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Get ready, foodies! The original and oldest established Palm Beach restaurant month, Flavor Palm Beach, is right around the corner. It started in 2007 with only 10 restaurants and has grown to an epic showcase of more than 50 diverse establishments from Boca Raton to Tequesta, serving up mouthwatering three to five-course meals. Listen in as we get the inside scoop from Flavor Palm Beach owner, Kerri Paizzi, about this community event that not only offers a spectacular dining experience but also boosts local businesses during the slow-paced month of September.Our culinary exploration doesn't stop there! This episode was filmed at one of Flavor Palm Beach's participating restaurants, La Masseria. Join us as we dive into the tale of Peppe Iuele, one of the owners, and his inspiring journey from Capri, Italy to New York, and now here in Palm Beach Gardens. Peppe brings authentic, traditional Italian flavor and hospitality to South Florida, and we're lucky enough to get a taste. From discussing the unique dishes and decor, including the massive wine wall that tells a unique story, it's a delicious journey you don't want to miss.Peppe tells us about some of La Masseria’s most popular dishes like the homemade stuffed mozzarella prepared fresh every day, and the show-stopping Sgroppino, an Italian cocktail with vodka, lemon sorbet, Prosecco and fresh mint. You'll also get insight into their unique wine selection, featuring a large variety of wines, and we even had a taste of an Arneis from Piedmont, Peppe’s favorite region in Italy.You’ll also learn what the Flavor Palm Beach menu will be at La Masseria: a 3-course dinner, featuring a choice of appetizer, main dish, and dessert, for an incredible deal of just $45! With selections such as fried zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta, and smoked mozzarella, homemade ossobuco ravioli with mushrooms and dry marsala, and homemade tiramisu, it’s bound to be one meal you will never forget.Flavor Palm Beach starts on September 1st — make sure this is on your calendar! Year after year, it just keeps getting better. All of the participating restaurants and menus can be found online at Let's embark on this flavor-packed journey through Palm Beach County's finest restaurants together. Flavor Palm Beach:Website: @flavorpalmbeachLa Masseria:Website: @lamasseriapbShaina Wizov | Food/Lifestyle Blogger, Social Media Influencer and Freelance WriterWebsite: www.takeabiteoutofboca.comInstagram: @takeabiteoutofbocaListen to the Take A Bite Out of South Florida Podcast on Apple, Spotify, and more!YouTube: Take A Bite Out of South Florida
This week, we're hanging out at Lionfish in Downtown Delray with Justin, Sales and Events Specialist at Menin Development, the local developer that owns and operates Lionfish.We’re chatting about everything from the restaurant’s modern coastal cuisine, sustainability practices and love of partnering with the community, to the new happy hour and Rosé Brunch, and of course, cocktails — especially the one that comes with a commemorative and adorable puffer fish glass. Justin has only been in Delray for a couple years, but has definitely found his footing. He is shaking up the private event scene in Delray, offering locals and visitors a variety of venue options for just about any kind of party or event you can think of.We discuss the importance of offering an inclusive menu and having well-educated staff, and then stir up the conversation with insights into the world of event planning. Justin shares stories from his career in the events industry, revealing the secrets behind creating unforgettable experiences and the importance of fostering a unique atmosphere for guests. Finally, Justin shares details about other Menin properties, such as family-friendly Crane's Beach House, neighborhood hangout Johnnie Brown’s, Michelin-chef-run Akira Back, and the modern and chic Ray Hotel and its rooftop restaurant, Rosewater. He also reveals exciting news about an upcoming tequila pairing dinner at Lionfish and new menu items, including a fresh spin on their famous lionfish ceviche. You’ll be hungry for more after listening to our food-centric chat with Justin. Tune in to learn more about what’s to come at Lionfish and how Justin and the Menin team can make all your event dreams come true. Don’t forget to drop us a five-star rating and review!Contact Shaina Wizov: Email: takeabiteoutofboca@gmail.comInstagram: Website: LinkedIn: Lionfish:Instagram:
Today’s episode invites you into the dining room of a Boca Raton staple for over 32 years, Max’s Grille. Executive Chef Mike Casari is here to share his riveting journey from the kitchens of New Jersey to the sun-soaked shores of Florida. This is not just about his past, but also the incredible experiences he's had along the way, including his time cooking for none other than Lady Gaga and her family!We’ll also talk about the deep connection Max's Grille has forged with its clientele over the decades, and remains a favorite among locals and visitors. Even our host, Shaina, has been dining at Max’s Grille since she was a little girl during her family trips to Boca.Get ready to wine and dine as Chef Mike takes us through his favorite restaurants in the area, with a special mention of the innovative menu by Executive Chef Jason Binder at MIA Kitchen & Bar and the acclaimed Oceano Kitchen run by husband-and-wife team Jeremy and Cindy Bearman. Chef Mike also shares his best tips for pairing the perfect glass of wine with a dish, ensuring every meal is a symphony of flavors!But it's not all food and wine. We also take a peek behind the scenes of the restaurant business, exposing the nuances and nitty-gritty details. Chef Mike is candid about his journey, from working in a deli to attending culinary school. He shares his experiences with the new dry-aged meat program at Max’s Grille, and dishes on his favorite menu items to cook. It's a captivating and enlightening discussion that will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the culinary world. So, pull up a chair, pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine, and join us on this delectable journey.Contact Shaina Wizov: Email: takeabiteoutofboca@gmail.comInstagram: Website: LinkedIn: Contact Chef Mike Casari:Email: mcasari@maxsgrille.comInstagram: @chefmikecasari, @chefsofmaxsgrille, @maxs_grilleWebsite: 
