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Welcome to AgWarriors, where we dive into the dynamic world of agriculture, marketing, sales strategies, and the fascinating stories behind farmer-inventors from around the globe. Join us as we explore the intersection of innovation, entrepreneurship, and farming, sharing valuable insights and inspiration for agro-entrepreneurs and industry enthusiasts alike.
In each episode, we bring you thought-provoking interviews with inventors, manufacturers, clients, farmers, and our dedicated staff, uncovering their remarkable journeys and the transformative impact they've made in the agricultural landscape. Hear firsthand accounts of their breakthrough products, powerful marketing strategies, and the tenacity it takes to succeed in this ever-evolving industry.

Our podcast is built on a foundation of core values: honesty, respect, courage, and tenacity. We believe in fostering authentic connections, showcasing the integrity of our guests, and celebrating the resilience and grit demonstrated by farmers and inventors. From sharing practical sales tactics to discussing cutting-edge agro-marketing techniques, we provide you with actionable insights and real-world examples to propel your own agricultural ventures forward.

Through our engaging conversations, we aim to empower listeners, helping them navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities that arise in the agro-business realm. Whether you're an aspiring farmer-inventor, a seasoned industry professional, or simply intrigued by the innovations shaping our agricultural future, RuralRev is your go-to resource for inspiration, education, and community.

