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SEASON 1 FINALERobbie and The Movie Mutant wrestle with creepy puppets and wonder what makes Jim Henson's Labyrinth a cult classic.
Robbie and Greg are here to PUMP you up with Arnold Schwarzenegger's infamous docudrama PUMPING IRON (1977).
Robbie and Greg hop across the pond to discuss the comedy classic "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" and why it's stood the test of time.
Robbie and The Movie Mutant relive what it was like to be 10 years old when an NC-17 movie gets released.
Robbie and Greg finish up the John Carpenter Extravaganza with IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS. Is it the last great Carpenter film?
Put on your sunglasses and pack your chewing gum because Robbie and Greg are about to uncover the alien conspiracy of THEY LIVE (1988). This is part 3 of the John Carpenter Extravaganza.
PART 2 of our month long John Carpenter Extravaganza! We take a trip on the Pork Chop Express all the way down to the underbelly of Chinatown.
OCTOBER is JOHN CARPENTER MONTH! The first episode in this four part series covers Robbie's favorite film THE THING (1982).
It's time to get spooky in the vault. Robbie and Greg discuss why Peter Jackson's The Frighteners landed him in the director's chair of one of the biggest movie franchises of all time.
CLUE (1985) | S01E13

CLUE (1985) | S01E13


WHODUNNIT? Robbie and The Movie Mutant put CLUE (1985) under a magnifying glass and discuss why it's so beloved.
DJANGO (1966) | S01E12

DJANGO (1966) | S01E12


Is Django one of the best Spaghetti Westerns of all time or is it just another forgettable dud? Robbie and The Movie Mutant dig through the mud, blood, and gunfire while battling the earworm that is the film's theme song...
Robbie and The Movie Mutant are joined by Rhea aka Moviehag to discuss the oddball that is Problem Child (1990)Is it bad? Is it good? Is it cult? The group doesn't hold back on this episode.
Robbie and Greg tackle their first documentary, the acclaimed Grey Gardens (1975).
Greg and Robbie discuss 1993's Cannibal: The Musical, the first creation by South Park's Matt Stone and Trey Parker. They discuss the incredible music, the unique talent Matt and Trey have, and why you can't trust no two-timing horse.Pre-Order Robbie's New Book, DEAD END!
Robbie and The Movie Mutant step into the future of A.I. with VIRTUOSITY (1995) a sci-fi thriller featuring Denzel being Denzel and a completely unhinged Russell Crowe.
Greg and Robbie unearth 2016's The Greasy Strangler, and talk about bullshit artists, the utter filth of the film, and the art buried in all the grease.
Robbie and The Movie Mutant talk about their love for an all-time favorite film, The Blues Brothers (1980).
CLERKS (1994) | S01E05

CLERKS (1994) | S01E05


Robbie and Greg discuss the 1994 indie classic, Clerks. They discuss if Kevin Smith films qualify as cult, and if Greg has fallen out of love with Clerks.
Tokyo Gore Police spurs a difficult conversation between Robbie and The Movie Mutant.
Robbie and The Movie Mutant hash out their differences over what's the better movie, John Carpenter's "Escape from New York" or "Escape from L.A."Will this divide our friendly Vault dwellers or bring them closer than ever?LISTEN AND FIND OUT!
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