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Author: Joshua Braff, Adam Titelbaum

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The Cannabis Corner is an open conversation about marijuana and where it is headed in America. As cannabis becomes more mainstream and yet is still misunderstood, The Cannabis Corner strives to bring truthful language to the subject. Hosted by author Joshua Braff and Medical Marijuana CareGiver Adam Titelbaum, this podcast sheds light on questions about medicinal marijuana as a healthier alternative to alcohol or pills. All questions are important. What’s a CBD? What edibles should I try for sleep? How do I know what too much looks like? What is dabbing? Is vaping safer than smoking? Is it safe to buy it where I live? Format includes focused discussion with guests, call-in questions and in Episode One, an interview with actor/director Zach Braff. The goal is to present an accessible and warm community of flat out understanding. We get it, ask us. Have a listen and please let us know what you think - and let us know your questions. See you in the Corner!
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On today’s Episode we speak with Dr. Michele Ross, PhD, MBA. Dr. Ross is a neuroscientist and health coach who assists patients with a variety of illnesses to realize how cannabis might profoundly help them. We also continue our discussion with Gooey Rabinski (Curt Robbins), who is an activist, cannabis guru and writer who’s work on the topic of cannabis in America is ubiquitous.
Cannabis Corner Co-hosts Joshua Braff (Novelist) and Adam Titelbaum (Head Grower Just Cannabis Co) are joined by experts Sara Payan (Head of Education SF Apothecarium) and Danielle Schumacher (THC Staffing Group and right-hand-person to Dr. Frank Lucido of Berkeley) all answer questions from a live audience at the Lafayette Library in Lafayette, CA. Each tells their story of how they came to lifestyles that involve cannabis use. Questions from the audience cover, sleep, anxiety, specific illnesses, migraines, Crohn's, cancer, Kids, the changing laws and more. 
Cannabis Corner Co-hosts Joshua Braff, Head Grower Adam Titelbaum, Just Cannabis Co., Sara Payan, Head of Education SF Apothecarium and Danielle Schumacher, THC Staffing Group, right-hand person to Dr. Frank Lucido of Berkeley, all answer questions from a live audience at the Lafayette Library in Lafayette, CA. Each tells their story of how they came to lifestyles that involve cannabis. Questions from the audience cover: sleep, anxiety, specific illnesses, migraines, Chrone's, cancer, kids, laws and more.
This week cannabis writer/activist Gooey Rabinski, and fitness expert Amanda Kloots join us. Gooey is a technical writer and does compliance work for cannabis businesses. He expresses his patient advocacy via books, articles and magazines like High Times, and now: podcasts. Gooey talks about life in the industry as the tide of legality rushes in. His message to anyone who truly believes in legalization is to educate yourself and those around you. Amanda Kloots is the first athlete on The Cannabis Corner Podcast. She tells us that she applies a cannabis cream to her feet, ankles, neck and legs after 8 hour dance and aerobic classes each day. An important note is that she doesn’t use cannabis otherwise and never gets even a little high from the cream. As a former Rockette, Broadway dancer and celebrity trainer, Amanda now instructs high intensity classes she created. The Rope NYC with Amanda Kloots is an incredible full body workout - which she teaches all over the country and provides digitally for download and through YouTube. She talks about the immediate relief she finds from the cream she uses. Farmer Adam talks about using many different cannabis creams and how safe they are. Athletes of all kinds are recently opening up about cannabis use and how these infused creams work better than most remedies.
Congressional candidate, Amy Vilela, from Nevada’s 4th District is interviewed, along with Sara Payan of the San Francisco Apothecarium, and Danielle Schumacher from the the office of Dr. Frank Lucido of Berkeley and the THC Staffing Group. Episode 9 of Season 2 is special as it’s rich with timely and crucial information that’s key to informing a mass audience to the truths of cannabis. Some of the aspects covered include: the dangers of the current health care system, the effects of cannabis as medicine on the elderly, those with disease in general, those with sick children, those who need alternatives to the side-effects of pharmacuetical drugs and those with chronic pain. We discuss a holistic approach to cannabis laws - including expunging records for cannabis crimes and resolving the economic, social and political contradictions that exist across states and our federal landscape today.
Ellen Komp is the Deputy Director of California NORML, an organization of education and truth regarding cannabis legality. Ellen has 25 years in the industry and speaks of when Hemp was the focus to bridging an understanding the benefits of the herb. Ellen is terrific in describing the evolution of the road to the current gold rush. This is the slow burn of progress we’re living that began centuries ago, and had to chug through the 80’s and 90’s. There is now an immediacy of importance for getting certain patients the meds they deserve. Caller John from Florida discusses how cannabis changed his life, helped him concentrate and be able to avoid other crutches like alcohol. Florida just legalized cannabis recreationally, and this interview took place prior to this amazing news. Important dialogue in how John would have been yet another victim of substance abuse if he wasn’t able to find cannabis. His testimony is very common and involves a story of success and health made by a lifted stigma that has arrived with legality.
