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Dustin shares how influential sports and family on his road to recovery. Dustin also talks about what recovery is like for those are professionals in the community and in the public eye.We then chat about the difference between codependency and health adult attachment.The chat then shifts to role sports can play from positive team building stance to a toxic male masculinity stance.  Dustin has come a long was a person, father and professional. Please give some love to our sponsor. the show
Jewles shares her story about her path to recovery where she battled substance use disorder, for custody of her children, abuse, mental health all while fighting for her life. Her courage and resiliency is truly remarkable. She is a diamond in the rough We discuss her struggles and stigma relating to with mental health, when it wasn't widely accepted as it is today. She is truly an incredibly kind and wonderful person that is doing amazing things in the recovery community today. Give a little love to our sponsor! the show
Kayla shares her story about being in the throws of substances use disorder. Coming to terms with her addiction was the hardest thing she has ever done. Kayla is living proof that the road to recovery is not linear. She also tells us why it is so important not to judge others based on their past, but rather on who they are today. We then discuss the stigma around addiction, changes that are being made in the community, the neuroscience of addiction and some tough choices.Kayla is proof that recovery is possibleDon’t forget about our sponsor! the show
Our first podcast episode! We welcome our first guest Bryan Tucker!Bryan shares his story about his battle with substances use disorder. He shares about everything from trauma, rejection, attempted suicide, family and who he has become today in the face of adversity.  Bryan and I then discuss rejection, toxic male masculinity, the recovery community, what he is doing to help others and much much more! Bryan continues to recover loudly while working in corrections and helping others who have similar storiesSupport the show
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