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Author: Andy McCann

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Farm, Fitness, Finance: Building a Strong Foundation for Life

I believe in building a strong foundation for life through farm-fresh nutrition, functional fitness, and sound financial practices. Join us in creating a healthy and resilient future!

Happy, humble, helpful people that want to be healthy and fit now, as well as in their 90's.I talk about how to live that good life now and later with heavy slant towards fitness, nutrition, mindset and goals. I will even get into raising chickens, raising kids, bitcoin, rental property, entrepreneurialism 

CrossFit Garage (Woodstock GA)

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Protein hack

Protein hack


Carry protein with youpacks of nut butterbeef jerky30 minute window after working out to apply proteinreal food if "unwrapped" will spoilshop on the outside of the edges of the grocery storeLosing is learning
These are technologies you'll want to know something about.  This is my high level look at them through the eyes of an enrapture.Farm, Fitness, Finance: Building a Strong Foundation for LifeI believe in building a strong foundation for life through farm-fresh nutrition, functional fitness, and sound financial practices. Join us in creating a healthy and resilient future!Happy, humble, helpful people that want to be healthy and fit now, as well as in their 90's.I talk about how to live that good life now and later with heavy slant towards fitness, nutrition, mindset and goals. I will even get into raising chickens, raising kids, bitcoin, rental property, entrepreneurialism Podcast with other non YouTube formatted episodes channel with other visually videos (long and short) Lightning NodePubkey03009791220fc72580bb0b9833b68fd487014be25238c782cae92146c875d26da6Find me on LN+ Nostr Pubkeynpub1elc4f7ecllsgskukal7jmcu5zvx724hdpse0swvpmwp56rpw6ywsvr4mvyCrossFit Garage (Woodstock GA) links from episode
Rewind from a while backHabit loopWork on things that are Important and not urgentInterdependenceBegin with the end in mindPut the "first things" firstAbundance mindsetFirst seek to understand then to be understoodCentergySharpen your own saw, learn somethingCreate guiding principles
Grizzly Soft WashBowling at Life collegeGaining and then loosing weightOvercoming bullyingWhy am I eating this wayMom classSpartan racingPressure and soft washingBody in a constant state of survivalTime to buy a house!
No kid wants to listen to their parent and most parents can't help coaching their kid.  Here are some ways to get on the same team effectively. episode (same but visual)Put your information in their form on their website.You become a "lead" and we/they will contact your.Usually there is a mix of automation and human interaction.We are happy, humble, helpful people that want to be healthy and fit now, as well as in our 90'sDo you want classes, open gym, or maybe do your own programming?Make sure you know what you want from a gym, includingcommunity, coaching, mentoring and accountability.No sweat introonRamp / Foundations (5 x 30min 1 on 1 sessions)In Woodstock, GA on 92 across from Black Riffle coffeeWe are happy, humble, helpful people that want to be healthy and fit now and into our 90'sDesire coaching, mentoring, and accountabilityBecome the hero of your own storyConstantly varied functional movements executed at high intensityTrack and measureFix your nutritionFind a gym that matches your personality.No contracts3-7 coaches5-9 classes a day100 members3000 +  sqft
Message for lock down days.Your kids already knows.  You don't have to embarrass him by yelling out mistakes on during the game.What would you say about someone else's kid?Never yell at someone else's kid.Video yourself on the side lineDo the other parents move away from youLet your kid learn to step up and advocate for himself, quit plowing the field for them.Is my kid the best kid on the team?  If you are the only one saying so then its pretty much not true.Losing is learning and a chance to grow.Breath and smile.  Enjoy this time as it will end sooner than you expect.
Summer strength details hereYouTube:PK scoreAdventure Race with dadNotes:8th grader playing club soccer playing the 6 positionLet them ask 'how did I do'Smallest kid on the field, lifting really helpedLoves deadlift and back squatLearn to lift correctlyKnow your paceDon't cheat your repsThis will work for anyone at all levelsHelps in the off season keep your edgeLearn to eatHigh, Low, BuffaloParents on the sidelines - your kid already knows itTell me a storyDon't worry, they are not thinking of youThe 4 F's
CrossFit Garage is in Woodstock GAwww.crossfitgarage.comKopa CrossFit is in Jefferson GAwww.kopacrossfit.comThis story has lots of fun/interesting/odd side tracks :-)Long live the 80'sFriends since 1988 after an aggressive game of street football, we journey quickly through time and find Cam at 51 in difficult life situations.He chooses to fight time and feebleness and take action by listening to his oh so wise buddy and join a local CrossFit gym.   The challenges are real and the rewards are great.
I chat with Levi McCann, my son.  He's been doing crossfit and summer strength since 2015.He's been working on the SWOLE 60 program, refining it to 'perfection'.Of course we tangent all over the place.SWOLE 60 detailsThese videos show gym owner, Andy McCann’s kids demonstrating these lifts: 2019 vs 2017 vs videos of LeviHow to juggleSkiing terrain parkPirate song :-)Talent show bandWrestlingSwole 2022