Ready to embark on a mouth-watering journey through South Florida's vibrant food scene? Join us for an appetizing discussion with our esteemed guest, food critic Michael Mayo. We're serving up a conversation garnished with insight into the art of food critique, ensuring fairness, and considering the perspective of those behind the kitchen doors. Get ready to jot down places to visit as we share our favorite local haunts, from the lip-smacking barbecue of Hong's in Davie to the New Haven-style pizza in Delray, and more.  As we taste our way through the second half of our chat with Michael, we turn our forks toward the ever-changing restaurant scene. We dish on today's trends, from  Instagrammable photo ops and decor to the atmosphere shift in supermarkets due to Latin and Caribbean influences. We'll also let you in on a little secret: the unexpected food goldmine that is the Sunday picnic pack from the Presidente Market. As we end our gastronomic journey, we talk about the need for mindfulness and courtesy while dining - a gentle reminder that enjoying a meal is about more than just the food. So, grab a plate, pull up a seat, and let's dig into this delicious discourse.Contact Shaina Wizov: Email: takeabiteoutofboca@gmail.comInstagram: Website: LinkedIn: Michael Mayo:Email:  mikemayoeats@gmail.comInstagram:
Ever wondered how food tours can enhance your travel experience? Join us for an unforgettable conversation with Matt Guidice and Anthony Guzman, co-founders of Craft Food Tours, and Kristl Story, the owner of West Palm Beach Food Tours, as they walk us through the unique blend of history, culture, and cuisine that food tours offer. You'll even find out why taking a food tour at the beginning of your trip is a must-try travel hack!  Discover how Craft Food Tours selects their mouth-watering restaurant stops, the importance of fair wages and tipping servers, and how South Florida's rich culture and history play a part in the tour experience. We also share insights on the success of Craft Food Tours, the thrill of seeing an ROI from the tours, and the joy of uncovering amazing new eateries. Don't miss our chat on West Palm Beach Food Tours four unique tours that showcase the vibrant flavors of South Florida, from historic neighborhood tours to market explorations.  Finally, prepare to be inspired by our most memorable experiences on food tours and favorite restaurants in South Florida. Whether it's veal cheeks braised in gravy in Spain, a private food tour in Bangkok, or a delightful Parisian picnic, our stories reveal the one-of-a-kind moments we've savored. So come along as we take a bite out of South Florida's food scene through the eyes of Craft Food Tours and West Palm Beach Food Tours!Contact Shaina Wizov: Email: takeabiteoutofboca@gmail.comInstagram: Website: LinkedIn: Craft Food Tours:IG: @craftfoodtoursContact West Palm Beach Food Tours:IG: @westpalmbeachfoodtours
Go "beyond the bites" and learn more about the host of Take A Bite Out of South Florida, Shaina Wizov, and what brought her to South Florida, how she started her blogging career, and what drove her to want to start the podcast.Contact Shaina Wizov: Email: takeabiteoutofboca@gmail.comInstagram: Website: LinkedIn:
Today's show welcomes Rapoport's Restaurant Group Director of PR and Marketing, Amber Pollitt, and Deck 84's new Chef de Cuisine, Katt Dreyfuss, a recent winner of Food Network's Guys Grocery Games, and a self-taught chef whose first cooking job was in 2-star Michelin restaurant. We're diving into Chef Katt's unique background and experiences, the new sushi program and redesign at Deck 84, and other exciting summer happenings, and we even dish out some of our favorite Delray Beach restaurants.Contact Shaina Wizov: Email: takeabiteoutofboca@gmail.comInstagram: Website: LinkedIn: Amber Pollitt, Director of PR and Marketing (Rapoport's Restaurant Group)Katt Dreyfuss, Chef de Cuisine (Deck 84)Contact:Email: apollitt@rapoportsrg.comInstagram:
Michael Mayo is an award-winning food critic, digital creator, and South Florida-based journalist with over three decades of experience in newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, and social media. Join us as we talk about all things South Florida food! Mike reveals some of his favorite local restaurants, and we share the dish on the Let's Eat South Florida Facebook page and the Best of Delray Beach app.Contact Shaina Wizov: Email: takeabiteoutofboca@gmail.comInstagram: Website: LinkedIn: Michael Mayo:Email:  mikemayoeats@gmail.comInstagram:
Hi! Welcome to the “Take A Bite Out of South Florida” podcast. I’m Shaina Wizov and I’ll be your host as we explore the vibrant food scene here in South Florida. Each episode will welcome guests from across the hospitality industry, like chefs, restaurant owners, mixologists, event producers, food journalists, influencers, and bloggers to engage in casual and lighthearted conversations that will make your taste buds dance. Listen in for stories, restaurant and event news, insider tips, and exciting giveaway opportunities. Whether you’re a seasoned foodie, a curious traveler, or simply on the hunt for great eats, this podcast is for you. It’s all about giving South Florida locals and visitors a fun and interactive way to participate and stay up to date on the local food and drink scene. Join us on Apple, Spotify, or your favorite podcast platform, and let’s take a big bite out of South Florida together!
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