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Movie nerd, filmmaker, and anniversary celebrator Mark J. Parker brings a friend on each episode to discuss movies (and sometimes TV shows and music) that are hitting milestone anniversaries of release that month. Think 20th anniversary, 25th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 75th, you get it! They'll dive in together, discussing fun facts, memorable moments, and what makes these movies worth a rewind all these years later. Let's get nostalgic! The podcast logo was originally created by Greg Clements. The theme song is the instrumental version of "Dance This Out" by singer/songwriter Kyle Motsinger and producer Smoke and Mirrors.

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Are those pussy willows? Mark welcomes two Maryland boys and John Waters fans on the show to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the cult classic comedy Serial Mom! Graphic designer Brandon Ingraham from Zombae Brando Designs (in his first podcast episode!) and Jesse Krempel from the Cult Circle Cinema podcast agree that Kathleen Turner playing the iconic Beverly Sutphin is cinematic perfection. With a solid cast, fun death scenes, hilarious dialogue, obscene phone calls that would make Ghostface blush, and morals everyone can root for, this 1994 movie is a "twisted Normal Rockwell" and "a feel-good movie that probably shouldn't be." RIP Suzanne Somers! Plus, we give All That a shout-out for its 30th anniversary as well, and of course touch on the popular docuseries that's been making waves, Quiet On Set.Follow the guests on social: @zombae_brando_art_design & @cultcinemacircle
This is an episode you won't forget! Mark welcomes podcaster and film scholar Antonio Palacios of the Cultworthy Studios podcasts for a mind-bending chat about Michel Gondry's award-winning film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind for its 20th anniversary. They share their own memories of love and heartbreak in 2004 when this groundbreaking movie was released, plus they discuss this stellar cast, Kate Winslet's changing hair colors, and how time heals wounds. Who was originally considered to play Clementine and which actors filmed scenes but were ultimately cut from the movie? Listen! Check out Antonio's shows at
Join the secret society and take a ride around NYC in a sexy Jaguar convertible, because it's time to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the delicious movie Cruel Intentions! Mark welcomes friends and fellow Sarah Michelle Gellar stans Kit Sheehan and Jason Kashiwagi back on the show to discuss the beloved "Muppet Babies version" of Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Kit's the only one who knows French) that grabbed our attention in March 1999 and never let go. From Ryan Phillippe's beautiful butt to that lesbian kiss in Central Park to Christine Baranski stealing the spotlight, there's a lot to love. Gossip Girl, you wish you were this steamy! Also, Mark shares his thoughts on the TV sequel pilot that never went to series, and there's a bonus episode on the YouTube channel with even more thoughts and opinions from this trio.
Grab your heels and your popsicles because Mark welcomes writer, director, and producer Darren Stein for a very special episode! The Jawbreaker filmmaker takes a trip down memory lane to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his dark campy comedy that captured lightning in a bottle during a fast shoot with a low budget. They discuss the entertainment that influenced and inspired Stein, how he made films with recognizable faces when he was only in his 20s, plus the stars who auditioned for roles in Jawbreaker! And the big news: a movie musical is now in development! Who does Stein want in the cast? Oh, Kim Petras, Mary J. Blige, and more. You're gonna die (ha!) with all this trivia and insider knowledge of how a cult classic was created and how it continues to gag us.
Make way for Satan in heels, but don't be petrified! Mark welcomes horror artist and movie lover Clark Felix (@clarkmakesart87) to chat about the cruel politics of high school and celebrate the 25th anniversary of the dark comedy Jawbreaker. The twisted and campy Darren Stein film was Heathers on a sugar high and Mean Girls before Mean Girls, with a perfect cast, colorful costumes, nods to classic movies, and dialogue that slays. Clark wonders if they would join the Flawless Four if Rose McGowan offered them the chance, and Mark wonders how many licks does a jawbreaker that big even take? Also, the 1998 guilty pleasure Devil in the Flesh gets a shout-out!
It's a very special 3-part episode: a Jim Carrey triple feature! Mark wraps up the 30th anniversary celebration of three hit 1994 comedies starring Jim Carrey with old friend and movie lover Katie Bruno. Jim became a breakout movie star with Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Mask, and Dumb and Dumber all in theaters during an 11 month span! In this third and final part, they celebrate the so-dumb-it's-brilliant Dumb and Dumber, the story of everlasting friendship written and directed by the Farrellys. Katie can relate to eating very hot and spicy food that she thought would kill her, and they both can relate to that explosive toilet scene. Plus, did you know they filmed the movie at the infamously haunted Stanley Hotel in Colorado?
