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Gladness & Hunger with Leanne W. Smith

Author: Leanne W. Smith

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Inspirational fiction author Leanne W. Smith sits down with key individuals to discuss their vocational stories and how their personal gladness meets the world's deep hunger. Geared to writers, students, and story lovers, this podcast will inspire those on their own vocational journeys. Smith is also a professor in Lipscomb University's College of Business in Nashville, TN with a heart to teach students how to get jobs and build sustainable careers that actually feed their soul.

17 Episodes
From the time he was a kid, there was something different about Kenneth Robinson. Kenneth is one of four boys who all played college football. Three of them, including Kenneth, went on to play professionally. But what he really loved best was reading quietly at home. His thirst for learning and the chance to mold others through the blessings of his own curiosity would lead him to his current role in education where he has an on-going opportunity to pour wisdom into others.Find links to ...
In this episode, I talk about my personal storms of the past five years. While I love sharing other people’s stories and the wisdoms they’ve learned, I am not at all comfortable sharing my own. But for reasons I cannot explain, I felt called to begin this season stepping into a little more vulnerability. If you’ve had recent storms in your own life, may these words kindle your hope for the possibility that sun will follow rain.Find links to all my podcasts at
Petchell Luepke and I were paired on a service project in the spring of 2022, and it was evident from the get-go this woman had a boatload of passion. But it wasn’t until months later that I realized she had a superpower. As a Gallup certified career coach, Petchell leverages her strengths to offer others clarity into their own. She has taught me, for example, to pair my “maximizer” with “strategic” to achieve my next book publication goal. Listen in and learn how you, too, can leverage your ...
Rob Touchstone has been busy. In the last decade, he co-founded The Well Coffeehouses, launched a Business as Mission program, and now directs Lipscomb’s Center for Vocational Discovery. Rob’s deep gladness truly has intersected with the world’s deep hunger—and thirst—in more ways than one. Come join us as we talk about insights he has gained on his unique vocational journey.Find links to all my podcasts at
In a season when most people wind down after reaching the apex of their careers, Phil & Melissa Roe have chosen a different path. They bought a farm just outside of Franklin, TN and transformed it into a spiritual retreat center. Tune in as we talk about trusting God when you feel called to unexpected new ventures.Find links to all my podcasts at
In this episode it is my honor to talk with Jennifer Pagel, a forever friend of 26 years, who has been on a ministry path all her life. We talk about the healing importance of being fully seen, fully known, and fully loved. She is warmth, wisdom, beauty, and light, and I’m so happy to get to share her with you.Find links to all my podcasts at
God was at work for this episode. It went like this: Norma, my beloved mentor who moved to Costa Rica, came into my mind sharply on a Tuesday morning. I texted her. Turned out, she was in Nashville only for a day, and it just so happened (God, I see You) she had only enough time on Wednesday to fill a studio slot that just opened up. As a mentor, Norma has showed me repeatedly the power of seizing the day. Listen in and be inspired.Find links to all my podcasts at
In this episode I interview Brooke O’Dell, owner of Sugar Drop sweet supply shop. It was a joy to learn how Brooke’s passion for welcoming folks to the table was cultivated in a small Texas town. Brooke’s sense of style and wizardry skills in the kitchen are unparalleled. Listen in, then drive on over to Sugar Drop for a double sweet treat.Find links to all my podcasts at
Ami McConnell is a book doctor. She is widely known and deeply appreciated in publishing circles. In 2018 she launched WriterFest Nashville, an annual 2-day gathering of creatives of book, song, and film. Ami shares in this episode that words were always her playground and that from an early age she recognized that she could stand in the gap for the author and reader. She’s also the host of the WriterFest with Ami McConnell podcast. Listen in, and you’re sure to be blessed.Find links to ...
In this episode, I explore why the fiction I write and the practical truths I teach are the resonate notes in my own lifesong. It seems everyone has at least one theme that runs like an underground stream in their lives—something that strikes a particularly resonant note for them. Talk to anyone long enough, and you may see an undercurrent start to emerge.Find links to all my podcasts at
When I invited Aidan to be a guest on this podcast, I told him, “I love hearing how God works in people's lives, and the joy I imagine He feels in watching us give back to the world the very gifts He has given to each of us.” Though Aidan is still young, it’s already clear how God has been shaping him to make positive waves in the world. His story reflects well the spirit and intent of the G&H podcast, providing a powerful close-out to our first season of conversations.For links to ...
Tom Bancroft, a former Disney animator, is helping put Nashville on the map of the animation business. One of my favorite insights from Tom in this episode is when he discusses the importance of moving past the copying stage to actually creating. Tom’s twin brother, Tony, is also a Disney animator…hence the (x2) in the title…who has recently joined him on the faculty at Lipscomb. Listen to find out the early influences that helped shape the fascinating careers of this one-of-a-kind partnershi...
This episode of G&H holds a special place in my heart, for in it, I have the honor of interviewing Isaac Horn and Lincoln Mick (my son-in-law) of The Arcadian Wild. The musical score of this podcast comes from a song called Spring: Wake by TAW, the first release from their Principium album. Here we explore the themes of invitation and what it means to be an artist partnering with God to lean into the talents He has given to each of us. For links to all my podcasts, visit
Having received most of broadcast journalism's top awards including three Peabody awards, two National Headliner awards, a duPont-Columbia citation, and the Robert F. Kennedy award for a year-long investigative effort, Alan Griggs has a storied career. He met U.S. president Jimmy Carter. He hired Robin Roberts, beloved morning show host, early in her career. Despite his numerous accomplishments, Alan remains highly approachable and disarmingly candid at times. He has entered a second career i...
I had my first real conversation with Dr. Leonard Allen, dean of the College of Bible and Ministry at Lipscomb, on a bus trip in 2014. In this episode I learned new insights about Leonard. He was born to be a truth-seeker. His vocational focus was shaped by early influences, like Tiger’s Milk. And he is using his own influence to hire outward-facing faculty to ensure that the pursuit of religious and intellectual truth continues strong into the future. Leonard's latest book, which we talk abo...
A few years ago, a woman in Missouri offered her home for a house show. She didn’t even know the band she was inviting in, but she did know some ardent fans who wanted them to play in Kansas City, so she graciously offered her home as both stage and lodge.It was the start of a beautiful friendship that spread from the band to my daughter to me. Long before I met her, I knew Kendra shone with a special light. It was my honor to interview her as my first guest, a fellow writer working on her fi...
Welcome to my new podcast! In this first episode, I talk about the power of a life plan, what posture can do for you, the job offer God brought Moses and how he was the most uniquely qualified candidate for the role. Lastly, we’ll explore a critical question God asks Moses in his job interview—a question we would all do well to ask ourselves: “What’s in your hand?” Find links to all my podcasts at