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Author: Alex Denne, Rafie Faruq and Alex Papadopoulos Korfiatis

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We discuss how people are using AI daily, including as an ML Research Scientist, Founder and Growth Marketer at Genie AI, as well as in our personal lives.

We (Alex Papadopoulos Korfiatis, Rafie Faruq, Nitish Mutha, Tom Wright and Alex Denne) discuss the new tools released by artificial intelligence companies like Open AI, Anthropic, Meta, xAI, Nvidia, Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, Google, Apple, chatgpt, voice, chatbots, dall-e, gpt-4, midjourney, c3, ai tools, LLMs, transformer models, NLG, AGI, and Deepmind.

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The role and impact of AI in product management and design with Rafie Faruq, CEO and Product Manager, and Nitish Mutha, CTO and Product Designer. Watch Using AI on the Genie AI YouTube channel (and see our AI-generated background images each week, and any screen shares of tools we tried): We discuss: AI in Product Management, Influence of AI on design, Knowledge based jobs, Automation of low-value work, AI in discovery phase, AI in design brainstorming, Exploration with AI, Avoidance of personal bias with AI, AI in Graphic design, AI in User Research, tagging user interviews with AI, AI in graphics creation, AI for UI wireframes, AI tools for low level tasks, AI for quick templating and filling content, AI in image/video editing, Genie AI Links: - Galileo AI - - Canva’s AI features - Links to follow guests / the show / Genie - Rafie on Linkedin - - Nitish on Linkedin - - Alex D on Linkedin - - Alex P on Linkedin - Contact the show: Genie AI on Linkedin - Genie AI on Twitter - Sign up for a free Genie account here: Genie AI Careers Page (We are hiring AI roles) - --- Send in a voice message:
Rafie is back! In this episode, we delve into Multilingual AI and AI-enabled translation services, machine learning translation techniques, and we discuss and compare translation tools such as Google AutoML, GPT-4, Marian NMT, DeepL, Welocalize, Llama 2, Mistral and BLOOM Furthermore, we discuss the potential and impact of multilingual AI for global startups (the andreesen horowitz view is that the company of the future is 'default global'). 06:00 - Machine Translation vs LLMs 16:10 - Where GPT-4 and LLMs perform badly 29:10 - Mistral Model Weights Leak We discuss: Multilingual AI, Machine Translation, Parallel Data, Marian NMT, DeepL, Welocalize, WMT, GPT-4, Translating Prompts, Multilingual Utterances, Localization, Prompt Pipelines, GPT-5, Bloom, Parameters, Mistral, LLMs, MT Engines, Token use Links: - - - - - - - - - - - - We mentioned as a possible example the idea of translating vs locally-generating a French employment contract in France. This was in relation to our AI legaltech startup **Watch Using AI on YouTube (and see our daft AI-generated background images)**: **Share the show with friends and family using the all-platforms show link here:** Please follow the show, and leave us a review when you get a chance! Thanks, Alex, Alex and Rafie --- Send in a voice message:
Two more notable mentions in our AI market leaders series: Perplexity makes a name for itself by aggregating famous models from major entities like Google, Mistral, Anthropic, and OpenAI, posing a new alternative to giants like ChatGPT and Google search. NVIDIA's Nemo is a model-building toolkit that allows on-premise AI deployment and is hidden behind an NDA while in early access. We discuss: Perplexity, Rabbit R1, NVIDIA's Nemo, Artificial Intelligence, Large Language Models, Chatbots, Google Search, E-commerce, Machine Learning, AI Hardware, On-premise Deployment, Open AI, ChatGPT Links: - TechTarget News on Perplexity's Funding - Perplexity's Official Website - NVIDIA's Nemo Developer Page - 75 Nemo Models on Hugging Face Model Hub **Watch Using AI on YouTube (and see our daft AI-generated background images)**: --- Send in a voice message:
Two startups have boldly stepped into the ring with OpenAI - Cohere and Mistral. We delve into Cohere's enterprise-focused approach, backed by a rumoured $1bn funding round, and Mistral's pioneering efforts with open-source models. We also look at the broader landscape, pondering the all-important question: can these startups truly contend with market leaders in the AI space? We discuss: Cohere, Mistral, Transformer Architecture, Chatbots, Enterprise AI, Open-Source Models, OpenAI competition, The Bitter Lesson, Richard Sutton, Links: - Cohere's rumoured $1bn funding round: - Cohere's CEO is the co-author of foundational paper "Attention Is All You Need": - Cohere's official website: - Mistral's official website: - Mistral's models on Hugging Face: **Watch Using AI on YouTube (and see our daft AI-generated background images)**: --- Send in a voice message:
We discuss: AI Tool, HuggingChat, AI startup valuations, Open Source Machine Learning, Transformers Library, LLM Repository, Model Library, Git, Github, Model Hub, Llama 2, Launching AI models, business moat, deploying AI models, AI in the cloud, AI model leaderboards, Image classification, language models, sentiment analysis, ai music, nocode AI, low-code AI, model space, AI community, AI ecosystem, ML Ops, Emergent capabilities, generalist models, specialist models, GPT-3.5, GPT-4, ChatGPT, AI Exploration Links: - Competitors showing increased enquiries following the leadership Farce at Open AI with Sam Altman API Token issues Interesting Hacker News post on hugging face (with ex-HF workers weighing in on strategy): Reddit post: Does Hugging Face do too many things?: transformers library: Model hub: BLOOM model: BigScience group: In this episode of Using AI, we delve into the capabilities and offerings of Hugging Face, the leading AI repository often likened to GitHub for AI enthusiasts. Hosting over 250,000 datasets and 500,000 AI models, Hugging Face has revolutionised the AI world with its open-source initiatives. Watch Using AI on YouTube (and see our daft AI-generated background images): --- Send in a voice message:
On this episode: Llama, AI models, Weights Leakage, Comparison, Usage, Meta vs Open AI, Data management by Meta, Open Source AI, AI research groups, Instruction, fine-tuning, RLHF, Hosting Llama, AWS Bedrock, Azure AI Models, local finetuning, and guardrails, ChatGPT, GPT-4, GPT-3, GPT-3.5 Watch Using AI on YouTube (and see our daft AI-generated background images): Links: Llama Access Form ( ⁠⁠ Llama 2 on Hugging face: ⁠⁠ Llama 2 7B Chat on Hugging Face ⁠⁠ Meta uses copyright ignored books on AI training: ⁠⁠ Meta and IBM's Open Source AI partnership and it's lack of inclusion of OpenAI, Google, Microsoft: ⁠⁠ Yann LeCun's social media attack on OpenAI, Google, Microsoft etc.: ⁠⁠ Model Weights Leakage: ⁠⁠ “We have no moat” - Google AI researcher: ⁠⁠ Restrictions on using Llama: ⁠⁠ Welcome to another episode of Using AI. I'm your usual host, Alex Denne, and today, I'm accompanied by Alex Pap and Nitish Mutha (Founder of Legaltech Genie AI). We start by introducing Llama and discuss its weights leaking incident. We also elaborate how Llama compares to other AI models and explain how to use it. The conversation takes a turn towards the Meta vs Open AI dispute, shedding light on their differences and impact in this space. We also discuss Meta's data management and how it can actually come up trumps on both privacy strategy here, and non-copyrighted multi-lingual training data. --- Send in a voice message:
Google vs OpenAI

Google vs OpenAI


We don't delve too deep into the already covered demo-gate scandal, don't worry! This episode features insights from Senior ML Research Scientist Alex Pap and AI Startup Founder and CTO Nitish Mutha. We discuss: Google vs OpenAI for the long-term. GPT4 Vision, GPT5, Multimodal AI, Gemini Ultra, Gemini Pro, Gemini Nano, OpenAI Whisper, DALL·E 3, Chain of thought, Google, OpenAI, Bard, AI technology, Machine Learning Welcome to Episode 17: and the 3rd episode in our AI Market Leaders mini-series - focusing on Google vs OpenAI. This episode dives into all the details of the release in Gemini’s Ultra, Pro, and Nano (and how that affects Alphacode2, and Bard). We also delve into multi-modal technology and its promise for the future. Watch This Episode of Using AI on youtube⁠⁠⁠⁠ Topics Discussed: GPT4 Vision, GPT5, Multimodal AI Gemini’s announcements and releases Google’s catch up play with OpenAI (and a little bit about what they did wrong!) Additional Resources: Gemini Technical Report in full (PDF): Reddit post: Testing the Gemini demo video screenshots with GPT-4: GPT4 + Gemini Pro for coding: AI Explained’s breakdown on Youtube: GPT4 comparison controversy Alex D's Midjourney background (Godzilla walking through a town in the style of 'The Starry Night Painting by Vincent van Gogh: Running an LLM on your Pixel 8 Pro: Deep dive into AlphaCode 2 on TechCrunch: ⁠⁠ --- Send in a voice message:
OpenAI vs Anthropic

OpenAI vs Anthropic


Alex and Alex discuss the use cases for OpenAI tools such as GPT-4, compared to Anthropic's Claude 2. We also offer some sneaky insights on Anthropic and their roadmap. Topics discussed: AI Startup Competition, Anthropic reportedly working on 1 million context window, ensemble LLMs, cohere, london, san francisco, Dario Amodei, Hallucination, Refusing to answer, API Tooling, Claude 1, Claude 2, Sam Altman Kebab challenge images on reddit: Using AI on youtube - see what Alex Pap was laughing so hard at at the start of this episode Links: Claude 2.1: 200K context, 2x decrease in hallucination rates, API Tool use, system prompts, cheaper prices: Anthropic will use AWS, Amazon to invest $4B Google to invest $2B --- Send in a voice message:
It's been a year since ChatGPT was released (yeah, feels longer than that doesn't it?). We’re going to look through it’s achievements, and then run a few episodes taking a closer look at the competition hot on OpenAI's heels So this will be the first in a short 5-part mini series where we’re talking about the alternatives to Open AI - given the Fiasco which has dominated headlines for the past 3 weeks - details of which are still emerging. Some stats on ChatGPT from the past 12 months ChatGPT was an overnight success, attracting one million users in the first five days of its launch, according to Sam Altman. Today, the chatbot has more than 100 million users. OpenAI’s website is visited more than 1.5 billion times every month, according to SimilarWeb data as of September. Nearly half of Americans have heard about ChatGPT, according to a recent poll by YouGov. In February 2023, OpenAI released ChatGPT Plus at $20 per month. Plus users can access GPT-4, while the free version of ChatGPT is powered by GPT-3.5. OpenAI is valued by private investors at up to $90 billion. That’s nearly 35 times what the company was worth two years ago. OpenAI’s headcount has more than doubled since launching ChatGPT. Currently it employs about 770. Using AI on youtube - see what Alex Pap was laughing so hard at at the start of this episode Topics discussed: GPT store, Sam Altman, Dario Amodei, Anthropic, Elon Musk, Greg Brockman, Darth Vader, Fired by the board, Open AI CEO Links: timeline of the Open AI Fiasco Open AI board tried to hire Anthropic CEO --- Send in a voice message:
We discuss: AI Coding Tools, Code-Interpreter, Python, Regex, Network errors, Machine Learning, ChatGPT4, HTML Parsing, Github Copilot vs GPT-4 In this episode, we delve into a fascinating experiment where I, Alex Denne, under the watchful guidance of ML Research Scientist Alex Pap, try to get AI to writing some regex that can be run locally on my machine using python, on millions of documents. The goal? To extract matching text from millions of HTML files. It all inadvertently unfolds into an intriguing journey of trial and error. For the no-code listeners, this episode offers first-hand insights into the application and limitations of AI coding tools and code interpreters (and why, for now, you probably still need technical help like Alex D did!) At the outset, we were greeted by a seemingly promising result - a neat CSV file with the right column names but no entries as the AI successfully claimed to extract definitions only to produce an empty result. In an attempt to further probe, the AI was prompted to read the first 100 characters for potential matches. Alas! In lieu of any found matches, it concluded the document must be lengthy and gracefully tapped out. In addition, we had to deal with several network errors that may be attributed to the reported DDoS attacks on OpenAI. After multiple hits and misses, we decided to start afresh with a new approach. We didn't exactly strike gold, but we learned a lot. Through this episode, we touch upon topics like ChatGPT4 and the wonderful feature of 'dragging and dropping' files into GPT-4 Turbo. Watch USING AI on youtube: --- Send in a voice message:
