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Author: John Kalfayan and Bobby Neelon

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Welcome to Energy Bytes - your essential guide to the intersection of data and energy.

Hosted by industry veterans John Kalfayan and Bobby Neelon, this podcast dives deep into the world of energy, shedding light on how data, AI, and technology are revolutionizing this sector.

Each episode equips listeners with insights into the most efficient tools and resources, paving the way for a data-driven future in energy.

From technical nuances to broader industry trends, Energy Bytes offers an unparalleled perspective on the evolution of the energy industry.

Join us as we decode the algorithms of energy, one byte at a time.
41 Episodes
Discover how JD Long uses cross-functional knowledge and new technologies, including AI, to glean valuable insights and drive impactful solutions. From handling data in oil and gas to navigating ethical AI dilemmas, this episode is packed with fascinating stories and practical tips.Key Takeaways:- The power of cross-pollination in data usage across different industries.- Real-world examples of AI used for both beneficial and nefarious purposes.- The importance of iterative problem-solving and the role of tools like GPT-3 and 11 Labs.- Insights into the evolving landscape of data science and its applications in energy and beyond.The Backstory:Guest JD Long brings a wealth of experience from RenaissanceRe, where he focuses on integrating innovative data solutions within the energy sector. His expertise offers a unique perspective on how data-driven decision-making can transform traditional practices.The Problem:Many organizations struggle with effectively using data to solve industry-specific challenges. The complexity of new technologies and ethical considerations around AI use further complicate these efforts.AI to the Rescue:JD shares how AI tools are revolutionizing data analysis and problem-solving, making previously insurmountable tasks achievable. Learn about real-world applications and the potential risks associated with these powerful technologies.Industry Insights:Gain a deeper understanding of the energy sector's data needs and how companies are adapting to stay ahead. JD's insights provide valuable lessons for anyone working with data in industrial markets.A Contrarian Approach:JD and the hosts discuss unconventional strategies for managing data, emphasizing the importance of flexibility and cross-functional knowledge.The Future:What does the future hold for data in the energy sector? Explore the latest trends and potential developments that could shape the industry.Guest Bio:James David Long is the Vice President of Portfolio Solutions at RenaissanceRe, specializing in integrating innovative data solutions within the energy sector. With a keen eye for cross-functional knowledge and a passion for new technologies, JD is a thought leader in data-driven decision-making.CHAPTERS:0:00 - Intro1:25 - AI is Getting Scary7:05 - Stack Overflow and OpenAI10:46 - Iterative Coding13:01 - Foot Pedal for Voice to Text18:55 - GUI vs. CLI vs. Code19:40 - No Code vs Code24:33 - No Code for Prototyping27:26 - Best Platforms: Dual Function33:44 - What is "Production"35:35 - Business Logic: ETL vs Reporting Tools42:50 - How Did You Get into the Space44:28 - Advice from Your Dad49:08 - The Value of Being Useful Quickly50:55 - The Internet Routes Around Obstructions51:51 - Shadow IT59:30 - Moving from Analyst Excel to Controlled Systems1:00:50 - Scaling from One-Man Shop to Medium Company1:04:46 - Different Levels of Reliability1:07:03 - Producto-Type1:08:30 - Second Set of Eyes1:09:30 - Low Code Platforms1:12:11 - The Value of a Second Set of Eyes1:15:58 - Learning from Your Experiences1:16:30 - The Problem with Agile Development1:18:40 - Importance of High-Fidelity Communication1:22:44 - Favorite Video Game or Board Game1:24:06 - Favorite Whiskey or Bourbon1:29:34 - Favorite Open Source ProjectFind us here👇🏼
Discover how Wes navigates the exhilarating chaos of startup life, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation. 🚀In this engaging conversation, Wes opens up about the rollercoaster journey of building Tasq from the ground up amidst the turbulent tech landscape. Explore his insights on capital discipline, the crucial balance of technology stack development, and the art of surviving and thriving through industry upheavals. Wes's candid stories and practical advice offer a rare glimpse into the mind of a startup co-founder who's in the thick of scaling a business.Join us to learn how resilience, strategic innovation, and a bit of startup masochism can lead to remarkable success in the tech world. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, a tech enthusiast, or just curious about the mechanics of startup survival, this episode is packed with valuable lessons and inspiring tales.Don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell icon for more fascinating insights from leaders shaking up their industries. Let's keep exploring together! 🔔#AiChallenges #GrowthMindset #DataManagement #AiGrowth #AiSoftwareCHAPTERS:0:00 - Introductions1:00 - Startup Journey Insights5:40 - User Experience Challenges9:18 - Technology Strategy Importance17:06 - Balancing Speed and Scaling in Startups18:55 - Cloud vs On-Prem Impact21:06 - Building and Scaling Strategies24:05 - Prioritizing Startup Tasks25:56 - Internal Operations in Startups29:13 - Task Management Insights33:40 - Industry Opportunities35:08 - Daily Operations Best Practices37:10 - Technology Stack Overview41:20 - Data-Driven Decision Making49:40 - AI Innovations50:03 - AI in the Energy Sector51:40 - Chatbot Technology52:58 - Minimizing Human Errors56:39 - Ensuring Data Quality59:17 - Local LLM Implementation1:01:13 - Model Swapping Techniques1:07:20 - Favorite TU Alum1:07:48 - Social Media Recommendations1:09:32 - Recommended Books1:12:51 - Favorite Games1:14:30 - Startup Founding Advice1:20:10 - Connecting with Wes HamerFind us here👇🏼
