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The Business Owner's Guide to MONEY
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The Business Owner's Guide to MONEY

Author: Ryan P. Urban

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"The Business Owner's Guide to MONEY" is at the intersection of a business owner's business finances and personal finances, explaining and clarifying the various financial challenges that the typical business owner faces: From minimizing taxes to offering workplace retirement plans, from finding funding to planning for retirement.Join author Ryan P. Urban for lively interviews with business experts, and visit for more about us.

34 Episodes
Business Owners face legal risks virtually from the day they open their doors.  Business  Attorney and Podcaster Mitchell Beinhaker discusses some of the most important legal issues to keep in mind.
Looking to stick out from the marketing noise?  Podcaster Steve Ramona may have the answer for you, and it might be the easiest method of all.
A business owner has to protect themselves legally, and business attorney Scherrie L Prince guides us through the maze of potential legal pitfalls.
 The Department of Defense can be a GREAT client, but you have to be smart & organized to get there.  Expert Rick Howard ( shows us how it's done. 
Avoid IRS Trouble!

Avoid IRS Trouble!


The thought of "red flags" and audits are enough to worry any business owner.  CPA Gary Massey (  shows us how to avoid problems, and what to do if they arise 
Author, podcaster and entrepreneur John St. Pierre has been there, and he shares a wealth of valuable experiences and tips for getting what you want from your business.  
Business Tax Hacks

Business Tax Hacks


Getting control over your business taxes is absolutely key for any business owner.  Tax specialist Roger Pearson offers us some great ideas and a solid system for staying on top of your numbers.
Poor communication can WRECK a business from the INSIDE.  Business Advisor & Podcaster Angie Colee describes how to keep critical lines of communication open in your business.
Leadership is a skill set that can be learned, and effective leadership can mean the difference between success and failure.  Author and Small Business expert JM Ryerson brings experience and clarity to this critical topic.
What's it like to start a new business - seven times?  Serial entrepreneur and podcaster Stephen Halasnik walks us through the ups, the downs, and the experience of starting and running several businesses. 
Business Tax MISTAKES

Business Tax MISTAKES


We all make mistakes, but Business Tax mistakes can be COSTLY.  CPA Sonia Narvaez provides some ideas on how to avoid errors that add up quickly. 
Like it or not, a business owner usually has to be a salesperson as well.  Business advisor and author HB Pasley shares three great ideas for being effective -- and comfortable -- in selling your services without feeling like a pushy salesman.
Hiring during GROWTH

Hiring during GROWTH


What's the secret to making smart hiring decisions as you're growing?  It's all about having a plan.  Small Business Strategist Kerry-Ann Powell ( shows Ryan how to hire as you grow.
Sometimes we need to shake things up and look at things differently.  Ryan talks with Rocky Lalvani, The Profit Answer Man, about a new take on maximizing profit.
It's hard to find good people.   But it may be that the people you need are already with you, and just need a different approach.  Ryan talks with Chris Lautenslager, author of "The Prosperity Loop".



Your business is growing -- are you ready?  Ryan speaks with Business Attorney and Author Matt Davis about the pitfalls and dangers of growing too quickly.



The right tweaks here and there can add up to better net profits for your business.  Ryan talks with Brian Norton of Norton Results ( about four areas to optimize for better bottom lines.
Growing your business quickly by purchasing another business can be a great idea, IF you do your due diligence, stay focused and make smart decisions.  Business specialist Bill Sorenson ( walks us through the process.
The biggest reason businesses fail is because they failed to plan.   Ryan speaks with Business Coach James Burgess about why a Business Plan is so valuable, and what the process looks like.  kY5epHyyHvCG6hLPIi4f
There's no doubt about it:  A business owner has to be sure that they are protected legally, as soon as possible.  Ryan speaks with Business Attorney, author and podcaster Andrea Sager ("Legalpreneur") about what needs to be done to cover your legal bases.