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Autism is a complex neurodevelopmental condition that affects millions of people worldwide.
It is characterized by difficulties in social interaction, communication, and repetitive behaviors.
Although autism is becoming more widely recognized, there is still a lack of understanding and awareness surrounding the condition.
As a result, many individuals and families affected by autism struggle to find the support and resources they need.
Why Not Me The World podcast aims to bridge that gap by providing valuable information and insights into autism, fostering empathy and understanding, and promoting acceptance and inclusion. 
Nashville based Music Producer Tony Mantor explores the remarkable impact his guests make by empowering their voices in spreading awareness about autism and helping break down the barriers of understanding. 
Join Mantor and his guests as they delve into the world of autism and explore topics such as diagnosis, treatment, research, and personal stories. 
Together, we can create a more informed and compassionate society for individuals with autism.


11 Episodes
When we think about autism, we often forget that it's not just the individuals on the spectrum who need to adapt; it's also up to us, the neurotypicals, to learn how to interact with them. Join us for a profound discussion with Hope McPheeters, a mother of two kids on the autism spectrum. She navigates us through her personal journey, from the realization that her daughter was different, to the testing and diagnosis, and finally accepting that it was not her fault. Hear Hope's personal experience with the sea of misinformation and how she learned to focus on what was best for her kids.Hope pulls back the curtain on her experience running an ABA therapy clinic with her husband and her work as the Director of Community Engagement. She lays bare the challenges in providing aid to those who need it, the difficulties parents encounter when their children are just starting their autism journey, and the importance of finding resources and support for families. Additionally, Hope gives us an inside look at her nearly two-decade-long advocacy for her children. In the final leg of our conversation, we delve into the importance of communication and socialization for those on the autism spectrum. Hope shares the story of her daughter, Ella, who has built a community on YouTube, showcasing that this is not isolation, but a form of socialization. We talk about the notion that it's not just autistic people who need to learn how to interact with each other, but also neurotypical individuals need to learn how to interact with autistic people. This episode shines a light on Hope's journey of running a charity, helping those who have just discovered their child is autistic, and her wisdom to those listening. If you're a part of the autism community or just curious, don't miss out on this episode. It's a story that will inspire, offer solace, and most importantly, educate.https://tonymantor.com music bed written by T. WildWhy Not Me the World music published by Mantor Music (BMI)
As a sibling to three autistic brothers, Ali Carbone has a heartwarming and inspiring story to share. Growing up in a family with unique dynamics, Ali opens up about the difficult decision her mother made to place her youngest brother in residential care at 11 years old and how this experience has shaped her identity. Join us in this enlightening conversation about the challenges and joys that come with being a sibling to autistic individuals.From confronting friends who use derogatory language to understanding her mother's emotional journey, we explore the power of language and the impact it has on our perspectives and relationships. Ali shares how her life has been lived for her brothers and how she found her own identity through writing a book that focuses on her experiences rather than solely on her brothers' autism.As Ali offers valuable insights and advice for those without autistic children to help support those who do, we also discuss the importance of having conversations about disabilities.  Listen in and learn from Ali's incredible journey and how it can inspire us all to be more understanding and supportive in our everyday lives.https://tonymantor.com music bed written by T. WildWhy Not Me the World music published by Mantor Music (BMI)
Ever wondered about the hidden crisis of suicide among the autistic community? We shine a light on this critical but often overlooked topic with our guest, Dr. Rachel Moesley, an autistic researcher who was diagnosed at the age of 28. Her personal journey towards self-discovery and acceptance, after years of battling self-criticism and conforming to societal norms, is both enlightening and inspiring. In our engaging conversation, we venture into the emotional landscape that can lead to suicidal thoughts, particularly amongst late-diagnosed autistic females. Dr. Moseley's in-depth understanding and perspective on how societal pressures can heighten the challenges faced by autistic individuals is eye-opening. She further stresses on the importance of recognizing the unique distress signs in autistic people and the critical role of connectedness to help them cope with their struggles.In the concluding segment of our conversation, we turn our focus towards the societal factors contributing to the high suicide rates among autistic individuals. Dr. Moseley shares how a rigid mindset, lack of acceptance, and exclusion can have a negative impact on their mental well-being. We also uncover the alarming correlation between late diagnosis and increased mental illness, underlining the urgency of this issue. This episode is not just an exploration, it's a call to action - advocating for a society that is more understanding and inclusive.https://tonymantor.com music bed written by T. WildWhy Not Me the World music published by Mantor Music (BMI)
