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Beyond Buildings: Exploring Facilities Management
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Beyond Buildings: Exploring Facilities Management

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Whether you're an aspiring or fellow facilities manager, an educator, or simply intrigued by the behind-the-scenes world of facilities management, this podcast will provide valuable insights, practical advice, and a deep appreciation for the individuals working tirelessly to enhance their facilities. Join us on "Beyond Buildings: Exploring Facilities Management" and unlock the secrets behind successful facilities management, one inspiring conversation at a time.
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FMX CEO and Host Brian Gregory sat down with Jeff Lettau, Director of Facilities Operations at Richland School District. In this episode, their conversation uncovers the significance of training and mentoring replacements, taking time off, and measuring success by the strength of the team you leave behind. The two delve into Jeff's unique leadership style, which he describes as a "benevolent dictatorship," and explore how he empowers his team by admitting when he doesn’t have all the answers.00:00 Introduction and background: redefining success in facilities management.05:16 Legacy through mentorship: a testament to effective leadership.10:46 Empowerment at work and home: the magic of "I don't know."15:21 Deconstructing systems and fixing broken things.26:31 How to fill out staffing needs in today's K-12 landscape.37:51 The hiring process and how to find the right candidates. 
Beyond Buildings host Brian Gregory sits down with Ret Weeks, the dynamic leader of stadium operations and capital projects for the Savannah Bananas. Tune in to discover how Ret and his team prioritize fan experiences, manage the challenges of a historic stadium, and continuously innovate to make baseball fun and engaging. This episode is packed with insights on servant leadership, operational excellence, and team culture.00:00 Introduction to stadium operations leader Ret Weeks.03:43 Brian and Ret talk financial management, analyzing data, tracking expenses, budgeting.07:59 How stadium operations enhance fan experience with quality service.13:49 Prioritizing fans, even over sponsorship and sales.18:13 Adding a thousand seats requires supporting facilities.22:13 North Star guiding operational decisions, serving fans.24:28 Understanding purpose makes routine tasks meaningful.
In this episode of "Beyond Buildings: Exploring Facilities Management," Maciel Pais and Brian Gregory explore the impact of humor on team dynamics, the importance of budgeting and forward-thinking in school resource management, and integrating IT with facilities departments. Brian interviews Maciel Pius, the IT and digital learning director at Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School, who transitioned from a 17-year teaching career during the pandemic. They discuss the benefits and challenges of adopting technology solutions like FMX, the role of AI tools in education, and the positive impacts of structured processes on productivity. 00:00 Teacher transitioned to IT director for impact.05:27 Teaching was rewarding, missed daily interaction.07:33 Transitioning roles, embracing change, motivating others positively.11:56 AI as a valuable tool for teachers.13:05 Education shifted from traditional assessment to support.18:55 Respect the process for faster support.21:55 Using humor to ease frustration in troubleshooting.24:40 Maintaining aging buildings requires careful infrastructure planning.27:34 Collaborative effort led to successful FMX implementation.30:30 Embrace rapidly changing technology for better life.
In this episode, Director, Operations and Maintenance at Huntley Schools Doug Renkosik shares his unique 30-year journey from structural engineering to facilities leadership in public education. The episode delves deep into the challenges faced by Huntley School District during its rapid growth from 800 to 10,000 students, highlighting the adjustments required in staffing, budgeting, and building maintenance. Doug emphasizes the importance of building a reliable team, maintaining rigorous training programs, and the critical need for effective communication with the Board of Education. 00:00 Doug's work as project engineer, then facilities manager.06:33 Investment in tech training can lead to loss.08:56 Long hours, tight budget, frequent staff changes.13:36 Requested help was ignored, causing prolonged stress.14:45 Traffic engineer needed, problems arose later. Sprinkler system complexity and management issues.20:34 Ohio funded new schools, increasing operating costs.22:39 Sharing successes and staying connected with workforce.27:01 Network, learn, make time, solve challenges.28:05 Prioritizing exercise, reading, and outdoor adventures post-work.