Jamie Thomas at Black Riffle CoffeeActing / TheaterVoice oversDnDBitCoinLover of new thingsRelief VeterinarianTherapistCoffee will melt your invisilineImprove - I didn't know you were funnyNamesYou're fineMom!!!!Box in a box - beast peopleHire a coach to speed up the processBe the coach not the criticPay your friends for their adviceHi Low BuffaloCurlingBar mathsample demo reel (cursing) come in at 1:48 as Susan from HR on that one 🤣’s me beating someone up I am at :40 as the Pleasure Bot 🤣 :09 an annoying on hold message 9:09 I’m a nice old lady as a silly cartoon love interest as a terrible rendition of Storm
Old live broadcast from 2018.  Still no bread or sugar for me.Get a mentorWeak is strong in the darkShout your storyreset your leptin receptorsthe answer to life, the universe and everything... 42
a conversation with our member Hannah covering a lot of topicsSugarCrossFitMomHomeBibleLoveRental property
Program details here
Giving Freedom & Self Sufficiency a Shot - Episode-3269or on YouTubeI was a guest on The Survival Podcast with Jack SpirkoI've been listening for years and trying what he brings up for self sufficiency etc.This is me saying thanks and encouraging his audience to just try it.We talk about successes and failuresToday long time listener Andy McCann joins us to discuss simply giving the things we talk about all the time on TSPC a shot.  How some will work for your personal lifestyle design and some won’t & how that is okay.  It is the path to finding your personal path.Andy learned early to find fixes as he pursued an engineering degree while struggling with dyslexia. Finding work-arounds for that as well as the engineering mindset has led to becoming a fan of implementing ideas and solutions that make sense. He has been listening to TSP since near the beginning and has tried many of Jack’s suggestions. Some have gone well and others were a bust.He joins us today in his words, “to motivate people toward self sufficiency and liberty, to take action towards living that good life if times get bad or even if they don’t”.Resources for today’s show…Join the Members BrigadeTspAz.comTSPC on DiscordTSPC Group on Telegram (group chat)TSPC Telegram Channel (just messages from me)Jack on FloteJack on MeWeJoin Me on OdyseeAll My Recommend Bitcoin Tools and ResourcesJack’s Nostr Pub Key – npub15879mltlln6k8jy32k6xvagmtqx3zhsndchcey8gjyectwldk88sq5kv0n Sponsors of the DayStart9 Embassy ServersJM BullionJoin the MSB HereRedneck Hippy Duck Farmer T-Shirts at TspSwag.comJB Weld WaterWeld Underwater Epoxy Putty – Item of the Day Andy’s LinksAndy’s Npub on Nostr – npub1elc4f7ecllsgskukal7jmcu5zvx724hdpse0swvpmwp56rpw6ywsvr4mvyCrossFitGarageAndy’s PodcastAndy’s YouTubeAndy on InstaGramFaceBook
Spoiler... It's the one you'll actually do.What's your goal and your sticky why?Write down your goals.What will they say when I'm dead?Follow the Stephen Covey formulaBoot CampPower liftingOlympic LiftingCrossFitGet a coachTest and Measure
Rebecca shares insights from 7 years of CrossFit as well as parenting and when she met the gymnastic dad of Olivia LOL
Road map for getting a skillProgressions, modifications, scalesThe goal is for the member to work through these and find where they are at and know their next stepPull upsprogression options:Kip swing with feet on box2 kip swings + 1 Kip, with feet on box2 kip swings + pull-up, with feet on box2 kip swings + 1 pull-up + 2 kip swings, with feet on boxbox pull-upsstrength options:banded on rig and pvc pull downbarbell on rig rowsbarbell on rig seated pull upsbanded pull up (and crossed)- strict or swing/kipbanded on J hook pull up- strict or swing/kipMuscle upsRing supportStrict ring diplow ring transitionKipping low ring transition, feet close to hipsKipping low ring transition, feet away from hipsKipping ring MUHandstand walkKick up some, no wallKick up to wall, tap, downkick up and holdhold and shift weight on shouldershold and lift hands up a bitToes on a box, bent, hands walk around boxHS walk into the wall a few stepsno wall, kick up with friend supportno wall, walk with friend supportRope climb progressions- lay/sit rope pull climbing to feet- seated box leg wrap- pull up rig hold feet wrap stand- seated box leg wrap stand updipsdb on boxes feet on the floordb on boxes feet on the floorRings jump and holdRings jump and slowly descendswamp matador as needed
Vivian M - Keep moving

Vivian M - Keep moving


She's a crossfiter and coach and a McCann  :-)Vivian shares her thoughts on CF and the OPEN and motivationHer protein
I've been on this no sugar road for a 9ish years.  Here's what I've learned so far....Sweetener comes in many names/forms has shown that when an individual eats sugar, the brain produces huge surges of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, which is similar to the effects of drugs like heroin and links the addictive properties of sugar to those of cocaineThere are five types of taste buds on the tongue: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami.If it has a drive through don't eat thereshop on the edges of the grocery storeDon't drink sugarCan't vs Don'tHave snacks ready to goLog your journey / cravingsAccountability / Teach someone elseConsuming too much added sugar can have many negative health effects, such as cognitive decline, gout risk, harm your kidneys and cause cavities.Cancer feeds on sugarMy every day breakfast smoothie video's Peanut butter packs Mini Beef Sticks in 100 words
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