Tune in to AgWarriors and join us as we cultivate a vibrant community of agro-innovators, united by their passion for growth, their dedication to excellence, and their shared vision of transforming the agricultural landscape for the better. Let's harness the power of knowledge, forge valuable connections, and sow the seeds of success together!
18 Episodes
This week on Ag Warriors we are joined by Robert Ruwaldt. Robert let us in on what its like farming in Australia, the challenges they face in the agricultural world and what led him to life full of innovation.
Kinan Meyer is a young Australian farmer with a passion for all things in the agricultural world. He joins us on Ag Warriors this week as we discuss some of the differences and similatrities of farming in Australia vs North America.
Gina is the sales and marketing coordinator for Highline Manufacturing. She has a great story to tell us and a wealth of knowledge to share in the marketing world of agriculture.
This week on Ag Warriors we are joiined by Steve Martin owner of Martin-Till. Steve talks about his humble upbringing on the family tabacco farm and how his love for innovation has lead to Martin-Till becoming a stand out in agricultural world.
John Kowalchuk is a Canadian farmer and social media influencer who uses his platform to promote positivity and community on his socials. John joins us this week to talk the changes in the agricultural world during his time, his love for being part of farmshows and how he ended up becoming an agricultural influencer.Find More of Us Here: WebsiteInstagramTwitterFacebookTikTokYouTube
Emily Sharkey is the executive producer of the Shark Farmer Sirius XM Radio and wife extraordinaire to SharkFarmer. Emily has dedicated her adult life to being a mother, wife and business woman - she sat down with us to talk about her journey from homeschool principal to Executive producer of one of the top Ag Podcasts in the world. More SharkFarmer: More of Us Here: WebsiteInstagramTwitterFacebookTikTokYouTube
Benjamin Omet sat down with us to discuss his origins and path from student in France to business owner in the USA. Benjamin Omet and his wife Elizabeth Omet, run Protexia, a company that provides "The Best Farm & Ranch Supplies both sides of the Mississippi". Their products and customer service is truly unmatched and it was a pleasure to have an opportunity to sit down with a friend and chat. Protexia:WebsiteInstagram FacebookYouTubeTwitterFind More of Us Here: WebsiteInstagramTwitterFacebookTikTokYouTube
The financial difficulties of the 1980s forced Marion to find more efficient and profitable ways of farming in order to stay in business. In 1985, Marion founded Calmer Agronomic Research Center, an independent, self-funded research center, with the goal of finding ways to reduce input costs and increase profitability for himself and other farmers. After a visit to then-world-record-holder Herman Warsaw’s farm in 1985, Marion became interested in narrow row corn due to the potential yield increase and input cost reduction. He would go on to build the world’s first 15-inch corn head in 1994, the world’s first 12-inch corn head in 2013 and the world’s largest corn head (at the time) that same year. Most recently, Marion invented the BT Chopper® Upgrade Kit system to enable factory corn heads to manage cornstalk residue more efficiently than ever, saving farmers time and money.Find More of Us Here: WebsiteInstagramTwitterFacebookTikTokYouTube
Kevin Berg sat down to talk with us about how he went from small California garage startup to Top 10 manufacturer in South Dakota. First Manufacturing began part time in January 2003, in Rocklin, California, with a manual mill and a manual lathe. In October of 2003, the business moved to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and began expanding its machining capability. From May 2004 through the present, capital equipment has been added to increase productivity and efficiency, and expand capability. First Manufacturing became a full-time venture in August of 2006. Now, with a full staff of machinists and operators and a wide range of CNC machines with varying capabilities, First Manufacturing is ready to partner with you for all you machining needs.Find More of Us Here: WebsiteInstagramTwitterFacebookTikTokYouTube
Rob Sharkey is a risk taker and out-of-the-box thinker. Better known by his digital alias, The SharkFarmer, Rob is an Illinois grain farmer, owner of a whitetail deer hunting outfitter, podcast & radio show host, and host of multiple TV shows on RFD-TV and PBS.More SharkFarmer: More of Us Here: WebsiteInstagramTwitterFacebookTikTokYouTube
Eric Jenkins sits down with us to talk about the process of going from being a college drop-out to creating an internationally renowned brand. When it was Eric’s turn, he headed to NDSU, but after 5 days he determined that school wasn’t for him, so he packed up and headed back home and started working with Marty in the shop on the family yard.Being from Minnesota, a number of people were in the market for Snow Bucket attachments for their skid steers. Eric figured he could do that, so he got to work welding hand-cut attachments. When word got out, Eric soon found himself busier than expected and a family friend came in to help him out.Patrick made the decision to head home and help Eric and Marty get the orders out. Using his engineering background, he was able to design new models of attachments including Grapples. Once again the designs were a hit and the orders started rolling in. Kurt ended up leaving his practice and came back to help run sales so the guys could focus on getting the orders out.Marty has been involved in quality control since the beginning and makes sure every design can stand up to any form of abuse you can through at them. As a true testament to the quality of our attachments, Marty is still using the original Skeleton Grapple, and let’s just say he has put it through the wringer. To this day, you’ll find him working at least 14 hours a day in the shop making sure products are meeting the Jenkins Family standards.More Jenkins Here:WebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitterYouTubeFind More of Us Here:WebsiteInstagramTwitterFacebookTikTokYouTube
Farmer Grayce and Popcorn Farmer (Gavin Spoor) joined us at Farm Progress to talk about their very different journeys to becoming full time farmers. Find them both on all platforms:Farmer Grayce:All Platforms: @FarmerGrayceGavin Spoor:Instagram: @GavinSpoorTikTok: @ThePopcornFarmer
Veteran, Hunter, Business Owner, Sales Manager, All-State Chorus & much more; Jake Jass is a truly special individual. Jake sat down with us to tell his story and shed some light on his journey from Iraq Veteran to Leading the charge on pushing Ag Innovation. Find More of Us Here: WebsiteInstagramTwitterFacebookTikTokYouTube
Mehrdad Bagherzamani the inventor of Prairie Grain Analyzers sat down to talk about School vs. Entrepreneurship and following your dreams. Prairie Grain Analyzers WebsitePGA InstagramPGA TwitterFind More of Us Here: WebsiteInstagramTwitterFacebookTikTokYouTube
Lesley Kelly sits down with us to talk about finding your role and dealing with your mental health. Lesley, an entrepreneur and prairie girl with a passion for agriculture and people, a wife, a mother of 2, and the creator of High Heels and Canola Fields, an avid blogger, motivational speaker, podcast co-host, co-founder of the Do More Agriculture foundation, a not-for-profit organization that is championing mental health in agriculture across Canada, also created Martin Munchies, a snack food line which uses barley locally grown on her family farm. More Lesley:WebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitterFind More of Us Here: WebsiteInstagramTwitterFacebookTikTokYouTube
Steve Langston sits down to talk with us to talk about building rural communities and how life experience gives you an edge.Steve Langston is an entrepreneur from Onanole that is passionate about rural communities. In 2010, Steve launched Dirty T-Shirt Productions, a video production and digital marketing company with success around our province and across Canada. In 2017, Steve, his wife Reghan, and their young family began investing in real estate in rural communities where they work to impact the region positively. In 2019, the Langston family launched the SCORE Store, a non-profit thrift store in Erickson that is a driving factor in the rejuvenation of the community. Langston is the founder of the Riding Mountain National Park Film Festival, author of Canada by Bicycle, and a TedX Winnipeg alumni. Steve believes that cooperative values make rural communities great places to live.More Steve:WebsiteInstagram TwitterFind More of Us Here: WebsiteInstagramTwitterFacebookTikTokYouTube
QuickDickMcDick sits down to disuss what's actually important in life and the reality of farming. Delorme works as a farmer, based in Tuffnell, Saskatchewan. He previously worked in Albertan oil fields in Brooks and Grande Prairie, mostly as a self-employed truck operator. More QuickDickMcDick:WebsiteYouTubeInstagramTwitterTikTokFind More of Us Here:WebsiteInstagramTwitterFacebookTikTokYouTube
Our host Jeremy Matuszewski is joined by Tommy Ryman our podcast manager to give you the jist of AgWarriors; a podcast meant to shine the spotlight on agriculture and the unsung heroes of the industry.
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