We dive deep into the realms of AI, user experience, and the evolving dynamics of technology and data privacy. Here's what we cover in this insightful session:Technological Advancements: We begin with a discussion on the progression of AI technologies since their mainstream rollout, highlighting the implications of Moore's Law which suggests a doubling of computing power every couple of years. This sets the stage for more powerful personal devices and improved user interfaces.Enhancing User Experience through AI: Our speakers explore how AI is quietly integrated into everyday technologies, enhancing user experiences without the user's active awareness. Examples include smarter navigation on smartphones and intuitive web searches.Competitive Edges in Tech: The conversation shifts to how companies leverage superior user experiences to capture and retain market shares. Despite ongoing competition between giants like Apple and Android, the focus remains on who can deliver the best seamless experiences.Data Privacy and Consumer Choices: We delve into consumer attitudes towards data privacy, discussing the divide between those who welcome data collection for enhanced convenience and those wary of privacy intrusions.Analytics in Action: A significant part of the episode is dedicated to the practical use of analytics in marketing and business strategies. The discussion includes insights into predictive modeling and the integration of analytics tools like Salesforce's Einstein Analytics to drive business decisions.SQL and Data Mastery: Concluding the episode, our speakers stress the importance of foundational skills in SQL and database management for professionals in the tech industry, advocating for a strong base in data handling as critical to leveraging the full potential of analytics in any field.Find us here👇🏼
🚀 Dive into the latest episode of the Energy Bytes Podcast as we explore the enthralling world of energy tech with Naveen Krishnaraj, PhD, senior data scientist at Sabanto. In this episode discover how Naveen leverages his expertise in data science to revolutionize both the oil and gas and agricultural sectors by bringing autonomous technologies to tractors. 🌾⚙️🔍 Discover how:- Naveen transitioned from oil and gas to agriculture, applying his deep knowledge in data science to enhance farming efficiency.- Sabanto’s innovative autonomy kits are transforming ordinary tractors into self-operating machines, ensuring precision and reducing labor costs.- The convergence of sensor technologies from oil fields to farmlands facilitates robust developments in autonomous agricultural machinery.🌟 Key Takeaways:- Insights into the crossover of technologies between vastly different industries.- The significant impact of data science in advancing agricultural practices.- A look at the future where technology and traditional industries blend for sustainable growth.👤 Guest Bio:Naveen Krishnaraj, PhD, a distinguished figure in data science, has carved a niche in applying advanced analytics to critical sectors. Currently at Sabanto, he leads initiatives to integrate autonomous technology into agriculture, making strides towards smarter, more efficient farming.🌍 Join us in this enlightening discussion that bridges the gap between traditional sectors and cutting-edge technology, illustrating the boundless possibilities of energy tech. Don’t forget to subscribe for more insights into how technology is reshaping our world! 🌟#Tractors #GlobalFoodSupply #EnergyTechStacks #ComputationalScience #TractorAutomationCHAPTERS:0:00 - Intro0:23 - Autonomous Tractor Company Overview4:24 - Skills Transition: Oil and Gas to ATC6:20 - AI/ML Applications in Agriculture10:18 - Deploying AI Models at ATC12:57 - Utilizing SageMaker for Model Deployment18:07 - Edge Computing in Agriculture Tech20:53 - Introduction to Santo24:30 - Retrofit Kits in Agricultural Machinery25:50 - Best Practices for Productionizing AI Models30:15 - CI/CD Tools for AI Development32:53 - Data Engineering Insights36:20 - Career Path: Entering Oil and Gas Industry40:00 - Cross-Industry Tech Solutions44:33 - Building Computer Vision Models49:29 - Licensing for Commercial Model Use54:10 - Speed Round Q&A54:29 - Influential Figures in Tech to Follow56:20 - Favorite Cloud Platforms Discussion56:57 - Discussing Favorite Video Games57:16 - Top Open Source Libraries57:48 - Where to Find Naveen KrishnarajFind us here👇🏼
Join us on this week's episode of the Energy Bytes Podcast as we explore the intricacies of innovation in the energy sector with Diana Grauer, PhD, Director of R&D at NOV. Dive deep into how NOV is pushing boundaries with cutting-edge technology stacks that are reshaping the energy landscape. Discover the challenges and triumphs of integrating new technologies into traditional energy systems, and learn about the pivotal role of R&D in driving industry advancements.Key Takeaways:- Insights into the evolution of energy tech and its impact on operational efficiencies and cost reduction.- The crucial intersection of people management and technology implementation.- Future trends in energy tech and predictions for the industry’s trajectory.Guest Bio:Diana Grauer, PhD, brings a wealth of knowledge from her extensive experience in research and development within the energy sector. At NOV, she spearheads projects that aim to revolutionize the industry through technological innovation. Her insights provide a unique perspective on the convergence of engineering, technology, and business strategy in energy.Tune in to gain a comprehensive understanding of the complexities and exciting opportunities in energy innovation. Subscribe for more insights and follow us for updates on future episodes!#DataScience #OilField #CarbonCapture #Collaboration #SafetyCHAPTERS:0:00 - Intro1:17 - People Management Challenges6:34 - Oil Pricing Trends in Energy Sector11:28 - Basics of Commodities Trading18:50 - Evolution of the Energy Industry23:18 - Technology Debt in Energy Sector26:46 - Consumer Influence on Energy Tech33:13 - Role of Graphing Calculators in Energy36:07 - Project Prioritization Strategies38:58 - Organizational Culture in Energy Companies42:05 - R&D Risk Management46:54 - Evaluating Compounding Tech Effects48:35 - NOV AI Excellence Center50:13 - Staying Ahead in Energy Tech54:14 - Agility of Energy Startups1:01:10 - Understanding Oilfield Operations1:03:45 - Oilfield Benefits to Local Communities1:12:30 - Funding Gaps in Energy Innovation1:14:34 - Convergence of Tech and Energy1:17:38 - Future Trends in Energy Sector1:23:10 - Impact of Modern Technology1:28:40 - Field Innovation in Energy1:32:17 - Job Optimization in Energy Work1:35:18 - Building Culture in Energy Fields1:39:22 - Safety Protocols in Energy Industry1:39:40 - Speed Round1:42:34 - Where to Find Diana GrauerFind us here👇🏼
