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Narrator Chijioke Williams explores The War on Lipstick - In the "beauty" world, there is one quintessential must-have for women…lipstick! Lipsticks have been an integral part of all women's lives, from neutral colors to bold statement-making colors ranging from hot red, blues, purple, and even black.  We regard the tubed cosmetic as part of our regular makeup routine when we think of lipstick today. Our grandmothers wore it as a right of passage into womanhood, and the tradition has carried down to where even younger teens have a little bit of pink color in their lip balms. We now rely on professionals that use chemistry and technology to enhance our lips, creating a smoother, fuller base for application, especially as we age. It has become a symbol of our womanhood and strength, breaking the chains of outdated ideals of femininity.
Join narrator Chijioke Williams as we continue our deep dive into the history and controversy surrounding lipstick in the beauty world.
Dr. Rebecca Baxt, board certified dermatologist and medical director of BAXTCosmedical in Paramus, New Jersey. BAXTCosmedical is a premier medical and cosmetic dermatology practice that has been serving patients for more than 65 years. The practice has the distinction of being a family business, as it was started by her physician parents. Rebecca Baxt joined the practice in 2000 and continues the family tradition of providing outstanding service and care to her patients.  Learn more about Dr. Rebecca Baxt.
Yesenia, aka Lady Curls is a highly sought after barber in Chicago, IL. Yesenia shares her story on being a lady barber in a primarily male dominated field. She is also the founder of Lady Barbers, a series of interviews of women in this field. Follow Yesenia at @lady__curls on Instagram.
Dr. Rebecca Baxt, board certified dermatologist and injection specialist discusses facial fillers for non-surgical facial rejuvenation. 
Join us as we speak with board certified dermatologist Rebecca Baxt about hair loss and thinning, its causes, and what treatments are available.
Beautify speaks with board certified dermatologist Dr. Rebecca Baxt about ways to achieve health nails.
Beauty in the Arts

Beauty in the Arts


Artist Sheryl Benjy discusses beauty in art.Sheryl's Website: www.sherylbenjy.comInstagram: @sherylbenjy_artPodcast: The Creative Spirits PodcastFacebook group: Creative Spirits
Jazz Heals

Jazz Heals


Jazz musician Rick Parma discusses his musical journey, and his understanding of how music is not only healing, but brings beauty into one's life.Rick Parma, Jazz Musician & Vocalist:
Beautify team chats with Skin Health Solutions CEO Mildred Bell about skin care products and her journey to where she is today. has partnered with triple board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Greg Chernoff to present this episode of the Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery Your Natural Best podcast. In this episode, Dr. Chernoff discusses the aging face and common cosmetic treatments and procedures patients undergo to look their Natural Best. chats with board-certified facial plastic surgeon and rhinoplasty expert Dr. Mark Clymer. Join us as we discuss the unique challenges rhinoplasty presents as compared to other facial plastic surgery, points to take into consideration when thinking about getting rhinoplasty, and more.
Board-Certified ophthalmologist Steven J. LauKaitis MD, FACS discusses lower eyelid surgery. welcomes Dr. Mark Clymer back to the podcast to discuss facelift facts, and what you need to know if you are considering getting a facelift.
The Brazilian Butt Lift - how does it work? Where did the name come from? From facts to the procedure's controversial past, join us as we discuss the Brazilian Butt Lift with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Samir Shah of A New You Plastic Surgery & Laser Center in Chicago, IL.Visit Dr. Shah's website at
Join us as we chat with Dr. Sheila Bond of Body and Face Cosmetic & Plastic Specialists NJ about liposuction. Dr. Bond discusses everything from the history of the procedure, to modern techniques, what criteria makes a patient a good candidate for liposuction, and answers to other common liposuction questions.Learn more about Dr. Bond by visiting her website at
Mark Clymer, MD and Ashley Patchin, RN discuss facial fillers, BOTOX® Cosmetic and more.
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