DiscoverThe Lazy Girl's Guide to Podcasting: Podcasting Tips for How to Start and Run a Podcast
The Lazy Girl's Guide to Podcasting: Podcasting Tips for How to Start and Run a Podcast
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The Lazy Girl's Guide to Podcasting: Podcasting Tips for How to Start and Run a Podcast

Author: Verity Sangan

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This show is for you if you are searching for podcasting tips, how to podcast, and answers to podcasting questions such as:
- How do I start a podcast without feeling overwhelmed?
- What equipment do I need?
- Is there an easy way to start a podcast?
- How do I get my podcast on Apple Podcasts?
- How do I get my podcast on Spotify?
- How do I promote my podcast?
- What should I podcast about?
- And so much more…

Welcome to "The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Podcasting," your go-to podcast for bite-sized, actionable strategies tailored for anyone diving into the world of podcasting.
When I started podcasting in 2020, I found that there wasn't enough information available in a quick and easy way to understand and implement. I figured it out on my own, but it was a slow journey before I started ranking multiple times in the Apple Podcast charts, in multiple countries. This podcast is for you if you want actionable podcasting tips delivered succinctly and without the BS.
Tune in and discover the joy of creating your podcast with ease.
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Back in episode 38, we talked about Apple Podcasts introducing episodic podcast covers - that is, each podcast episode can have its own bespoke artwork; a little bit like a YouTube thumbnail. Nearly a year later, I'm now reviewing the effectiveness of individual podcast episode artwork to see if its made any difference to my downloads or listenership at all.🌟 Listen to Ep 34: Is Apple Podcasts Turning Into YouTube? ➡️ of episode thumbnails on podcasts to video thumbnails on YouTube for attracting listeners.My experience of creating unique podcast artwork for each episode, including going back to previous episodes.The effectiveness of episode graphics in increasing podcast listenership.My promotional strategy for The Lazy Girl's Guide to Podcasting podcast across various platforms like Twitter, TikTok, and blog posts.Importance of considering the time and effort required for maintaining consistent episode graphics.Timestamps:00:00:00 Intro00:01:03 Apple Podcasts Episode Thumbnails: A YouTube Strategy for Podcasting?00:02:09 Creating Podcast Artwork00:03:19 The Impact of Episode Graphics on Podcast Listenership00:05:03 Effectiveness of Episode Graphics in Podcast Promotion00:07:12 Importance of Individual Podcast Episode Graphics00:07:55 Exploring the Impact of Using Episodic Graphics for Podcast Episodes📧 Subscribe to the newsletter:✅ Podcast Launch Checklist and Episode Planner –🎉 Grow Your Podcast Audience 5-day Email Challenge –🙋‍♀️ Podcasting – Getting Your Business Heard –
In this episode, I'm joined by Kendall from Riverside, and we're recording this episode at the Podcast Show London. Kendall and I have been trying to get together for almost a year now to record an episode. Our schedules and timezones just haven't aligned until this event when I basically accosted her at the Riverside booth. No time like the present, right?We start by chatting about the rise of video podcasting, which a fun quiz at the Spotify booth revealed is the fastest growing segment of podcasting right now. Kendall shares her insights on why video is taking off - it allows creators to connect with their audience in a more personal way and repurpose content for social media. Her top tip? Just start recording video alongside your audio recordings. Don't overcomplicate it at first. Simply use a tool like Riverside's video recording capabilities to capture video versions. Then see how you like working with that video content before potentially expanding into a bigger video strategy.We also discuss the tendency creators have to want to do ALL THE THINGS right away, when a gradual buildup is much more sustainable. As Kendall says, the flashy "overnight successes" you see have usually been quietly creating for 5+ years beforehand.Check out past episodes I've done reviewing Riverside's tools:👉 Ep 17: Everything You Need To Know To Record Your Podcast Remotely 🎧📹 Full Tutorial for Beginners 2023 | Record, Edit, and Produce Your Podcast 🔉 Riverside for free ➡️ challenges of scheduling, time zones, and work commitments in organizing the conversationGrowth of video podcasting in recent quartersTransition from audio to video podcastingEnhancing connection with the audience through video podcastingAdvice on incorporating video into podcasting efforts graduallyReaching a wider audience through video podcastingCreating engaging content for video podcastsImportance of meeting listeners where they already areImportance of audio quality in remote recordingsTimestamps:00:00:00 Intro00:01:25 Discussion on the Growth of Video Podcasting00:02:43 The Rise of Video Podcasting00:06:47 Discussing the Potential of Video Podcasting📧 Subscribe to the newsletter:✅ Podcast Launch Checklist and Episode Planner –🎉 Grow Your Podcast Audience 5-day Email Challenge –🙋‍♀️ Podcasting – Getting Your Business Heard –
