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Baby Animals Podcast

Author: Celine

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Fun and sweet short stories to enjoy on your drive, before bed, or anytime! For the young and the young at heart. Come have adventures with me and my baby animal friends! Let's go!

PS You can contact us through instagram @babyanimalspodcast

5 Episodes
Join the animals as they journey into deep space!
It's a beautiful Spring day and Plumpster the lamb is with his pal Lenny, the magical Arctic chicken! Lots of other animals come to frolic and enjoy the new Springtime blooms!
In this episode we meet the Wild and Colorful unicorn, Clarence! Join the Baby Animals as they head back into the woods. Together, they meet a mystical creature that teaches them an important lesson! Let's go!
Journey into the magical forest with Mateo and Penelope! Can you guess what beautiful creatures await them? They learn an important lesson together! Let's go!
Welcome! My name is Celine and I am so excited you're here. I am so excited to share my baby animal friends and our fun adventures with you. Who will be your favorite characters?