Can you imagine navigating life through pictures? Our guest today, Samuel Huber, does just that! Diagnosed with autism at age 14, Samuel has a unique perspective on life and shares how his mind processes the world around him. We take a deep dive into his journey, from his late diagnosis and how it changed his life to the transformative role music plays in enhancing his social skills and brain function.Ever wondered how someone with autism navigates their world? Samuel shares his strategies, from overcoming anxiety to finding a haven in music. His insights extend to the nuances of adult life on the spectrum, from the workplace to romantic relationships. Samuel's journey with public speaking has also helped him connect with other people on the spectrum, and he generously imparts his techniques for navigating social situations.Finally, we challenge stereotypes, viewing autism as a culture rather than a disorder. Samuel emphasizes the importance of advocating for passions, especially in a college party setting, and the need for open communication between autistic and non-autistic people. He wraps up by highlighting the need for planning, preparation, and self-care. We hope this enlightening discussion changes your perspective on autism, offering a look into a mind that sees the world in a way that many of us can't imagine.https://tonymantor.com music bed written by T. WildWhy Not Me the World music published by Mantor Music (BMI)
What if music could be the bridge to understanding and acceptance for individuals with autism? On a heartwarming episode of Why Not Me the World, I'm honored to sit down with Nashville-based singer-songwriter, Brei Carter. Brei is not only known for her melodies but is a passionate advocate for mental health, specifically for those living in the spectrum of autism. We delve into the transformative power of rhythm and lyrics, and how it can bring comfort, joy, and a unique form of communication to those whose world is often misunderstood.Brei takes us on her personal journey, pivoting from the medical field to use her voice to uplift and advocate for mental health. We delve into her inspiring blog, Music is Medicine, and the healing collective she founded, offering a beacon of hope and understanding. We explore how Brei's music and her unwavering dedication to her cause have brought about change, bridged communication gaps, and fostered a sense of belonging in the autism community. Our conversation explores an important statistic - one in seven people worldwide either know someone or have someone with autism in their family. Brei, with her lyrical advocacy, underlines the critical role of education, acceptance, and community involvement in supporting those affected by autism. We wrap up this episode looking forward, discussing Brei's future plans to continue her mission, and our shared hope to inspire everyone to lend their voices to this cause. Remember, it's not just about spreading the word about autism, it’s also about embracing the unique tunes everyone brings to this world symphony.https://tonymantor.com music bed written by T. WildWhy Not Me the World music published by Mantor Music (BMI)
Imagine walking in Faria Arsh's shoes for a moment. A devoted mother to a non-verbal, severely autistic daughter, Faria has not only navigated through the labyrinth of special needs parenting but also found innovative methods to simplify their life. In our engaging conversation, Faria opens her heart about her journey with her daughter, Afia, from finding a specialized school, embracing technology for communication to preparing for the changes that puberty brings to a child with autism. The second part of our heart-to-heart with Faria takes you through Afia's life transitions. The shift from picture cards to an iPad to assist in communication, the importance of establishing a strong support network, and meticulously planning even the simplest of daily tasks. But the highlight of our conversation is Faria's ingenious toilet training method, a game-changer for many parents in the special needs community. It’s a blend of her personal and professional experiences that formed the foundation of her successful approach, now encapsulated in her book 'Toilet Training for Autistic and Send Children and Adults.'Navigating through life with Afia, Faria has discovered joy in simple things. Despite the challenges of parenting an autistic child, they find happiness in their unique ways. It's a journey that can inspire, educate and offer a fresh perspective on living with autism. So, tune in as we unravel the resilience, dedication, and hope that propels Faria in this journey of love and acceptance.1https://tonymantor.com music bed written by T. WildWhy Not Me the World music published by Mantor Music (BMI)
