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Author: DJ Adrian Berry

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Alpha Dawg Money Talk Podcast host will provide financial insights, tips to save money, investment strategies, and much more!

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Embarking on a new year often comes with a litany of resolutions that fizzle out before February even hits. But not this time! Join us as we dissect the art of sticking to your New Year goals with a treasure trove of practical tips and a sprinkle of wisdom from caller experiences. Whether you are looking to manage the aftermath of holiday feasts or jumpstart your own business, we have got you covered with a mix of encouragement, a downloadable workbook, and insider knowledge on how our merchandise store, featuring exclusive apparel, operates effortlessly thanks to Sellfy and PrintfyFrom spinning tracks to entrepreneurial tracks, my transformation from a Bay Area radio DJ to a mobile disc jockey mogul wasn't just a change of pace—it was a masterclass in adaptation and networking. In sharing my story, you'll glean insights on crafting a strategic business plan that sings in harmony with your aspirations, whether that's dropping pounds or building financial empires. We are not just talking about dreams; we're handing you the toolkit to make them happen, complete with a workbook and expanded audio content, all available in our merchandise store. So, tune in and tune up your life, one resolution at a time.
Get ready to unlock the secrets of online income as we sit down with Eric Taylor, an expert business consultant and life coach, who has charted an incredible path from military service to entrepreneurship. Eric doesn't just talk the talk; he walks it, partnering with LegalShield to provide essential legal protection plans. His own brush with a wrongful lawsuit showcases the immense value of such services, and now, he's on a mission to empower you with the tools for legal security and financial stability. Join us to hear his compelling journey and learn how you too can build a financially sound future while helping others safeguard their rights.Imagine a life where your income flows in, even as you sleep—that's the power of passive income, and this episode is your guide to harnessing it. We delve into the world of index funds and exchange-traded funds, demystifying how these investment vehicles can offer you a slice of the market and potentially grow your wealth over time. And for those with an entrepreneurial spirit, we reveal the potential of network marketing through ventures like LegalShield. Eric Taylor shares his blueprint for success, inspiring you to leverage your unique skills and lay the foundation for financial freedom with a blend of passion, strategy, and a little bit of hustle.
Thank you for listening to Alpha Dawg Investors Podcast! I am your host Adrian Berry. On this podcast I will be discussing Wealth Mindset verses Poverty Mindset . The purpose is to point out some areas to in which you can look at to change your financial outlook. Be sure to sign-up for our newsletter to get exclusive content that will have life tips and financial updates and opportunities. Visit to sign-up today!
Welcome to Alpha Dawg Investors Podcast Show, your go-to podcast for all things financial, motivation, goal setting , and more. I'm your host, DJ Adrian Barry, and in this episode, we will discuss The  Importance of Goal Setting. 
This episode DJ Adrian Berry discusses ways to save money in order to create a great investment strategy either for yourself or make it a part of your business building plans. The goal of this program is to change your mindset and financial habits. Please subscribe to our newsletter for more great content to help affect your financial outlook. Visit:
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