In this longer-than-usual episode, I go through a detailed step-by-step guide on how to start your own podcast from beginning to end.We cover choosing your topic, coming up with episode ideas, naming your show, creating artwork, selecting a hosting platform, releasing your first episodes, promoting on social media, and more. There are so many podcasting tips crammed into this how-to, that even if you already have a podcast, you might pick up some new ideas as you continue to grow your show and podcast audience.🌟 Get a free 7-day trial of ➡️ your podcast topic and target audience before starting.Come up with a list of at least 20 episode ideas to sustain your podcast.Research podcast names to ensure uniqueness and avoid duplicating existing shows.Check for available social media handles related to your chosen podcast name.Research potential podcast topics and check domain name availability.Record a trailer for your podcast before launching.Use tools like Canva, GarageBand, or QuickTime to create a professional trailer.Design podcast artwork on Canva for visual appeal and recognition.Select a podcast hosting platform like Captivate FM for storage, distribution, and RSS feed generation.Set up your podcast on Captivate FM with a descriptive name, keywords, artwork, and trailer.Submit your podcast to multiple directories to maximize reach.Timestamps:00:00:00 Intro00:01:19 Getting Clear on Your Podcast Topic and Audience00:02:29 Tips for Starting a Podcast Successfully00:03:36 Generating Podcast Content Ideas00:04:22 Choosing a Podcast Name and Checking for Copyright Infringement00:05:36 Setting up a Podcast: Key Steps Before Recording00:06:43 Creating a Trailer and Podcast Artwork00:08:22 Choosing a Podcast Hosting Platform00:09:31 Setting up a Podcast on Captivate FM00:11:04 Maximizing Your Podcast Reach with Directories00:12:15 Launching a Podcast Successfully00:13:20 Tips for Building an Audience and Promoting Your Podcast📧 Subscribe to the newsletter:✅ Podcast Launch Checklist and Episode Planner –🎉 Grow Your Podcast Audience 5-day Email Challenge –🙋‍♀️ Podcasting – Getting Your Business Heard –
In this episode, I had the pleasure of sitting down with the one and only Mark from kicked things off by discussing the fantastic Podcast Show London 2024 that we were lucky enough to attend. Can you believe Mark has been attending podcasting events like this since way back in 2014? His experience in the industry is truly impressive. I couldn't help but feel a tinge of jealousy when he mentioned going to all those iconic events like Podcast Movement and PodFest in the States over the years. A girl can dream, right?But what really got me excited was our deep dive into the world of Podcasting 2.0. For those of you who are still wrapping your heads around this concept, let me break it down for you. Essentially, Podcasting 2.0 is all about taking the traditional podcasting experience (let's call that 1.0) and supercharging it with a whole host of new features and capabilities. We're talking monetization opportunities, enhanced listener engagement, better analytics, and so much more!Mark did an incredible job of explaining how Podcasting 2.0 works its magic through the use of specialized tags or enclosures within the good ol' RSS feed structure. These tags act as gateways, unlocking features that were previously unavailable or a real pain to implement. I mean, who wouldn't want an easier way to integrate things like cross-app commenting, alternate content formats (hello, video!), and even value-for-value contributions from listeners?Now, I know some of you might be feeling a little overwhelmed by all this talk of Podcasting 2.0. But fear not! Mark reassured me (and all of you) that there's no need to panic. The beauty of this evolution lies in its seamless integration with existing podcasting practices. You can continue creating and distributing your amazing content as you always have, gradually adopting the new features as they become relevant to your needs.And let's not forget about the benefits for us listeners! Podcasting 2.0 promises enhanced content discovery, seamless multi-format experiences, increased engagement with our favorite shows, and improved accessibility. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved in this wonderful world of podcasting.Of course, we couldn't resist indulging in a little Star Wars banter (because what's a conversation without a few nerdy references?). Mark even shared the name of his very own Star Wars podcast, "Spark of Rebellion" – how awesome is that? I may or may not have pestered him about the possibility of a Podcasting 3.0 in the future, but you'll have to tune in to find out his thoughts on that!All in all, this episode was an absolute treasure trove of information and insights. I walked away feeling energized and excited about the future of podcasting, and I hope you did too. So what are you waiting for? Hit that play button and dive right in!Until next time, keep those podcasts rolling, and may the force of Podcasting 2.0 be with you!Highlights:Unique microphone setup at Spiritland Media for recordingMark's experience at the Podcast Show London and involvement in talks and panelsInsights about Captivate - hosting, distribution, and monetization platform for podcastersPodcasting 2.0 - enhancements to the original podcasting conceptEvolution from Podcasting 1.0 to 2.0 and speculation on a possible Podcasting 3.0Role of AI in podcasting and dispelling concerns about AI taking overTips for growing a podcast audience - being a guest on other podcasts, engaging with new audiences, and prioritizing consistencyTimestamps:00:00:00 Intro00:00:36 Captivate at the Podcast Show London00:06:55 Understanding Podcasting 2.000:19:37 Exploring the Future of Podcasting00:24:08 The Role of AI in Podcasting00:31:38 Tips for Growing a Podcast...