Mr. Altman’s departure follows a deliberative review process by the board, which concluded that he was not consistently candid in his communications with the board, hindering its ability to exercise its responsibilities. The board no longer has confidence in his ability to continue leading OpenAI. In a statement, the board of directors said: “OpenAI was deliberately structured to advance our mission: to ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all humanity. The board remains fully committed to serving this mission. We are grateful for Sam’s many contributions to the founding and growth of OpenAI. At the same time, we believe new leadership is necessary as we move forward. As the leader of the company’s research, product, and safety functions, Mira is exceptionally qualified to step into the role of interim CEO. We have the utmost confidence in her ability to lead OpenAI during this transition period.” Sam Altman Tweet: i loved my time at openai. it was transformative for me personally, and hopefully the world a little bit. most of all i loved working with such talented people. will have more to say about what’s next later. 🫡 --- Send in a voice message:
We discuss: Microsoft, Microsoft Copilot, Copilot for Azure, AI technologies, Microsoft Ignite 2023, CRM Assistants, CRM integrations, Generative AI for Enterprises, GPT Store, Open AI, Word Add-Ons, Excel, Dynamics 365, Copilot Studio, Satya Nadella, Sam Altman, Notion AI, Notion's New Q&A feature, What Powers Notion AI (Spoiler: It's GPT-4). No Rafie today - but we press on. In this episode, we discuss the new offerings from Microsoft concerning its Copilot series, which uses generative AI technologies. During the Microsoft Ignite 2023 conference, the company introduced the Copilot for Azure, Copilot for Service, and Copilot in Dynamics 365 Guides. We also discuss the launch of Copilot Studio, a platform that offers tools to connect Copilot to third-party data. The Copilot for Azure, similar to Google's recently announced Duet AI in Google Cloud, takes the form of a chat-driven assistant for cloud customers, helping with configuration suggestions and troubleshooting potential issues. Copilot for Service integrates with CRM software for customer service use cases, while the Copilot in Dynamics 365 Guides is designed to summarize useful information for frontline workers in a variety of industries. We also discuss the new update from Notion, a note-taking app enhanced with AI. Its new 2.35 update introduces a new feature called Q&A, which is currently in beta testing. This feature responds to your notes in the form of answers, making it easier to manage tasks, timelines, and priorities. (Or does it?) News links --- Send in a voice message:
We discuss: OpenAI's Dev Day, 128k tokens, Claude, model distillation, ensemble models, GPT4, inference, attention mechanism, tokenizer, fine tuning, retrieval, code interpreter, JSON validator, GPT store, App store, GPT-4 Vision, ChatGPT-4 Turbo, input tokens, output tokens, prompts, context window, context side, This is the first episode of Using AI Series 2! I’m Alex Denne, joined once more by ML Research Scientist Alex Pap and AI Startup Founder Nitish Mutha. We are only a few weeks ago from the anniversary of ChatGPT being released, and OpenAI have just hosted their Dev Day, with some big announcements. We’ve been busy too - attending events in the run up to the UK’s AI Safety Summit. News links and info GPT-4 Turbo is 3x cheaper for input tokens and 2x cheaper for output compared to GPT-4 GPT-4 Turbo offers a 128,000-token context window (equivalent to a 190 page word document) — surpassing Anthropic’s Claude 2 GPT-4 Turbo, GPT-4 Vision, DALL-E 3 & TTS api access + JSON Validation New Whisper large-v3 model Open AIs “Copyright Shield” Watch USING AI on youtube ⁠⁠ --- Send in a voice message:
This is the last episode of Using AI Series 1! The Business of Law usually tops the list of industries to be disrupted by ML and AI innovation. Let’s get into it. I’m Alex Denne, joined once more by ML Research Scientist Alex and AI Startup Founder Rafie Faruq. Tell us what you want us to cover in the next series of episodes on Using AI. On Linkedin: On Twitter: Watch USING AI on youtube (and see our AI background images) News links OpenAI plans App Store for AI models - China’s Underground Market for Nvidia’s A100 AI Chips - Softbank moves into Offence mode over AI hype - Rafie attends the AI + Ethics Event at The House of Lords - - Theme links Covering areas such as Legal Transactions, Disputes, Negotiation, Litigation. Example companies in this space: ThoughtRiver, Lexico, LawGeex, LexisNexis, Donna, SpellBook, Ironclad, Zegal, Harvey, Clausebase, DoNotPay, Genie AI Contract drafting (because of personalisation vs templates and time and cost vs law firms) - UK - - Legal Practice Lead at iManage UK - Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP - Document Review - How good is GPT-4 at marking up contracts? - Negotiation Nobody is doing this yet What our Legal Assistant does - and when it’ll be released Check that out at or by simply signing up to our app - Crazy things from this week Coloring books, stickers, mugs, and T-shirts are being pumped out by AI-assisted hustlers. AI has made it easier than ever to generate artwork, but that’s also led to a proliferation of AI-generated products on Etsy - Grammy’s will allow AI-use - Wimbledon to introduce AI-powered commentary to coverage this year - Google warned its own employees not to enter confidential information into chatbots, including its own Bard. This restriction includes entering computer code - Topics touched on Copyright, the law, legal interns, legal assistants, lawyer, law firm, M&A, disputes, litigtation, paralegals, Anthropic, Claude, GPT-4, 32K tokens, 100k token limit, text generation, heuristics, citibank, citi, Microsoft Word Integrations, API calls, NDAs, License agreements, Supervised vs Unsupervised learning, in-house lawyers, OpenAI, Softbank, Venture Capital, Investment, AI Hype That’s it for this season! As mentioned - Tell us what you want us to cover in the next series of episodes on Using AI. On Linkedin: ⁠⁠ On Twitter: ⁠⁠ --- Send in a voice message:
Will AI politicians and AI political parties be a thing? Plus - AI church services in Germany, a 4-week-old startup raises $113m, the UK Gov <3 Deepmind, Yann LeCun (Godfather #3) tries to allay AI fears, OpenAI releases large API updates Your host is AI geek Alex Denne, joined by ML Research scientist Alex and AI Founder Rafie Faruq. Watch USING AI on youtube (and see our AI background images) News links Meta scientist Yann LeCun says AI won't destroy jobs forever - OpenAI, DeepMind will open up models to UK government - Function calling and other API updates - Note: the Context length for GPT-3.5 turbo has been increased Theme links One in four Europeans favor Artificial Intelligence making policy decisions over politicians, according to IE University report - AI Politician in New Zealand AI Politician by Yandex in Russia Crazy things from this week A final beatles song - Topics we touched on How large foundation models are trained and how it works, patients, doctors, transcriptions, handwriting, training data, reddit API changes, Twitter API changes, wealth tax, code interpreter,, Anthropic, Putin, New Zealand, Virtual Politicians, Rishi Sunak, #LondonTechWeek, political prompts, budget surplus, budget deficits, policy writing, policy creation, civil service, NHS, ChatGPT Stay tuned for our next episode on - AI in the legal industry --- Send in a voice message:
