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Author: Dr. David Grundy and Sydney Delaney

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Welcome to The Legal MD Podcast! Your hosts, Sydney Delaney and Dr. David Grundy, a renowned medical legal consultant with years of experience in clinical practice and forensic medicine, bring you insightful discussions and analysis on the intersection of medicine and law.

In this podcast, we delve deep into the complex issues that arise in cases of medical malpractice, wrongful death, and personal injury. Sydney and Dr. Grundy, along with their expert guests, including top attorneys, medical professionals, and industry leaders, provide a comprehensive understanding of the legal and medical aspects involved in these cases.

Each episode features captivating case stories that have had profound impacts on suit resolution. Attorneys will find many practical strategies and tips to increase their case settlement values.

Whether you're an attorney, medical professional, law student, or are simply fascinated by the intersection of medicine and law, The Legal MD Podcast offers you a wealth of knowledge and thought-provoking discussions. 

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7 Episodes
In this episode, we chat with San Francisco legal giants Seth Rosenberg and Mark Fong, who recently nabbed a colossal $4.5 million victory for Jennifer Fraissl, injured during an EDM concert by the famous artist and Coachella headliner Skrillex (Sonny John Moore). Seth and Mark dissect the intricate details of this five-year legal rollercoaster, shedding light on the complex medical and legal hurdles they navigated. They open up about the defining moments where they pushed back against ...
In this episode of The Legal MD Podcast, Dr. David Grundy and Sydney Delaney delve into a harrowing case of major trauma, miraculous survival and physical and financial recovery with esteemed guest attorney, Mr. Loren Schwartz. Mr. Schwartz is an exceptional personal injury attorney who was involved in the case of Pedro Perez et. al. vs Hearst Communications, Inc. at al. Mr. Perez was employed in 2014 as a window cleaner when he fell eleven stories onto a car below in San Francisco, CA, susta...
In this episode, we're honored to discuss a case of post-traumatic atrial fibrillation with Dr. Bao Tran, one of the best interventional cardiologists in the Bay Area. We discuss how even "minor" trauma to the chest can sometimes lead to this complex and costly heart condition. Also discussed are consideration of the future medical costs and lifetime risks for this patient. Finally, some other, more exotic cardiac conditions that can follow after traumatic injuries are discussed. &n...
In this eye-opening episode, we delve into the intricate world of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) cases and unveil the secrets to achieving legal victory with acclaimed attorney Brett Godfrey. Join us as we explore the complexities surrounding TBI, the challenges faced by survivors, and the invaluable expertise of our esteemed guest.Attorney Brett Godfrey is a distinguished legal expert who has dedicated his career to advocating for TBI survivors and their families. With years of experience and ...
In this episode, a young man suffered terrible burns after his best friend accidentally doused him with gasoline... which then caught fire. The young man then began to develop psychological symptoms which were completely missed by his treating physicians. Through talking with the client, we recognized his symptoms were likely due to PTSD. Dr. Grundy, a combat veteran, was able to help the client open up and discuss how he was feeling. Finding this diagnosis allowed this man to get the t...
In this episode we review the case of a man with an implanted spinal stimulator device who suffered severe pain and suffering, and permanent neurological injury when he was improperly MRI scanned. We go into the details of the many ways in which patients can be seriously injured in the MRI environment. We also discuss the difference between implanted device which are absolutely contraindicated in MRI, and those newer devices which are so-called "MRI Conditional."
In today's episode, we're debuting The Legal MD Podcast! Also, we'll discuss some of the lesser known consequences of traumatic injuries on personal injury case outcome.