Want your podcast to rank high in Apple Podcast search results? Then this is the episode for you. In this episode of the Lazy Girl's Guide to Podcasting, I'll share podcasting tips for ranking your podcast in Apple Podcasts search results by targeting specific keywords. You'll learn how to research and incorporate keywords into your show details, episode titles and show notes to increase your visibility when listeners search for related topics.Highlights:Importance of using keywords for podcast discoveryUtilizing podcast analytics for audience understanding and engagementImproving podcast SEO with keywords in descriptions, titles, and show notesStrategies for enhancing podcast ranking on Apple PodcastsTips for ranking in Apple Podcasts search enginesCreating engaging podcast content for audience retentionSignificance of episode artwork and cover art in attracting listenersExperimentation and patience in finding the right title, keywords, and description for podcastsTimestamps:00:00:00 Intro00:01:28 Utilizing Podcast Analytics for Better Audience Engagement00:02:32 Tips for Improving Podcast SEO00:04:30 Strategies for Improving Podcast Ranking on Apple Podcasts00:07:02 Creating Engaging Podcast Content: Tips for Success00:08:37 Optimizing Your Podcast for Higher Ranking on Apple Podcasts📧 Subscribe to the newsletter:✅ Podcast Launch Checklist and Episode Planner –🎉 Grow Your Podcast Audience 5-day Email Challenge –🙋‍♀️ Podcasting – Getting Your Business Heard –
Back in episode 80, I talked about my podcasting costs. It stacked up and some of you guys were outraged! So, I wanted to make it clear that podcasting does not have to be expensive. In fact, I record and edit this episode on free software. And with this in mind, during this episode, I will give you 10 FREE podcasting tools that you should consider using for your podcast production process. Plus, I will give you a key podcasting tip that you DON'T want to miss!!🎧 Listen to Ep 80: How Much Does it Cost to Start and Run a Podcast? - Breaking Down My Podcasting Costs ➡️ Speech by Adobe - - - - - - - - costs of running a podcastFeedback from listeners on podcasting expensesTop free podcasting tools for podcastersTimestamps:00:00:00 Intro00:02:07 Enhance Speech by Adobe00:03:34 Canva00:04:17 Quicktime Player00:04:44 Garageband00:05:22 Podbean00:06:20 Riverside.fm00:07:29 Descript00:08:55 Vidyo.ai00:10:06 Buffer and Hootsuite📧 Subscribe to the newsletter:✅ Podcast Launch Checklist and Episode Planner –🎉 Grow Your Podcast Audience 5-day Email Challenge –🙋‍♀️ Podcasting – Getting Your Business Heard –
Join me as I broadcast live from the Podcast Show London 2024, taking part in a fun Spotify quiz with questions about Taylor Swift podcast streams, growing podcast categories, and more. Discover interesting facts about podcast trends and see how well you can do in this spontaneous quiz! Also, learn which podcast content has seen the most significant increase in global searches and streaming by age groups. Tune in for some surprising revelations and interactive fun!In this episode, we are taking a break from the usual podcasting tips and how-to content and instead focusing on a bit of fun to see how well we know the world of podcasting!We are challenged with questions about Taylor Swift's influence on podcasting, the fastest growing podcast categories for Spotify users, the type of podcast that is on the rise, global searches that are most popular in 2023, and which age group is most likely to be streaming content from outside their country. Can you beat my score?Spotify's 2024 Podcast Trends Tour ➡️ Live from the Podcast Show London 2024: A Microphone Adventure00:27 Spotify's Sweet Little Quiz: Test Your Knowledge00:34 Guessing Game: The Spotify Podcast Quiz03:03 Revealing the Answers: How Well Did We Do?