Dive deep into the world of AI and data-driven innovations in the oil and gas sector with Jessica Iriarte, Corva's Completions Manager, on this week's episode of the Energy Bytes podcast. Discover how AI is revolutionizing oil and gas operations, enhancing efficiency, and reducing costs through real-time data analysis and strategic decision-making.In this enlightening conversation, you'll gain insights into the technical challenges and breakthroughs in implementing AI technologies. Jessica shares her journey at Corva, highlighting the transformative impact of AI in streamlining operations and optimizing resource management. Key takeaways include the role of data in operational strategy, the integration of AI tools, and future trends in energy tech.Guest Bio: Jessica Iriarte brings a wealth of experience in oil and gas, currently leading initiatives at Corva to integrate AI into completions. Known for her expertise in managing complex projects, Jessica is driving innovation and strategic planning to leverage technology for operational excellence.For more insights into the intersection of energy and technology, follow our series and explore how AI continues to shape the industry's future.#EnergyIndustry #EngineeringAnalyticsSolutions #PredictiveDrilling #MachineLearningInEnergy #EnergyTechStacksCHAPTERS:0:00 - Jessica Iriarte Introduction1:17 - Jessica's Projects at Corva2:28 - Introduction to Corva6:36 - Predictive Drilling Technologies10:28 - Corva's Model Development12:46 - Deploying Predictive Models13:46 - Best Practices for High Frequency Data18:16 - Corva's Hardware for Live Data22:06 - Corva vs Well Data Labs Comparison27:20 - Importance of Post-Stage Data31:20 - Jessica's Background33:40 - Overview of Well Data Labs37:25 - Introduction to Vroom42:30 - Rebel Data Science Insights47:53 - Entering the Data Science Field55:10 - Jessica's Entry into Oil and Gas55:24 - Personal Connection to Oil and Gas57:40 - Jessica's Tech Journey59:24 - Data Science Career Advice1:03:50 - Random Questions Session1:06:24 - Favorite Open Source Tools1:06:35 - Tech Industry Entry Advice1:09:00 - Connecting with Jessica Iriarte1:09:59 - Podcast OutroFind us here👇🏼
Dive deep into the transformative world of energy and technology with this week's episode of the Energy Bytes Podcast, "From Graphics to Gas: Scott Senften's Graphics Alchemy." Join hosts John Kalfayan, aka Rad Dad, and Bobby Neelon as they unravel the fascinating journey of Scott Senften, a self-proclaimed Computer Graphics Alchemist. Discover how Scott's expertise in computer graphics is revolutionizing the energy sector, from seismic data analysis to unconventional resource exploration.Key Takeaways:- Explore the intersection of energy and technology through the lens of computer graphics.- Learn about the seismic side of the energy industry and its role as the cornerstone of Big Data.- Gain insights into the challenges and triumphs of working on groundbreaking projects in the oil and gas sector.- Understand the importance of collaboration across oil field service companies to drive innovation.- Delve into Scott's journey from the world of graphics to the forefront of energy technology.The Backstory:Scott Senften's transition from a graphics expert to a pivotal figure in the energy industry epitomizes the boundless possibilities when technology meets traditional sectors. With a rich background in computer graphics, Scott brings a unique perspective to energy challenges, leveraging Big Data and analytics to push the boundaries of what's possible.The Problem:The energy sector is in constant evolution, driven by the need for more efficient and sustainable solutions. Scott's story highlights the crucial role of technology in addressing these challenges, demonstrating the power of cross-disciplinary expertise.AI to the Rescue:Scott's work at Reveal, a startup focusing on unconventional resource exploration, showcases the game-changing potential of AI and big data in the energy industry. Discover how innovative completion design analytics are making waves in the sector.Industry Insights:This episode offers a rare glimpse into the nitty-gritty of energy technology, from the seismic data's significance to the intricacies of software development within the industry.A Contrarian Approach:Scott's journey is a testament to the transformative impact of a contrarian approach, challenging industry norms and advocating for open collaboration to drive progress.The Future:Looking ahead, Scott's work points to a future where technology and energy converge to create more efficient, sustainable, and innovative solutions for the world's energy needs.Guest Bio:Scott Senften, dubbed the Graphics Alchemist, has carved a niche at the intersection of computer graphics and energy technology. With years of experience under his belt, Scott is reshaping the energy industry with his innovative approach to data analysis and visualization.Subscribe for more insights into the fascinating world where technology meets energy, and follow us for updates on groundbreaking episodes that shine a light on the future of the sector. Check out our other episodes to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving world of energy technology.#TechIndustry #IndustryInsights #InnovativeTechnology #EnergyInnovation #VisualizationTechniques#DigitalWildcattersPodcasts #VisualizationTechniques #EnergyIndustryExpertise #InnovativeTechnology #SoftwareDevelopmentCHAPTERS:0:00 - Intro Energy Tech Podcast2:21 - MATLAB to C Conversion Insights5:22 - Navigating Big Data Complexity10:23 - Role of a Software Architect13:06 - Problem Solving in Tech17:14 - Chick-fil-a Energy Tech Mention20:04 - Scientific Visualization Techniques22:21 - Data Management Strategies24:20 - Understanding Timestamps in Data27:15 - Evolution of Early Computers31:03 - Glass Cockpits Technology34:31 - Implementing Redundancy in Systems37:03 - Cybersecurity in Energy Sector39:50 - Cyclical Nature of Technology Discussion46:43 - Transition into Oil and Gas Industry54:04 - Oil and Gas Industry Culture56:06 - VMS vs Kubernetes in Energy Tech58:14 - Speed Round with Scott Senften1:00:50 - Unique Tools in Energy Tech1:05:44 - Home Buying Tips1:07:23 - Snowflake Data Warehousing1:08:20 - Connecting with Scott SenftenFind us here👇🏼
Dive deep into the revolutionary world of mineral rights with "Inside Pecan Estimate: The Zillow for Minerals Rights" on the Energy Bytes Podcast. Hosted by the dynamic duo John Kalfayan and Bobby Neelon, this episode features the brilliant minds behind Pecan Estimate, Tracy Lenz and Jason Hooten. Discover how this innovative platform is transforming the way we understand and evaluate mineral rights, making it accessible and understandable for everyone.Key Takeaways:- Uncover the backstory of Pecan Estimate, the game-changing tool likened to Zillow for the mineral rights market.- Explore the problem it solves in the often opaque and complex world of mineral trading and ownership.- Delve into how AI and technology are leveraged to demystify the valuation process, bringing transparency and efficiency.- Gain industry insights from Tracy and Jason, who share their journey from identifying a gap in the market to developing a solution that empowers mineral owners.- Learn about the contrarian approach Pecan Estimate takes in an industry ripe for disruption.