DiscoverRapid Fire Pistol Team Competition Kim Seo-jun and Lee Geon-hyuk
Rapid Fire Pistol Team Competition Kim Seo-jun and Lee Geon-hyuk

Rapid Fire Pistol Team Competition Kim Seo-jun and Lee Geon-hyuk

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Rapid Fire Pistol Team Competition Kim Seo-jun and Lee Geon-hyuk “We have Already Developed a Tolerance for Sabotage.”

Song Jong-ho and 25m rapid fire pistol team competition... “Even when we shoot, we bully each other”

Kim Seo-jun “The world record I set was broken last month… It lit a fire in my heart.”

“Every time my brothers shoot, they interfere and harass me a lot.”

National shooting team members Kim Seo-jun (Gyeonggi Provincial Office) and Kun-hyuk Lee (Managing Director) will compete in the 25m rapid-fire pistol event at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.

The shooting team hopes to win a gold medal in the 25m rapid fire pistol team event in which they and Song Jong-ho (IBK) will compete together. 카지노사이트

Those who met at the media day for the Hangzhou Asian Games shooting national team held at the Changwon International Shooting Range in Gyeongsangnam-do on the 5th said with one voice that they were “not bothered at all” by the cheers and support of the Chinese spectators.

Song Jong-ho said at the media day that day, "Unlike other shooting sports, the sound of guns due to continuous shooting is so loud in rapid fire pistol competitions that we have to wear earplugs while competing," and predicted, "The sound of cheering from Chinese spectators will not be a big problem." did.

Kim Seo-jun met with reporters and said, "Unlike other sports, we intentionally play music loudly and make a lot of noise when training or practicing," and said that pranks and interference with each other are common.

He explained, “I think it’s our own training method,” adding, “During games, the audience claps and shouts when players from other countries shoot, so I think it’s a way to get used to it in advance.”

Lee Geon-hyuk, the youngest born in 1999, said in tears, "When I try to shoot, my older brothers come and shout, 'Geon-hyuk, you have to shoot!' and 'Now... now!' and harass me so I can't get the timing right."

Lee Geon-hyuk laughed and said, "The way they tease me is new every time, so I can't get used to it. Thanks to this, I think my mental strength and concentration have improved a lot."

Kim Seo-jun jokingly explained, “When Geon-hyuk tries to shoot, I shout out loud, ‘Geon-hyuk!’ to help Geon-hyuk train his concentration.”

The rapid fire pistol team of Kim Seo-jun and Song Jong-ho, born in 1990, and Lee Geon-hyuk, born in 1999, seemed to have no effect despite the nine-year age gap between the older brothers and the youngest.

Kim Seo-jun said, “Despite the fact that we are 9 years older than Geon-hyuk, we are like friends.

We joke around a lot, such as hiding each other’s cell phones or guns so they can’t be found.”

Lee Geon-hyuk said, "My brothers hit or pinch my butt and then run away," and then embarrassedly said, "I get hurt a lot because I'm dull."

The three musketeers who usually play pranks and tease each other rely on each other more than anyone else when they enter the game.

It is said that before a team competition, there is more stability and comfort than pressure.

Kim Seo-jun said, "I don't think I'll be disappointed just because one person didn't shoot well. Even if I make a mistake in front of me, I think I think, 'I can shoot better.'"

He continued, "On the other hand, I believe that even if I can't shoot, my teammate will make up for it.

At last year's World Championships, I was proud of my junior, saying, "I actually leaned a lot on Geonhyuk during the game."

Lee Geon-hyuk countered, “I also trust my brothers and try to shoot comfortably.”

Meanwhile, Seojun Kim was clearly motivated ahead of the Asian Games.

This is because China's Li Weihong broke the world record (38 points) he set in the 2018 World Cup finals by shooting 39 points at the World Championships on the 22nd of last month.

Kim Seo-jun admired, “Li Yue-hong is a close friend of mine, but he shoots really well.”

He continued, "When I saw that he had set the world record again, a fire suddenly lit in my heart.

I thought I had to try to break that record again until I stopped shooting," his eyes sparkling.
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