So often podcasters conduct a podcast interview, publish it, and never think about it again.But what if you could maximise your podcast interview and get multiple episodes out of the same interview? How awesome would that be? It's at least double the content for you, and at least double the exposure for your podcast guest!In this episode, I'll explain how when I interviewed Adam from Podcasting Business School the podcasting tips that he gave split into 4 key topics. So, I took these topics and broke the 1 interview down into 4 different podcast episodes.But, for other guest interviews, I didn't break these into multiple episodes. I'll discuss why and give you tips as to when you might want to break interviews into multiple episodes and when you might want to keep the interview as a whole.We will also go over how you can maximise your time with a podcast guest and intentionally record multiple episodes in one podcast interview without your audience ever knowing that you recorded the episodes in one go!Explain how I interviewed Adam, but I thought that we covered 4 key topics and bearing in mind my episodes are normally around 10-15 minutes, I wanted to break the interview down to respect those timings and also to ensure that my audience was getting exactly what I was promising from the episode titles and notes.We will also talk about the importance of creativity and flexibility in podcasting, and how experimenting with episode formats and lengths can help you to maximize your podcast guest contributions and audience retention!Tune in for all the podcasting tips for maximising your podcast interviews!Episodes mentioned in this episode:Ep 84: Crafting the Perfect Podcast Guest Pitch - with Sarah Hopkinson - 83: How to Run a Podcast and an Email List Without Going Insane - with Sarah Hopkinson - 76: Avoid These Mistakes with Print on Demand Merch with Travis and Josiah from Print On Demand Cast - 75: How to Monetize Your Podcast with Print on Demand Merch - Travis and Josiah from Print on Demand Cast - 71: Podcast Growth Mistakes and Breaking the Interview Only Myth - with Adam Schaeuble from Podcasting Business School - 65: How Expensive Does Your Microphone Need to Be? with Adam Schaeuble from Podcasting Business School - 64: How to Dominate the First 72 Hours for Maximum Impact - with Adam Schaeuble from Podcasting Business School - a...
Welcome to a bonus episode of the Lazy Girl's Guide to Podcasting!This episode, I'm sharing eight essential tips to help you prepare for the Podcast Show London 2024 or any podcast event you might attend.First things first, remember to eat amidst the excitement. Networking is crucial, so spend time chatting with others, even if you're attending solo. Don't miss out on exploring the exhibition stands; last year, I had a blast discovering new tech and ideas. Ensure you check the schedule and have a backup plan in case sessions are full. It's important to keep a cool head if things don't go as planned - don't be a twit if a session is full. Asking questions during talks can be invaluable, so don't shy away. Make sure you tell people about who you are and your show; you never know who you might meet. Lastly, have something tangible like cards or QR codes to share your podcast info easily.These tips are not just for the Podcast Show London 2024 but can be applied to any podcasting event you attend.Let's make the most out of these opportunities, learn as much as we can, and perhaps, I'll get to meet some of you there!Timestamps:00:00 Welcome to the Bonus Episode!00:18 Getting Ready for the London Podcast Show00:50 8 Essential Tips for Podcast Show Preparation01:43 Networking and Making the Most of the Event02:17 Exhibition Stands and Scheduling Strategies04:12 Handling Full Sessions Gracefully05:37 Engaging and Asking Questions06:19 Promoting Your Podcast Effectively08:25 Final Thoughts and Takeaways📧 Subscribe to the newsletter:✅ Podcast Launch Checklist and Episode Planner –🎉 Grow Your Podcast Audience 5-day Email Challenge –🙋‍♀️ Podcasting – Getting Your Business Heard –
Let's chat about the potential impacts of a TikTok ban in the U.S. on podcasters.With the uncertainty surrounding TikTok's fate and the evolving social media landscape, I explore whether podcasters should be concerned about the platform's future. In this episode, we will delve into the complexity of the situation, considering political, economic, and social factors.HighlightsThe potential fate of TikTok in the US - sale or ban.Impact on content creators, including podcasters using TikTok to promote their podcasts.Uncertainty around pending legislation and its approval timeline.Evolution of the social media landscape and the emergence of new platforms.Potential migration of users to other platforms in case of a TikTok ban.Possibility of new platforms outshining TikTok in the future.Timestamps:00:00:00 TikTok's Fate in the US and Its Implications for Podcasters00:01:29 Should Podcasters in America Be Worried About TikTok?00:02:11 The Impact of Pending Legislation on Social Media00:03:22 Should Podcasters Worry About a Potential TikTok Ban in America?00:04:32 My Opinion on Potential TikTok Ban and Impact on Social MediaThe new TikTok ban bill, explained: When it could take effect, why lawmakers want to pass it and more🎧 Ep 63: Why I Quit Promoting My Podcast on TikTok 🔗
Are you inadvertently killing your podcast's growth by being resistant to change?Because here's the truth - being creatures of habit, we podcasters often shy away from trying new things, even when our current approach isn't yielding the desired growth that we want to see.In this episode, I'll encourage you to take a critical look at your podcast's performance. If you're not seeing the growth you envisioned, whether it's in downloads, audience retention, or any other metric that defines success for you, it might be time to step out of your comfort zone. Don't let the fear of losing existing listeners hold you back from rebranding, revamping your show notes, or experimenting with different episode formats.To help you on this journey, I'll share three actionable tips with you that you can implement today.Remember, growth often lies outside our comfort zones. Don't let the fear of change hinder your podcast's true potential. Embrace new ideas, listen to your audience, and be willing to adapt your strategies. Share this message with your fellow podcasters who might also benefit from these insights.HighlightsImportance of being open to change and adaptation in podcastingPodcasters' fear of making changes and hindering growthMy experience of rebranding and achieving growthStrategies for improving podcast growth, such as optimizing show notes and using keyword researchDefining and tracking podcast growth beyond download numbersSpreading the word about your podcast and leveraging word-of-mouth referralsEasy wins for growing your podcast audience, including content optimization and audience engagementTop three tips for growing your podcast audience: promoting to everyone, experimenting with keywords, and trying out different categories.Timestamps:00:00:00 Intro00:01:07 Exploring Audio Recording Platforms00:01:54 Are You Killing Your Podcast Growth?00:03:07 Embracing Change in Podcasting: Overcoming the Fear of Making Changes00:06:29 The Importance of Growth in Podcasting00:06:57 Tips on How to Grow Your Podcast Audience00:07:30 Strategies to Grow Your Podcast Audience00:08:21 3 Tips for Growing Your Podcast Audience📧 Join the 5-day email growth challenge ➡️