- Peek into the future of mineral rights management and how technology continues to shape the landscape.Guest Bio:Tracy Lenz and Jason Hooten, the sibling power team, bring a unique blend of expertise to the table. Tracy, with a rich history in the oil and gas sector, and Jason, a tech whiz, combined their strengths to create Pecan Estimate. Through their innovative platform, they're on a mission to revolutionize the way mineral rights are understood, valued, and traded. Check them out at or on their youtube channel -  @PecanTreeOG  Don't miss out on this insightful episode that sheds light on the intersection of energy, technology, and entrepreneurship. Subscribe for more insights, follow us for updates, and check out our other episodes to stay ahead in the energy tech curve.#MineralsMarket #MineralRights #DigitalWildcattersPodcasts #EnergyTechStack #EnergyPodcastCHAPTERS:0:00 - Intro1:24 - PecanTree Oil & Gas Overview3:59 - PecanTree's Core Operations9:55 - Mineral Estate Appraisal Explained11:00 - Starting Tech Stack at Pecan Estimate13:40 - Navigating Self-Funding & Bootstrapping17:54 - Initial ETL Process at Pecan Estimate20:08 - Pondera Origin Story29:53 - Entering the Oil & Gas Industry34:37 - Educational Insights for Oil & Gas Careers36:23 - USC Smart Oilfield Tech Program40:34 - Real-World Application Development41:56 - Transitioning to AWS Database42:05 - Accessing Public Data for Energy Projects43:44 - Spotify Model in Tech Startups44:50 - Cloud Computing FUD Demystified49:10 - Building Custom Solutions from Scratch49:35 - Data Flow Architecture at Pecan Estimate51:25 - Pecan Estimate's Predictive Model53:10 - Analysis Time Frame for Mineral Reports54:34 - Unique Challenges in East Texas56:40 - Importance of Early Launches59:10 - Mapping Software for Mineral Rights1:02:05 - Previous Employment Insights1:03:45 - App Deployment Strategies1:05:25 - Necessity of New Tech Tools1:09:25 - Programming Languages at Pecan Estimate1:11:13 - Fun Facts About the Team1:13:06 - Influential Figures in Energy Tech1:13:54 - Recommended Tech Libraries1:17:08 - Finding Joy in Energy Tech1:18:30 - Modern Marketing Strategies1:19:15 - Discover More About Pecan EstimateFind us here👇🏼
In this episode, we delve into the fascinating intersection of the energy sector and technology through the lens of Bitcoin mining. With insights from industry insiders at Digital Wildcatters and special guest Chuck Yates, we explore how energy companies are increasingly becoming tech companies, and vice versa, driven by the demands of high-performance computing and the opportunities presented by Bitcoin mining.This episode dives into:The strategic decision by EQT, the largest natural gas producer in the US, to curtail production due to low natural gas prices and the potential impact of redirecting that energy towards Bitcoin mining.The acquisition of a data center by AWS for $650 million, highlighting the trend of tech companies venturing into energy management to support their computing needs.The evolution of Bitcoin mining from a niche activity to a significant player in the energy market, offering innovative solutions for managing flare gas and optimizing energy use.The role of high-performance computing in driving the demand for energy and the implications for energy companies to adapt and innovate.The challenges and opportunities for oil and gas companies to integrate Bitcoin mining and other tech-driven energy solutions into their operations, including considerations for infrastructure, maintenance, and regulatory compliance.The potential for energy companies to leverage Bitcoin mining not only as a revenue stream but also as a strategic tool for energy management, environmental compliance, and enhancing operational efficiency.Join us as we explore how the convergence of energy and technology is reshaping the landscape of both industries, offering new opportunities for innovation, sustainability, and profitability.
Dive deep into the transformative world of energy tech with Ted Cross, VP of Product at NoviLabs, on this exhilarating episode of Energy Bytes Podcast. Discover how from a foundation in geology, Ted navigated his path to spearheading AI innovations that are revolutionizing the energy sector. This episode, hosted by John Kalfayan and Bobby Neelon, unfurls Ted's journey, offering key insights into the synergy between traditional energy exploration and cutting-edge technology.Key Takeaways:- The fusion of geology and AI in energy tech: Explore the intersection where Earth Science meets Artificial Intelligence, and how it's powering the future of energy.- AI to the Rescue: Uncover how AI is solving complex problems in the energy industry, from optimizing drilling operations to enhancing predictive models for resource extraction.- Industry Insights: Gain firsthand knowledge from Ted Cross about the challenges and triumphs in integrating tech solutions within the energy sector.- A Contrarian Approach: Learn about the innovative strategies and tools NoviLabs employs to push the boundaries of what's possible in energy tech.- The Future: Delve into what the horizon holds for AI in energy, and how professionals like Ted are shaping a sustainable, efficient future.Guest Bio:Ted Cross brings a unique blend of expertise to the table, with a rich background in geology combined with a profound understanding of product management in the tech space. As the VP of Product at NoviLabs, Ted is at the forefront of designing AI-driven solutions that offer groundbreaking approaches to age-old challenges in the energy industry. His journey from exploring the Earth's subsurface to leveraging AI for optimizing energy production embodies the innovative spirit transforming the sector.Don't miss this insightful episode that bridges the gap between traditional energy expertise and technological innovation. Subscribe for more insights and follow us for updates on future episodes that continue to explore the dynamic intersection of energy and technology.#EnergyTech #OilAndGasTech #EnergyIndustryLeadership #EnergyTechStacks #EnergyDataManagementCHAPTERS:0:00 - Intro1:15 - Energy Current Events8:28 - Ted Cross Energy Tech Journey9:52 - Oil and Gas Industry Decision Making15:25 - Statistical & Physical World Integration19:09 - Oil & Gas Industry Economics Optimization21:28 - Ted Cross Journey to NoviLabs23:08 - NoviLabs Overview24:05 - NoviLabs ML Platform Insights27:30 - User Control in NoviLabs Models30:18 - Energy Tech Stack Discussion32:12 - NoviLabs Success Stories34:10 - Comparing Manufacturing & Oil Gas Optimization37:18 - Well Interaction Analysis41:19 - Vaca Muerta Exploration45:40 - Future Directions for NoviLabs48:00 - AI Impact on Oil & Gas Industry54:07 - Speed Round Q&A56:46 - Daily Tech Tools1:02:20 - Connecting with Ted Cross1:02:40 - Outro
