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Thoma Bravo’s Behind the Deal podcast takes you behind the scenes of one of the largest software investors in the world. You'll hear the strategies and stories behind building Thoma Bravo’s portfolio of innovative, industry-leading software and technology companies. Presented by Orlando Bravo, “Wall Street’s best dealmaker” (Forbes), each episode offers a first-person account from the deal leads and CEOs that forged some of the largest software acquisitions at Thoma Bravo to date, and how they partnered together to innovate and grow those companies.

Go ‘behind the deal’ to learn how these deals came together, gaining insight on how Thoma Bravo helps great companies do even greater things.

Head to for information on the podcast, show notes, and more.

17 Episodes
ConnectWise is an industry-leading robust platform of software built for technology solutions providers (TSPs) to run their entire as-a-service business. Their solutions help managed service providers (MSPs) outsource their help desk, billing, and other IT services to small and medium-sized businesses so that they can focus on their products, not IT problems. Thoma Bravo Partner Mike Hoffmann sits down with ConnectWise CEO Jason Magee to discuss their partnership and the importance of a shared vision when taking a founder-led business to the next level. For more information on Thoma Bravo's Behind the Deal, visit Learn more about Thoma Bravo: Visit ConnectWise's website:
In this Beyond the Deal mini-sode, Thoma Bravo Managing Partner Scott Crabill and J.D. Power President and CEO David Habiger’s conversation goes deeper than just their business partnership. The two give insight into their career paths, what failure has taught them, and where they might be today if they weren’t in business together. For more information on Thoma Bravo's Behind the Deal, visit Learn more about Thoma Bravo: Visit J.D. Power's website:
J.D. Power has nearly 80% name recognition for its awards, but its data business is the real hidden gem. In this episode, Thoma Bravo Managing Partner Scott Crabill sits down with J.D. Power’s CEO David Habiger to discuss how the company is bringing together the fragmented auto industry, and how Thoma Bravo has partnered with J.D. Power on acquisition strategy, merging two world-class companies, and flattening organizational structure.  The conversation then broadens to include what it was like to navigate a merger during a global pandemic and how to put the right people in the right leadership positions. You’ll also hear insights on the latest auto trends, including electric and autonomous vehicles, connected cars, and shifting retail models. For more information on Thoma Bravo's Behind the Deal, visit Learn more about Thoma Bravo: Visit J.D. Power's website:
In this Beyond the Deal mini-sode, Thoma Bravo Senior Partner A.J. Rohde and Syntellis CEO Flint Brenton’s conversation continues outside the bounds of their partnership. The two discuss tough customer calls, their favorite software sectors, and who they’re rooting for this season in the NBA. For more information on Thoma Bravo's Behind the Deal, visit Learn more about Thoma Bravo: Visit Syntellis's website:
In the Season Two premiere, a behind-the-scenes journey with Thoma Bravo Senior Partner A.J. Rohde to discuss our deal to acquire and carve out Syntellis, a performance management software business, from its parent company, Kaufman Hall Software. By partnering with Madison Dearborn, Thoma Bravo crafted a strategic business plan to carve out Syntellis into a standalone company. A.J. speaks with Syntellis CEO Flint Brenton, a five-time successful software CEO, about how Flint ultimately became the leader of Syntellis after a breakfast meetup in a small Californian diner, and how their shared Midwestern sensibility has led to a successful partnership, ultimately selling Syntellis to Roper Technologies in 2023. This episode underlines the significance of forming strategic partnerships, fostering a robust company culture, and even picking the right headquarters in the middle of the Covid pandemic. For more information on Thoma Bravo's Behind the Deal, visit Learn more about Thoma Bravo: Visit Syntellis's website:
For even more inside looks at some of the firm’s biggest deals, Thoma Bravo’s Behind the Deal returns for Season 2. This season, Thoma Bravo partners will sit down with portfolio company CEOs from acquisitions like J.D. Power, ConnectWise, and Syntellis to give a behind the scenes look at some of the carve outs, acquisitions and mergers that have helped make Thoma Bravo the world’s largest tech-buyout firm.
In the Season One finale of Thoma Bravo’s Behind The Deal, Thoma Bravo Partner Andrew Almeida connects with Thoma Bravo Founder and Managing Partner Orlando Bravo who shares his stories of success and trial and error in building Thoma Bravo. In the interview, Andrew helps listeners get to know Orlando beyond the dealmaking, as he shares inspiring stories about his mentors Carl Thoma and Marcel Bernard, tactics for staying positive and pragmatic in the face of problems, and how he applies the lessons from being a parent to his professional career.