Pitching to be a guest on someone else's podcast can often seem as a daunting task. But when Sarah Hopkinson from CopyHop contacted me to pitch to be a guest, I was blown away by her email. It was specific, to the point, and told me exactly how she'd fit with my podcast and you as the podcast audience.So, in this episode, I chat to Sarah all about how she crafted her pitch. She shares her framework for crafting a personalised email to podcast hosts that will make your request stand out from all of the others. Her podcasting tips for pitching to guest on other people's podcasts are not to be missed.And as promised, below is the EXACT pitch email that Sarah sent to me to pitch herself to guest on The Lazy Girl's Guide to Podcasting.Timestamps:00:00:00 Intro00:01:15 Crafting a Personalized Email Pitch to Be a Podcast Guest00:03:09 Effective Podcast Pitching Strategies00:07:40 How to Write a Compelling Pitch Email to Be a Podcast Guest00:13:43 Tips for Following Up on Podcast Pitches00:21:12 Turning Podcast Episodes Into EmailsSarah's pitch email:Hi Verity, As an inherently Lazy Girl, I was so happy when I discovered your podcast at the end of last year! As you say yourself, your episodes are really binge-able and I've been enjoying listening to them, especially your Taylor Swift/podcasting mash-up ep (oh my god, I'd LOVE it if she did her own podcast!!). There are a lot of voices in podcasting and podcasting advice, but yours is one of the most insightful and fun.I am emailing you for a reason: I know that 2024 is your year of email so I was wondering if you'd be open to me guesting on The Lazy Girl's Guide to Podcasting to talk a little about the opportunities for podcasters who master email marketing? I also work in the podcasting industry, helping podcasters to grow their show and their influence through strategically remarketing their content. Last year, I gave a seminar to a group of podcasters about how to run a great email list for their podcast with less effort, touching on why email is a great medium to connect with subscribers, how to use AI to repurpose podcast episodes whilst maintaining content quality and the different kinds of emails to send to your podcast list. It was a great success and it encouraged those podcasters to start or keep going with their email list without putting as much work into it.I'd love to discuss all or some of the above on your podcast and if you'd like to have me as a guest, I'd be delighted to promote your episode far and wide. However, I appreciate that you know your audience best so I'll leave it up to you to think about :)Hope that the sun is shining on you in Jersey and that the Taylor Swift n*des scandal didn't leave a Blank Space in your episode download numbers!Have a great day!~Sarah at CopyHop~ Sarah's email series: bio:Sarah Hopkinson is a Brit living in the south of France. After working in online content for 5 years, she set up her copywriting business in 2021 and quickly pivoted to helping podcasters grow their show by repurposing their content into other forms of written content. When she's not working on her business she's working out, taking day trips to Italy and watching The Office.Website:
It's safe to say that as a podcaster, marketing your podcast probably takes up most of your time. And the thought of effectively promoting your podcast via email marketing might just sound a step too far.So, in this episode, we're joined by Sarah Hopkinson from CopyHop to discuss the importance of building an email list to promote your podcast, how to build that email list, and how to get your podcast audience to engage with the email content.We chat about all things lead magnets, as well as other innovative ways to build up your email list. Discover key insights and podcast tips on transforming your email list into a vibrant community and enhancing your podcast marketing efforts.Podcasting freebies:'s email series: of building an email list for podcastersBenefits of email marketing for podcastersStrategies for engaging podcast audiences through emailTips for writing effective email newsletters for podcastsMetrics to track in email marketing for podcastsOptimization tips for email marketing for podcast promotionGrowing mailing lists for podcastersImportance of welcome sequences in email marketingEnhancing email marketing strategy for podcastersCreating effective email copy for lead magnetsBuilding businesses around podcastingChallenges podcasters face in standing outTimestamps:00:00:00 Introduction00:01:34 The Importance of Email Lists for Podcasters00:05:46 Tips for Emailing Your Podcast Listeners00:07:18 Building an Email List for Your Podcast00:08:32 Writing Email Newsletters for Podcasts00:09:55 Increasing Click Through Rates in Email Marketing00:11:28 Optimizing Email Marketing for Podcast Promotion00:15:00 Tips for Growing Your Podcast Email List00:18:02 Building an Effective Email Marketing Strategy for Your Podcast00:19:22 Optimizing Email Copy for Lead MagnetsGuest bio:Sarah Hopkinson is a Brit living in the south of France. After working in online content for 5 years, she set up her copywriting business in 2021 and quickly pivoted to helping podcasters grow their show by repurposing their content into other forms of written content. When she's not working on her business she's working out, taking day trips to Italy and watching The Office.Website:📧 Subscribe to the newsletter:✅ Podcast Launch Checklist and Episode Planner –🎉 Grow Your Podcast Audience 5-day Email Challenge –🙋‍♀️ Podcasting – Getting Your Business Heard – a...
