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Author: Rob Westwood-Payne

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Battle Ready Sermons
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Summary Unveiling the mystery of the Everlasting Father, ‘Everlasting Father: The Grand Event in Motion, Jesus Revealed’. Embrace the divine connection! Notes on the Sermon: […]
Summary Jesus: The Mighty God – Unwavering Confidence In His Power. Notes on the Sermon: Mighty God in Christianity: The Unwavering Confidence We Find in […]
#WonderfulCounsellor #FoundationOfHope #MentalWellness #FaithBlog #JesusTeachings In these chaotic times full of uncertainty, let's tap into the wisdom of the "Wonderful Counsellor". Our latest sermon titled "Wonderful Counsellor: How Jesus Establishes a Foundation of Hope" gathers insights into finding light in the darkness. It's about taking comfort in knowing you have a reliable counsellor - a beacon of hope 🕯 that never goes out. Click the link to delve into this comforting narrative.
#GodIsNeverTooBusy #Prayers #GodCares #SpiritualJourney #Sermon Imagine having the full attention of the universe's creator, anytime and anywhere. This is the astounding truth about our relationship with God. Our new sermon podcast 'God Is Never Too Busy To Be Interrupted By You' serves as a reminder that your voice does not drown in the sea of prayers. Share your thoughts, fears, and dreams - because God is always ready to listen. Pause, Pray, and Power Up! 🌟✨