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How painful are the outdated, broken workflows you have to deal with everyday as a healthcare provider? Join host Erik Sunset for thought leadership from DocBuddy on ways healthcare providers and workers can streamline their workflows with technology, get the latest practical takeaways from the world of Health IT, and get updates from the leader in mobile workflow solutions for providers and their organizations, DocBuddy.

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We break down the 2023 Healthcare Provider IT Report: Doubling Down on Innovation published by Bain & Co and KLAS Research.  Some of the key points revolve around how health system IT leaders are using emerging technologies to address labor shortages and financial pressures like:Revenue Cycle Management offeringsPatient throughput solutionsGenerative AIBe sure to Follow DocBuddy on LinkedIn!#healthit #healthitpodcast #healthcarepodcast
The Sacramento Bee reported that, since COVID, providers are dealing with a 50% increase in patient messages which yields an extra 2-4 hours spent NIGHTLY to clear their inbox.To stem the flow of messages, some health systems have begun to charge patients for qualifying messages.In this episode, we looked at the consequences of this decision and the implementation, by some health systems, of a chatbot to ease their provider's administration burden.Be sure to Follow DocBuddy on LinkedIn!#healthit #healthitpodcast #healthcarepodcast
Tim Burney, CEO & Founding Partner of Advantien, joined The DocBuddy Journal to share how the use of data and having the right plan can actually lower the cost of implants at your surgery center.Advantien offers a Free Implant Spend Report that is specially customized for your surgery center’s implant usage.  Get yours here.Be sure to Follow DocBuddy on LinkedIn!#healthit #healthitpodcast #healthcarepodcast #ambulatorysurgery #outpatientsurgery
Happy National ASC Month for the last time this year from the DocBuddy team!In this episode we covered 2 ASC-centric headlines.The first revolved around the use of ChatGPT to help make forms easier to understand for patients.The second examined the 'perks' of becoming an employed physician in contrast to self-reported burnout factors. Be sure to Follow DocBuddy on LinkedIn!#healthit #healthitpodcast #healthcarepodcast #ambulatorysurgery #outpatientsurgery
ASC expert, Emily Spooner, joined the pod this week to talk about meaningful digital workflows at ambulatory surgery centers.  In this episode we covered:Important differences between clinic EHRs and ASC EHRs.How digital workflows can improve surgeon satisfaction and drive positive patient outcomes.Ways to lower the cost of supplies and improve the profitability of your cases.To learn more about Emily, visit Marisa Consulting, see her surgery center, and be sure to watch her web series Emily in SoFlo on YouTube.Be sure to Follow DocBuddy on LinkedIn!#healthit #healthitpodcast #healthcarepodcast #ambulatorysurgery #outpatientsurgery
Maura Cash, VP of Clinical Strategies with HST Pathways, joined the pod to share her expertise on technology in the ambulatory surgery center.  Some of the topics covered were:Why ASCs have historically lagged in adopting technology. Why now is the time so many are  'going digital.'How the right technology can improve patient outcomes AND facility outcomes.The most important thing ASCs can be doing now through the end of the year and beyond.To hear more from Maura, be sure to check out the HST Pathways' podcast, This Week in Surgery Centers.For more information and to attend the upcoming Op Note webinar, please email DocBuddy on LinkedIn#healthit #healthitpodcast #healthcarepodcast
In this episode we breakdown the Medical Economics 2023 Physician Report: The latest physician salary, productivity and malpractice cost dataSome of the most interesting tidbits from this report revolve around:Why finances improved / worsenedThe top 10 issues facing physiciansThe question "if you could go back in time would you choose the same specialty or would you choose another career?"The results may shock you.Follow DocBuddy on LinkedIn#healthit #healthitpodcast #healthcarepodcast
Happy ASC Month!

Happy ASC Month!