In this episode, I explore the idea of interviewing your competitors on your podcast. When considering this, it's important to differentiate between general competitors and direct competitors.General competitors simply exist in your broader niche and can provide additional perspectives to conversations. Direct competitors target the exact same audience as you and sell similar offerings. If you're using your podcast to attract ideal clients or customers, interviewing direct competitors may not be the most strategic move. You don't want to provide your audience with other options besides yourself. However, there can be value in interviewing general competitors as a way to add more diversity of opinions and insights for your listeners' benefit.When considering who to interview, my biggest podcasting tips is that you want to select guests who will truly add value for your listeners and align with your podcast objectives. The key is finding the right balance between collaborating with others in your niche and safeguarding your own business interests.Episodes mentioned:Ep 10: Guest Booking Tips: It’s Not About the Numbers ➡️ 18: Why You Need A Podcast Guest Release Form (and How to Write One) ➡️ 56: How to Attract High-Value Guests to Your Show ➡️ you interview your competitors on your podcast?Differentiating between generalized competitors and direct competitorsConsidering if podcast guests are competitors or collaboratorsPricing as a factor in determining if someone is a direct competitorEvaluating the potential benefits and drawbacks of interviewing competitors on your podcastDeciding on potential guests based on whether they are general competitors or direct competitorsBalancing the benefits of collaboration with protecting your own interests when interviewing competitors on your podcastTimestamps:00:00:00 Intro00:00:20 Should You Interview Your Competitors on Your Podcast?00:02:15 Strategic Approaches to Engaging with Competitors in a Niche Space00:03:56 Considering Whether Podcast Guests Are Competitors or Collaborators00:05:38 Should You Interview Your Competitors on Your Podcast?00:06:45 Consider the Type of Guests You Invite on Your Podcast00:08:01 Interviewing Competitors: Tips and Considerations📧 Subscribe to the newsletter:✅ Podcast Launch Checklist and Episode Planner –🎉 Grow Your Podcast Audience 5-day Email Challenge –🙋‍♀️ Podcasting – Getting Your Business Heard – a...
In this episode, I am going to answer one of my most asked questions: How much time do I need to podcast? So this episode will answer that question and also give you some podcasting tips for your own process for running your podcast efficiently. When researching an episode, I spend a maximum of 30 minutes gathering accurate information. My solo episodes run 10-20 minutes while my guest interviews last up to 60 minutes. I aim for a 1:1 ratio between recording and editing time. So if an episode takes 20 minutes to record, I'll spend 20 minutes editing it. For promotional content, I lean on tools like Canva and Summarize. In about an hour a week, I can create social captions, graphics and short video clips. I'm most active in engaging with other podcasters on Twitter.To interview guests smoothly, I set up automated booking links, research each guest beforehand, and prepare 3-4 potential questions. This prep ensures an on-topic, professional discussion.Listen in for more tips to make your podcasting production process run as smoothly as possible.Tools mentioned:Lazy Pod Club - - - efficiency of the podcast recording processImportance of accurate information and quick researchDuration of solo episodes and guest interviewsTime requirements for editingBalancing recording and editing in podcast productionWorkflow for podcast editing and promotionTimestamps:00:00:00 Intro00:01:20 Podcast Recording Process Optimization00:02:28 Podcast Recording and Editing Insights00:03:29 Finding the Right Balance Between Recording and Editing Podcasts00:06:14 Managing Time for Podcast Production and Promotion00:07:43 Tips for Setting Up a Successful Podcast Guest Interview Process00:09:05 Tips for Running a Podcast Efficiently📧 Subscribe to the newsletter:✅ Podcast Launch Checklist and Episode Planner –🎉 Grow Your Podcast Audience 5-day Email Challenge –🙋‍♀️ Podcasting – Getting Your Business Heard –
I want to provide you with a detailed breakdown of how much it really costs me to start and run my podcast, The Lazy Girl's Guide to Podcasting.This episode is honest, and it's gritty. And it's something that not enough podcasters are covering or being honest about.I'm going to be completely transparent and break down every expense - from software subscriptions to website fees. My hope is that this will give you a realistic idea of what to budget for if you want to start podcasting or aren't sure about your own podcast spend.I encourage you to calculate your own cost per episode, whether podcasting is a hobby or a business. It's important to understand exactly what you are investing and make sure it aligns with the value you receive. I'll give you some strategies and