Can anyone code if they are pair programming with AI? Are these tools accurate and helpful? (Jump to 18 mins in). Join ML & Python Engineer Tom Wright, AI Startup Founder Rafie Faruq and Host Alex Denne for a discussion covering the AI news from the week, AI software development assistants and the results of the largest Turing Test ever. Watch USING AI on youtube (and see our AI-generated background images) News links TIME: The End of Humanity 😱 🤨 - The Times: Matt Clifford “AI systems ‘could kill many humans’ within two years” - Bloomberg: 3,900 job cuts in May because of “AI” Report: JPMorgan advertised 4000 AI related jobs in the last 3 months alone - Japan Government: Copyright does not apply to AI training - Theme discussion and links (from the 18min mark) AI Pair Programming with Github Copilot Deepmind discover 70% faster short-sorts and 1.7% faster for lists of 250k+ - Crazy things this week Largest Turing Test to date results are out - only 68% of people guessed correctly when asked to determine whether they talked to a fellow human or an AI bot Via the Human or not game - Nvidia “Neuralangelo” reconstructs 3d scenes from a smartphone video recording - Youtube: AI Explained - ChatGPT Code Interpreter Data Analysis and Visualisation use cases. Topics touched on Unit testing, Code comments, SQL, Python, Regex, User stories, D3.js, Hans Rosling, Copilot, Codex, GPT 3.5 Turbo, Code generation, Vector diagrams, ChatGPT Plugins, Textual representation, Product management, Generative AI, Behaviour Scenarios, Tests, Acceptance Criteria, Fine tuning, IDEs, Documentation, Utility functions, Task decomposition, VSCode, API, Debugging, coding, software development, the last mile, mathematical proofs, Wolfram Alpha, AI Pair programming Stay tuned for our next episode on - AI political parties Next week - AI Political Parties --- Send in a voice message:
Let’s get cosy with our AI companions + news from this week. Join real human companions Alex Papadopoulos Korfiatis (ML Research Scientist), Rafie Faruq (AI Startup Founder) and your host Alex Denne. Yikes! Over an hour - we had a lot to talk about this week eh? Watch this episode on youtube (and see our AI background images) News links PEW Research ChatGPT usage study - 14% of US adults have used it (Sample of 10k) NVIDIA hits $1trn market cap and NVIDIA’s Computex keynote - Another Statement on AI Risk: “Mitigating the risk of extinction from AI should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and nuclear war.” Report released by the congressional research service on generative artificial intelligence and data - primer PDF - Another of the 3 godfathers of AI have come out with deep regrets - Yoshua Bengio. (The other two are Geoffrey Hinton (also expressed regrets), and Yann LeCun (just interested in improving AI accuracy at the moment) - Theme links - Raised at a valuation of $1bn pre-revenue, user-created characters from elon musk himself, to abusive father figures, socrates and virtual girlfriends. Subreddit has 120k users, very impressive traction. - the classic ai companion app. I highly recommend people just browse the top posts there - I actually cried with laughter. As of February 2023, filters were put in place to prevent explicit conversations of an adult nature. Users who joined prior to that date can roll back to an earlier version of Replika that will still allow it. Here’s why Italy SA clamped down due to too many risks to children and emotionally vulnerable individuals Chai research - 4 billion messages served - Crazy things from this week US lawyer admits using AI for case research - Moodpen - - get clarity from your mood / journaling with AI + actionable steps Topics we touched on personal ai companion, roleplay ai chatbots, talking to AI, ai companionship, nvidia, chai, ChatGPT, replika,, deepmind, virtual companions, virtual friends, virtual characters, Friedrich Nietzsche, Plato, Music Recommendations, Ted Lasso, Mae Stay tuned for our next episode on - AI and Coding --- Send in a voice message:
⁠MedPaLM 2 outperforms human doctors in 86.5% of cases⁠ ⁠Meta AI’s 1.2m Token model Megabyte⁠ Meta’s ⁠LIMA⁠: Less Is More for Alignment Photoshop & ⁠Adobe Firefly gets even better⁠ Crazy things ⁠Job interview real-time live transcription and responses⁠ ⁠Drag GAN - Modifying images by dragging certain points⁠ Prompt tips - Knowing how the model was trained to choose your prompt engineering style (e.g. if it was trained on Q&As, then format your prompt with a Q&A). - Give the model many examples of what you expect (e.g. if you want your answer in a certain style) - Specificity vs generality. The more specific you are, the better the answer you’ll get. - Always remember that