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Decide if adopting Apple’s Mac platform at scale is right for your organization with this podcast. We don’t just tell you the pros, but we discuss the challenges you may face when looking to implement or expand the usage of Mac.

In each episode, we feature experts in user experience, security, networking, and procurement to explore what it means to buy, deploy, and manage large numbers of Mac devices across the enterprise.

If you’re considering how Mac may help you win top talent and wondering about the bigger organizational implications, this podcast is for you.
17 Episodes
In this episode, Victoria and Scott sit down with Beau Ray, a cybersecurity expert at Stratascale, to discuss how Apple's accessibility features have transformed his work and personal life. Beau shares his experiences navigating the tech world with a visual impairment and highlights the importance of inclusive design. From text-to-speech capabilities to system-wide customizations, discover how Apple's commitment to accessibility is making a significant impact.  Tune in for a deep dive into the world of end-user computing and the evolving role of Apple in enterprise settings. For more episodes and other content, visit  This episode of We Got Your Mac is presented in collaboration with SHI’s Mac Readiness Assessment. For a limited time, eligible customers who complete the assessment get a free trial of top-tier MDM solutions like Jamf Pro or Kandji. Visit today to see how SHI can unlock the full potential of your Apple fleet.  Discussed in this episode:   Beau's personal journey with visual impairment    The role of Apple's accessibility features in his daily life    The impact of the pandemic on accessibility for people with disabilities    Specific Apple tools and features that enhance accessibility    The importance of involving diverse communities in tech development Future innovations and AI technologies that could further improve accessibility 
In this episode, Victoria and Kevin kick off Season 2 with an exciting new format. Join us as we begin to follow an Apple deployment project in the retail sector, exploring the challenges and successes of integrating Apple devices in a traditionally Windows-dominated environment. Victoria sits down with Tom Rice to discuss the initial stages of the project and what we can expect throughout the season.    Later, Rachel Schiff shares her journey from being a Windows user to becoming proficient with Mac, and how she leverages Apple products to enhance her work efficiency.    Tune in for a deep dive into the world of end-user computing and the evolving role of Apple in enterprise settings. For more episodes and other content, visit   This episode of We Got Your Mac is presented in collaboration with SHI’s Mac Readiness Assessment. For a limited time, eligible customers who complete the assessment get a free trial of top-tier MDM solutions like Jamf Pro or Kandji. Visit today to see how SHI can unlock the full potential of your Apple fleet.   Discussed in this episode:   Apple deployment in retail: Replacing legacy POS systems with Apple devices   Employee choice: The shift towards allowing employees to choose their preferred devices   Challenges and integration: The technical and logistical challenges of integrating new Apple devices with existing legacy IT systems   Transition to Mac: Highlighting the learning curve and the eventual productivity gains   Apple ecosystem benefits: The seamless integration and efficiency of using Apple products across different devices for both professional and personal use 
Season 2 Coming Soon!

Season 2 Coming Soon!


We're back! Season 2 of We Got Your Mac is coming your way soon. We have a new format that will incorporate some shorter segments, new faces to share hosting duties, and a lot more Apple and general end-user computing content for business leaders and IT admins. In this season, we'll discuss accessibility, the circular economy and right-to-repair legislation, C-suite perspectives on employee choice, and much more. We'll also follow a Mac deployment project throughout the season. Make sure you're subscribed so you don't miss a thing! For past episodes and more content, visit
The Apple Vision Pro is all the rage right now and rightfully so. Spatial computing seems to be the future. But with the rise of headset devices comes the question of use cases for business.  In this special bonus episode Victoria Barber sits down with Adam Reiser (Sr. Director of End-User Compute at SHI) live from his Apple Vision Pro, to discuss how doing work is set to change because of this amazing new device.
In this episode, we recap the first season of "We Got Your Mac" by SHI. Hosted by Victoria Barber, the episode reflects on the valuable learnings from the previous 11 episodes, where experts discussed the considerations for Mac adoption, common concerns and misconceptions, and tips for getting started. From discussing the total cost of ownership to the importance of training and support, the episode provides a comprehensive overview of what it takes to successfully deploy Mac at scale. Join us as we delve into the key takeaways and valuable advice shared by industry experts throughout the entire season.
