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The Futures Series Podcast

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Welcome to The Futures Series Podcast! This is a new series powered by Benoy - a global family of design specialists committed to delivering world-class solutions for the built environment. This podcast will serve as thought leadership on all things related to design, architecture, real estate, retail, hospitality and current topics of interest within the built environment realm. We hope you enjoy!
3 Episodes
In this episode, our guests discuss the role of data and its critical role in commercial property success. Joining host Dan Innes - Managing Director at Innesco, are Kirsty Garrett – Head of Insight & Analysis at The Crown Estate & James Miller - Director at Pragma. Listen now. 
In this episode “The Fabric of Place: A Deep Dive into Placemaking”, we take a deep dive into the world of placemaking. Everyone has a different perspective on placemaking; what placemaking means, how the term is defined and experiences of placemaking. Listen to guests Albert Fielder, Creative Director of Holmes Wood, and Didier Souillat, who led the global expansion of the extraordinary food market Time Out Market, share their insights and anecdotes on what placemaking means to them.   For more information on Benoy, visit  
In this week’s episode ‘Hospitality: A Luxury Revolution’ , we introduce Dan Innes – Managing Director at Innesco, Zaynib Khan – Senior Associate Director at Benoy, and Sharòn Cohen – Architecture and Store Planning Director at Fendi Casa. We discuss questions such as ‘what is luxury?’ and how the term ‘luxury’ is changing, especially in the hotel, residential and hospitality industry.
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