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Author: Austen Cameron & Jesse Leite

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Come sit by the fire with dudes nerdin' out about dev, keyboards, drums, drinks, and who knows what else!

🇺🇸: Austen Cameron (@austencam)
🇨🇦: Jesse Leite (@jesseleite85)
13 Episodes
Austen Sforzando and Jesse Leitmotif contemplate the fine intricacies of jazz drumming, the musical concepts of Dredg, the 3D printing of multi-stringed instruments, and brewing coffee with pourovers, moka pots, and/or french presses. We might also nerd about keyboards for an indeterminate amount of time.Links:MusicSforzandoLeitmotifDredgCoffeePouroverFrench PressMoka PotCustom keymappingKarabiner ElementsQMK FirmwareZMK FirmwareFind us on X@austencam and @jesseleite85Email
Austen and Jesse dig into the backlog of past recordings and publish another episode! This one is all about horsing around with trailers, hand-wiring keyboards, counterfeiting soldering irons, printing in the third dimension, and PHP.Tell us! What do you think of:Strict typesTDDEnumsPHP attributesMatch expressionsFind us on X@austencam and @jesseleite85Email
Shrimp, bagels, grannies pwning newbs, fantasy consoles, Alan Turing cameos, 'American Hand Egg', and data loss; This episode has it all!Links & Notes:Game devPanic Playdate handheld console and SDKGodot game engineCreativity in the design of Comix ZoneM*ckup (Part 2)⚠️ Be careful with this software on macOS Ventura and Sonoma! ⚠️Find us on X@austencam and @jesseleite85
A fireside chat featuring new gear, old dotfiles, and updates on what we've been up to. Kiwi the puppy doesn't code Rust (yet), but she knows how to sit! Does she have the patience to sit through Jesse's Vim course, though?Links & Notes: Dotfiles Austen's dotfiles Jesse's dotfiles M*ckup We don't talk about M*ckup ...TO BE CONTINUED NEXT EP 🥁 ⚠️ Seriously, beware of this software on macOS Ventura and Sonoma ⚠️ Jesse's Vim Course Will be choose your own adventure style course Had no name or signup when we recorded this episode, but now we do 😎 Also check out Vim Adventures Austen Doing Rad Stuff w/ Laravel + Tauri ^ He would probably be too humble for this, but Jesse is writing the show notes this time, so maybe he won't notice! ^ Seriously, Austen is building desktop apps with Laravel + Tauri 🤯 Also check out NativePHP by Marcel Pociot And Rust for PHP Devs by Ryan Chandler
Managing project junk drawers and building the same thing over and over again. Desktop apps, backlogs, great UX, and a dang good time.  --- Listeners, how do you handle project management?We'd love your feedback and to hear how you manage all this stuff. What works? What doesn't?@campfirecoders on X or email Most Excellent Links:👏 Wirebox - like Codepen, but for Livewire! by @Philo01🎙️ Talking Businessly - an excellent podcast from wonderful people🔗 The episode of NPTM Jesse was talking about when he said ^🤩 Linear - beautiful UX, but also The Linear MethodFind us on X@austencam and @jesseleite85
Ramen broth and AI; The two hottest topics (literally speaking for the former) to grace the internet since 2023!Links:CopilotCursorRewindJamon Holmgren's crazy test suite refactor exampleFind us on Twitter (X?)@austencam@jesseleite85
Ep 6: Domain Hoarding

Ep 6: Domain Hoarding


Jesse and Austen discuss past projects, potential projects, and the topic of domain hoarding.Links:- Dustforce game - Lightyear Figma Illustration (seriously, open this one in Figma and click around)- Austen's Site Illustration Timelapse Find us on X (formerly Twitter):@austencam@jesseleite85Feedback? Suggestions?Send it here:
Ep 5: Mac Tools

Ep 5: Mac Tools


Productivity, workflow, automation, [insert buzzword here]! Austen and Jesse chat about awesome tools for the Mac ecosystem.Industriously Handy Links:Raycast us on Twitter (X?)@austencam@jesseleite85
Austen adopts cats mid-episode, while being allergic to cats mid-episode. We also chat about chickens, coffee and wine adjectives, local honey, morel mushrooms, and all the hurdles around making videos. Bram's Law was also fulfilled on this day, yet again.Incredulously Awesome Links:Jesse's Vim Macros Video's Vim Tips Video Mastery with Jeffrey Way as an IDE with Jess Archer Wyatt's (older but awesome) Vim Tutorials Course with Aaron Francis Rush with Rob de Kort & Jay George Fascinating World of Morel Mushrooms do not poison yourself with fake morels! Thank you in advance!Find us on Twitter (X?)@austencam@jesseleite85
Podcast jingle ideas, even more Laracon thoughts, and why Livewire is becoming the #GOAT, in our hopefully humble opinions.Superb Links:Laracon US 2023 Talks us on Twitter (X?)@austencam@jesseleite85
Ep 2: Laracon & Drums

Ep 2: Laracon & Drums


Imagine a podcast where we talk about publishing a podcast (how meta)! Jesse then recaps his second-ever Laracon. We also nerd out about drums for a while.Rad Links:Laracon US 2023 Talks us on Twitter (X?)@austencam@jesseleite85
Mechanical keyboards are quite the rabbit hole. Also, you should try out Space Cadet Shift keys. Trust us.Very Good Links:What is "ortholinear"? (Austen's keyboard) (keymap here)Lily58 (Jesse's keyboard) (keymap here)Nijuni (Corne variant that we're both building soon) keycaps ( us on Twitter (X?)@jesseleite85@austencam
Jesse and Austen talk about each other's developer origin story. How (and when) did all this web development nonsense start? Warning: Garbage audio quality in this episode, but we hit publish anyway. It can only get better from here! Find us on Twitter (X?)@jesseleite85@austencam