the (transformer) model is predicting the next most probably sequence of tokens or words, whenever you are creating a prompt. Links to other companies / models / startups mentioned Dall E 2 Stable diffusion Clearword meeting notes summariser Bard Bing Tactiq Mentions: Model conditioning, Tokens, Prompt Engineering, Model Training, Sequence2Sequence, RLHF, model weights, hyper parameters, supervised learning, unsupervised learning, annotated data, caselaw, finetuning, model selection, LLMs, Google, Rainbow Corn, Generative AI, Emergent capabilities Book: ⁠⁠Michio Kaku: Physics of the future⁠⁠ (misquoted as Science of the future) --- Send in a voice message:
The implications of Sam Altman's testimony plus prompt hacking / prompt engineering tips. EU AI Act, Open Source OpenAI Models and much more. Links Watch this on Youtube AI News this week Sam Altman’s abridged testimony (Twitter): Senate sub-comittee hearing in full: Sam Altman Testimony on TikTok Genie AI Linkedin Mentions: Sparks of AGI Microsoft Paper OpenAI open source model EU AI Act Crazy things this week - Effortless meal planning with AI-generated recipes Elon saying OpenAI wouldn’t exist without him. Discussion Points AI generated opening statement by Richard Blumenthal Sam Altman (OpenAI), Gary Marcus (Uber,, Christina Montgomery (IBM) Senate is aware they don’t understand this enough to legislate on it OpenAI is making significant efforts towards safety OpenAI advocates for a committee to regulate AI development for large companies Election fraud seems to be a major concern for OpenAI New, better jobs will be created according to OpenAI Prompt hacking tips Be succint and specific! Prime the language model by providing a persona for it. Asking the model to think through its response step-by-step “Let’s think step-by-step” Providing clear context: Offer concise background information for guidance. Use Cases: Definition explanations, historical event summaries, concept descriptions. Specifying the output format: Indicate desired answer structure explicitly. Use Cases: Generating lists, step-by-step instructions, summarizing long texts. Using explicit instructions: Request specific detail or critical thinking. Use Cases: Debating pros and cons, analyzing biases, evaluating arguments. Redundancy and rephrasing: Reinforce information by reiterating questions. Use Cases: Clarifying ambiguous topics, extracting specific details, verifying facts. Temperature and token settings: Adjust randomness and output length. Use Cases: Creative writing, focused summaries, generating multiple response variations. Iterative refinement: Refine prompts based on previous responses. Use Cases: Troubleshooting, problem-solving, narrowing down complex topics. Prompt engineering: Craft effective prompts using templates or examples. Use Cases: Analogies, translating complex topics into simple explanations, generating structured responses. Advanced techniques like asking the language model to think step by step Shout out to DeepLearning.AI’s free prompt engineering course: Links to us on other podcast platforms Spotify - Podcasts - Podcasts - Music - - - Casts - Public - - - --- Send in a voice message:
News from the week PaLM2 - better at reasoning, maths, and logic, and in many cases, and does better than OpenAI’s GPT-4. PaLM2 PDF technical report Apps mentioned - Generation of the entire presentation - AI throughout all the tools Entrepreneur First (EF) - Crazy Things Palantir showcases “AIP” platform using LLMs in military situations 😬 ( Guardian article calling LLMs the largest heist in human history The Scientist and the A.I.-Assisted, Remote-Control Killing Machine (NY Times) Books mentioned Innovator’s Dilemma -'s_Dilemma New Silk Roads - Groups of key words people use to actively look for AI tools with Images / Photo / Drawings / Video / Portrait / Design / Concepts Text / Copy / Writing Analytics / Detection / Voice / Vision / Recognition / Diagnosis / Patterns / Prediction / Optimization Industries: Coding / HR / Marketing / Design / Robotics Personalisation Mentions MedPalm2 The UK’s ICO, GDPR and Automated Decision Making ( --- Send in a voice message:
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