podcasting tips to help you calculate your cost per episode and also insights into the tools that I use for my podcast.Tools - - - Pro - - - Pro - - hosting costs with Captivate.fmGraphics creation with CanvaSoftware used for podcasting: Riverside FM and SummarizeWebsite expenses breakdown: domain name, WordPress, Elementor Pro, WP RocketEmail marketing with ConvertKitCart checkout with ThriveCartTotal annual spend on the podcastComparison to podcast manager costsUsing AI tools like Summarize for content creationImportance of knowing your podcast costs and evaluating spending per episodeTimestamps:00:00:00 Intro00:02:00 Podcast Software Expenses00:04:26 Website Expenses00:05:11 Tools for Email Marketing and Cart Checkout00:08:20 Cost breakdown of running a podcast00:11:18 Streamlining Content Creation with AI Tools00:12:09 The Cost of Podcasting: A Breakdown of Expenses📧 Subscribe to the newsletter:✅ Podcast Launch Checklist and Episode Planner –🎉 Grow Your Podcast Audience 5-day Email Challenge –🙋‍♀️ Podcasting – Getting Your Business Heard –
Do you experiment enough with your podcast?In this episode, I am joined by Adam from Podcasting Business School to discuss the importance of experimenting more with your podcast. I know it can be scary to try new things, worried you might lose listeners. But be brave - what's the worst that could happen? The worst-case scenario is that your listeners will skip an episode they don't love rather than unsubscribe.We share examples and podcasting tips of experiments, like workshop weeks with multiple episodes released at once and incorporating audience audio clips. Podcasting is still new with few rules, so we have so much room for creativity.Consider what's holding you back from experimenting. Is it fear of failure? Know that one "bad" episode won't ruin your podcast. And trying new things, whether it's your format, guests, topics, or marketing, could take your show to the next level.I'm here to tell you - be fearless. The opportunities here are immense, for both hosts and guests. This is the frontier, and together we're still shaping what podcasting can become. So try something new today! What do you have to lose?Highlights:The fear of putting out a bad episode and losing subscribers.Examples of podcast experiments, such as workshop weeks and audience audio clips.Creating snippet episodes to cater to a specific audience.The evolving nature of podcasting and the lack of rules.The freedom and opportunity podcasting provides for creators and guests.Podcasting as a business tool and its growth and acceptance.Using experimentation to improve format, guests, questions, topics, and marketing.Overcoming the fear of potential outcomes and embracing new ideas.Timestamps:00:00:00 Do You Experiment Enough with Your Podcast?00:01:07 How to be Fearless and Experiment with Your Podcast Content00:03:49 The Frontier of Podcasting: Rule-Breaking and Innovation00:05:51 The Potential of Podcasting as a Business Tool00:08:45 Experimenting with Your PodcastingGuest bio:Adam Schaeuble is a full-time podcaster, podcasting business consultant, and the host of the Apple Top 100 ranked podcast Podcasting Business School. Adam uses his three-phase Podcasting Business Accelerator process to help coaches, consultants, and service providers leverage podcasting to generate a 6 figure income stream while subtracting at least ONE day from their work week.Listen to Podcasting Business School:📧 Subscribe to the newsletter:✅ Podcast Launch Checklist and Episode Planner –🎉 Grow Your Podcast Audience 5-day Email Challenge –🙋‍♀️ Podcasting – Getting Your Business Heard –
Are you ever hit with shiny object syndrome when it comes to podcasting tech? You know what I mean; you see (or hear) someone talking about another piece of podcasting tech, and you're convinced that switching to something new will propel your podcast forward.But is the grass always greener on the other side?It's a common struggle of podcasters; facing analysis paralysis when it comes to choosing podcasting tech tools and platforms. So in this episode, I share my experience of feeling stuck in the endless search for the perfect tools and emphasize the importance of prioritizing content creation over constantly trying new tools.We talk about how and why it's so important to focus on the basics, such as a podcast hosting platform, recording and editing software, and graphic design tools for podcast artwork. I'll even give you some recommendations for podcast tech and software that you might want to check out if you haven't found something you like yet.But overall, the biggest podcast tips for this episode is to stop getting distracted by 'shiny object syndrome' and sticking with what works best for you as the podcaster, and your podcast.Afterall, your audience come to you for your content; not because of the tech you've used during production.Tools - - - - of prioritizing content creation over tech toolsAdvice to stick with what works and focus on basicsAvoiding 'shiny object syndrome' in podcasting techEssential tools for starting a podcast: hosting platform, recording/editing software, graphic design toolsImportance of having the basics in place and focusing on content creationTimestamps:00:00:00 Intro00:01:07 Overcoming Podcast Tech Analysis Paralysis00:03:08 Stick with What Works and Focus on the Basics - Podcasting Advice00:04:27 Essential Tools for Starting a Podcast00:07:50 Advice on Choosing Podcast Tech Stack Wisely📧 Subscribe to the newsletter:✅ Podcast Launch Checklist and Episode Planner –🎉 Grow Your Podcast Audience 5-day Email Challenge –🙋‍♀️ Podcasting – Getting Your Business Heard –