We speak further with Nishi Whitley, author of Chronic Relief, A Guide to Cannabis for the Terminally and Chronically Illl. Nishi also discusses Texas cannabis law. The importance of the industry being able to reach more people as statistics show amazing progress in assuaging pain, sleep, anxiety, cancer issues and the opioid crises. Nishi discusses how many people she’s helped with relief as she aided them at the end of their lives. Beautiful caregiving for those who are terminal and have relief as they battle their illnesses and pass away. The 2nd half of our discussion is with lobbyist and activist Shanita Penny. We discuss New Jersey incarceration and possible expungement and what the plan is to help people there. Also, the remarkable connection between addressing civil rights through the open forum of cannabis legalization. We talk about Senator Cory Booker’s Marijuana Justice Act. Check out Shanita’s company, Budding Solutions, and the amazing work they’re doing.
We talk with Nishi Whitley, author of Chronic Relief, A Guide to Cannabis for the Terminally and Chronically Ill. Nishi wrote this book to help the elderly find the best medications for their sicknesses. Nishii’s mother found amazing relief as she struggled with end-of-life cancer. Nausea and vomiting were controlled perfectly in the last 3 weeks of her life. In seeing how effective edibles could be with pain, appetite and all around contentment, Nishi went to work on laying out the specifics in book form for those looking to incorporate cannabis into their medical relief. In part two this week we talk with Shanita Penny. Shania is a cannabis activist who has lobbied on Capitol Hill with organizations like DC NORML for the reform of national marijuana laws. She also has her own cannabis consulting company, Budding Solutions, helping businesses get started in the industry. Shanita discusses the fast progress New Jersey is making with new Governor Phil Murphy in the realm of patient’s rights and medicinal cannabis. She is an expert on the changes in the industry of cannabis regulations and laws.
On our 25th episode we discuss the chemical aspects of cannabis with scientist Chris Emerson. Chris co-founded Level, a company that prides itself on understanding the molecular levels of cannabis for all ages of users. Chris talks of all non-smokable forms of ingestion, including vapes and sublingual sprays. We discuss dosing specifics and the notion of isolating certain terrines, or more simply put: generically aiming for individual ailments. Chris sees well beyond THC and CBD, as far as what the plant actually offers. We speak with Ruby LaGrandeur about her cannabis beverage, LaGrandeur, a cranberry flavored non-alcoholic “champagne” that allows non-smokers to get in on the benefits of cannabis. Measurements of ingestion with a beverage makes people wary of how much to drink. Ruby says it’s light and allows non-drinker/nonsmokers to join the party.
Level Chief Scientist Chris Emerson teaches us all about the options of imbibing cannabis and how our individual Endocannabinoid systems affect our specific decisions. Chris speaks of his company, Level, which focuses on creating healthy and thoughtfully constructed cannabis products of all kinds. He also explains in detail how vaping can differ and how the market is currently pushing very high THC.”Level” is about the perfect level for the individual. More with attorney Tsion Sunshine Lencho who educates us on the state of civil rights and the current law as they pertain to an America so ready to demystify cannabis. No one brings language to the cause like Tsion. We hear a master class on cannabis law in America and the amount of tentacles that touch family, jobs, health, politics, the homeless, taxes and the altruism and wherewithal needed to “right” this issue, enabling access for those who seek it.
On this episode we talk to Tsion Lencho (known as Sunshine) an attorney out of SF who tells her story of being the daughter of immigrants that moved to DC in the 80’s. Before starting her own practice, Sunshine was employed at one of the nation's top law firms. Today Sunshine works with cannabis entrepreneurs to help them navigate the ever-changing regulatory environment. From business licensing to intellectual property services, Sunshine knows the law around cannabis. She is also the co-founder of Supernova for Women, a space for women of color in cannabis. Next, we get an update from Dr. Angie Krause and hear the amazing work being done at Colorado State in the name of veterinarian medicine. New clinical studies suggest great news for pets and how they might skirt pharmaceuticals that cause liver and kidney damage. The use of CBD is being used at high does in which dogs are responding very well. Arthritis for dogs is also being remedied by low and high doses of CBD. Pharmaceuticals for dogs like Rimadyl causes kidney trouble so cannabis is much healthier. Dr. Krause speaks about epilepsy and seizures and how CBD has been very effective in this remedy. She also warns people that doses of THC have caused death in pets. It’s important to know what you’re doing.
