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The Beautiful News Podcast is a show that invites listeners to engage in compelling and controversial conversations about Christianity. Find out more information at:

Each episode features thought-provoking discussions about topics that matter to Christians, such as the significance of the Bible, God's Nature, as well as culturally charged questions like addressing the LGBTQ+, the role of women in the church, and how science and the scriptures fit together. The hosts and guests approach these topics with curiosity, humility, and a commitment to exploring dynamic perspectives.

The podcast guests come from various backgrounds, including pastors, scholars, activists, and ordinary Christians who have dealt with these issues in their personal lives. They share their experiences and insights, challenging the listeners' assumptions and expanding their understanding of what it means to follow Jesus.

Through these conversations, the podcast hopes to create a space where listeners can grapple with challenging questions that are often unasked in Christian communities. Honest and respectful dialogue can help us grow in our faith, deepen our relationships with others, and live more fully into the beautiful truth of the Gospel.

Listeners, whether lifelong Christians or curious about Christianity, are invited to join the podcast on this journey of growth and discovery. The podcast is an opportunity to seek the truth together, and through this process, gain a deeper appreciation for the beauty of the Christian faith. The truth is beautiful.

36 Episodes
Luke 2:8-10 Ok we are finally back! It's been a few days but we have a lot more to share, so join us as we look at the terrifying encounter that the shepherds had that special night!
Luke 3:23-28 First, yes, I will read the entire genealogy of Jesus! and second, if you have ever wondered with this one is different from the one in Matthew, then this is an episode you want to hear. Why does Luke go all the way to Adam in his list? Where did he get his information from? How does it relate to the gospel? It's all here in today's podcast!
Matthew 1:1-16 Genealogies matter. Sometimes, they are hard to get interested in when you're reading the bible. But this is no ordinary list of names here! What is the curse of Jeconiah? Why are there non-Israelite women mentioned in the list? What does it have to do with Jesus if this is the genealogy of Joseph? We will tackle these questions and more in today's episode!
Matthew 1:22-24Ah, it appears that all of this was already foretold nearly 800 years before Jesus was born! Why do some people think that the word for virgin doesn't mean virgin? What does an ancient prophecy spoken to Ahaz have to do with Mary and Jesus? You don't want to miss this episode as we get even closer to Christmas
Luke 1:67-79 Welcome back to the second part of this episode in the Dyess living room. Zechariah is now able to speak again, and there will be some things said here that only a child can say with a straight face.
Luke 1:55-66For day 7 and 8, we are going back into the Dyess living room to see the story of the naming of John through the eyes of a child!
Luke 1:34-38In Part 2 of Mary's encounter with an angel, we invite you to join us and our family as we explore the impossibility of a virgin becoming pregnant
Luke 1:26-33In this special episode, you are invited to enter our home as we discuss the story of advent with our own children!
Luke 1:18-25We've all struggled at times to believe in miracles. But how could Zechariah doubt while looking into the face of Gabriel? Listen in to discover more to the story
Luke 1:10-17Here we are on December 2nd! Things just went from interesting to miraculous!
Luke 1:5-9Nobody would have guessed that the story of Christmas starts with a man winning a sort of lottery, but that's just how Luke begins this adventure!
Direct from Matthew 22, Jesus now turns the tables on the pharisees and reveals what is, in fact, the at the very heart of the Christian faith. Tune into this message that was given Sunday, Nov 12, 2023 at Grace MBC
What is the Royal Law? How are we to obey it? Who is my neighbor? Listen in to part 2 of the question of the "Greatest Commandment." This message was shared on Sunday, Nov 5, 2023 at Grace MBC.
Love the Lord your God

Love the Lord your God


This message was preached Sunday, Oct 29th, 2023, in Stillwater, OK. In it, Pastor Adam shares some practical insights into obeying the greatest command in all of the Bible: To Love the LORD your God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength.
This message was preached Sunday, October 15, 2023.Matthew 22:23-33
Man of Valor

Man of Valor


Listen in to one of the messages from Lionhearted 2023! Do you feel like you are not capable? Are you ever asking, 'where is God in all this'? Are you waiting for your first assignment? It's all in Judges 6
In this special episode, Adam and Collier tackle one of the most important and difficult dilemmas in the Bible. How do verses like Ezekiel 18:20 and Proverbs 17:15 harmonize with the Gospel? If God always justly punishes the guilty and vindicates the innocent, how is the Innocent Jesus able to suffer in our place? You will want to hear the answer to this one!
Be a sheep

Be a sheep


Here is a sermon preached in late 2023 from the pulpit of Grace MBC. In it, Pastor Adam shares what Jesus meant in the famous parable of the Goats and in Sheep in Matthew 25.
Is God a Trinity?

Is God a Trinity?


In the latest episode from Beautiful News, Adam and Collier consider one of the oldest and also controversial descriptions of God that there is, namely, One God in Three distinct Persons. What does it even mean? Is this something that the bible declares? Do you have to believe it to be a Christian? How can we even understand something like the Trinity? How does this help me practically to love my family more? Listen to the end and you may be surprised at some of the implications that the Triu...
In this final episode on the question of "What is God?", Collier and Adam address the last word in the Westminster Catechism answer, truth. Is there such a thing as truth? Can God lie? You will find this and more on the latest episode of the Beautiful News Podcast