It's a very special 3-part episode: a Jim Carrey triple feature! Mark continues the 30th anniversary celebration of three hit comedies starring Jim Carrey with old friend and movie lover Katie Bruno. 1994 gave us Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Mask, and Dumb and Dumber all within 11 months of each other! In this second part, they focus on The Mask, directed by horror filmmaker Chuck Russell and co-starring Cameron Diaz in her film debut (Smokin'!). It's an Oscar-nominated kid-friendly comic book movie, but a couple of those moments weren't for kids! And speaking of comic books, did you know the source material is much darker and more violent? Stay tuned for Part 3 coming soon.
It's a very special 3-part episode: a Jim Carrey triple feature! Mark welcomes old friend and movie lover Katie Bruno back on the show to celebrate three hit comedies starring Jim Carrey that were released 30 years ago, solidifying his movie star status. 1994 gave us Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Mask, and Dumb and Dumber all within 11 months of each other! In this first part, they discuss Ace Ventura, directed by Tom Shadyac, which is technically a football movie even though we don't see much pigskin (laces out!) and is problematic for sure from a 2024 perspective. Excellent tuck though! Stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3 coming soon.
It's a Paul Walker double feature! The public voted in a recent Instagram poll and the January 1999 teen movies Varsity Blues and She's All That won by a landslide. Mark welcomes real friends and California dudes Gaius Bolling, from the Back to the Blockbuster podcast, and David Parke, from Jimmy Eat Pod, to celebrate the 25th anniversaries of these two #1 films. First up is Varsity Blues, then She's All That begins about an hour in. None of them played sports in high school, or had a school DJ like Usher, or a teacher who was also a stripper, but they do all love the spoof Not Another Teen Movie. Special shout-out to The Sopranos for its 25th anniversary as well!
What an excellent day for an exorcism... and for a new episode! Lots to discuss with returning guests and horror movie lovers Solana Sorrento and Jeff Bugajski as they join Mark to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the still shocking William Friedkin classic The Exorcist. Both Jeff and Solana went to Catholic school, so the power of Christ compelled them to not only watch this movie at young ages but to also join this special discussion about pea soup, shaking beds, bloody crucifixes, head spins, and a dayplayer who ended up being a murderer (Paul Bateson). Plus, their moms share their thoughts on the movie as well! 'Tis the season for family celebrations after all. And there's a special appearance by the one and only Regan MacNeil, so grab your holy water.
Start the dial-up and get your fingers ready because we're signing onto the world wide web to chat with strangers! A/S/L? Mark welcomes longtime friend, New Yorker, and You've Got Mail superfan Melissa Ward back to the show to celebrate the classic rom-com's 25th anniversary this month. This is an extra special episode not only because they're together in person but also because they're recording from a fancy hotel room, not from Mark's basement! They share thoughts on AOL chatrooms and screen names, Meg Ryan's hair, Tom Hanks' charm even when he's hiding a big secret, and Nora Ephron's delightful dialogue and direction. Long live Barnes & Noble!
Helloooo! Gather 'round, children, as Mark welcomes friend, post-production pro, and new mom Lauren Evangelista back on the show to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the great hit Mrs. Doubtfire! Add more sugar to that tea, dear, because there's lots to talk about when rewatching the hilarious and heartbreaking Chris Columbus drag comedy about divorce from 1993 in 2023. They compare this to previous drag comedy classic Tootsie, sympathize with Sally Field's character (the whole time?!), and discuss how creepy, selfish, and dangerous (the pepper allergy!) Robin Williams' character can be in the story, even though we of course all root for him. And opening the door on someone peeing is always so awkward!
Fester, get over here! It's the holidays, so why not talk about a (twisted) family movie? Mark welcomes fellow movie lover, former Blockbuster Video manager, and No More Late Fees co-host Jackie Conley on the show to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the hilarious and bonkers sequel Addams Family Values. The Addamses have some blonde villains to fight this time: homicidal golddigger Debbie Jellinsky (played by the perfect Joan Cusack) plus mean girl Amanda Buckman from Camp Chippewa! Is this technically a Thanksgiving movie because of the iconic Thanksgiving camp play, and because of its November release date? Listen to hear what they think. Plus, the movie Look Who's Talking Now gets a special mention!