On this episode of The Cannabis Corner, Ruby LaGrandeur discusses leaving the gaming industry and moving into the cannabis industry with a new beverage called: LaGrandeur. Like many women we’ve met around the show, Ruby left a traditional job to start her own cannabis business, utilizing a product that’s perfect for those who aren’t interested in smoking cannabis or drinking alcohol. LaGrandeur looks like champagne, contains small amounts of cannabis but no alcohol. Ruby explains how nice it is for those that don’t smoke to still share in the pow wow, “joint with friends” experience. Edibles and infused products like LaGrandeur are becoming very popular as the stigma and law lift from the culture. We then welcome LA attorneys Iran Hopkins and Claudia Fu to discuss CA cannabis law and how “cutting edge” their cases have become. The attorneys talk about the new regulations surrounding cannabis and what it means for those interested in entering the space.
Senator Cory Booker kicks off our second season, discussing his pushes of major legislation, including the Marijuana Justice Act, to end an era of injustice linked to damaging and archaic marijuana laws. New Jersey is arresting more people for cannabis than ever, according to the ACLU, and a disproportionate number are African Americans. The Senator discusses the imbalance of law as it pertains to poor people, people of color and patients seeking cannabis for relief from a slew of issues. Senator Booker says, "It’s a moral issue, it’s a racial justice issue, issue of equality and fairness for low income folks.” In Part 2 of this episode, Los Angeles attorney, Iran Hopkins, discusses Prop 54, which amongst other things, states you can have up to an ounce of cannabis on your person at all times. The new legislation also re-realizes cannabis crimes, aiming to erase felonies for non-violent cannabis arrests once a person is freed. The attorney talks CA law with us, and how confusing the laws have been throughout the years, including the current Catch-22 for those with previous criminal records for cannabis, kept from working in the industry.
On Episode 20, the finale of Season 1, we have CO Budtenders Aaron and Haley discussing what it takes to be efficient, kind and constantly informed as to all what’s new in cannabis. Farmer Adam is the head grower for their dispensary, Kind Care of CO. He asks about the distinction between the recreational buyer and the medical buyer and whether they are seeking cannabis for similar reasons. Haley discusses how certain patients can benefit with sleep or pain with a single serving edible and others will only need a non-psycho active topical cream for relief. All agree: baby steps are best for newbies. Also, filmmaker and author, Donna LoCicero, talks of her book, "Color Me Stoned," and how she came to utilize cannabis. Donna also speaks of her mother-in-law’s incredible health turnaround. At eighty-five years old and in terrible foot pain,caused by a surgery, this woman overheard her own elderly peers discussing the benefits of cannabis. She tried an oil and a topical with no euphoric high and the relief has changed her life. She has canceled the already-scheduled 2nd foot surgery. She is bright-eyed, excited and much more active. All because she got off her old meds and feels great. The stories of seniors, most effected by the stigma, are growing quickly.
On Episode 19 we talk with two highly rated Budtenders from Kind Care of Colorado, the dispensary where Farmer Adam is a head grower. The job of Budtender puts a person in a one on one discussion with tons of different patients with a slew of different medical issues. There is no degree but maybe there should be, being that there are so many facets to prescribing the best medicine for an individual. Haley says it’s way more labor intensive than people realize and it’s very important to be highly educated in every aspect of cannabis. Aaron studied horticulture and biology and it lead to a job in a dispensary. He speaks of loving the fit of the job for him, a person who gets to help people in ways they didn’t know they could be helped. Jody of Berkeley continues the story of overeating an edible and having a terrible experience. Farmer Adam discusses all remedies for this type of issue, which many users have encountered. If you go to a dispensary and get bad advice on edibles you could end up with a panic attack type feeling that can last hours. The experts say you are safe, and not going to die but it feels like you might. A question arises as to the level of responsibility for education and training at dispensaries and for budtenders. There are no reported deaths from ingesting only cannabis.
On Episode 18 of the Cannabis Corner we have Jody from Berkeley discussing a “panic attack” after eating too many cannabis brownies. She describes a very common side effect that people can easily face with overeating edibles. Jody thought she was going to die and called 911. She was always safe, medically, but got tangled up enough in her brain that she was horrified. More with Veterinarian Dr. Angie Krause who discusses her experience with cannabis as medicine for dogs and cats. Dr. Krause is a holistic practitioner and is very encouraged by the quick and lasting healing going on with pets who’ve been prescribed CBD. The discussion in the pet world moves quickly to what this might mean for horses and live stock, although cost is an issue to create enough CBD for cattle feed, etc. We learn CSU, Colorado State University, is at the forefront of research for animals and cannabis as medicine.
