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Welcome to "Lens on the Game: Sports and Stakes through Alessandra Sanguinetti's Photography". "Lens on the Game" is a renowned photographer Alessandra Sanguinetti lends her keen eye and unique perspective to the world of sports and the high-stakes universe of sports betting. Through her lens, we explore not only the thrilling moments that define games but also the stories behind the scores, the bettors, and the dramatic odds that surround them.
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In the premiere episode of "Lens on the Game," Alessandra Sanguinetti takes us on a vibrant visual journey into the heart of horse racing, a sport as noble as it is thrilling, and its symbiotic relationship with offline betting in the bustling hippodromes.Horse racing, often referred to as the "Sport of Kings," has a rich history that combines heart-stopping excitement with the pageantry of tradition. The race track is not just a venue for a sporting event but a microcosm of society, a theater where narratives of hope, disappointment, strategy, and chance unfold against the backdrop of thundering hooves and roaring crowds.As a photographer, Alessandra seeks to capture these stories through her lens, focusing on the subtle details that often go unnoticed - the intensity in a jockey's eyes, the raw power of a thoroughbred in motion, the ecstasy and agony mirrored in the crowd. These poignant frames reveal the pure artistry inherent in the sport and the human emotions that ride on every race.In the world of horse racing, betting is not merely a side activity but an integral part of the experience. The bookies at the hippodromes represent a subculture brimming with its own lingo, customs, and intrigues. Alessandra explores this complex landscape, photographing the flurry of activity at the betting booths, the furrowed brows of bettors studying racing forms, the silent anticipation as odds are calculated and bets are placed.Join us as we unravel the spectacle of horse racing and the intricacies of betting in this grand Royal Sport, exploring the human essence behind the speed and stakes.