Dive deep into the intersection of artificial intelligence and the energy sector with this week's episode of Energy Bytes Podcast, with George Danner about AI's Energy Transformation. Discover how AI is revolutionizing the way we think about and manage energy resources, from factory floors to oil rigs. Hosted by John Kalfayan and Bobby Neelon, this episode not only explores the current state of energy technology but also provides a controversial yet insightful look into what the future holds.**Key Takeaways:**- Uncover the transformative power of AI in the energy industry, reshaping everything from operational efficiency to strategic decision-making.- Learn about the contrarian approaches to solving complex energy challenges through the lens of an expert in business simulation and predictive modeling.- Delve into the backstory of Business Laboratory and its founder, George Danner, exploring the synergy between technology and industrial markets.- Discover industry insights into the oil and gas sector and how tech startups are influencing change.- Engage with a thought-provoking discussion on the future of energy, investing in technology, and the cycles of uranium and oil.**The Backstory:**Understanding George Danner's journey from an engineer to the founder of Business Laboratory offers a unique perspective on the merger of technology and energy. His innovative approach to leveraging AI and simulation for business optimization has put him at the forefront of the industry.**The Problem:**The energy sector faces unprecedented challenges, from reducing carbon footprints to optimizing resource allocation. How can AI serve as the catalyst for change in this traditional industry?**AI to the Rescue:**Discover how AI technologies are not just solving existing problems but also uncovering new opportunities for efficiency and sustainability in energy production and distribution.**Industry Insights:**Gain valuable insights into the dynamics of the energy market and how the emergence of tech startups is challenging the status quo, driving innovation, and fostering a competitive environment.**A Contrarian Approach:**Explore George Danner's controversial yet effective strategies for navigating the complex landscape of the energy industry. His emphasis on simulation and predictive analytics as tools for decision-making sets a new standard.**The Future:**What does the future hold for the energy sector? This episode provides a forward-looking perspective on the role of AI and technology in shaping the next generation of energy solutions.**Guest Bio:**George Danner, Founder of Business Laboratory, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. As an expert in business simulation and predictive modeling, George has dedicated his career to solving some of the most challenging problems faced by industrial markets. His innovative thinking and contrarian approaches have made him a sought-after voice in discussions about the future of energy and technology. To learn more about George and Business Laboratory, check them out here Subscribe for more insights into the intersection of technology and energy. Follow us for updates and check out our other episodes for a deeper understanding of the forces shaping our world.#Energy #OilAndGasStartups #DigitalTransformationInEnergy #TechInEnergy #EnergyInnovation#ArtificialIntelligence #DistributedControlSystems #EnergyTech #SimulationModeling #IndustrialScienceCHAPTERS:0:00 - Guest Introduction George Danner1:46 - George Danner Tech Journey9:58 - Unique Business Problems Analysis12:12 - Industry Decision Making Insights18:01 - Lessons from Elon Musk19:55 - Counterintuitive Business Decisions22:13 - Changing Business Practices25:30 - Elon Musk Influence in Oil and Gas33:00 - Artificial Intelligence Journey33:48 - Understanding Language Models35:50 - Knowledge Models Explained39:34 - Artificial General Intelligence Discussion42:09 - Heuristics in Problem Solving46:09 - Experience-Based Learning49:22 - Management Flight Simulators Overview54:17 - AI Deployment for Practitioners56:05 - Deploying AI Models Effectively59:29 - Managing Cloud Costs1:02:07 - Importance of Design in Tech1:05:08 - Starting an AI Project Tips1:10:49 - Vector Databases Introduction1:11:14 - Exploring SymPy1:12:01 - Social Media Influencers in Tech1:13:10 - Google Cloud Platform Discussion1:16:24 - Favorite Language Models1:17:33 - AGI Development Timeline1:24:22 - Finding George Danner Online1:25:15 - Upcoming Energy Tech Events
Dive deep into the transformative power of data automation in the energy sector with this week’s episode of Energy Bytes. Discover how WellDatabase, co-founded by John Ferrell and Josh Holt, is revolutionizing the way we access and utilize energy data. Through an engaging discussion with hosts John Kalfayan and Bobby Neelon, we unravel the story behind WellDatabase’s inception, the challenges it aims to solve, and its contrarian approach to data automation.**Key Takeaways:**- Learn about the problem statement that led to the creation of WellDatabase and how it's addressing key industry pain points.- Discover the role of AI and automation in enhancing data accuracy and accessibility.- Gain insights into the innovative tech stack powering WellDatabase and its impact on the energy industry.- Explore a contrarian approach to handling big-ish data and the strategic decisions behind their technology choices.**The Backstory:** John Ferrell and Josh Holt share their journey from identifying a gap in the market to developing a solution that challenges traditional data management practices in the energy sector.**The Problem:** Frustrated by expensive contracts, mediocre data quality, and lack of API connections, they envisioned a platform that offers better terms, prices, and automation.**AI to the Rescue:** Delve into how WellDatabase leverages automated systems and AI to process millions of data points daily, ensuring up-to-date and accurate information.**Industry Insights:** The episode provides a unique glimpse into the intersection of energy and technology, highlighting the importance of innovative data solutions in driving industry efficiency.**A Contrarian Approach:** Learn about the strategic decision to host their infrastructure, the evolution from .NET Framework to .NET Core, and the thoughtful transition to microservices.**The Future:** John and Josh discuss the ongoing developments and future aspirations for WellDatabase, emphasizing their commitment to continuous improvement and adaptation.**Guest Bio:**John Ferrell and Josh Holt are the pioneering minds behind WellDatabase, an innovative platform designed to streamline the way the energy industry accesses and analyzes data. With their extensive experience in the sector and a shared vision for leveraging technology to solve complex challenges, they have successfully positioned WellDatabase at the forefront of data automation solutions.For more insights into the energy industry’s future and to hear from leading experts, subscribe to Energy Bytes and follow us for updates on our latest episodes.#EnergyBytes #WelldatabaseFounders #EnergyInfrastructure #EnergyTechnologyAdvancements #OilAndGasTech#BobbyNeelon #DigitalTransformationInEnergy #AiInDataProcessing #EnergyDataModeling #EnergyAutomationSystemsCHAPTERS:0:00 - Intro1:30 - Welldatabase Introduction5:45 - Memory Prices Trends9:47 - Saving Documents on Floppy Disk10:21 - Launching a Tech Startup in 201013:58 - Leveraging No-Code Tools in Tech17:01 - Microsoft Startup Program Insights19:36 - Evolution of Tech Architecture24:32 - Transitioning to Kubernetes27:10 - Kubernetes Applicability in Tech34:59 - Managing Technical Debt35:00 - Developer Communication Skills37:22 - Handling Unstructured Data Storage42:24 - Understanding ORM Technology44:55 - OCR Technology Explained52:57 - Speed Round Q&A59:02 - Top Social Media Influencers1:00:50 - Favorite Databases Revealed1:02:48 - Overview1:03:48 - Outro
