DiscoverUnleashing Leadership: Unlocking Greatness and Embracing Change
Unleashing Leadership: Unlocking Greatness and Embracing Change
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Unleashing Leadership: Unlocking Greatness and Embracing Change

Author: Travis Maus

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Join Travis Maus, seasoned entrepreneur and business leader, on a transformative journey of leadership exploration. In this thought-provoking podcast, Travis shares his invaluable insights and experiences gained from two decades of managing diverse businesses, including small family enterprises, Fortune 500 companies, and his own successful startups.

Drawing inspiration from the wisdom of renowned leadership expert John Maxwell, Travis emphasizes the pivotal role of personal growth and embracing change to achieve greatness. Through candid storytelling and real-life examples, he unveils the profound truth that success or failure ultimately rests upon a leader's ability to recognize and unleash the potential in others.

With each episode, Travis invites listeners to challenge the status quo and think differently, just as he did when overcoming his own entrepreneurial hurdles. He reflects on the power of books and shares the book report tradition he instills in his team, revealing the extraordinary ideas and perspectives that emerge from it. Expect to be inspired as he delves into practical applications of these insights and explores their impact on clients, employees, and overall business growth.

"Unleashing Leadership" is a podcast that goes beyond conventional leadership narratives. It is a window into Travis Maus's life, work, and unwavering commitment to doing more for his team than he asks of them. Whether you're a current or aspiring leader, or simply curious about understanding the mindset of those in leadership positions, this podcast is your guide to embracing the brutal yet rewarding journey of leadership. Prepare to challenge your beliefs, unlock your potential, and forge a path toward extraordinary leadership.

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199 Episodes
Text me!TakeawaysEquity can be a powerful tool to enhance employee buy-in and create a sense of ownership in a company.Business owners often make mistakes when it comes to leveraging equity, such as not understanding how to use it effectively or mismanaging it.Planning and communication are crucial when offering equity opportunities to employees, ensuring that everyone understands the purpose and benefits.Structuring equity ownership can help maintain control while still providing opportuniti...
Text me!TakeawaysHire people with ambition for the success of the company firstAvoid personal gain-focused ambition and toxic behaviorsBuild strict processes for political issues to minimize favoritismSet clear expectations and career paths for employeesPromote transparency in decision-making📖 Buy "The Hard Thing About Hard Things" -🌱 S.E.E.D. Planning Group - ...
Text me!TakeawaysQuestion conventional wisdom and don't blindly trust information without knowing the source.Be aware of the influence of money and incentives on people's beliefs and actions.Curiosity and asking questions are important for gaining a deeper understanding.Situational awareness is crucial in knowing when to participate and when to defer to experts.Self-awareness helps in understanding one's own limitations and when to seek expertise.📖 Buy "The Hard Thing About Hard Things" -http...
Text me!TakeawaysTerminating quickly can be a difficult decision, but it is necessary when employees violate core principles or affect the team negatively.Clear communication and setting expectations upfront are crucial in the termination process.Consistency is key when implementing a terminate quickly policy to avoid sending mixed messages or creating a culture of politics.Creating a culture of discipline and structure can lead to self-policing and support from employees.📖 Buy "The Hard Thin...
The No Turd Rule

The No Turd Rule


Text me!TakeawaysThe talent pool in a large organization tends to converge to the crappiest person with the title.Crappy people can be individuals who are generally bad at everything or those who were once good but have become crappy at their job over time.Dealing with crappy people requires finding ways to treat them with dignity and utilize their strengths in a different role within the organization.Creating opportunities for horizontal moves within an organization can help retain good peop...
Text me!TakeawaysThe Peter Principle states that people will be promoted until they reach a level of incompetence.Promotions and titles should be based on skillset and capability, not just tenure or seniority.World-class talent can help mitigate the Peter Principle.Organizations need to have healthy feedback loops and frank conversations about capabilities and development.It's important to focus on sharpening strengths and addressing weaknesses to be successful in higher-level roles.📖 Buy "Th...
Text me!TakeawaysBeing committed means taking action and following through on consequences.Ridiculous and shocking measures can be effective in emphasizing the importance of certain behaviors and values.Intentionality and meaning behind actions are important to avoid them becoming frivolous.Empty threats and lack of action undermine the effectiveness of leadership.📖 Buy "The Hard Thing About Hard Things" -
Do Titles Matter

Do Titles Matter


Text me!TakeawaysConsistency in titles is important to avoid confusion and miscommunication.Titles shape an individual's identity and affect their perception in the public.Assign appropriate titles that accurately reflect responsibilities and hierarchy.Handle demotions with care and consider the impact on individuals.Promote individuals who are qualified and capable of fulfilling the role.📖 Buy "The Hard Thing About Hard Things" -
World Class Or Bust