AppOmni is a leader in securing SaaS applications. In this episode, Thoma Bravo Partner Tre Sayle talks with AppOmni Co-founder and CEO Brendan O’Connor about how AppOmni has tripled in size in the year since their partnership with the Thoma Bravo Growth team began.
Veriforce is a global provider of contract management software for industrial markets. In this episode, Thoma Bravo Partner Hudson Smith speaks with Veriforce CEO Colby Lane about how Veriforce expanded to almost five times its original size in under five years by an acquisition process that brought Veriforce together with PEC Safety.
Circle CVI is the global leader in cardiac imaging solutions used by some of the world’s leading hospitals and physicians. In this episode, Thoma Bravo Partner Carl Press speaks with Co-Founder and CEO Greg Ogrodnick about how Thoma Bravo backed Circle CVI, a category leader in a small but very growing category of healthcare, and how their one year partnership has flourished as a result.
Quorum’s suite of software solutions for the oil, gas, and renewable energy sectors is designed to cover each area of their business - from planning, operations, accounting, measurement, transportation, and logistics. Thoma Bravo Partner Tara Gadgil speaks with former Quorum CEO Gene Austin about their partnership and how they weathered the storm of the global pandemic by continuing to invest in their product and serve it’s customers effectively in a difficult time.
Thoma Bravo Managing Partner Holden Spaht tells the story of how CEO Noel Goggin turned Conga into a market leader for commercial operations transformation by focusing on company culture and customers.
Majesco is a leader in providing technology and software solutions for the life, property, and casualty insurance business. In this episode, Thoma Bravo Senior Partner AJ Rohde speaks with Majesco CEO Adam Elster about how the company partnered with Thoma Bravo to use the speed of private equity to expedite the digitization of the insurance industry.
Apryse is a leading provider of document processing technology for developers and enterprises. On this episode of Thoma Bravo’s Behind The Deal, Apryse CEO Cassidy Smirnow and Thoma Bravo Operating Partner Kristin Weston reflect on how Cassidy has led the company through a total rebrand and has achieved accelerated growth with high margins as a result.
SailPoint Co-Founder and CEO Mark McClain speaks with Thoma Bravo Managing Partner Seth Boro about how they forged a relationship that led to Thoma Bravo’s first ever IPO of a portfolio company, and eventually acquiring SailPoint twice over the course of a decade.
Join Orlando Bravo, founder and managing partner of Thoma Bravo - one of the largest software investors in the world - for stories behind some of its biggest and most dynamic acquisitions. From Orlando Bravo: “At Thoma Bravo, we partner with great technology companies to help them do even greater things. Over the past 20 years, the firm has acquired or invested in more than 420 companies, and behind every one of these deals is a unique story, and that’s what this podcast is all about.” Every episode, listeners will be introduced to top CEOs in its portfolio, along with the deal lead at Thoma Bravo to hear their first-hand account of the challenges and wins behind their partnership. From working collaboratively with existing management teams to driving innovation and growth, listeners will get a unique perspective on what really happens behind the scenes of private equity investing. If you would like to learn more about Thoma Bravo, head to
Thoma Bravo Managing Partner Scott Crabill details how ABC Fitness quadrupled their client base after Thoma Bravo acquired the fitness technology company in 2018, and then discusses how ABC’s go-to-market strategy was transformed and taken to the next level with ABC Fitness CEO Bill Davis.
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I thoroughly enjoyed listening to "Thoma Bravo's Behind the Deal." It offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of private equity and the intricate workings of one of the most prominent firms in the industry. The discussions between key players in various deals provide valuable insights into the decision-making processes and strategies that drive Thoma Bravo's success. The podcast's in-depth analysis of the technology sector, where Thoma Bravo has a strong presence, is particularly insightful. The episodes shed light on how the firm identifies opportunities, manages risk, and creates value through its investments. For anyone interested in finance, private equity, or technology, this podcast is a must-listen.

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Thanks for the Awesome information!

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