In this episode, our host, Brian Gregory, sits down with Lee Raspberry, Director of Construction and Planning for Bastrop Independent School District. Together, they discuss utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize building automation systems. They cover:[00:00:54] Lee's background and what drives him to wake up and do the best job he possibly can every single day[00:02:46] The importance of sustainability and how energy management impacts the buildings we work, learn and live in[00:06:52] Lee's experience moving from the private sector to the public sector (and why he caught so many colds!)[00:09:51] Lee's approach to reducing consumption and positively impacting the environment[00:19:05] How Lee leverages machine learning to develop algorithms for his BAS that allow for more efficient temperature control[00:29:36] Lee's most enjoyable and challenging moments of his career[00:34:49] Advice from Lee for those entering public education or building automation
In this episode, our host, Brian Gregory, sits down with John Carrillo, Chairman of the Global FM organization. Together, they discuss the impact and importance of digitization and technology in the FM industry. They cover:[00:01:03] John's background and how he transitioned from architecture to facilities management[00:03:56] The impact joining an organization like IFMA had on John and why this is so important[00:05:48] Impactful moments in facilities management history and John’s predictions for what may be coming down the road[00:09:06] How to increase your team’s resilience [00:15:16] The impact digitization has on sustainability[00:17:15] John’s view on facilities management and why he’s so passionate about this field[00:18:30] How larger companies are leveraging new, advanced technology to drive their operations and businesses forward[00:28:35] Advice for those looking to enter the facilities management field
In this episode, our host, Brian Gregory, sits down with Paul Schuler, Manager of Maintenance at St. Vrain Valley Schools. Together, they discuss the significance of resilience and the impact of community engagement. They cover:[00:01:01] Paul's background and how he ultimately ended up managing maintenance at a K-12 district[00:07:46] What drew Paul back to work for a K-12 district after leaving to pursue another opportunity[00:12:35] The challenges and opportunities Paul experiences working for a wealthy and growing school district[00:19:33] The role Paul and his team play in new building construction[00:22:55] How Paul maintains trust with the leadership team at his district[00:30:35] Paul's advice to those interested in pursuing a career in facilities management
In this episode, our host, Brian Gregory, sits down with Dr. CJ Huff, former Superintendent of Joplin Schools. Together, they discuss the significance of resilience and the impact of community engagement. They cover:[00:01:00] Dr. Huff's background in education and some of the challenges he's experienced over the years[00:07:31] Dr. Huff's experience entering the role of Superintendent [00:09:43] The Joplin, Missouri tornado and how Dr. Huff kept the schools in operation during this disaster[00:13:08] Dr. Huff's philosophy on facilities management and its impact on the students[00:15:52] Dr. Huff's work with the US Department of Health and Human Services[00:18:29] How to handle the cultural impact of natural disasters on the community, staff, and students[00:22:39] The impact Bright Futures USA is having on student success and graduation rates[00:26:02] Dr. Huff's advice for getting into a Facilities or Superintendent role 
In this episode, our host, Brian Gregory, sits down with Brandon Chabola, Director of Plant Services at Penn Hills School District. Together, they discuss the importance of building trust in your team and overall strategies for team building and mentorship. They cover:[00:00:49] Brandon's background and his transition from lawnmowing to facilities management[00:04:04] How to transition effectively into a new facilities management role [00:05:31] Brandon's approach to building, growing, and promoting his team[00:08:19] The nuances of an individual contributor role vs. a management role[00:14:40] Brandon's involvement with PASBO[00:15:56] Combatting the current labor shortages[00:24:22] Advice from Brandon for those looking to become a facilities management leader
In this episode, our host, Brian Gregory, sits down with Julius Carter, Director of Facilities at Issaquah School District. Together, they discuss the power of data and preventive maintenance in a school district and how AI can help make a facility leader's job easier. They cover:[00:00:42] Julius's background in maintenance and operations[00:02:48] The importance that structurally sound buildings play in a student's success[00:04:31] The power of data and the role it plays in Julius's day-to-day[00:12:20] The murder and ice cream paradox: Correlation vs. causation [00:16:38] Julius's thoughts on AI and how it can be leveraged to enhance the impact that you're making for your district[00:22:11] Julius's advice to those considering entering the K-12 facilities management field
In this episode, our host, Brian Gregory, sits down with Burke Jones, Director of Operations at Derby Public Schools. Together, they discuss the importance of building trust and support in public school facility management. They cover: [00:01:46] Burke's background and transition from architecture to public schools[00:02:09] Projects Burke worked on as an architect[00:04:00] Burke's experience moving from the private to public sector[00:07:36] How Burke makes the public sector a fun and interesting working environment[00:09:40] Challenges Burke and his team have faced[00:11:36] Burke's experience managing his district's transportation efforts[00:14:27] Projects Burke and his team are working on right now[00:16:36] If Burke had a magic wand, which problem would he fix?[00:18:36] Advice for those interested in joining the facility management field