What's this? What's this? This is another Halloween-themed episode! Mark welcomes actress and producer Heather Drew on the show to reunite after working together on Sticks, and to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Nightmare Before Christmas, the groundbreaking, detailed, Oscar-nominated stop-motion Disney film that was directed by Henry Selick (not Tim Burton, like some people think!). The story of Jack Skellington and Sally opened wide in US theaters on October 29, 1993, when Mark saw it in the theater. Heather first watched this on Christmas, which prompts the question: Is this a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie? They ponder what a Nightmare Before Christmas theme park would be like, and should we ever get a sequel?
It's time for some midnight margaritas! Hang onto your husbands, girls, and join this coven because Mark welcomes Sabrina Santoro back on the show to cast a spell and celebrate the 25th anniversary of Practical Magic. The beloved Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman romance-drama-comedy-thriller was released on October 16, 1998 and brought Alice Hoffman's book to life under the direction of Griffin Dunne, giving us a beautiful house (that Barbra Streisand wanted to buy), great hair and fashion, and a soundtrack and score that can't be ignored (we hear you, Stevie Nicks and Alan Silvestri). Even if we don't see the appeal of Aidan Quinn, you'll see the appeal of this episode for Halloween!
Lucky for you, Miss Thang, this episode is a real scream for Friday the 13th (in October)! Mark welcomes horror experts Tim Murdock & Matt Emert from the Happy Horror Time podcast to take a trip to spooky Pendleton University and celebrate the 25th anniversary of Urban Legend! The Jamie Blanks slasher came after Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer, and was released in theaters on September 25th, 1998 starring a cast of familiar faces from both TV (Jordan Catalano!) and horror classics (Chucky and Freddy!). They discuss the over-the-top performances and great dialogue, along with the importance of hair in this movie, from a blonde Joshua Jackson to a redhead leading lady to those campy curls. Plus, Loretta Devine steals our hearts and saves the day as an underrated final girl! And how many times did Tim see this in the theater? Listen if you dare!
It's officially spooky season and we have a perfect chiller to discuss in this 60th episode! Mark welcomes friend and early 90s thriller expert Tarik Flannagan back on the show to take a trip down memory lane to wintry Maine and celebrate the 30th anniversary of the twisted kid movie The Good Son. Our jaws dropped seeing the in-demand Macaulay Culkin shed his cute and clever Kevin McCallister character for the role of creepy and deranged Henry in the Joseph Ruben film, and they're still dropping today! This will put you on the edge of your seat like the actors on the edge of that cliff! PS. We shout out another great Elijah Wood movie: Radio Flyer!
Blade (25th anniversary)

Blade (25th anniversary)


Sink your fangs into this one! Mark welcomes old pal Katie Bruno back on the podcast to show off her movie trivia knowledge and celebrate the 25th anniversary of Marvel's first successful film BLADE. The Wesley Snipes vampire action movie was released in US theaters on August 21, 1998 and raves were never the same. Katie loves this movie, and dreamy Stephen Dorff, so much that her first AOL screen name and email were devoted to villain Deacon Frost, plus her high school English teacher gave her the nickname "Blade," and she even used to write Blade and Buffy fan fiction. Enjoy the start of spooky season with this episode now!
Whoa man! Mark welcomes west coaster OT Garcia back on the show to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Mike Myers mystery comedy So I Married An Axe Murderer. Although it didn't make much money at the box office when it was released in US theaters on July 30, 1993, it made quite an impression over the years and holds up decades later. The San Francisco-set movie gave us sights (that cinematography!), sounds (that amazing 90s soundtrack and jazzy poetry!), and suspense (Ralph!), plus Myers playing two roles and showing off his bum! PS. Mark's dad makes a little cameo to give another comedy from this time, Coneheads, some love.
Come little listeners, the time's come to play! Mark welcomes the Halloween Queen Solana Sorrento back to the show to hop on some brooms (or mops or vaccuums) and rejoice because it's the 30th anniversary of Hocus Pocus! Yes, this movie is basically the Pumpkin Spice of movies, but it cast a spell on them and on millions of people around the world and it never gets old. The two chat about how cool Salem is, the Spielberg connection, original casting ideas, deleted scenes, favorite lines (and incantations), and the scene-stealing Gary and Penny Marshall. Plus, they share their thoughts on the return of the Sanderson Sisters in Hocus Pocus 2 towards the end of this episode. Hang onto your heads!
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