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Author: Zac Stuart-Pontier, Simone Polanen, ZSP Media

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From the team that brought you Not Past It comes Past Perfect, the trivia show that travels through time. Host and self-proclaimed “trivia freak” Simone Polanen invites comedians, writers, and podcasters to compete in a five-episode tournament designed to put their general knowledge to the test.
17 Episodes
In the Season Finale of Past Perfect, Simone speaks to the connoisseurs of Catfishing; Nev Schulman & Kamie Crawford. They peel back the curtain on some of history’s most salacious scams as they go head to head in the trivia arena…no cheating!
This week, Simone is in the time machine with a pair of longtime friends and collaborators in the movie biz, Sam Neave and James Lavino. They take the great American road trip through movie history and examine life’s big questions—about prosthetics, the weird energy of musicals, and the merits of being a bad driver—in the process.
Simone introduces Past Perfect listeners to The Kim Gravel Show!The Kim Gravel Show is a weekly podcast for women where you stop doubting and start believing in yourself. On each episode Kim tackles the topics that women care about in a way that will make you laugh, make you think, and help you see your life in a new, more positive way. 
Simone is joined by authors Kitty Curran and Larissa Zageris in this week’s trivia smackdown all about Chick Lit. They revisit their favorite books about women, by women and talk about how sometimes the best stories come inside bright pink, glittery covers.
THC Lasagna is just one thing being served on this week’s Thanksgiving episode. Simone is joined by TV expert Ashley Ray as they dig into some turkey day trivia and talk about makes the TV Holiday Special so… well, special!
‘Past Perfect’s’ Simone Polenan joins Ashley Ray to break down the 00’s shows they loved (and also can’t believe existed) in high school. From the insanity of ‘The Swan’ to ‘A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila’, they discuss their favorite reality TV show contestants and the role ANTM’s “smizing” played in Simone’s life.
Simone welcomes fashion savant Avery Trufelman into the time machine for a little below-the-belt trivia. That’s right, this week’s episode is all about underwear, the foundational garment with a cheeky history. 
In this game-inspired episode of time-traveling trivia, Simone takes on AJ Jacobs, “the Lady Gaga of the podcast puzzle space,” to see if she can beat him at his own game…
This week we are sharing an episode from our previous show NOT PAST IT.Harry Houdini escaped from handcuffs, sea monsters and torture cells, but his last great illusion defied even the spirits. On October 31, 1936, the famous escape artist was set to come back from the dead. But, as spooky as that sounds, the backstory to uncover America’s most notorious frauds of the day, is even more devilish.Episode credits:Not Past It is a Spotify Original, produced by Gimlet and ZSP Media. This episode was produced by Julie Carli. Our producers are Sarah Craig and Amy Pedulla. Our associate producer is Remoy Philip.Laura Newcombe is our production assistant. The supervising producer is Erica Morrison. Editing by Andrea B. Scott.Ben Britton read our old-timey headlines.Fact checking by Jane AckermannSound design and mixing by Hansdale Hsu.Original Music by SaxKixAve, Willie Green, J Bless, and Bobby Lord. This episode included super special original spooky music by Bobby Lord featuring Natalia Paruz aka the Saw Lady. It was recorded by Sam Bair at Relic Room. Our theme song is Tokoliana by KOKOKO! With Music supervision by Liz Fulton. Technical direction by Zac Schmidt. Show art by Elise Harven and Talia Rochemann [Tah-Leah Rock-man]The executive producer at ZSP Media is Zac Stuart Pontier. The executive producer from Gimlet is Abbie Ruzicka.
In this special Halloween-inspired episode of Past Perfect, we’re exploring all things ghoulish and ghastly. Guests Lindsey Weber & Bobby Finger ride on their broomsticks through our graveyard of spooky trivia questions to be crowned the Scream Queen… or King!Have you filled out our survey?
We are back next week but wanted to introduce you to a new show! Ali Kolbert is “a post-therapy Howard Stern, in the body of a 5'2," 30-year-old lesbian.” Each week, she’ll bring her frank, lively style and particular, unapologetic perspective to conversations with celebrities, experts, and other comedians about everything from pop culture to relationships to mental health.
Description: Emergency! Emergency! The time capsule has lost control and we’ve spiraled into a time fracture! In EPISODE #5 - the championship round - we’re playing Trivia of the Century with returning guests Alise Morales & Milly Tamarez who are up against one another for a shot at the title.
In Episode Four of the time-travelling trivia tournament, Simone travels to the 2010s and reveals a dramatic twist that could truly change the game for contestants Saidu Tejan-Thomas and Alise Morales.
In Episode 3 of the time-traveling trivia tournament, Milly Tamarez and Emmanuel Dzotsi return to the dawn of the new millennium. They’ll fight it out to see who knows the history of the flip-phone era best.
Simone travels to the 1990s, where comedians Milly Tamarez and Alise Morales fight it out in the time traveling trivia arena. Fill out our listener survey!
In the very first episode of Past Perfect, Simone travels to the 1980s, where podcast superstars Emmanuel Dzotsi and Saidu Tejan-Thomas will fight it out in the time traveling trivia arena.
Introducing Past Perfect

Introducing Past Perfect


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