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The School Of Visual Arts Podcast is live with new series on all things about creative practices. For beginners, professionals, enthusiasts, and everyone busy being creative.
Host: Benita Nnachortam

6 Episodes
In this episode with SOVA Samuel shares his experiences from his early days in art practice. Highlighting familial influences, a taste for experimentation, accessing opportunities through relevant networks, and earning a living as an artist. Follow @sovapodcast
The Gracious Creative

The Gracious Creative


In this episode, Ben speaks solo on "Grace" as a key factor in supporting our own development in our respective creative practice. Here's a nudge you need to grow through the good, bad, or ugly phases. Follow @sovapodcast
Who goes from being a Doctor in Veterinary Medicine to a full-time artist? Luke Chidi Agada. This episode is for you if you're considering going for an MFA Program soon or simply switching from being in a lab to being in a studio or crossing both. You can hear from Luke's experience and take something to work with. Mentions: @kutanigeriaHost: Benita NnachortamGuest: Luke Agada Music: Focus Groove via PixabayFollow @sovapodcast
In this episode, Ben reads out an interesting article by a Nigerian writer- Ucheoma Onwutuebe. In the article titled "TO A NIGERIAN WRITER CONSIDERING THE MFA" Ucheoma shares the motivations for her MFA study pursuit and the pros vs cons that come with it. Voice: Benita NnachortamMusic: Focus Groove via PixabayFollow @sovapodcast
The Curious Creative

The Curious Creative


In this episode, Ben talks about why curiosity makes all the difference in creative practice. Follow @sovapodcast
Welcome to SOVA! If you're a returning listener, it's great to have you here. We're picking it up from where we last stopped. In this new episode, Ben is answering the question "How can I reignite my creative passion?" or something like that. (Haha) Figure out as you listen and do give us a like, share, comment, or review. Let's go! Music by FreeGroove via PixabayCover Art by Ara DeindeHost: Benita NnachortamFollow @sovapodcast
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