald Trump.
Jenny Beth sits down with policy expert Phil Kerpen to discuss some of the many policy battles they have fought together over the years. Phil is the President of American Commitment and The Committee to Unleash Prosperity.www.committeetounleashprosperity.comwww.americancommitment.comTwitter/X: @kerpen | @jennybethm
Jenny Beth sits down with Roman Buhler who is heading up the 'Keep Nine' initiative to prevent the progressive left from changing the number of justices and packing the Supreme Court.www.keepnine.orgTwitter/X: @RomanBuhler1 | @jennybethm
Jenny Beth sits down with top conservative attorney Cleta Mitchell to talk about election integrity, how patriotic citizens can secure our elections, the threat of noncitizen voting, and how the left focuses on changing the process so the right is forced to play by those rules.http://whoscounting.usTwitter/X: @CletaMitchell | @jennybethm
At the Restoring National Confidence Summit in Las Vegas, Jenny Beth sat down with Hannah Joy who is fighting for freedom in deep blue Washington state.Twitter/X: @RealHannahJoy | @jennybethm
Jenny Beth sits down with old friends and conservative warriors, former Members of Congress Michele Bachmann, Louie Gohmert, and Steve King.
Jenny Beth sits down with former Member of Congress Bob McEwen who is running to be the next National Committeeman to the RNC from Ohio. Bob tells why he is running and gives a history lesson on America and why she can, and must be saved.Twitter/X: @BobMcEwen | @jennybethmWebsite:
Jenny Beth sits down with former Member of Congress, the Honorable Louie Gohmert. They discuss the impact Louie had on The House of Representatives and the process of choosing a new speaker and about what it was like when he was a college exchange student in the communist Soviet Union.Twitter/X: @replouiegohmert | @JennyBethM
Jenny Beth sits down with former Congressman Steve King from Iowa to talk about the history and the early days of the Tea Party movement.Twitter/X: @SteveKingIA | @JennyBethM
Jenny Beth sits down with former Member of Congress, the Honorable Michele Bachmann to discuss the early days of the tea party movement and why it is important to continue the fight for freedom in America.Twitter/X: @MicheleBachmann |
Jenny Beth sits down with Randy Corporon who is the Republican National Committeeman from Colorado. Randy is also an attorney, the host of the radio talk show "Wake Up! With Randy Corporon," and a tea party activist.Twitter/X: @randycorporon | @jennybethmWebsite:
Jenny Beth sits down with Matt Martinez of Turning Point Action at the Restoring National Confidence Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. Matt discusses Turning Point Action's plan to get low propensity Republican voters out to vote in 2024.Twitter/X: @mcmartinezaz | @TPAction_ | @jennybethmWebsite:
Jenny Beth sits down with Chris Chavez while at the Turning Point Action Restoring National Confidence Summit in Las Vegas. Chris heads up the coalitions project for Turning Point Action where they aim to help build relationships in key communities to ultimately chase ballots in the fall. You can learn more at @thatChrisChavez | @TPAction_  | @JennyBethMWebsite:
Jenny Beth sits down with Ben Bergquam at Turning Point Action's Restoring National Confidence Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ben is the founder of Frontline America and an investigative reporter for Real America's Voice. Ben has spent the last decade exposing the crisis on America's southern border.Twitter/X: @BenBergquam | @RealAmVoice | @jennybethmWebsite:
Jenny Beth sits down with Jack Posobiec at Turning Point Action's Restoring National Confidence Summit in Las Vegas, NV. In this episode, Jack talks about his early years in Norristown, PA, how he got involved in politics, and how he used his training in psychological operations in the Navy to catapult his social media presence and his rapid rise in the America First movement.Human Events Daily Podcast: @JackPosobiec | @jennybethm