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Author: Jamey Bowers

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The One Drink Book Club reviews books from all genres including historical fiction, thrillers, biographies, business books and many more. In each episode, host Jamey Bowers brings on a guest to discuss the book and share a drink inspired by the story.

16 Episodes
In this episode of the One Drink Book Club, Jamey discusses Rebel Falls with the author Tim Wendel. Rebel Falls is a historical fiction that takes place during the last gasps of the Civil War and tells the true story of a Confederate plot to disrupt Abraham Lincoln's reelection. Jamey and Tim discuss the spies that haunted the northern border with Canada in Niagra Falls New York during this fateful time in America's history (all while Jamey enjoys a good bourbon old-fashioned).
In this episode of the One Drink Book Club, Jamey discusses North Woods by Daniel Mason with his guest Billy Jones. North Woods is a novel that follows the stories of successive owners of a house and property in Western Massachusetts over 300 years. Jamey and Billy share some apple-inspired cocktails and also chat about Billy's recent project--the filming of the DunKings Super Bowl commercial with Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, Tom Brady, and Matt Damon. Find the recipes and other episodes at: ...
In this episode, Jamey discusses The Wager, A Tale of Shipwreck, Mutiny and Murder by David Grann. This New York Times bestselling book tells the true story of a British Naval ship that wrecks off the coast of Chile in the 1700s. It’s a tale of death, destruction, betrayal, and survival. His guest is Dan Perry who is an avid reader and collector of books as well as an author in his own right.
In this episode Jamey talks with Washington legend Rick Snider, author of Presidential Pours. It’s a great selection for the One Drink Book Club because it highlights the favorite drinks of every US president going back to George Washington. Rick Snider is a long-time Washington journalist, tour guide, and history buff who has covered DC Sports and history since 1978. You can see his work on the 106.7 The Fan Website or his regular video blog on his YouTube channel Rick Snider’s Washington.
Jamey talks with friend David Lyles about Barbara Kingsolver's gripping book Demon Copperhead. Demon Copperhead is the story of a resilient and charismatic boy growing up in southern Appalachia who is constantly dealing with poverty, drug addiction, abandonment, foster homes, and death. This modern-day David Copperfield is engaging, depressing, and hopeful. Find drink recipes and more information on the book at
In this episode, Jamey and his guest Kathy Hoekstra discuss Furious Hours: Murder, Fraud, and the Last Trial of Harper Lee by Casey Cep. The book covers the true crime murder of an Alabama serial killer, and how author Harper Lee couldn't find a way to finish a book about it. Find drink recipes and more information on the book at
Jamey and returning guest Suzy Wagner give gift suggestions for all of the readers on your list! Suggestions include books for those who like history, drama, thrillers, romance, music, and mysteries. They also share their holiday-inspired cocktails.
In this episode, Jamey hosts author Brian Carso to discuss his new book Gideon's Revolution. Gideon’s Revolution is a historical fiction about a soldier in the Revolutionary War who is tasked with capturing Benedict Arnold and bringing him back to George Washington so he could be put on trial for treason. This episode includes a recipe for a cocktail popular during the late 1700's called the Rattle Skull.
In this episode, Jamey and his guest Tim Rice of the Free Beacon discuss The Last Kings of Shanghai by journalist Jonathan Kaufman. The book tells the fascinating story of two rival Jewish dynasties that helped create modern China.
In this edition of the One Drink Book Club, Jamey discusses A Walk in the Woods by writer Bill Bryson. The humorous and insightful book chronicles Bryson's attempt to hike the Appalachian Trail, a 2,200-mile-long trail that stretches from Georgia to Maine, along with his friend Stephen Katz. Jamey’s guest is Nick Bowers, who recently finished thru hiking the Appalachian Trail with his girlfriend Hannah Murphy. Nick introduces his new cocktail invention based on the trail called the North Wood...
In this episode, host Jamey Bowers discusses the newest thriller from Gary Braver, Rumor of Evil. In the book, a 16-year-old exchange student is accused of witchcraft—which leads to her brutal death. 20 years later another body is found and detectives struggle to figure out how the two murders are connected. His guest is author Gary Braver and the cocktail inspired by the book is a Dark and Stormy.
In this episode of the One Drink Book Club, Jamey and guest Ken Braun discuss Rogue Heroes: The History of the SAS, Britain’s Secret Special Forces Unit That Sabotaged the Nazis and Changed the Nature of War by Ben Macintyre. The book explains the start of the unconventional British commando group that conducted a guerrilla war against the Axis in World War II, with action occurring in North Africa and throughout Europe. In this episode, Ken enjoys a Guinness and Jamey makes a classic Gin and...
In this episode of the One Drink Book Club, Jamey and guest Jason Barnaby discuss A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles. In the book, a Russian aristocrat is forced into house arrest by the Bolsheviks in 1922. He is spared the firing squad, but must spend the rest of his life in the Metropol Hotel in Moscow. The story follows Count Alexander Rostov for the next 32 years as he lives his life in the hotel finding friendships, love, purpose, and family. In this episode, Jason was inspired to make...
In this episode of the One Drink Book Club Jamey and his guest Shane Sleighter discuss A Prayer for Owen Meany, a novel by John Irving. In the novel, the main character John Wheelwright tells the story of his childhood growing up in New Hampshire in the 1950s and 60s with his best friend Owen Meany. In the episode, Shane makes his own twist on a Pimms Royal and Jamey makes a Toronto cocktail. Recipes can be found at
In this episode of the One Drink Book Club Jamey and his guest Suzy Wagner discuss Magpie Murders, a novel by Anthony Horowitz. In Magpie Murders, the main character is book editor Susan Ryeland and she is given the manuscript of the latest novel of her best-selling client Alan Conway but notices that the final chapter is missing. Shortly afterwards she learns that Alan Conway has died in an apparent suicide. A suicide note in Conway's handwriting is delivered to her office. However, she has ...
In this episode of the One Drink Book Club Jamey and his guest Andy Waibel discuss The Whiskey Rebels, a novel by David Liss. The book is a historical fiction set in the late 1700s in Pennsylvania and follows two characters –Captain Ethan Saunders who served in the revolutionary war as one of George Washington’s spys, and the other Joan Maycott, who finds herself in the Western Pennsylvania wilderness as the victim of swindlers. The drama that connects them is Alexander Hamilton’s whiskey tax...