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The Merge lives at the intersection of Christian faith and the calling to serve the culture in which we live. Each weekly episode will peel back a layer of who God created us to be in this world.
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In this enlightening episode, Dr. Jerome Banks and Chris Autry delve into the intricacies of leadership, followership, and the role of faith in both.From the importance of blooming where you're planted to the wisdom of Colin Powell, this episode is a treasure trove of insights for Christian business leaders, evangelical Christians, conservative Christian adults, military Christians, and military chaplains.Leadership and FaithRotary as a platform for humanitarian service and God's workThe importance of being a servant leaderLoving God and loving others as the ultimate missionThe Role of FailureLearning from mistakesThe value of failure in leadership developmentUnsung HeroesRecognizing the contributions of junior enlisted members and young officersThe importance of the "line level" workers in the militaryInfluential LeadersThe impact of Colin Powell's book "It Worked for Me in Life and Leadership"Three key rules: "It ain't as bad as you think," "Get mad and then get over it," and "Remain calm and be kind"FollowershipThe importance of being a good followerShowing grace and understanding that you don't have all the information
In this episode, we delve into the lives of military families, the challenges they face, and the role of faith in their journey.Karina Banks, a former military officer, and Chris Autry, the host, share invaluable insights on leadership, humility, and the importance of community support.Whether you're a Christian business leader, a military chaplain, or someone interested in the intersection of faith and service, this episode is for you.The Military ExperienceKarina discusses her experience as a mother and soldier.Challenges of being an active-duty single parent.The role of military family readiness programs.Church Support for Military FamiliesThe importance of recognition and support from the church community.How churches can offer practical help to military families.Leadership LessonsThe significance of humility and discipline in leadership.The role of senior non-commissioned officers in shaping leaders.The difference between being a boss and a leader.Legacy and FaithKarina shares her desire to finish the race that God has set before her.The role of faith in shaping her military and post-military life.
In this enlightening episode, we dive deep into the life and ministry of Chaplain Steve Bryant, who serves in the United States Army.From the challenges of shepherding soldiers to the spiritual needs that are often overlooked, Chaplain Bryant provides invaluable insights.Whether you're a Christian business leader, a military chaplain, or someone interested in the intersection of faith and service, this episode is for you.The Role of a Military ChaplainImportance of being present with soldiersDaily routines, including physical training and counselingUnique challenges and joys of the roleSpiritual Needs of SoldiersThe need for connection and communityFinding purpose and direction in lifeHow chaplains help soldiers navigate faithHow Churches Can Support Chaplains and SoldiersQuick integration into church activitiesProviding a sense of community and spiritual nourishmentLegacy and LeadershipChaplain Bryant's desired legacyThe impact of genuine faith and love
In this episode of "The Merge," host Chris Autry sits down with active-duty soldiers Josh Woodruff and Joey Martin to discuss how they merge their faith in Christ with their military service.From their personal salvation stories to the role of "battle buddies" in spiritual growth, this episode offers a candid look at the intersection of faith and military life.Perfect for Christian Business Leaders, Evangelical Christians, Conservative Christian Adults, Military Christians, and Military Chaplains.IntroductionHost Chris Autry introduces the show and the guests, Josh Woodruff and Joey Martin.The episode focuses on military veterans who lead by faith.Stereotypes and JoyBoth guests defy the stereotype of soldiers being rough and gruff.Josh Woodruff shares his perspective on joy, referencing Psalms 35.Joey Martin talks about the transformation he experienced after becoming a Christian.Salvation StoriesJosh Woodruff was raised in a Christian home but had a period of rebellion.Joey Martin became a Christian in 2012 and emphasizes the power of a simple invitation to church.The Importance of "Battle Buddies"Both guests discuss the need for spiritual "battle buddies" to help in good and hard seasons.Favorite Places LivedThe host asks about their favorite places they've lived since joining the military.
