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As the multipolar world steadily gains ground, Africa's role in it is
growing side by side. Welcome to AfroVerdict where you hear the voices
of Africa’s youth, experts and prominent figures expressing their take
on issues from around the world and on the continent.
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AfroVerdict host brings you the second part of the highlights from the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum, which took place on June 4-8. The conversations with high-ranking guests involved BRICS interactions, African economies, as well as Africa-Russia relations and areas of cooperation.
AfroVerdict host brings you the first part of the highlights from the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum, which took place on June 4-8. The conversations with high-ranking guests and renowned experts involved energy security in Africa, the effects of sanctions and countering them, as well as Africa-Russia relations and business.
While the world tries to find a balance between economic growth and nature conservation, South Africa intends to challenge the EU's carbon levy on imported goods. CEO of a pollution eradication startup joins AfroVerdict to analyse the impact of the EU's levy on the economies of developing countries.
South African general elections took place on 29 May, with the voting results defining the country's future trajectory. South African political analyst joins AfroVerdict to examine the visions of the main rival parties and the general potential outcome for South Africa's future government.
Africa is taking a more prominent position in assisting the world in space exploration. Additionally, space science and technology is an innovative approach to finding solutions to Africa's challenges. AfroVerdict host joins the CEO of South Africa's National Space Agency to discuss Africa's prospects in space science and technology.
AfroVerdict featues an interview with an Ethiopian expert about the significance of Africa Day and what methods the continent can use to solve pressing issues. Likewise, a South African academic speaks about the way multipolarity can boost Africa on the global arena.
Mesquite seedpods make for an excellent and healthy hot drink similar to coffee, but without the caffeine and with health benefits for diabetics. AfroVerdict host joins Brandt Coetzee, the founder of MannaBrew - a company that produces this drink whilst simultaneously getting rid of the mesquite tree - an invasive species to South Africa.
Vladimir Putin met with Xi Jinping in China on May 17, where both leaders reaffirmed their long-lasting friendship and progressive relations between the two countries. AfroVerdict joins two international relations experts to dissect the statements made by the heads of state and why the West is not always happy with this friendship.
On May 7, Vladimir Putin re-assumed his role as the President of the Russian Federation. AfroVerdict host joins a Moroccan political scientist to determine how Putin's new presidential term will affect the international arena and the African continent in particular.
Illegal mining in the DRC once again raises its ugly head from the shadows as we remember the country's lawsuit against Apple for sourcing illegally and unethically mined minerals. AfroVerdict host joins an author of a paper about the use of child labour in coltan extraction to discuss the solutions for illegal mining practices.
Against the backdrop of International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace, AfroVerdict host joins a Nigerian expert in international relations to explore how multilateral diplomacy can help Africa face its challenges.
On April 13-14, the world watched in fear as Iran launched a flotilla of drones at Israel for the latter attacking Iran's consulate in Syria. At the UN, Iran demanded condemnation for Israel, however all that was granted were calls not to escalate the situation. AfroVerdict joins an expert in Middle Eastern affairs to analyze the conflict.
US petroleum giant Chevron seems to disregard the very agreements it signs with the host regions wherein it operates. AfroVerdict host joins two representatives of the Itsekeri people to understand how neocolonialist tendencies surface yet again, as Chevron refuses to hire local professionals and opts for Nigerians from other regions.
On Tuesday, April 7, a Ukrainian drone damaged part of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant located in south-western Russia. AfroVerdict host joins three political experts to analyse the dangers of the incident and reasons for the West failing to hold Ukraine accountable for its actions.
On the sidelines of the Multipolarity Forum held in Moscow from 26 February to 27 February, #AfroVerdict host spoke to numerous delegates from Uganda, Somalia, Kenya and South Africa about the importance of multipolarity for the continent, the reasons for Western resistance to this idea and the benefits of more African countries joining BRICS.
During the 2023 BRICS Summit, Ethiopia and Egypt were the two countries that joined the bloc, despite many expecting Nigeria to be the main contestant. AfroVerdict host joins a Nigerian legal practitioner to weigh up the potential benefits of Nigeria joining the group.
The 37th AU Summit saw its conclusion on February 18, with multiple global issues addressed by heads of states and regional organization representatives. AfroVerdict features key regional figures to discuss SWIFT alternatives, the crisis in ECOWAS, regional conflicts and more.
Moscow hosted the Forum of Supporters of the Struggle Against Modern Practices of Neocolonialism with African representatives stating their solutions to resisting neocolonialist tendencies of the West. ZANU PF party member and South African Communist Party National Spokesperson join AfroVerdict with insights.
As the G7 further targets Russia with sanctions on the country's diamond exports, global diamond suppliers warn of possible consequences of the sanctions on the diamond market and African countries reliant on supply of the gem. AfroVerdict host sits down with a minerals expert to examine this issue from inside Africa.
As the whole world finds itself consumed in discussion of Tucker Carlson's interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, AfroVerdict host sits down with a political economist and international relations expert to bring some insight from Africa. Why is mainstream media so up-in-arms? What will access to Putin's views bring the world?