Dive deep into the world of energy and cybersecurity in this riveting episode of the Energy Bytes podcast. Our esteemed guest, Bryan Becker, founder of Class IV, joins hosts John Kalfayan, Aka Rad Dad, and Bobby Neelon for a controversial and enlightening discussion on the forefront of cyber defense in the energy sector. Discover how Bryan Becker is reshaping the landscape of cybersecurity within the energy industry through innovative AI and tech solutions. From the gritty details of securing critical energy infrastructure to the broader implications for national security, this episode unpacks the complexities of protecting our most vital resources.Key Takeaways:- The intersection of energy and technology: A deep dive into how Class IV is pioneering next-gen cyber defense strategies.- The Problem: Unpacking the unique cybersecurity challenges facing the energy sector.- AI to the Rescue: Bryan Becker's contrarian approach to leveraging AI and machine learning in cybersecurity.- Industry Insights: Real-world stories from the trenches of cybersecurity in the energy field.- A Contrarian Approach: Why traditional cybersecurity methods fall short and how a radical new perspective is needed.- The Future: Predictions on the evolution of cyber threats and defense mechanisms in the energy sector.Guest Bio:Bryan Becker brings a wealth of experience to the table as the founder of Class IV. With a background in both cybersecurity and energy, Becker has become a sought-after expert in the field. His innovative work at Class IV is setting new standards for how energy companies approach cyber defense, making him a controversial yet pivotal figure in the ongoing battle to secure our energy infrastructure.Subscribe for more insights into the intersection of energy and technology. Follow us for updates on groundbreaking episodes that challenge the status quo. Check out our other episodes for a comprehensive look at the future of energy and technology.Engage with us and let Bryan Becker's expertise guide you through the intricate dance of cybersecurity in the energy industry. Prepare to be enlightened, challenged, and inspired.#PasswordManagers #NetworkSecurity #CybersecurityExpert #BryanBecker #EnergyCybersecurityCHAPTERS:0:00 - Intro2:17 - Tech Career Beginnings4:56 - Cybersecurity Fundamentals7:13 - Common Cyber Threats Overview11:10 - Energy Sector Cybersecurity Challenges13:49 - Transition to Oil and Gas Industry19:04 - Understanding SOX Compliance24:41 - Debunking SOC 2 Myths27:35 - Vagueness in Cybersecurity Standards29:43 - Cybersecurity Gaps in Oil and Gas34:00 - Exploring the Fractional CSO Model39:01 - Cloud Security Insights43:18 - Bear Analogy for Cybersecurity46:03 - Operational Technology (OT) Security48:20 - Bryan Becker's Personal Tech Stack54:20 - Latest Cybersecurity Tools and Trends57:57 - Practical Cybersecurity Measures1:01:26 - Best Practices for 2FA1:02:07 - Responding to Data Leaks1:07:55 - Connecting with Bryan Becker1:08:39 - Energy Tech Night Promotion
🔥 Discover how Coldbore is revolutionizing the fracking industry with their groundbreaking technology, as revealed by CTO Alex Fortin in this explosive episode of Energy Bytes! 🔥Dive deep into the heart of innovation with Alex Fortin, the visionary CTO of Coldbore Technologies, who spills the beans on how their cutting-edge tech stacks are transforming the world of fracking. In a controversial yet uplifting narrative, learn how Coldbore's approach challenges conventional methods and sets new benchmarks for efficiency and sustainability in the energy sector.Key Takeaways:- The Backstory: Uncover Alex's unconventional journey to becoming a tech innovator in the oil and gas sector.- The Problem: Grasp the complex challenges that plagued traditional fracking operations.- AI to the Rescue: Be amazed by how Coldbore leverages AI and advanced tech to solve industry-wide problems.- Industry Insights: Gain rare insights into the future of energy and technology from a leading expert.- A Contrarian Approach: Discover why Coldbore's unconventional methods are making waves and what it means for the future of energy.Guest Bio: Alex Fortin, the CTO of Coldbore Technologies, brings an extraordinary blend of scientific curiosity and technological prowess to the energy industry. With a career marked by innovation and a passion for solving complex problems, Alex stands at the forefront of the tech revolution in oil and gas, driving change and pushing boundaries.🚀 Subscribe for more insights into the future of energy and technology, and follow us for updates that challenge the status quo. Check out our other episodes for more groundbreaking discussions with industry leaders. 🚀Prepare to have your mind blown by the seismic shift Coldbore is initiating in the fracking game – it's a game-changer you don't want to miss!#EnergyTechnology #EnergyTrends #EnergySector #EnergyTechStacks #EnergyBytesCHAPTERS:0:00 - Intro Energy Bytes Podcast2:58 - Alex Fortin Coldbore Background9:16 - Coldbore Technology Overview11:54 - Energy Data Wrangling15:04 - Data Synchronization in Energy19:22 - Non-Productive Time (NPT) Analysis20:19 - Edge Computing vs Cloud in Energy23:13 - Energy Tech Lessons Learned27:10 - Consuming Coldbore Data31:13 - Data Management: Shared Rows32:39 - Introduction to DuckDB34:16 - Time Series Databases in Energy40:35 - Cognite Technology Stack44:50 - Why Cognite Chooses Rust53:16 - Alex's Favorite Social Media53:42 - Preferred Cloud Providers54:04 - Top Vacation Destinations54:47 - Favorite Programming Languages55:05 - Best Managed Services56:10 - Connecting with Alex Fortin