On Episode 17 of The Cannabis Corner we discuss the Pet Industry and how important cannabis as medicine has played into remedies for dogs and cats. Dr. Angie Krause from Boulder speaks of how legality made people much more curious about how they might help their pets feel better without heavy chemicals. There was a rush to understand cannabis from the medical point of view because there was so much demand from her clients. Dr. Angie says there were great results daily and that people were saying that the anxiety, arthritis and pain relief were minimized by doses of CBD. For these pets the oil extracted from the plant is the preferred remedy. Veterinarians are also using a Seed and Stem product in a capsule that is showing amazing and fast results. THCA is also a property of the plant that is working best for pets because it’s not THC and so it has no psycho-active results. Edibles with high THC that end up in your dogs stomach can make them very ill and lead many ER veterinarians to believe that cannabis is not good at all for dogs. Just like with humans, dogs and cats can benefit greatly but of course education is crucial. Danielle Schumaker is an assistant to Dr. Frank Lucido from Berkeley, CA. We discuss what Danielle sees most coming through her very busy office. Most patients have chronic pain, she says, and cancer patients have been coming in more lately, because more oncologists are sending patients to Dr. Lucido’s office. Anxiety is seen in all ages, sometimes the anxiety is secondary to another diagnoses, like high blood pressure or diabetes. Sleep is also a prevailing issue in the office and the discussion is always about tempering the use of pharmaceuticals. Menopause and its side effects has lately become a big topic of discussion. Kids are reading about their own possibilities for relief of anxiety online, and parents and kids need to find remedies and language they can agree upon. Danielle speaks of the stigma that remains in the doctor’s office, where insurance and uncertainty about cannabis as medicine is still present, even though so much success is being found.
On Episode 16 we speak with cancer survivor Karam Levi who discusses an upbringing of drug use and family tumult which led him to avoid all drugs including cannabis until he's diagnosed with a very rare mouth cancer. He is reluctant to take cannabis, makes him feel paranoid, although friends are saying ti will take the edge off. Very sick from chemo, in bed all day, he reluctantly smokes and in 15 minutes he feels his senses come to life and his energy boosted and his interests in film and food come to life. Karam’s mind was given a new window of possibility. He felt like having fun, as the entourage effect had begun. Aside from the physical healing components, still to be determined by research, the energy and ability to think clearly and spiritually, opened his healing to more possibility. Isaac Roth of Anresco Labs in San Francisco, CA, joins us to discuss how cannabis is tested for labeling. The process of determining the ratio of CBD to THC is expensive and currently a bit subjective. Isaac discusses the specifics of how these numbers are determined. Potency tests, residual solvent testing for pesticides. Why should consumers trust these numbers? Isaac feels the final results should be taken with a grain of salt, because the research methods are still limited due to the product being a schedule 1 drug. With federal legalization these tests will be more consistent. Also terpene testing could be included, something currently not listed on cannabis packaging.
On Episode 15 we discuss Autoimmune diseases and how cannabis has been relieving a vast amount of symptoms related to illnesses such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Celiac Disease, Psoriasis, Type 1 Diabetes, Guillain-Barre Syndrome and Crohn’s Disease. Isaac Roth of Anresco Labs joins us to discuss how a diagnoses of Vitiligo led him to find relief in cannabis as medicine. A caller from Maryland asks about his mother’s Crohn’s Disease and how he might help her overcome her adherence to the stigma. More too with Mary and Phyllis on the topic of Migraines and nerve pain and the importance of spreading the word to those who may not be able to receive cannabis in their states. Mary sees a void in education and Farmer Adam talks about the importance of discussing cannabis as medicine with a qualified person, who understands every aspect in the cannabis field.
Welcome to the Migraine Show. This week we speak with Mary, a grandma from CO who has suffered from migraines for 50 years. After years of pharmaceutical use for her intense migraines pain, Mary received huge and quick relief from some cannabis-buttered toast! The occurrences of her migraines has dropped as well. Phyllis speaks of her chromic nerve pain and how a small chocolate edible was the key to fast and lasting relief. We also discuss the stigma of cannabis, and how even in Colorado, it is often a generational matter. We continue our discussion with Isaac Roth of Anresco Labs in San Francisco. Isaac discusses the crucial aspects concerning harvesting a clean enough product for mass distribution in a soon to be very regulated country. The key to successful lab testing is the seeking out of common grower issues at the microbial level and flagging unclean grow rooms for bacteria and fungus. There is a need for professionally-realized grow environments, where extremely expensive harvests may fail to adhere to appropriate health standards. Data is key to this - and it's vital how this data is confirmed and reported to cannabis industry distributors. These data points, according to Isaac, will soon be used at the state level.
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