World Class Or Bust


Text me!TakeawaysTo move up, you have to be better than the people already in the position.Being better means having the necessary skills and qualifications for the role.Promoting someone who is not qualified can be damaging to the organization.Preparation and development are key to success in a new role.Leaders have a responsibility to groom their successors.📖 Buy "The Hard Thing About Hard Things" -
Text me!TakeawaysFocusing solely on end numbers and short-term results can sacrifice long-term success and growth.Tracking and improving processes, developing talent, and building infrastructure are key to future success.The Manager's Creed promotes accountability and a focus on key performance indicators (KPIs).A holistic and long-term approach to management success is crucial.📖 Buy "The Hard Thing About Hard Things" -
Text me!TakeawaysPerks should not be the defining factor of a company's culture or core values.Perks can become distractions and entitlements if they are not tied to specific goals or projects.Job security and personal/professional growth should be considered as valuable perks.Company values and mission are what attract and retain employees, not perks.Trying to cater to everyone's preferences with perks is an endless game.Perks should be purposeful and aligned with the mission of the company....
Text me!TakeawaysTeaching should be a priority at all levels in an organization.Everyone in the organization should be a teacher and contribute to the development of others.Teaching helps individuals learn and refine their own skills.Teaching creates a consistent message and approach across the organization.Organizations should promote and reward teaching.Individuals should seek out environments that value learning and growth.📖 Buy "The Hard Thing About Hard Things" -
Text me!TakeawaysDesigning a unique company culture is essential for separating a company from its competitors.Honesty, integrity, and a focus on client outcomes are key values to live by.Enforcing and holding people accountable to company standards is crucial for maintaining a positive culture.A culture without standards leads to a negative work environment.📖 Buy "The Hard Thing About Hard Things" -
Text me!TakeawaysBuilding a business requires a different skill set and temperament compared to inheriting or stepping into an established business.The CEO who builds a business may not be the best fit to lead it once it is established.Stepping into a leadership position requires adapting to the existing business and its culture.Hiring leaders who have the strengths and skills needed for the specific scenario is crucial for success.Book📖 Buy "The Hard Thing About Hard Things"https://www.amazo...
Text me!TakeawaysHaving a bigger picture or a Just Cause that is infinite and has no end can provide direction and purpose in your work.Flexibility and adaptability are key in finding new ways to achieve your goals.Staying in the game and making smart moves can lead to success.Failure is a part of the process and should not be feared.Book📖 Buy "The Hard Thing About Hard Things"
Leaders Learn By Doing

Leaders Learn By Doing


Text me!This candid discussion morphs into a masterclass on leadership evolution, as we chart the transformation from a neophyte at the helm to a seasoned navigator of the corporate seas. Emotions are part and parcel of the leadership package, and we dissect the courage required to make those tough calls amidst the fog of uncertainty. The voyage of a CEO is one of constant learning—an odyssey without a final port, where every challenge weathered and every decision steered adds to the rich tap...
Controlling A Monster

Controlling A Monster


Text me!We tackle the weighty decisions that can make or break not just a company, but the very livelihoods of those it employs. This episode is a candid portal into the lives of small business owners during crisis, filled with the wisdom needed to build trust, navigate transition, and emerge with a team that believes in you, their leader, through thick and thin. Prepare to be inspired, to find strength in vulnerability, and to understand that the true test of leadership isn't just about weat...
Text me!SummaryIn this episode, Travis and Dave discuss the importance of candor in leadership. They emphasize the need for open and honest communication, even if it means risking friendships or upsetting others. They highlight the trust bank and the importance of being straightforward about performance and development. They also discuss the challenges of delivering feedback and the importance of context and emotional intelligence. Finally, they stress the importance of living by the pr...
Text me!SummaryThe conversation revolves around the concept of 'eat shit, don't nibble' from the book 'The Hard Thing About Hard Things' by Ben Horowitz. We discuss the importance of facing challenges head-on and not avoiding or procrastinating difficult tasks. Travis and Dave emphasize the need to have open and honest conversations, addressing the whole issue instead of nibbling at it.TakeawaysFace challenges head-on and don't procrastinate difficult tasks.Have open and honest conversations,...
Text me!We dissect the perils of clinging to familiar yet obsolete methods and the 'used to be' mindset, emphasizing the indispensable need for adaptability and innovation in today's dynamic business environment. If you've ever wondered why even the most successful companies falter, this conversation will illuminate the trap of past triumphs and the fresh winds of perspective that new team members can inject. By the end of our talk, you'll understand why yesterday's solutions may not solve to...
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