Dive deep into the high-energy world of oil and gas with the latest episode of the Energy Bytes podcast, featuring an exclusive interview with Jeff Hughes, the innovative founder of PointFlow. Discover how oil operators can revolutionize their tech stacks and stay ahead in the ever-evolving energy sector. In this episode, our dynamic duo of hosts, John Kalfayan (aka Rad Dad) and Bobby Neelon, engage with Jeff to explore his unique journey from accountant to tech guru in the energy industry. Jeff shares his contrarian approach to traditional systems, his experiences with technology, and the origin story of PointFlow, shedding light on the intersection of energy and tech.Key Takeaways:- Insights on modernizing tech stacks in the oil and gas industry- The impact of low-code software solutions like QuickBase- The debate between cloud services and on-premise setupsGuest Bio: Jeff Hughes is not just an accountant turned tech enthusiast, but a forward-thinking founder who's shaking up the oil and gas industry with PointFlow. With a keen eye for efficiency and innovation, Jeff's expertise is revolutionizing how energy companies leverage technology. To learn more about PointFlow check them out at or reach out to Jeff directly at Ready for an energy tech revolution? Subscribe for more insights and follow us for updates on the latest trends and discussions. Don't miss out on our other episodes packed with industry insights and expert opinions. Join the Energy Bytes community today and fuel your knowledge with us!#OilAndGas #EnergyTech #PointFlow #ModernizeTech #EnergyBytesPodcast#Pointflow #EnergyOperations #EnergyStartups #EnergyDataAnalysis #OilAndGasOperations#EnergyOperations #EnergyPodcast #EnergyTrends #MicrosoftAzure #EnergyAccountingCHAPTERS:0:00 - Podcast Introduction1:13 - Guest Introduction: Jeff Hughes7:45 - Launching Revolution Resources10:48 - Cloud Technology vs On-Premise Solutions12:24 - Field Operations in Energy Sector15:52 - Understanding Unique Well Identifiers22:25 - Accounting Practices in Oil & Gas23:44 - Operating Challenges in Oil & Gas27:10 - Standardization Issues in Oil & Gas29:20 - Introducing PointFlow Software33:39 - Cloud vs On-Prem Revisited39:20 - Analyzing Energy Sector Costs42:50 - Energy Data Security Concerns47:45 - Exploring Quickbase Platform51:18 - Quickbase: An Overview53:46 - Speed Round with Jeff Hughes55:54 - Jeff's Book Recommendations56:40 - Jeff's Top Social Media Picks57:50 - Favorite Databases in Energy Tech57:58 - Preferred Cloud Services58:10 - Connecting with Jeff Hughes
🌟 Dive deep into the electrifying world of energy tech with Ryan Rice, the ingenious Founder of ResNet, on this week's episode of the Energy Bytes Podcast. Discover how gamification is revolutionizing the energy industry and the tech stacks that are powering this transformation. 🌟Key Takeaways:- The Backstory: Hosts John Kalfayan, Aaka Rad Dad, and Bobby Neelon kick off with candid banter before introducing Ryan Rice and his unique role at ResNet.- The Problem: The team unpacks the challenges of energy independence and the intricate intersections of technology within the energy sector.- AI to the Rescue: Ryan Rice shares his journey from the oil fields to founding ResNet, emphasizing the pivotal role of AI and digital tools in enhancing operational efficiency.- Industry Insights: Delve into the strategies that have allowed companies like ResNet to tackle the volatility of the energy markets through tech innovation.- A Contrarian Approach: Discover Ryan’s perspective on the build vs. buy debate and ResNet’s mission to deliver user-friendly, game-changing solutions for the energy industry.- The Future: Ryan gives us a glimpse into the exciting potential of gamification and user experience in driving industry performance.Guest Bio:Ryan Rice is the trailblazing founder of ResNet, a company at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence into the energy industry. With a rich background in petroleum engineering and a passion for data-driven solutions, Ryan is reshaping how the sector leverages technology for operational excellence. To learn more about ResNet, check them out at For more eye-opening discussions on energy and technology, subscribe to Energy Bytes and follow us for the latest updates. Eager for more? Check out our other episodes to stay on the cutting edge of the energy tech revolution.#EnergyBytesPodcast #Gamification #EnergyTech #RyanRice #ResNet #ArtificialIntelligence #Innovation #TechStacks #IndustryInsights #Subscribe#Redshift #EnergyTechnology #DataAnalytics #ReactNative #Nosql#UkraineImpact #Chevron #EnergyIndustry #EFT #OilAndGasCHAPTERS:0:00 - Introduction to Energy Bytes Podcast3:58 - ResNet Founding Story9:49 - Motivations Behind Starting ResNet12:20 - Pioneering Energy Tech Innovations19:20 - Enhancing Industry Transparency26:25 - Tech Evolution in Energy Sector28:32 - Citizen Developer Impact31:13 - Navigating Business Uncertainties34:07 - Role of Empathy in Tech36:40 - Technology Decision Making42:50 - Arps Decline Curve Customization44:40 - Distribution Normalization Techniques46:40 - Machine Learning Explainability47:57 - Simplifying Non-Linear Equations49:40 - Comparing Physical and Statistical Models52:30 - The Need for Model Explainability55:20 - ResNet Business Insights56:45 - Design Philosophy of ResX Platform59:54 - ResX Platform Benefits Overview1:06:45 - Gamification in ResFrac's Design1:07:28 - Importance of User Experience1:08:28 - Gamification Experience at Rice Energy1:17:57 - Quick-Fire Question Round1:19:49 - Social Media Recommendations1:20:28 - Favorite Coding Packages1:20:52 - Personal Preferences: Mountain vs Beach1:21:16 - Career Advice in Energy Tech1:23:00 - Connecting with Ryan Rice1:23:33 - Contacting ResiNet
🚀 Ready to elevate your simulation know-how? Scott Parent from Ansys joins the Energy Bites podcast trio, John Kalfayan, Aka Rad Dad, and Bobby Neelon, for a not-to-be-missed conversation that dives into the energy-technology nexus! 🌟In this electrifying episode, discover how Ansys is driving innovation in the energy sector with cutting-edge tech stacks. Scott Parent, field CTO at Ansys, shares his profound insights on mechanical engineering, the transformative power of curiosity in science, and the crucial role of simulation across various industries. Key Takeaways: - Dive into Scott's journey from experimenting with electricity to shaping the future with Ansys.- Explore the impact of simulation on product evolution, from aerospace to energy.- Unwrap the potential of multi-physics models and their relevance in today's tech landscape.- Get industry insights on the dichotomy between startups and giant corporations in innovating and adopting new tech.- A contrarian approach to the simulation game - learn why efficiency is the true unsung hero of the energy industry.Guest Bio: Scott Parent, field CTO at Ansys, is a mechanical engineering maestro with a career spanning GE, BP, and Baker Hughes. With a passion for pushing the boundaries of simulation, Scott's expertise in computational acoustics, structural mechanics, and vibration space is revolutionizing the simulation space.Don't miss out on these game-changing insights – Subscribe to Energy Bites for more enlightening episodes, follow us for the latest industry updates, and check out our other episodes for a dose of energy wisdom that'll power up your day! 