August is National ASC Month and we're celebrating here at DocBuddy!Listen to this episode to hear: How the patient, payer, and provider value chain is tightly aligned when care is delivered at an ambulatory surgery center.The cost savings that ASCs provide versus care at other sites.How many billions ASCs save the American tax payer.Follow DocBuddy on LinkedIn#healthit #healthitpodcast #healthcarepodcast
We're back from taking a short breather after the 2023 FSASC Annual Conference in Orlando, FL!In this episode, we looked back at some of the events we've attended in 2023, shared where we'll be exhibiting and which shows we'll be supporting through the fall, and discussed how getting involved with a DocBuddy webinar is the next best thing to seeing us in person.Our monthly webinar program will continue in August.  For more information or to be added to our distribution list please email DocBuddy on LinkedIn#healthit #healthitpodcast #healthcarepodcast
Zed Williamson, CEO & Founder of TrackableMed and host of the Medical Sales Accelerator podcast, joined The DocBuddy Journal to go deep on topics that are critical to the success of a healthcare organization:Bridging the gap between 'knowledge and awareness' to activate patients who wouldn't otherwise seek care.Optimizing staffing by understanding where employees can shine, where their skills may be misplaced, PLUS some powerful interview questions you can and should incorporate into your next hiring process. Nailing your value proposition by understanding your patient's point of view.  ie: when they're searching for medical care what will matter most to them?Follow DocBuddy on LinkedIn#healthit #healthitpodcast #healthcarepodcast
In this episode of The DocBuddy Journal we're joined by Erica Palmer, Senior Content Marketing Manager, at HST Pathways, to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of having artificial intelligence play a role in patient care.Be sure to listen to This Week in Surgery Centers, the HST Pathways podcast which Erica hosts.  In particular,  episode 33 which features The DocBuddy Journal host, Erik Sunset!Follow DocBuddy on LinkedIn#healthit #healthitpodcast #healthcarepodcast
We're joined by Candice Levy to hear about the power of good physician workflows, why thorough data capture is important for your revenue cycle, and what you can do for your providers to optimize their day AND their patient's outcomes.Candice has over 12 years of experience in clinical settings and is now VP of Product and Clinical Systems with aptihealth and had great insights into ways technology can improve workflows and reduce administrative burdens.Follow DocBuddy on LinkedIn#healthit #healthitpodcast #healthcarepodcast
In this episode of The DocBuddy Journal we covered 2 topics.  1.) There's a new AI doctor in town and its name is NYUTron.  Hear how researchers at NYU developed a custom LLM built on a 4.1 billion word cloud derived from electronic medical records and how it can predict mortality, readmissions, and comorbidities better than traditional models.2.) We published a new article on the DocBuddy blog about how COVID-19 impacted rates of physician burnout and the dramatic increase in this sentiment from December 2020 through December 2021.Follow DocBuddy on LinkedIn#healthit #healthitpodcast #healthcarepodcast
First we talk through the Disruptors Scaring Physicians shared by Becker's like:Burnout and Physician ShortageAIMarket ForcesNext, we look at the Amanda Moy MPhil, MPH, MA coauthored study on How Clinician Perceptions of EHR Use Can Drive EHR Innovation in the emergency department.  Top pain points shared and broken down were:Lack of automationViral copies of errors and duplicate contentSimple tasks that require workaroundsEditing auto-populated dataFollow DocBuddy on LinkedIn#healthit #healthitpodcast #healthcarepodcast
Join us as we wrap up another great ASCA event in Louisville, KY.Then, hear more about our nationally syndicated article titled "As more physicians approach retirement age, are we prepared for the shortfall?"  Read the full article here.Follow DocBuddy on LinkedIn#healthit #healthitpodcast #ASCA2023 #OutpatientSurgery #AmbulatorySurgery 
Op Note is integrated with HST Pathways!Hear more about how this connection between DocBuddy Op Note and HST Pathways represents a significant step forward for providers and staff at ASCs, empowering them with the tools they need to optimize operations, improve physician and staff morale, and reduce the time from procedure performed to reimbursement.Plus, more info about joining DocBuddy in Louisville, KY at  for the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association's Annual Conference at booth #807.Follow DocBuddy on LinkedIn#healthit #healthitpodcast #ASCA2023 #OutpatientSurgery #AmbulatorySurgery 
Join us for a fun discussion with DocBuddy Product Manager, Ashley Bye.We reviewed DocBuddy's cloud-based On Call Calendar solution, how it improves administrative workflow, and the positive impact it has on providers and patients.A quick look at DocBuddy On Call, a sister solution to On Call Calendar, and how it eliminates the paper chase of a manual on call documentation workflow for providers.Plus, you can demo and try On Call Calendar by visiting DocBuddy on LinkedIn#healthit #healthitpodcast
HIMSS 23 Headlines

HIMSS 23 Headlines


We covered the best of the best headlines from HIMSS 23 in this one!ChatGPT and AI in healthcare.Cybersecurity is now an "imperative."Disrupting the EHR status quo.Considering physician workflows for precision medicine.Why patient burnout is a silent public health crisis.Follow DocBuddy on LinkedIn#healthit #healthitpodcast
More on ChatGPT (and its ever growing list of competitors) in healthcare."The AI Will See You Now," an article that ran on the Wall Street Journal, generated an expert response in the form of Cary M. Dash MD's letter to the editor.Listen to hear how Dr. Dash's response aligns exactly with the realities of burnout that physicians face and how more AI tools will not solve them.Follow DocBuddy on LinkedIn#healthit #healthitpodcast
This week we're joined by special guests Bill Prentice, CEO of ASCA, and Chris Schriever, ASCA Consultant and CEO of ASC Data.We discussed the upcoming Ambulatory Surgery Center Association’s Annual Conference & Expo which is happening May 17-20 in Louisville, KY including exciting new topics being covered at this years event.  It's not too late to register!  Use promo code docbuddy to get exclusive savings.We also covered ASCA's mission to assist ASCs in delivering safe, high-quality, cost-effective patient care and all of the efforts taking place to make ASC-based care available to as many Americans as possible.Visit to learn more about our solutions, to request a demo, or start your free 15 day trial of DocBuddy.Follow DocBuddy on LinkedIn#healthit #healthitpodcast
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