I know first-hand how tough it can be to land on the perfect name for your podcast. So if you're struggling to name your new podcast, or wondering if you should rename your existing show, I want to share three crucial podcasting tips to consider:First, ensure your title targets keywords your audience is actually searching for. You want your podcast to appear when listeners search relevant terms on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Generic names or obscure puns likely won't rank well.Second, create a title that speaks to your listeners and draws them in. The name should clearly communicate what they can expect from hitting play on your latest episode.And third, it should be obvious at a glance what your show is about. Strong podcast discovery happens through word-of-mouth, with fans recommending episodes to their friends. So make it easy for them to explain what you cover.The goal is to end up with a podcast name optimized for discovery and engagement. I want you to attract your ideal audience, keep them hooked, and make it effortless for them to share your show with like-minded friends. So let searchability, intrigue and clarity guide you as you name or even rename your podcast.Highlights:The importance of selecting a podcast name that reflects content and resonates with your target audienceBeing open to changing podcast title if neededValue of experimentation and adaptation in podcast namingStrategies for naming a podcast to improve searchability and discoverabilityUsing relevant keywords in podcast titles for search rankingsTimestamps:00:00:00 Intro00:01:45 Choosing a Name for a Podcast00:04:34 Tips for Creating Engaging Podcast Titles00:05:28 Tips for Improving Podcast Discoverability00:06:40 The Importance of Clearly Communicating Your Podcast's Content📧 Subscribe to the newsletter:✅ Podcast Launch Checklist and Episode Planner –🎉 Grow Your Podcast Audience 5-day Email Challenge –🙋‍♀️ Podcasting – Getting Your Business Heard –
Josiah and Travis from Print on Demand Cast join us in this episode to discuss common mistakes in the print-on-demand industry, particularly for podcasters using print-on-demand for their podcasting merch.They share their top podcasting tips for starting print-on-demand services for podcast merchandise and explore different types of print-on-demand products and services and how podcasters can leverage them for their podcasts.Travis and Josiah provide valuable insights on how to navigate the landscape of merchandising and highlight the importance of engagement with the audience. They emphasize the variety of merchandise beyond t-shirts and hoodies, offering a wide range of products for podcasters to consider.Additionally, they discuss the Print on Demand Cast podcast as a helpful resource for those looking to learn more about the print-on-demand business model.Highlights:Common mistakes in the print-on-demand industryTop tips for starting print-on-demand services for podcast merchandiseDifferent types of print-on-demand products and servicesHow podcasters can leverage print-on-demand for their podcastsNavigating the landscape of merchandising in print-on-demandImportance of engagement in print on demand for podcast merchandiseVariety of merchandise options beyond t-shirts and hoodiesInsights on starting a print-on-demand journeyIntroduction to the Print on Demand Cast podcast as a resourceTimestamps:00:00:00 Intro00:01:00 Common Mistakes in Print-on-Demand Merch00:01:21 Tips for Starting a Print-on-Demand Journey for Podcast Merchandise00:18:37 Discussion on Print on Demand with Travis JosiahGuest bio:Travis and Josiah have been selling products online since 2014. In 2017, Travis made the switch to begin selling print on demand products and Josiah was soon to follow. Over the first few years of POD, they talked about starting a podcast that they wished was available when they began, but drug their feet until eventually creating the Print On Demand Cast in late 2020. Over the past few years the show has grown and both Travis and Josiah have learned a lot about podcasting and print on demand. Today with more than 175 episodes, they continue to enjoy sharing all about the Print On Demand industry, as well as the weekly dad joke and whatever other entertaining or silly anecdote will make the other laugh!Website: http://printondemandcast.comFacebook:📧 Subscribe to the newsletter:✅ Podcast Launch Checklist and Episode Planner –🎉 Grow Your Podcast Audience 5-day Email Challenge –🙋‍♀️ Podcasting – Getting Your Business Heard –