In this episode, our host, Brian Gregory, sits down with Tim Ivey, Chief Technology and Facilities Officer at Iredell Statesville Schools. Together, they discuss how to stay ahead of the curve by strategically planning your capital projects. They cover: [00:00:47] Tim's background and how he came to be in his current positon at Iredell Statesville Schools[00:04:22] Why Tim spearheaded a capital improvement project for his district[00:06:00] How Tim leverages the data from the district's Facility Condition Assessment to make decisions[00:09:13] How capital planning affects Tim's day-to-day[00:13:28] Exciting technology Tim sees on the horizon[00:17:13] The opportunities Tim sees with AI for his district[00:19:17] How Tim built such an incredible culture on his team[00:25:46] Advice on starting a capital forecasting plan and advice for the next generation of facility leaders
In this episode, our host, Brian Gregory, sits down with Dr. Gabriella Blakey, Chief Operations Officer at Albuquerque Public Schools. Together, they discuss the importance of advocating for yourself and others. They cover: [00:00:42] Gabriella's background and why she chose education as her career path[00:04:45] Gabriella's transition from teacher to principal to COO[00:09:00] The pressures and dynamics of being a female COO[00:13:00] The largest problems Albuquerque Public Schools is facing post-pandemic [00:16:48] Balancing compensation at Albuquerque Public Schools to attract and retain talent[00:22:27] How Gabriella became a Bengals fan [00:25:45] Advice from Gabriella for the next generation of facility leaders
In this episode, our host, Brian Gregory, sits down with La Shawn Harrison, Space Planning Program Manager at Tesla. Together, they discuss the importance of diversity in facilities management and the value of gaining certifications in facilities management. They cover: [00:00:35] La Shawn's background and her journey from interior design and property management to facilities management[00:02:40] La Shawn's experience working as a female in a predominantly male industry[00:03:33] How unique backgrounds can be applied to a facilities management role[00:06:21] Common challenges La Shawn faces in her day-to-day[00:09:00] Diversity and inclusivity in facilities management[00:11:11] La Shawn's role in Women in Facilities Management (WIFM)[00:14:05] The importance of gaining facilities management certifications[00:17:06] Advice for those entering the facilities management industry
In this episode, our host, Brian Gregory, sits down with Matthew D'Oyly, Director of Events and Conferences at Otterbein University. Together, they discuss what it looks like to effectively implement new software and processes to an established organization. They cover: [00:00:35] Matthew's background and how he came to work at Otterbein as Director of Events and Conferences[00:01:28] What it's like to adopt a new system or software at Otterbein[00:03:24] Overcoming "resistance to change"[00:05:16] Choosing the appropriate software for your needs and culture[00:06:55] How post-implementation is going for Matthew and his team[00:8:50] How to effectively train your team [00:10:10] The KPIs Matthew and his team track to measure success[00:12:50] The roles that are critical to success when implementing new software[00:16:00] The largest challenges Matthew faces in his role [00:18:25] The new challenges on the horizon[00:20:00] The largest and most impactful event Matthew has led[00:22:22] How Matthew leverages students in his event operations[00:23:40] Advice Matthew would give to someone looking to enter the facilities management and event management space
In this episode, our host, Brian Gregory, sits down with Darin Porter, former Director of Facilities at Wheelersburg School District. Together, they discuss the power of clear, effective communication in facilities and maintenance management. They cover: [00:00:42] Darin's background and transition from construction to facilities and maintenance management in public education[00:02:30] The experience moving from the Iron Worker's Union to public education[00:03:55] How Darin and Brian met and formed an incredible relationship (after some bumps in the road)[00:07:00] How Darin defines effective communication and why it's so important to any industry[00:09:40] Example of how poor communication can negatively effect a team or organization[00:11:20] The impact of technology on communication and Darin's time at Wheelersburg School District[00:13:30] The training Darin and his team went through to provide the best learning environment possible for students[00:15:25] "Hallway Hijacking" and why it's not effective for your team[00:18:22] Example of how strong communication had a positive impact [00:20:37] How to effectively communicate with external vendors and those outside of your team[00:23:15] Advice from Darin for someone entering the facilities management industry
In this episode, our host, Brian Gregory, sits down with Matthew Pace, former Director of Maintenance and Operations at Queen Creek Unified School District. Together, they discuss the power of data-driven decision-making and its impact on team culture and performance. They cover: [00:00:47] Matthew's background and transition from his own private business as a landscaper to public education[00:03:47] Challenges faced in implementing data-driven approaches[00:05:18] "Grandma's Potroast" and how it relates to the importance of change[00:06:25] An example of a change Matthew implemented in his district based on the data he gathered[00:08:32] Leveraging data to enhance the reputation of your team and justify additional budget[00:13:07] How leveraging data can improve team culture and morale[00:16:14] Using data to work through challenging situations and conflict[00:18:40] How to start a career in facilities management