There’s no doubt the transition to Apple products has revolutionized professional and personal productivity. In this episode, we hear from several industry experts here at SHI who share their experiences transitioning to Apple from other platforms, the influence of Apple technology on job performance and professional image, and the challenges and benefits of using Apple products in various work settings. The diverse experiences of our guests reflect the versatility, adaptability and power of the Apple ecosystem. Plus, we explore the latest developments, including the introduction of Apple's Vision Pro device. Join as we discuss: The impact of using Apple products on personal and professional productivity The evolution of Apple technology in the professional world Personalization and flexibility with Apple products for work, travel and collaboration
Mac adoption at scale can significantly boost effectiveness, with examples showing a 10% to 12% increase in sales team productivity and 12% more code output from software engineers using Macs. In this episode, we are joined by Henry Patel, Chief Strategy Officer at Jamf and an expert in Mac management, to shed light on the journey of adopting the Mac platform at scale in the enterprise world. Henry shares his insights on the unique value proposition of Mac in the enterprise, the impact of consumer iPhone and iPad use on the enterprise, and the importance of security in Mac adoption. He also discusses groundbreaking solutions introduced by Jamf to ease the transition to Mac and improve productivity. Henry shares transformative success stories from IBM and Cisco, showcasing the significant benefits of Mac adoption. Discussed in the episode:The unique value proposition of Mac for enterprises Overcoming enterprise concerns with Mac adoption Key considerations and steps for Mac adoption
The Mac vs. PC war is over. Now your biggest challenge is adoption. We’re joined by Steve Weiner, Principal Architect of the Advanced Solutions Group at technology solutions provider SHI, to discuss Microsoft and Mac in the workplace. As we explore the challenges and opportunities of integrating both platforms, Steve shares insights on unified endpoint management, the app gap, productivity and security apps, and the importance of change management in adoption. Join us for a deep dive into the dynamic landscape of technology in the workplace and how organizations can navigate the intersection of Microsoft and Mac. Discussed in this episode: IT's lean towards Windows and how that is changing The comfort and reliability that employees seek in using Mac in the workplace Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) and App Management Microsoft's approach to managing Macs and PCs and the changing attitudes towards Mac accessibility Apple's consumer education, addressing the app gap, and understanding the importance of change management
Is your workplace ready for the Mac invasion? Kristin Hubler, Adoption Solutions Architect at SHI, delves into the challenges of integrating Mac technology in PC-dominant workplaces. Providing crucial change management strategies and insights into the impact of digital transformation on IT departments and end-users. Discussed in this Episode: - Strategies for effective change management when introducing Macs into a PC-dominant workplace. - Importance of comprehensive employee training and tailored education to facilitate smooth technology transitions. - Insights into the differences between PC and Mac operating systems and how to optimize workflows for improved productivity.
This week we’re investigating how to integrate Mac into a Windows environment and provide Mac users with the same level of service/support and experience as Windows users. With many organizations adopting a cloud-first approach to end-user computing, does the platform really matter and is it much different managing Mac devices compared to their Windows cousins? Matt Carey from SHI’s Modern Workplace Services team joins the WGYM team to explain how SHI is supporting a growing number of Mac users and how he works with customers to develop strategies to manage Mac devices on Windows-centric networks.
How might the adoption of Mac at scale actually also help your business achieve sustainability goals? Today we welcome Allyson Mitchell, VP of Sustainability at Mobile reCell, to the podcast. With a career entirely focused on sustainability in different sectors Allyson uses her depth of knowledge to highlight who is leading in the space, the importance of recycling materials in the supply chain, and the environmental impact of technology procurement. In this episode: Explore the critical challenges faced by business leaders in improving their environmental footprint. Innovative strategies for enhancing the recovery phase of asset management. The broader implications of sustainable IT practices, including data-driven metrics and the prioritization of reuse over traditional recycling methods.
