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Author: Cedrick Kazadi

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Let’s Carpe Diem together as I explain the lesson of the day and help you tap into your full potential. Feel free to reach out to me on any social accounts @ced__ck and share your lessons or thoughts!
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Before listening to this episode I hope you are ready to take the challenge on being better. If you’re offended by anything I say in this episode it’s a sign for you to grow. This is a conversation you have to have with yourself!Follow me on all my social accounts @ced__ck“ced” “underscore” “underscore” “ck”
This is the rawest episode I’ve recorded to date! If you aren’t ready to look yourself in the mirror and make the change then this episode isn’t for you. There’s always room for improvement and in this episode I urge you to do the same. Share this with someone who needs to do better!Follow me on all my social accounts @ced__ck“ced” “underscore” “underscore” “ck”
Support this episode by rating the podcast and leaving a review. Thank you for listening!Stop trying to balance your way to success . Start by making the choice to do the thing you want to do and follow through with the discipline to get it done. Surrender to the current task and don’t settle until you’re living your dream life.Follow me on all my social accounts @ced__ck“ced” “underscore” “underscore” “ck”
“Trust the journey” how often do you hear this quote?.. The truth is you really have to trust the journey. Keep working and growing because eventually you’ll get it. Instead of complaining start working towards becoming better. This episode was raw hence the bloopers at the end. Enjoy!Follow me on all my social accounts @ced__ck“ced” “underscore” “underscore” “ck”
It’s easy to be scared of quitting something because you are scared to be labeled failure y society. If the reason you’re quitting is to follow your calling then I encourage you to follow your dreams through this episode!Follow me on all my social accounts @ced__ck“ced” “underscore” “underscore” “ck”
On the other side of fear is a life you’ve never imagined, rise up and seize the day by overcoming your fears!Follow me on all my social accounts @ced__ck“ced” “underscore” “underscore” “ck”
The truth is, you won’t always be excited about your current obsession. Your interest will change and so will your potential , so choose today to go after your true potential Carpe DiemFollow me on all my social accounts @ced__ck“ced” “underscore” “underscore” “ck”
We are a result of our environment. You’ve been programmed to think the way that you do and that could be the reason why you haven’t started taking action.Follow me on all my social accounts @ced__ck“ced” “underscore” “underscore” “ck”
Sometimes it’s hard to effectively communicate . In this episode I explain the importance and differences of speaking from the mind vs the heart.Follow me on all my social accounts @ced__ck“ced” “underscore” “underscore” “ck”
“Who do you want to become?” a popular question without real answers.In this episode I talk about how to tap into our best version , addressing the things that actually mater, facing your emotions which helps us become our best selves!Follow me on all my social accounts @ced__ck“ced” “underscore” “underscore” “ck”
2. Push Your Limits!

2. Push Your Limits!


Why should you do better?Why do you feel like you want more?Why should you do things even when you don’t fell like it?Why should you strive for greatness?Well…. Why not? Listen to this episode and get your answers!Carpe DiemFollow me on all my social accounts @ced__ck“ced” “underscore” “underscore” “ck”
Studies show that the average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Of those thousands of thoughts, 80% were negative, and 95% were exactly the same repetitive thoughts as the day before. On this episode I share how I control and master my thoughts Follow me on all my social accounts @ced__ck“ced” “underscore” “underscore” “ck”