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Author: Carmen Norris

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This is a fiction podcast where you will hear all about the murders and odd classes that take place at Wilkerson High as you listen to their morning announcements.
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We have another Ask Brielle letter and quick note about how Brielle feels about Tamara Jenkins. --- Send in a voice message:
Someone on the cornhole team made a huge mistake during a game and Tanya Jenkins is as usual up to no good. --- Send in a voice message:
There is quite the mishap with the school mascot and someone sends in a very disturbing 'Ask Brielle' letter. --- Send in a voice message:
Brielle upsets her Grandma and gets punished. The semester is over but we have plenty to go over next semester. --- Send in a voice message:
Is our former bad boy of chess good now? And we have news about Janelle and who may or may not be responsible. --- Send in a voice message:
We are talking about what you will do over the long weekend and another update on Janelle. --- Send in a voice message:
The halls of Wilkerson High are buzzing with more than just the ring of the bell—it's another scandalous day in our little academic arena. In today's episode of Good Morning Murderer, Brielle's fiery lunch goes missing, but that's just the appetizer. We're serving up a full course of high school drama, starting with a sartorial and moral dress-check. Are you dressed for success or dressed to oppress? And Tanya Johnson, consider this a public service announcement: originality is key, and dinosaur domination is Brielle's territory. Stay tuned for more tales from the hallowed halls of Wilkerson High. Until next week, keep your secrets safe and your conscience clear. Good morning, Wilkerson. Good morning, murderer. --- Send in a voice message: Show notes created by --- 📋 Episode Chapters (00:00) Someone has a dark secret at Wilkerson High (00:16) Good morning, Wilkerson High School. I hope you have all been lovely (01:25) Landon and Stefan get one week in detention for lying to substitute teacher (02:39) Courtney Brown accidentally uses neon tampon in class (04:13) Brielle writes a letter to her homework overlord asking for help (06:53) Wilkerson makes morning announcements for students ahead of test day 🔑 Episode Keywords High School Drama, Secret Scandal, Student Life, High School Sports, Teenage Gossip, School Announcements, Academic Cheating, Detention Stories, Moral Decency, Social Studies Project, History Class Debate, Substitute Teacher Confrontation, High School Bowling Team, Classroom Humor, Tampon Mishap, Peer Pressure, Power Dynamics, Study Break, Test Answers Scheme, Morning Announcements --- Send in a voice message:
Secrets, swaps, and a somber search—Wilkerson High is never short on drama. Tune in as we peel back the layers of a dark secret lurking in the halls of our beloved school. But first, a reality check: our obsession with televised tears takes a backseat to the juicy gossip and quirky updates that keep our mornings lively. Remember, the janitor's closet is off-limits for lovebirds, and the cornhole team's tie is a cause for celebration—Go Giraffes! --- 📋 Episode Chapters (00:00) Someone has a dark secret at Wilkerson High (00:16) Good morning, Wilkerson High School students and staff (01:56) Devin and Stefan received two weeks of detention for pretending to be another (03:39) Janelle went missing at Joey's party and no one has seen her since 🔑 Episode Keywords Wilkerson High, Dark Secret, Murderer, Reality Tv Obsession, The Reality Of Life Show, Janitor's Closet Scandal, Music Room Gossip, Cornhole Team, Sports Update, Detention Twins, Classroom Swap, Midterms Advice, Box Metaphor, Cordell'S Haircut, Missing Student Janelle, Joey'S Party, Autumn Falls Town, Student Meetup, Detective Collaboration, School Vigilance --- Send in a voice message:
In today's chilling episode of Good Morning Murderer, we delve into the eerie corridors of Wilkerson High, where breakfast videos from beyond the grave are the least of our worries. Secret societies, teacher romances, and a sports event that turned into an avian nightmare are just the beginning. But the real shiver comes from an anonymous student's peculiar confession. Are they simply misunderstood, or is there a darker craving lurking beneath? Plus, Brielle offers advice that leads to an unsettling invitation from the dark web, one that might just cost an arm and a leg... or just a leg. Tune in to uncover who's behind the mask of normalcy, and who might just be your next-door neighbor with a sinister collection. Good morning, Wilkerson High. Good morning, listeners. And, as always, good morning, murderer. --- Send in a voice message: Show notes created by --- 📋 Episode Chapters (00:00) Wilkerson High sends students homemade videos of great-grandparents eating breakfast (02:03) Mr. Yang and Miss Wells arrived to campus together three days last week (03:40) Ask Brielle is the segment where I answer anonymous questions (05:59) Brielle received another response from someone with a fascination with left legs (07:26) Wilkerson High has some interesting new faces this school year --- 🔑 Episode Keywords Dark Secret, Wilkerson High, Morning Announcements, Homemade Video, Deceased Relatives, Covid Mask Scam, Archery Team Incident, Teacher Romance, Student Gossip, Dark Side Club, Anonymous School Clubs, School Bulletin Board Mysteries, Aspriel Q&A Segment, Feeling Different, Body Part Fascination, Online Dark Web, Your Limbs For Dinner, Student Safety, School Community, High School Experiences --- Send in a voice message:
Uncle Jimbo's back with a bang (and a few feral cats), while Wilkerson High's halls echo with the clatter of chess pieces and the mutterings of a disgruntled Walrus High grandma. Tune in as we navigate the curious case of the two very different science classes and ponder the wisdom of watercolor punishments. But it's not all quirky antics and schoolyard shenanigans—Janelle Wilson's disappearance casts a shadow over the start of a new school year. Join us as we unravel the latest whispers and wonder, who's next? Remember, when the bell tolls, it's not just for class. Good morning, Wilkerson High. Good morning, murderer. --- Send in a voice message: Show notes created by --- 📋 Episode Chapters (00:00) Someone has a dark secret at Wilkerson High (00:16) Wilkerson High celebrates uncle Jimbo's return from prison (01:22) Two of our science classes have very different names (02:09) Fennec Wilson knocked his opponent off the chess board during a match (02:46) Joseph Cranston allegedly stole someone's grandma at Walrus High (04:10) Several high school students have gone missing in surrounding towns 🔑 Episode Keywords Dark Secret, Wilkerson High, Uncle Jimbo, Feral Cats Cult, Supernatural Science Class, Word Science, Chess Bad Boy, School Mascot Theft, Empath Club, Detention Punishment, Thought Of The Day, Missing High School Students, Joey'S Back To School Bash, Autumn Falls Detectives, Piranha Incident, School Announcements, Student Gossip, Supernatural Beings, School Sportsmanship, High School Drama --- Send in a voice message:



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