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Professional Learnings for Educational Leaders is an initiative to support and inform NSWPPA members of the NSWPPA Professional Learning suite offerings.

Our Professional Learning Suite is aligned to our values of Principal Well Being, Principals as Lead Learners as well as supporting Principals to lead School Operations.
Our values are wrapped around support, empower, advovate and lead.

The New South Wales Primary Principals’ Association is committed to supporting and empowering principals to effectively lead and manage school communities from a diverse range of contexts. The Association responds to and supports school leaders as they address different challenges in rural, remote and metropolitan schools. Further information about our Professional Learning can be found at:

7 Episodes
Looking to fortify your school's online safety protocols? Look no further, as we have Yasmin London, the dynamic Director of YSAFE by LineWise, enlightening us with practical tools and tips for the complex world of cyber safety. With a powerful fusion of her personal experiences and professional expertise, Yasmin shares her passion for principal wellbeing, support, empowerment, advocating, and leading. She provides a tour-de-force presentation on how YSAFE has made a substantial impact on over a million students, 400,000 parents, 150,000 staff, and 700 schools across Australia.In this captivating episode, we also delve into the indispensable role of technology in today's educational environment. Yasmin stresses on the significance of harnessing the power of technology to connect with young people, and the pivotal role of a whole-school approach to online safety education. She shares the commendable work of YSAFE in empowering school leaders in this sphere, focusing on their innovative initiatives and partnerships, including the Digital Experts Academy and an upcoming online safety management course for principals. Notably, we also take a peek into the NSW Primary Principles Association's Professional Learning Suite and their virtual principal presentations. So, grab your headphones, tune in and equip yourself with essential knowledge on cyber safety to empower your students in this digital age.Ysafe Webinar Matters Webinar Series can be booked at: view our Professional Learning Offerings visit:
Are you ready to revolutionize your school leadership skills? Join us as esteemed educational expert Dr. Lynn Sharrett shares her insights on the Clarity Learning Suite, an innovative platform for professional learning designed to support and empower New South Wales school leaders. In this engaging conversation, we discuss Dr. Sharrett's 14 parameters of school improvement, the alignment of these parameters with the school excellence framework, and the importance of principal wellbeing, principals as lead learners, and principals leading school operations.Dive deeper into the practical and hands-on format of the Clarity Learning Suite, created by Dr. Sharrett and her team, as we explore its evidence-proven, collaborative, and accessible approach to professional development. Learn about the suite's range of resources, including videos, e-notes, and the Learning Leader Notes, as well as webinars and zoom calls for questions and answers. Discover how this powerful platform supports the New South Wales PPA and the school excellence framework while being informed by the research of John Hattie and Dr. Alma Harris. Don't miss this opportunity to expand your educational leadership toolkit with the Clarity Learning Suite.To view our Professional Learning Offerings visit:
Ever wondered how trust can transform your school community and elevate your leadership? Join me in an insightful conversation with recently retired principal Terry Fisher, as we unpack the crucial role of trust in today's fast-paced environment and explore the two-day Speed of Trust course facilitated by Terry for the NSW Primary Principals Association. Discover how this program can help foster and restore trust in relationships, organizations, markets, and society while benefiting not only principals, but also School Administrative Managers and other school executives.In this episode, we also delve into the Professional Learnings for Educational Leaders initiative of the New South Wales Primary Principals Association (PPA). Learn how the PPA is dedicated to supporting and empowering principals in rural, remote, and metropolitan schools, and how the values of the PPA Professional Learning Suite can make a significant impact on your school community. Don't miss out on this enlightening discussion with Terry Fisher about the power of trust and the valuable resources available to help educational leaders thrive.To view our Professional Learning Offerings visit:
Sue Orlovich is currently a researcher and tutor at The University of Sydney, with a focus on the field of teacher practice and pedagogy. With over thirty years of experience as a teacher and principal in diverse schools across Sydney, she brings practical knowledge and lived experience to her research. Currently pursuing her PhD in teacher professional learning in the 4Cs, Sue is seeking to better understand how the practices enacted in school settings lead to transformed teacher practice and improved student learning.In addition to her research endeavours, Sue is also a qualified professional supervisor, holding a Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision. Through her work as a supervisor, she guides colleagues in engaging in reflective practice, creating a supportive space for them to analyse complex situations, explore their emotional responses, and tap into their own experiences. Sue recognises the value of personal experience and its influence on professional practice, helping practitioners develop a deeper awareness of how their experiences shape their work.Sue's passion for supervision and reflective practice stems from her