In this enlightening episode, host Chris Autry sits down with Dennis Conner, a Catalyst for the North Carolina Baptist Convention, to explore the intersection of faith and leadership.From the peculiar joys of regional delicacies like liver mush to the challenges and rewards of church leadership, this conversation offers valuable insights for anyone looking to merge their spiritual life with their professional responsibilities.Whether you're a seasoned leader or just starting your journey, tune in to discover how faith can guide you in making impactful decisions.IntroductionHost: Chris AutryGuest: Dennis ConnerOverview: Discussing the intersection of faith and leadership, with a focus on Dennis Conner's role as a Catalyst for the North Carolina Baptist Convention and his blog "Thursday's Thoughts on Leadership."Topics CoveredThe Unusual Delight of Liver MushDennis Conner shares his love for liver mush, a regional delicacy.Chris Autry expresses his skepticism about the food item.Early Life and CareerDennis talks about his blue-collar upbringing in Charlotte, North Carolina.His early career in the trucking business before transitioning to ministry.Journey into MinistryDennis shares his experience at Columbia Bible College and how he met his wife, Cindy.His time pastoring in different regions, including Phoenix, Arizona, and Chicago.Leadership InsightsDennis discusses the importance of understanding leadership roles in the church.The inception of his blog "Thursday's Thoughts on Leadership."
The Merge with Chris Autry featuring Chris HorneToday's guest is a busy guy. Chris Horne is a business owner, a real estate agent, and a community leader as the area Ambassador for Fellowship of Christian Athletes.Chris Autry, the senior pastor of Temple Baptist Church in Fayetteville, hosts the Merge podcast. This episode continues the focus on business leaders who use their businesses to impact the community with the gospel. Special guest Chris Horne is the owner of Horne Flooring, a local real estate agent, and area rep for Fellowship of Christian Athletes.Key Points:Personal Insights:Chris Horne shares the joy of being a father and the unconditional love of his children.He emphasizes the importance of treating people well in business, valuing relationships over money.Business Endeavors:Chris Horne discusses the challenges and joys of being a business owner, especially in the flooring and real estate sectors.The current real estate market in the Fayetteville region is explored, highlighting areas of growth and the reasons behind families' choices.Journey to Real Estate and Flooring:Chris Horne's journey began with his father's flooring trade, leading him to take over the business after his father's passing.The 2008 financial crisis played a pivotal role in his career trajectory, pushing him back into the flooring business and later into real estate.Community Involvement:Chris Horne's passion for the community shines through as he discusses the value of local non-profits and the hard-working nature of Fayetteville residents.He also delves into his role with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, emphasizing the importance of supporting and praying for schools and students.Conclusion:Chris Autry commends Chris Horne for his dedication to serving the community, both in business and through his work with students.The episode concludes with a reminder of the importance of living life on a mission to bring fame to Jesus Christ.Key Takeaways:Relationships Over Revenue: Chris Horne emphasizes the importance of valuing relationships and treating people well in all business endeavors.Community Growth: The real estate market in Fayetteville and surrounding areas is booming, with new construction playing a significant role.Missionary Mindset: Chris Horne's work with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes showcases the importance of raising up missionaries for campuses to transform the country and world with the Gospel.Life's Purpose: The overarching theme of the podcast is the call to live life with purpose, making a positive impact in the community and bringing fame to Jesus Christ.Learn more about Chris Horne and FCA at: more about your host and the ministry of Temple Baptist Church when you visit
This week's guest opens up about mental health, stereotypes, stigmas, emotions and more.LynnDee Horne, LCMHCS, is the Clinical Director of NarrowGate Counseling and has 18 years of counseling experience. The conversation is rich with takeaways on:The Joys of MotherhoodThe Joy of WorkingMyths about Biblical CounselingCounseling and the Church CultureThe Viability of Mental Health CareSuicide Ideation and ResponseStigma Associated with Mental HealthPrioritizing Yourself HealthilyThe Difficulty of ChangeAdjustment DisorderPotty HumorMeet LynDee and book a free, virtual consultation at:http://www.arrowgatecounseling.com888-9NARROW(888-962-7769)Learn more about your host and the ministry of Temple Baptist Church when you visit
