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Towards A Deeper Life

Author: Maverick

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Welcome to Towards a Deeper Life.

This podcast explores concepts, texts, and systems of thought while reflecting on how these ideas can enrich your life and offer a deeper way to think about yourself and the world around you.

2 Episodes
Today’s episode focuses on the concepts of worldspaces and worldviews. A worldspace is “the sum total of stimuli that can be responded to (i.e., that have actual meaning or impact or registration)” (Ken Wilber, Sex, Ecology, Spirituality, 540, n13). And a worldview is the lens that helps us organize the large amount of information and sense data that we experience in a way that is meaningful and digestible.We will explore how to connect with someone in a different worldspace, the limitations ...
Welcome to Towards A Deeper Life. This episode is meant to provide a background on what the goals of this podcast are, what I will be covering, and my qualifications for discussing such topics.If you have any questions or comments, please email me at you for listening