🌟✨#EnergyBitesPodcast #Ansys #ScottParent #SimulationGame #TechInnovation #EnergyIndustry #MechanicalEngineering #SubscribeNowCHAPTERS:0:00 - Podcast Introduction1:05 - Scott's Energy & Tech Journey5:01 - Big Co & Startup Collaboration11:14 - M&A Strategies in Energy Tech17:45 - ANSYS Acquisition Insights22:09 - M&A Culture Integration24:04 - Workforce Diversity Benefits26:00 - Leadership Impact on Innovation27:50 - ANSYS Customer Innovation Support30:48 - Decision-Making Influence in Tech33:10 - Connect with Scott Parent36:58 - Frac Interference Discussion38:52 - Advancements in Material Science44:08 - ANSYS Role in Energy Sector48:25 - Cross-Industry Technological Impact49:20 - Learning from Diverse Industries52:54 - Energy Sector Automation Trends56:02 - Energy Circuit Board Analysis59:45 - Fostering a Culture of Innovation1:03:48 - Energy Efficiency Imperatives1:05:40 - Energy Addition vs. Transition1:07:50 - Systems-Level Energy Optimization1:11:20 - Role of Additive Manufacturing1:15:40 - AI Applications in Energy1:17:10 - AI-Driven Part Optimization1:19:00 - Utilizing Digital Twins1:20:33 - Scott's Book Recommendations1:23:28 - Top ANSYS Tools Highlight1:25:05 - Reaching Out to Scott Parent1:25:32 - Episode Conclusion
🔌 Plugging into the Power of Data: Discover how Nathan Semones and Catalina Herrera are supercharging the energy sector! ⚡Dive deep into the electrifying world of energy tech with episode 23 of Energy Bytes Podcast. This episode lights up the conversation with Dataiku's dynamic duo: Nathan Semones, enterprise account executive, and Catalina Herrera, field CDO. They're not just transforming the industry—they're redefining it with cutting-edge data solutions that are as innovative as they are impactful.Key Takeaways:⚙️ Unveiling the tech stacks that are the lifeblood of the energy industry🛢️ Exploring the oil, gas, and tech nexus through seasoned insights📈 AI to the Rescue: Harnessing data-driven strategies to optimize operations💡 Industry Insights: Catalina and Nathan share their game-changing approaches to data in energyThe Backstory: Nathan's journey from sports reporting aspirations to tech titan is as unique as it is inspiring. Catalina's leap from potential medical professional to data wizard exemplifies the unexpected paths to success in the tech world.The Problem: The energy sector is hungry for innovation, and data is the untapped wellspring of opportunity. But harnessing it? That's where the magic happens.AI to the Rescue: Listen as our guests reveal how to leverage AI, orchestrate data, and automate insights that propel the industry forward.A Contrarian Approach: Forget the status quo. Nathan and Catalina are here to shake things up with fresh perspectives that challenge conventional thinking.The Future: As the energy landscape evolves, so does the need for agile, data-savvy pioneers. This episode is your crystal ball into the data-driven destiny of energy.Guest Bio: Nathan Semones brings a wealth of expertise from IT and analytics, evolving into a visionary leader in energy tech. Catalina Herrera, a sound engineer by heart and data guru by choice, blends creativity with technical prowess to lead Dataiku's field strategies.⚡ Don't miss out on the insights that could spark the next big revolution in energy. Subscribe for more episodes that illuminate the tech world, and follow us for updates that keep you at the forefront of innovation. Check out our other episodes for an electrifying binge-worthy experience!#EnergyBytesPodcast #Dataiku #NathanSemones #CatalinaHerrera #EnergySector #TechInnovation #AI #DataDrivenCHAPTERS:0:00 - Introduction to Energy Bytes Podcast0:40 - Catalina Herrera: Dataiku Field CDO Journey6:08 - Nathan Semones: Enterprise Account Executive Story9:34 - Nathan’s Path to Dataiku18:16 - Dataiku's Collaboration with Coders20:03 - Dataiku in the Data Management Pipeline21:49 - Understanding Dataiku's Platform24:35 - User Experience Design at Dataiku28:20 - Dataiku's Impact on MLOps30:50 - Benefits of a Data Lakehouse Model33:00 - Dataiku's Framework Revisited37:40 - Data Discoverability and Lineage with Dataiku42:52 - Ensuring Data Security in Dataiku47:44 - Real-Time Data Processing in Dataiku49:10 - Federated Learning Explained by Dataiku50:38 - Success Stories: Dataiku's Achievements53:24 - Data Distribution Strategies at Dataiku55:23 - Dataiku's Computing Engines57:10 - Git Integration Features in Dataiku1:01:06 - Quick-Fire Question Round1:06:13 - Career Tips for Energy Tech Aspirants1:08:20 - Standing Out in the Energy Tech Industry1:09:58 - Connecting with Nathan Semones
Dive deep into the world of AI and its transformative impact on oil and gas operations with Dingzhou Cao on Energy Bytes. Discover how cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing industry practices and unlocking new possibilities. John Kalfayan and Bobby Neelon engage in a riveting discussion with Senior Data Science Advisor Dingzhou Cao, exploring his journey from assembling computers to optimizing energy operations with artificial intelligence.Key Takeaways:- The backstory of Dingzhou Cao's entry into the realm of data science.- The problem of integrating AI into traditional oil and gas operations.- AI to the rescue: Real-world applications and case studies shared by Dingzhou.- Industry insights on automation, data management, and future trends.- A contrarian approach: Dingzhou's unique perspective on the role of AI in the energy sector.- The future of AI in oil and gas: potential for automation and challenges ahead.Guest Bio: Dingzhou Cao is a Senior Data Science Advisor with a wealth of experience across multiple industries. His expertise in mathematics, software development, and data science has been instrumental in pioneering AI applications in oil and gas operations. With a story that spans from early computer assembly to AI innovation, Dingzhou brings a unique blend of technical knowledge and industry foresight to the table.For more engaging discussions on AI, energy, and tech, subscribe to Energy Bytes and follow us for updates on the latest episodes. Don't forget to check out our other episodes featuring industry experts and thought leaders.
Join us in this insightful episode of Energy Bytes as we chat with Sawyer Nyquist, founder of The Data Shop. Hosts Bobby Neelon and John Kalfayan dive deep into Sawyer's unique journey from theology to tech, exploring the evolving world of data analytics, business strategies, and the impact of technology in the modern business landscape. Discover how non-technical backgrounds can offer a fresh perspective in tech and the importance of understanding both business and data for effective problem-solving.Guest Bio:Sawyer Nyquist is the Founder of The Data Shop, helping organizations define, identify, and deliver value through data analytics. With experience across various industries, Sawyer provides thoughtful leadership enabling data-driven business outcomes.  
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