genuine interest in the learning and well-being practices of teachers and leaders within educational settings. She is excited about the potential for further developing and implementing reflective practices in schools, ultimately fostering growth and enhancing the professional learning of leaders within the education community.Are you ready to transform your approach to professional learning and leadership in education? Join us in an insightful conversation with Sue Olavich, former primary school principal and current PhD student at the University of Sydney, as we explore the power of reflective practice and how it can revolutionize the way educators tackle complex challenges.Dive into the world of reflective practice and discover how it differs from coaching while providing a safe space for professional conversations. Learn about the New South Wales PPA's Professional Learnings for Educational Leaders initiative and how it supports principals in leading diverse school communities. With Sue's expert guidance, gain a deeper understanding of the importance of principal well-being, lead learning, and school operations, and how these values are integral to providing support, empowerment, advocacy, and leadership for educators. Don't miss this invaluable opportunity to elevate your professional learning and leadership skills in the world of education.Reflective Practice : Scholarship Opportunity for NSWPPA Members to participate in Reflective Practice.Visit: to for further information. (Pages:41-45)To view our Professional Learning Offerings visit:
In this episode, we talk with Michael Hawton about Tough Conversations™ for School Leaders course that an exclusive for the NSWPPA being held at the Head Office in Ultimo. Date: Monday 26 June 2023 | between  8.30am - 4.00pm.Bookings Directly at: information is below. is a one-day Professional Learning for School Principals and Executive Teams.COST: $299 (+GST) per person - includes lunchLESSON FRAMEWORKWhy people overreact.zSelf-control factors in adults and young people.How ‘frustration tolerance’ develops in people.What to tolerate: sorting out what to let go and what needs your attention.What people will do if you challenge them.A step-by-step process to address a problem.How to tame tigers: effectively dealing with offensive behavior.A video demonstration of the concepts applied to a tough conversation between a parent and a principal.EXPECTED LEARNING OUTCOMESImproved knowledge of how to negotiate a solution to a problem using a scripted mediation process.Better understanding of how to be less affected by someone becoming frustrated and how to manage their emotional distress.Strategies to progress the conversation towards a pre-planned outcome.Practical demonstrations of principals and school leaders managing difficult parent and staff behaviour, including what to do and what to say to achieve better outcomes.Readings and literature for follow-up research.VENUE DETAILSNSWPPA Head Office22 -26 Mountain StreetSuite 105, 22-36Ultimo,NSW, 2007Paid car parking is available at Broadway Shopping Centre.To view our Professional Learning Offerings visit:
Michael Hawton is a registered Australian psychologist, trained teacher, author of Anxiety Coach™, Talk Less Listen More™ and Engaging Adolescents™, international speaker, media commentator, and a father of two. With 30 years’ experience working with children and families including in his private practice, working with the United Nations in Seychelles, and preparing child welfare reports for the Family Court, Michael is one of Australia’s foremost experts in tough conversations, managing child anxiety, managing teen anxiety, managing difficult behaviours in children, adolescents, and adults. Featuring regularly as a panel guest advisor on shows such as Today, Sunrise and more, Michael teaches teachers, family workers, early years educators, and parents based the latest research in behavioural science, covering a range of topics such as positive cultural change in schools, how to have tough conversations in the workplace, improving self-regulation in children, reducing anxiety in children, managing tricky adolescent behaviours, and tackling family of origin issues in child protection. Michael was recently engaged by The Australian Primary Principals Association to develop a survey, utilised nationally by Government, Independant and Catholic Schools to gain insight into childhood anxiety. The resulting report - The Impact of Childhood Anxiety on Primary Schooling has been published on the association's website. Michael’s training programs have equiped over +12,500 professionals and teachers and +110,000 parents across Australia, NZ, UK, and the United States since 2006 through 1-2-3 Magic® and Emotion Coaching, Engaging Adolescents™ and Tough Conversations™To find out about this exclusive offering for NSW Public Schools visit: view our Professional Learning Offerings visit:
Measuring what we value Masterclass – Cohort 3 with  Professor Jim Tognolini – CEMA, Sydney UniversityMeasuring what we value Masterclass is NSWPPA signature program: designed by school leaders with school leaders in mind.This is a practical, skill-based and experiential program designed to draw on powerful research and evidence.In this podcast we unpack the work of our Facilitator Professor Jim Tognolini and how this work is so relevant in the school context for school leaders , including executive and teachers.Jim unpacks parts of the course that is an exclusive for NSW PPA members.This program supports school leaders to:·build knowledge and skills in assessment and data literacy;·foster confidence to measure what we value, beyond external assessment protocols; and ·enhance school leader capacity to develop and apply assessment strategies that reflect research and enable effective evidence-informed decision-making.To Book directly: To view our Professional Learning Offerings visit:
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