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Author: Josh Taylor

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StartUP & ONWARD is a show dedicated to giving growth fanatics an inside look the real-world experience of leaders empowering their teams to navigate the Bermuda triangle of product, marketing and sales.
8 Episodes
Percy Bhathena is an expert in product development inside the digital healthcare landscape. From telemedicine to personalized health apps to AI-driven diagnostics, they talk about the transformation taking place in this industry and how software solutions are leading the way in enhancing patient care and accessibility.
Ally Fouts has seen and done it all when it comes to executing creative brand strategies. She and Josh talk shop about taking creative risks that lead to moments of both failure and breakthroughs — and that both are equally important in the pursuit of learning.
Chris Labrecque has devoted his career to bettering employee benefits and their outcomes. He and josh discuss fostering a healthy company culture to break down team silos and the positive impact that a well-designed benefits program has on its end users and employers.
Josh and Brad discuss a fascinating concept known as "The Art of the Possible," a powerful tool utilized by Brad's team to uncover fresh ideas and unleash the true potential of innovation. Through engaging discovery sessions, they talk about how this approach plays a pivotal role in shaping product features and defining the overall vision.
Nicole sheds light on the power of adaptability and agility in product development. They discuss the power of adaptability and agility in product development, highlighting its significance in thriving in the ever-evolving market. 
Sam and her team are revolutionizing the way medical research breakthroughs reach those who need them most. She provides insight on the challenges that often hinder progress, how to navigate them, and tips for how to ultimately overcome them
Sam Brenner has a passion for innovation. His deep understanding of market dynamics shine through as he speaks to his company, Boxcast’s, story.He and Josh discuss how to gain invaluable customer insights, the importance of drawing inspiration from other company success stories, and recognizing the right moments to pivot product roadmaps to meet evolving market demands.