In this insightful episode, Chris Autry and Bruce Jackson delve deep into the intersection of faith and politics.Through riveting discussions and historical anecdotes, they illuminate how religious principles have shaped societies and how conservatism, rooted in these timeless values, can provide a guiding compass in the turbulent waters of modern politics.Join them as they emphasize the importance of integrity, the challenges faced by today's conservatives, and the critical role of active participation in our democracy. Whether you're deeply entrenched in political discussions or just beginning your journey, this episode is a beacon for all who seek to intertwine their faith with their civic responsibilities.Learn more about your host and the ministry of Temple Baptist Church when you visit
Leadership and Communication with Micah RayMicah Ray is a partner in D4 Concepts, a group devoted to helping businesses and organizations of every description retain their best people and develop a culture where people love to work. In this conversation, he opens up to Chris Autry about the heart and motivation behind all of it.The Power of Faith in BusinessMicah Ray shares a story about a business leader who lost 95% of their contracts during COVID.The importance of faith during challenging times.Micah's personal experience of praying for a specific amount of new business for a client and seeing it come to fruition.The Role of God in BusinessThe belief that businesses belong to the Lord.The importance of spiritually and emotionally healthy business leaders for a thriving community.The intersection of faith and business.Barriers to Effective Communication in LeadershipThe challenges of different communication styles and personalities.The fear of accountability and the reluctance to have tough conversations.The importance of understanding one's own communication style and that of others.Tools for Effective CommunicationThe "Communication Code" tool: Different modes of communication including Critique, Collaborate, Clarify, Care, and Celebrate.The significance of signaling intent in communication.The value of self-awareness in leadership.Building a Positive Culture in LeadershipThe statement "Culture eats strategy for breakfast" by Peter Drucker.The importance of a supportive culture for the success of any plan or strategy.The role of trust in building a positive organizational culture.Learn more about D4 Concepts and how they can help you communicate better, lead with confidence, and grow beyond any seeming limitation here: VISIT D4 CONCEPTSLearn more about your host and the ministry of Temple Baptist Church when you visit
Continuing the emphasis on education during this back-to-school month with guest Brody Jackson.Brody is a Baseball Player, a Junior at Cape Fear High School, and above all - a sold-out follower of Jesus Christ.Listen in as Brody and Chris Autry discuss:Peer Pressure and Support, The Value of FellowshipMischaracterizations and MisconceptionsThe Effect of Social Media...and much, much moreYou be inspired and encouraged in this open and honest conversation between men of two generations and callings.
Continuing the focus on education during this back-to-school month, this episode focuses on Homeschool families. Debunking the myths that we're too busy or unqualified, Chris Autry talks with 3 homeschool moms with different approaches to the day and the education their children receive.Listen as his guests, Lindy Woodruff, Megan Parker and Kelly Dodson discuss the reasons they homeschool, the challenges they face, and the reasons they'd do it all over again.It's an encouraging message for parents and grandparents, so turn it up!
Today on The Merge, Dr. Stanly Douglas joins host Chris Autry for a deep dive into the bridge he’s spent a lifetime building. Dr. Douglas is the pastor of New Vision of Christ Christian Center as well as the long-serving Principal of Stedman Elementary School in Cumberland County near Fayetteville, NC.Listen along as Chris and Dr. Douglas marvel at God’s goodness during the 27 years Stanley has spent serving the community inside and outside the classroom, and His faithfulness through personal trials. Connect with Dr. Douglas and New Vision of Christ Christian Center HERE. Learn more about your host and the ministry of Temple Baptist Church when you visit
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The Merge-Episode 00B


Welcome to The Merge! This is your invitation to bookmark this podcast. Join us beginning September 6th as we begin highlighting ordinary people doing EXTRAordinary things to advance the kingdom of God!
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Welcome to The Merge! This is your invitation to bookmark this podcast, highlighting people in ordinary setting doing EXTRAordinary things to advance the kingdom of God!
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