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The Email Deliverability Podcast
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The Email Deliverability Podcast

Author: Luke Avedon & Ed Forteau

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Interrogating the world's best minds on email deliverability. 

5 Episodes
Is GMAIL turning your old email addresses into spam traps and honeypots? How do you get started segmenting your newsletter list?Is Luke's offspring watching Scooby-Doo?All this and more...
Gmail 2024 Updates

Gmail 2024 Updates


The one about the terrifying new announcement from GMAIL, "New Gmail protections for a safer, less spammy inbox." Read the announcement here:
Bobi Nikolovski is a Head Email Marketing Technician & Quality Assurance Specialist at Flowium.In this one Luke grills a real newsletter whiz on how ecommerce brands can keep that deliverability flowing (get it - flowing / Flowium).00:00.00lukeavedonAll right? We're here with Bobby from flovium the brilliant email mastermind Bobby how did you get into the email business. Hello.00:09.36BobiHello Guys So Well to be honest, it was in incidental I was looking for a job on Upwork and I was app...
Secrets of email warm-up from the master.I especially loved the info on API reputation.About all-in-one tool for email deliverability to make your Email Channel Reliable.We help you to increase deliverabilityReal mailboxes, real peopleAbout most innovative B2B sales machine. You are a busy entrepreneur,and you want to attract new customers.Getting new customers is a matter of time. This requires many resources. This requires attention to the smallest details. ...
Mr. Deliverability

Mr. Deliverability


First episode of the show! Luke grills his co-host on all things email deliverability.