Navigating the world of autism parenting can be overwhelming, especially when you're just starting out. Our guest today, Kyle Jetsel, a father of six, two of whom are on the autism spectrum, opens up about his journey into the heart of autism parenting. Kyle generously shares his own family's trials, triumphs, and strategies, offering guidance, encouragement, and camaraderie to other parents on a similar journey.Kyle's story is not a straightforward one. Struggling to manage his son's autism, he developed a unique system - the COST system - to respond to his children's unique needs. This system, despite its simplicity, helped his family to thrive amidst the chaos. Kyle's sharing of his family's story, from handling sibling rivalry to dealing with meltdowns, provides practical strategies for creating a harmonious home environment.But there's more to autism parenting than just strategy. Kyle speaks passionately about the importance of love in helping children with autism.It's not enough to just say the words; children must feel it. Kyle believes that maintaining an stress-free and loving environment can play a pivotal role in helping children with autism. This episode provides a heartfelt look into the power of love and patience in the face of adversity. Join us as we travel with Kyle through his enlightening journey of autism parenting.https://tonymantor.com music bed written by T. WildWhy Not Me the World music published by Mantor Music (BMI)
When faced with the challenges of raising a child with autism, can the power of connection and shared experiences help parents navigate their journey? Tune in to our inspiring conversation with Paul Cimins, the founder of Autism Radio and Hope Saves the Day podcast. Discover how he turned his own experience attending a grassroots support group into a podcast that now reaches millions of people worldwide, becoming the first radio-syndicated show to talk about autism.Through his work, Paul has touched countless lives, including a single mom in Dallas, Texas, who struggled with raising her autistic son. We'll share the heartwarming story of how Paul's organization provided an iPad and speech therapy that led to the child saying "Mommy, I love you" on the iPad within nine months. We also explore the challenges and fears faced by caregivers of individuals on the autism spectrum, discussing the need for more understanding, funding, and dialogue surrounding this important topic.Don't miss this uplifting and informative episode with Paul Cimins and Tony Mantor.https://tonymantor.com music bed written by T. WildWhy Not Me the World music published by Mantor Music (BMI)
Raising a child with autism can feel like traversing uncharted territory, but Beth Tignor's enlightening story proves that with early intervention and the right support, incredible progress is possible. Join us as we discuss Beth's journey with her son, Anthony, who was diagnosed with autism at a young age. Beth shares the challenges of coming to terms with his diagnosis and how she sought help from various sources, such as the school system, to ensure the best possible outcome for her child. In our conversation, we also explore the unique dynamics of raising a child with autism within a large family. Beth shares her experiences explaining Anthony's condition to her other children and the importance of giving equal attention to all her kids. We discuss how Anthony's passion for technology has been a tremendous asset in his learning journey, and how he has even found exceptional talent in video editing. Beth's story is a beacon of hope and inspiration for other parents facing similar challenges. By allowing children with autism to express their failures and joys and to follow their own unique paths, we can create a better world for individuals with autism and their families. Listen in to this remarkable episode to learn from Beth's incredible journey and celebrate the progress that can be achieved with love, support, and determination.https://tonymantor.com music bed written by T. WildWhy Not Me the World music published by Mantor Music (BMI)
What if you discovered you were autistic in your 40s? How would it change your life? Join us as we welcome artist and poet Tori Clarke to share her inspiring story of self-discovery and self-acceptance after being diagnosed with autism.Tori opens up about the emotional rollercoaster she's faced, the cost of masking autism, and how she's learned to embrace her unique journey.In this heartfelt conversation, Tori and I explore the challenges of living with autism and the need for greater understanding and acceptance from society. We discuss the specific issues autistic people face like clothing labels, meal times, and changes in routines and how these can have a drastic effect on their everyday lives. Tune in to this episode for an encouraging and enlightening discussion on how we can all work together to create a more inclusive world for everyone, including those on the autism spectrum.https://tonymantor.com music bed written by T. WildWhy Not Me the World music published by Mantor Music (BMI)
This podcast introduces Why Not Me the World.A podcast supporting Autism Awareness, Acceptance, and Understanding around the world.In this episode you get to know Tony Mantor and how his music platform supports Autism awareness, acceptance, and understanding around the world.https://tonymantor.com music bed written by T. WildWhy Not Me the World music published by Mantor Music (BMI)
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