With organizations facing an ever-evolving threat landscape, how safe is it to equip your knowledge workers with Macs? This week, Victoria and Kevin put Field CISO, Brad Bowers, in the hot seat. The trio meticulously dissects the impact of Apple's growing market share on its vulnerability to cyber threats and explore the nuanced reasons why organizations opt for Macs not just for status but for enhanced security. Brad provides helpful insights on Mac's operating system and hardware security, and a comprehensive overview of the distinct elements in the Mac security ecosystem. Discussed in this episode: The implications of Apple's rising market share on its susceptibility to cyber threats Debunking misconceptions about Mac's impervious security and revealing the driving factors behind organizations' adoption of Mac systems Analyzing the nuanced differences between Mac and Windows vulnerabilities, and exploring the unique security measures integrated into Mac's operating system and hardware.
How can you seamlessly support Mac users in Windows-dominated workplaces and enhance cross-platform collaboration? In this enlightening episode, host Victoria Barber sits down with Tom Rice, a seasoned expert in Mac integration and support. Together, they explore solutions for supporting Mac users in mixed environments, debunk common misconceptions about Mac adoption in Windows settings, and share insights into optimizing support strategies for a harmonious user experience. Discussed in this episode: Overcoming barriers to Mac adoption in Windows environments, from network concerns to resistance from IT departments. Strategies for Mac and Windows admins to expand their skill sets and effectively support Mac deployments at scale. The importance of assessing in-house skills, considering support strategies, and leveraging augmented support professionals for successful Mac integration in Windows-dominated workplaces.
As we discovered in episode 1, Macs make shiny and cool status symbols for executives. But as a business device for the rest of us, does the math make sense? In this episode, we welcome back Dave Gruver, Field CTO at SHI International, to discuss the "total cost of ownership" (TCO) and the importance of a proper business case when considering Mac devices at scale. In this conversation, Dave will explain how to calculate costs, analyze benefits, and navigate budget allocation challenges. Join us as we discuss: Understanding Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Differentiating between hard dollar costs (hardware, software, support costs) and soft costs (productivity, energy usage) Addressing the issue of decentralized IT budgets and the need for a holistic approach
In this episode, hosts Victoria Barber and Kevin English are joined by Dave Gruver, Field CTO at SHI for a candid discussion about the decision-making process behind enterprise-scale Mac deployment. If you’re a business or IT leader weighing the pros and cons of Mac at scale, this could be the survival guide you need as they explore why organizations are drawn to this transformation and the essential questions to ask in order to determine if Mac deployment is right for your enterprise. From assessing compatibility with critical business applications to evaluating your IT team's Mac competence, this episode will equip you with valuable insights to make an informed decision. In this episode, you'll discover: How to work out whether Mac at scale is right for you by asking the right questions. Insights on how critical business applications, current IT skills, and existing systems will impact on the success of a move to Mac at scale. How to identify who will thrive in a Mac ecosystem, and where Mac adoption might not be the right for an organization or individual user. In the next episode, we’ll get Dave back to talk in more detail about business cases and TCO.
Away we go! In this first episode of We Got Your Mac, hosts Kevin English and Victoria Barber set out with Jess Craver, Enterprise Account Executive at SHI, to discover why organizations are looking to deploy Apple’s Mac platform at scale and unpack some of the considerations when doing so. It isn’t just about technology, but about the business transformation the technology can drive. It isn’t just about technology, but about the business transformation the technology can drive. Explore the compelling reasons why businesses are embracing Mac deployment, from enhancing employee experience to boosting productivity and redefining company image. Discussed in this episode: The why – the business drivers behind the move to deploying Mac at scale rather than as a niche solution The real-world complexities and challenges of logistics, compatibility, and more when integrating Mac into diverse IT environments The success stories - real-world examples of how successful deployment of Mac at scale can be the catalyst for innovation, improve employee satisfaction and reflect corporate values and identity
This is a show for cutting-edge IT professionals and business leaders. Conversation on the latest Apple developments, tech trends, actionable tech integration and implementation advice, and beyond. We Got Your Mac, is brought to you by SHI. Episodes coming soon!